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Winter Gear
The best running gear for the winter months Buying Guide
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Best Winter Running Gear Reviewed and Compared
If you are looking for the best winter running gear then look no further! Here we have the best winter gear for 2018—all with a detailed list of what you need to look for when buying these products. Running in the cold is something some runners opt not today—but with the gear we have on our list y...
Our list of the 10 best winter boots fully reivewed Buying Guide
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10 Best Winter Boots Reviewed & Fully Compared
Footwear plays a huge role not only in proper running but in everyday use too. While it’s true that humans and other animals have been running on all manner of harsh terrain for thousands of years, we have since adopted these foot coverings as a way of protecting our feet from injury and exposure to ...
best sleeping bags fully reviewed Buying Guide
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10 Best Sleeping Bags Tested & Reviewed
For an activity that we devote a significant amount of our time toward, we tend not to think too hard about sleep. However, failing to get a good night’s sleep can lead to all kinds of health problems down the line. To address this urgent need, many sleep aids have been developed aside from the tr...
our list of the 8 best packable down jackets reviewed Buying Guide
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8 Best Packable Down Jackets Compared & Fully Reviewed
A packable down jacket is a wonderfully versatile piece that complements any active lifestyle. These lightweight jackets have become commonplace for fall commuters and around town wear.  They are also exceedingly helpful to have on hand for weekend warriors and backpackers alike. Lightweight down jac...
our list of 10 best rain pants reviewed Buying Guide
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10 Best Rain Pants Fully Reviewed
Who doesn’t love rain? Well, there are some people that when they hear this word, they become very upset. If you do an outdoor sport, rain may be one of your enemies. Sometimes it makes it impossible to exercise. However, does it mean that active people need to be afraid of rain. No, of course not. T...
An in depth review of the best neck warmers Buying Guide
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13 Best Neck Warmers Tested
Cold conditions are be less than ideal for a runner looking to keep on their regimen. The two best measure a runner can take is to dress in layers and to cover any exposed skin. Neck warmers come in an array of styles and varieties, a compilation of the best available of those featured below. Runnerc...
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