13 Best Recovery Tights Reviewed and Tested


Put the squeeze on your legs and reap the rewards of compression. Reviews and information about the top 13 best recovery tights for running right here!

As the technology is developing, there are also many things that got better when it comes to running. One of them is creating recovery tights. Most runners heard about them thousands time but they still hesitate to buy them. Meanwhile, the best Olympians and runners know that having possibility to wear the tights that help to relieve pain is a blessing. As we’ve said, the technologies is developing and now not only professional athletes can afford recovery running tights. Nowadays, they’re available very where and even if you’re not a professional runner, you can buy and test them out. Recovery tights have one big task- to relieve the pain after workout ant to help your muscles to recover faster. That’s why we’ve made the list of 13 best recovery tights. We’ve spend many hours to create the list with the best of the best.

There are many recovery tights on the market but not all products are equal. There are many products that aren’t even worth your attention but there are also those which you need to see.
We’ve created also special points that we’ve used for evaluation of best products. If you want to choose the one product form these 13, have a look at the list and choose the point that are most important for you. There’s also FAQ section but at first, let us present our top 13 !

Last Updated: November 30, 2017
By Brian Price:

Taking a look at this buying guide, we decided there could be a few more products added, which aresuitable for the category. We went back to the research and found some more ideal recovery tights to build our list up to a good top ten.

While searching for ne products to share, we of course stumbled on more helpful information, which we also added below to help you in your search.

Brooks Infiniti III
  • Brooks Infiniti III
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Mesh vents behind knees
  • Price: See Here
Arc’teryx Stride
  • Arc’teryx Stride
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Zippered cuffs
  • Price: See Here
Sugoi Piston 200
  • Sugoi Piston 200
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Laser fitted hem
  • Price: See Here

13 Best Recovery Tights


Brooks Infiniti III

Brooks slogan is run happy, and what better way to support that end than with a pair of tights that can soothe and restore your muscles at the end of a long run. Bouncing back quicker and less aches/pain equals happy, at least in our book. The Infiniti’s are comfortable to chill in but they also can be utilized for training. They offer effective protection, keep you dry and support your muscles. All in all these are an exceptional pair of tight to recover or train in.
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Best for: Running/recovery

Material: Fabric breakdown is 88% polyester, 12% spandex

Sun protection: No

Reflectivity: Yes, on the calf and thigh area
  • Mesh strips behind the knee, anatomic seams and strategic zipper placement = maximum comfort
  • Bonded reflective markings, easy to be seen at night
  • Flat waistband, pocket is designed to be splash-proof in the back
  • Mesh around the hips to allow breathing, zippered heels
  • We really haven't found any negatives

Arc’teryx Stride

Arc’teryx men’s Stride tights offer a premium grade feel, fit and performance. With moisture-wicking fabric these tights needn’t be relegated to for recovery time on the couch. They can be used for this and cold weather training as needed. With a zippered security pocket, two stash pockets and flatlock seams these tights are primed for running (and to help you recover from said running).
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Best for:

Material: 90% Polyester and 10% Spandex

Sun protection:

Reflectivity: Yes, strips around the calf
  • Fabric is very soft and flexible adding a touch of warmth or exerted muscles
  • Zippered heel allows for you to cinch things down or open it up and let the air flow
  • Runner specific pockets for small items such as gels or car keys
  • A wide elasticized waist with drawcord gives a personalized fit, and flatlock seams insure against chafing
  • Gusseted cuffs zip open to ease dressing with your shoes on; zippers designed to prevent bouncing while you move
  • Reflective enhanced logo makes sure you’re seen in dim lighting
  • They are a bit long for some

Sugoi Piston 200

Comfort is the name of the game when it comes to the Piston 200 tights. This is good regardless of whether you plan to use them during or after your workout. The last thing you want if while you’re winding down post run is some overzealous elastic cutting off your circulation. This is never an issue with the Pistons, the waist is firm (but not confining), they have flat-lock seems and a compression gradient that is meant to cradle your legs. For maximum comfort in your recovery these are a solid choice.
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Best for: Running or recovery

Material: Consists of 72% Nylon, 28% Spandex

Sun protection: None

Reflectivity: None, a consideration if you do most of your running in the dark
  • Carefully graduated compression tech for optimum leg support and fit
  • Simple, classic design with a no nonsense cut
  • Flat seams reduce or completely eliminate any potential for chafing
  • Top notch precision with a laser fitted hem
  • Sugoi patented comfort fit elastic waistband
  • A bit too much compression for some

Sub Sports DUAL Compression

Ever wanted to look like a luger? Well here’s your chance! Jokes aside, the Sub Dual Compression leggings are a great way to aid your recovery without blowing your budget. With a relatively low cost these tights offer a great price-to-value ratio. They have moisture wicking properties built in so you can easily train in them, or keep them in your bag and throw them on after a race. There are plenty of color choices for anyone worried about aesthetics.
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Best for: Base layer/recovery

Material: Made from 82% Nylon and 18% Elastine

Sun protection: None

Reflectivity: Yes, decals around waistband and right leg
  • High-wicking fabric ensures your skin stays as dry as possible
  • Targeted compression makes sure all of the major muscle groups are getting some love
  • Snug compression fit improves blood flow and makes sure plenty of oxygen is circulating
  • Designed to reduce recovery time and support sore/fatigued muscles
  • Some didn't like the the waistband

2XU Hyoptik

If you like to run your legs into the ground the Men’s Hyoptik Compression Tights are a great way to build them back up afterwards. Sturdy compression wraps and protects key leg muscles to dissipate and prevent the resulting fatigue/soreness. These tights will keep you warm, are great to train in, and can help reduce the amount of time you are laid out post workout. With high grade materials and a flashy design it’s hard to go wrong with the Hyoptik tights.
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Best for: General fitness/recovery

Material: Nylon/Lycra spandex blend

Sun protection: UPF 50

Reflectivity: Yes, both legs
  • Designed for greater blood flow and aim to assist with warmup and recovery performance.
  • Reflective logos scattered throughout — be seen at night
  • Flatlock seams reduce chafing
  • High-filament yarns deal with moisture and dry quickly
  • UPF 50+ sun protection plus Antibacterial treated material
  • Graduated compression specifically supports the hip flexors, quads, hamstrings calves, and gluteus muscles.
  • Sizing runs a bit small

Skins A200

Want to push yourself longer, harder and further? Do so with a bit of added confidence knowing you have the A200 Compression tights in your pocket. These are great for training, and have shown to reduce muscle vibration significantly over the course of a run — heading off a whole slew of problems further downstream. But they also excel in the post-run environment. Throw them on after you shower and spend the rest of the day lounging. Your muscles should be getting additional support, blood flow, and an ally in the fight against lactic acid. Give them a try today and see the difference.
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Best for: Running/recovery

Material: Nylon/Spandex

Sun protection: Company is based in Australia, so yes the sun is considered. UPF 50+

Reflectivity: Yes
  • Engineered gradient compression contours these tights to your leg muscles
  • Sizing system is based on a unique Body Mass Index (BMI)/anthropometrical algorithm, due to this enjoy the full benefit of gradient compression
  • SKINS are meant to reduce muscle vibration, minimizing strain muscles are subject to during activity.
  • Improved circulation increases oxygen delivery to the muscles
  • Athletic cut waistband with firm elastic grip
  • Reflectivity built into the design of the tights,
  • Don't stay in place while running, for some body types

2XU Recovery

Specially designed PWX POWER fabric is the special ingredient that separates the 2XU tights from some of its competition. These tights are infused with technology that uses upgraded compression fabrics engineered to offer optimal power, weight and flexibility in perfect equilibrium depending on the wearer’s needs. This is the fabric that goes into many other tights and sleeves you see athletes wearing during competition. These tights are made with recovery in mind, and while of course you can train in them — rest assured that when it comes to recovery nothing will cover your legs better than these.
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Best for: Recovery

Material: Highly calibrated blend of 80% Nylon 20% Lycra

Sun protection: Yes

Reflectivity: Reflective logos
  • Made from next generation PWX POWER fabric for elevated performance
  • Front and rear reflective logos for running in the dark
  • Help your muscles bounce back quicker — greater pressure and recovery benefits, keeps blood moving and helps with the removal of blood lactates
  • Assists in the “flushing” of your muscles
  • Can be worn comfortably and discreetly under your regular clothes
  • Comfortable enough to sleep in — for 24 hour maximum recovery aid take your tights to bed with you
  • Some had issues with the fit of the waist

Zensah Recovery Compression Tights.

This recovery Tights include an abnormal state of pressure to augment course. Regardless of whether you run a long marathon race, cycle for another individual best, or simply have a hard exercise in the rec center, they are a requirement that an athlete should have. The pressure tights help to decrease damage through expanding oxygen and blood stream in the abdomen section. Ones legs will remain warm while wearing them. These tights are made of Zensah restrictive texture, which makes them breathable and very light. Any pair of pressure tights tap out dampness, which means no sweat on your body. Pressure tights help to balance out leg muscles to counteract damage and enhance healing.
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Best for: Running/recovery

Material: Fabric breakdown is 85% Polyamide / 15% Elastane.

Sun protection: No

Reflectivity: No

Keeps legs warm as it ensures there is flow of oxygen throughout the lower body part.

The tights are made of a texture that wicks out moisture while making you comfortable even when sweating.

The tights helps to decrease the abdomen area from being damaged since it circulates oxygen and blood.

Helps to balance out leg muscles to prevent more damage on the area that needs recovery.


Lacks the reflective ability which posses as a challenge during night runs or walks.

Skins Ry400 Long Tights

After an injury the first thing that comes to our mind is recovery ,and not just recovery but we want a quick processes we go for routines and clothes that assist in making the process fast. This tights come in handy when you want to work out as well, with its outstanding design that improves the recovery period, helps reduce soreness and tenderness by circulating enough oxygen needed during the recovery.
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Best for: Running /Recovery.

Material: fabric breakdown is Nylon 76% / Spandex 24%

Sun protection: Yes Uv 50+

Reflectivity: Yes

The tight keeps one dry and comfortable as it taps out excess moisture that may cause irritation and discomfort.

Helps reduce the tenderness and soreness by providing extra oxygen to the muscles.

Can fit any size as it stretches and still goes back to its original size later.

Has the ability to put odor by having the anti-microbial.


Sometimes slightly longer than most heights, but always make sure to test them on and also know your size before making a purchase.

Zensah XT Compression Tights

These Tights offer compressions on the ankle straight to the hip, while a 4-way stretch fabric ensures full mobility. Use them while running, working out, or for muscle recovery.These Compression Tights are made of a Breathable and light weight texture. The tights include pressure from hip to lower leg to encourage and enhance flow of blood and to keep legs warm and free. The pressure tights use fast dry innovation to wick dampness far from the skin through the tights. This keeps away sweat hence one remains dry, while keeping the tights light. Utilize the pressure tights when running or as b-ball pressure tights, for muscle recuperation after a substantial exercise, or amid any athletic action. Four-way extend texture takes into account full portability while putting on the tights and enables the pressure tights to maintain their support and shape
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Best for: Running/recovery of muscles.

Material: Fabric breakdown is 65% Nylon / 35% Elastane

Sun protection: No

Reflectivity: Yes
  • The draw string that helps in adjusting the general fit and also with the reflective ability to help keep safe during low light areas or at night.
  • The fabric used in this tights help tap out moisture to promote and ever dry environment that keeps you feeling comfortable all through the workout process.
  • The tights are light weight and have the ability to be odorless as it also stretches enough to keep you comfortable.

This tights might be short for tall people make sure you get the right feet.


CEP is the brand that offers different kinds of staff for athletes. We also found out that they have great quality recovery tights. These help to increase the blood flow so your body can recover much faster. The blood that needs oxygen and that’s why you need the compression so much- this compression helps blood to reach the heart and there are all important nutrients so it’s like a little boost for your blood. It also moves lymph fluids so the inflammation is much smaller and there’s also a lower risk of deep vein thrombosis. This products also helps you to fight with the unpleasant odor when you exercise. It’s made only from high quality materials that help to evaporate sweat and moisture. This makes these tight really cool and you can wear it all day long. They’re high quality product and the producer says that they will last for over 150 wears and washes.
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Best for: Running/recovery

Material: Fabric breakdown is 75% Polyamid, 25% Elastan

Sun protection: No

Reflectivity: No

Very durable

Help to recover your muscles fast even after demanding running session


They’re a little bit pricey

2XU Men’s Elite Power

Special stamping technology applied to boost your blood flow and give you more power to work. These tights will help your muscles to repair faster. Runners say that the swelling is also reduced. The contour moulded crotch provides better comfort while running. These tights are also very breathable and the flexibility is at high level. The waistband doesn’t ride down and it gives snug fit. The tights wick the moisture very good and even if you sweat a lo, they keep you dry. The UPF50+ Sun protection helps to protect your skin from the sun rays. The flatlock seams make tights runner-friendly as the chaffing is reduced. The tights will last every competition as they’re very durable nut the fabrics are very strong and lightweight. There are two colors available. You can easily forget about soreness or aches after workout, these provide great relief.
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Best for: Running/recovery

Material: Fabric breakdown is 65% Nylon and 35% Elastane

Sun protection: yes

Reflectivity: no

Many reviewers said it fits like the second skin

There’s a warranty on this product

They really help to recover your muscles very fast

They have built-in stirrups for better blood flow


They’re expensive

Zoot Ultra Recovery 2.0 CRX

We really liked that there are many sizes available. There are also two different colors to choose from. These aren’t the cheapest on our list but the price reflect the great quality. They help to prevent swelling by getting lactic acid out of the muscles. The tights are moisture wicking, the polyester transports the moisture away from the skin and you can stay dry for the whole day. This also helps the tights to dry faster. Reviewers said that they last for a long period of time.
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Best for: Running/recovery

Material: Fabric breakdown is 70% polyester, 30% spandex

Sun protection: No

Reflectivity: no information

These have high level of compression

They’re comfortable for the long hours

They provide great stability while running


Few runners said that they should have drawstring

So there you have some of our top reviewed and tested recovery tights. How competitive you are will likely play a big role in what is right for you. Top of the line Skins make sense for a hard  line triathlete looking to up their training regime, but less sense for a weekend jogger simply wanting their legs to perk up a bit quicker post run. In the second case a midrange pair of Brooks are probably a better fit. If your curiosity isn’t satisfied read on for a few FAQ on recovery tights.


The criteria used in selecting  best recovery tights.

Well we bring to your attention some of the factors we used to pick our best tights, as always we want you to see from our own eyes what we put in our list as the best went through some evaluation process, tights are not a major must have cloth in your wardrobe but it sure is essential all the same, especially if you are in the running business or working out ,we can all agree at some point we want to run  or jog or visit the gym at some point, it is not a must do thing but we find ourselves having to do it because it is that time of the year you feel like doing it you know. So in this case let’s say you are a runner and in the process of recovering, we want you to feel like you did the right thing in picking the tights you have and also want you to put ion mind that any time you go shopping for one you get the right one base on the metrics we have outlines for you.

Below is some of the factors we considered crucial for your selection of tights. Also make sure you always have done your research well on what to have and also consulted your doctor on what to use in your recovery process. All the best in your recovery honey.


We would lie if we wouldn’t have this in our list, with the recovery in mind the most important thing to focus on would be comfort, you do not want to feel pain or worsen your condition at any expense, worry not as that is why we are here to makes sure we come to your aid to assist you in making the quickest come back in history well at least we would like that. That is why we think you should have this in mind when making any purchase once we get comfort in the list we know you are on your way to recovery. The body and muscles should feel at home with nothing to bother them but making improvements. Comfort comes in as the major concern as without this we can assure you that any tights you buy will be of no good.

Performance and recovery ability.

Well this is what we all need to think when picking recovery tights, will they perform as we want? Will it be a help in my road to recovery? The answer we all want to put there is yes. So how about when shopping you put this in perspective. Make sure you look for good compression tights that help speed your recovery process, your recovery should be your number one priority at this juncture. Normally we give you a list of the 10 best tights to pick from, but we also advise you to read a lot of reviews and do research of what your condition requires and get the best. We want you to be on your feet the earliest and to go about your daily and normal running routine in no time. Look for the best of the best out there. This generally covers a broader perspective as it revolves around the features of the tight that will make your recovery noticeable within a small period of time. Never go for tights because of their color or because they are trendy you can consider them but only after making sure the selected tights can help in your recovery process, at runners click we always got our runners covered and you are no exception.


When it comes to size this is up for no debate as getting the wrong size can hinder you from achieving your best results and in this case recovering. When buying anything out her to wear size comes in as our priority and this comes as a no surprise since no one can buy something that doesn’t fit, coming up with the best fitting recovery tights is a step closer to your recovery, if it’s too tight it is subjective to wear and tear which also means less flexibility and we cannot afford that can we? Make sure the tights shouldn’t be too tight on your ankle if so consider the size wrong. Most tights have size chats at the back of their packages this makes you know which size is likely to fit you best.


Quality comes as a no brainer,we all want something that can stand the test of time, I personally hate going to the stores to pick out pants every other time, I mean it’s not ad seeing the store guys but really it’s just  too much is a hassle to me. I bet you can say the same especially if you stay some miles away from the store and you are in dire need of these.so The first time you go to the store to get tights why don’t you make sure you get the best quality that can with stand the test of time, most cases we prefer getting more than one tight once using only one daily however good quality can result to wear and tear anyways. Make sure you do not fall a prey of trends and style, sometimes it is more than just the appearance should be a lot more, in case you like saving for holidays, make sure you get the best quality too to avoid spending most of you cash in getting one monthly .Price should not even make you fringe as pricey always equal to quality in most cases. But still if you can get the best tights at a fair price why not save that penny.


This comes to light because we want you to be comfortable and have no irritation with your tights on, it is one step closer to recovery as well. When we have a well breathable material we all know that the level of comfort is elevated in the cloth, this will depend on the fabric you pick as the material determines the breathability, in most cases avoid picking cotton which poses as a threat to breathability. Any material that wicks out excess moisture to keep you dry during your workouts is the best. Try to pick one that has this quality as it leads to you concentrating more on getting healed rather than being comfortable as that one will be taken care of with the tights.


This one is also a crucial factor to put in mind when looking for recovery tights as they assist in areas of low light. When you run in places where there is traffic or places where there is less to no lights, the best thing to do would be putting on reflective tights, to be able to get spotted very first by anyone. Get yourself a tight that has 360 view reflectivity to enhance visibility. We trust you are one of the best runners out there and wouldn’t want to limit you in running at a specific area or time. We want you to be free and so we give this option of getting reflective tights as a way to speed your recovery process as well.


Other important factors to consider when choosing the best recovery tights.

Sometimes we picture on the major factors and forget that there are some minor factors to consider which can also be as equally important as the rest when making a purchase, getting the right tights can pause as a headache in most of us, we cannot blame you, we also have it rough when picking out which is which and ask ourselves why this and not that. Well the answer is always one with us we give our best to our clients and we, make sure to give them all the guidelines they require to ensure they pick the best, not only that we also come with the best 10 in our list that we consider effective having done enough research and tests to ensure it comes as no surprise to us. All we mean is we have you at heart when coming up with this metrics. We have listed a few below for you to check out and consider when making a purchase.


Most  times this is ignored or not considered as an important factor, well shock on you as this helps you in picking which tights are the best for your recovery, the material in question should be one that snugs to the body, you need a light material that will still tap out moisture from your body to keep you comfortable and not irritated during your work outs, most times we prefer blended materials like spandex, nylon and polyester which most tights are made of.to enable it stretch just enough to keep you as comfortable as possible, also makes sure you get less sticky material you do not want something that make you uncomfortable while healing.


If you are an all season runner you should know that there are differences in tights depending on the season, sometimes you can use the same in all-weather but at times the one you have for summer is so light that cannot withstand the winter season, in this case you have to look for ones that are warm, comfortable and durable, you still want to look perfect even during extreme climates, get yourself a pair of warm tights that can serve you when your body needs heat, we would go with cotton in this case as it is known to give warmth.

Waist band.

These comes in the feature of a tight, we all need something that can hug our  waist at anytime without us having to stop and pulling them up, we do not know about you but to us this is unacceptable in tights, I have time for running not for pulling my pants up, if I did I would have an hour of pulling them up written in my workout schedule, it clear the schedule doesn’t have this at all. We would advise you to get elastic waist bands that has a tie which can be adjusted to a comfortable fit, some fabrics cannot stay in line without a great waist band so this is important to check and we all know sometimes we gain or lose weight having this tie can help us adjust to the best fit.


Let’s all face it, sometimes we fall victims of buying stuff because of price, I personally is a victim of that every time from electronics to clothing’s to almost everything, we all have the notion that expensive is quality let me remove your head from that, we can have an expensive music system that is of low quality ,the big brands sometimes mislead us all, have no worry , we would like to shed some light on this, when making a purchase it is great to consider the price but do not trust it with all your money, well that statement might seem funny but, it has a sense in it, look for more outstanding feature before closing the deal with the price, sometimes tights can be fairly priced but the features are more outstanding than the one that has a huge price tag to it.


If you are a runner you will know that your tights should have a snug fit and never should it have a restrictive one. To support your muscles and help prevent constricting of your muscles at any point of your body, so when picking style consider this as well, we cannot tell you to not go with fashion if you have a great sense of it, we only make you pick what is best for your recovery process, so if the stylish tights in the store have great features how about you pick three of them. Make sure this doesn’t blind you as much as you would want to look at your best while doing your thing.

Frequently asked questions.

we look for the mostly asked questions that is asked out there and we would also like to give you an over sight of some as well as answer some that you might have of your own that might need answers,below are some of the frequently asked questions we thought you should have in mind when making a purchase.


Question: Will these tights really help?

We addressed this question somewhat above, but the short answer is maybe. They do seem to help in some cases but in others show little effect. Manufactures such as CEP, Skins and 2XU all have scientific support cited on their websites. Take a look by clicking on the name of the brand. Conversely, compression tights are not without criticism. Our common sense tells us that while these tights are not a magic cure for anything, they do offer a bit of an edge, and trying never hurt anyone.


Question: Are compression tights just for professional athletes?

Absolutely not. Amateur athletes who want to take care of their bodies should pursue every means of this possible. There is no should when it comes to wearing recovery tights.


Question:Can you become dependant on compression tights?

This is more a question relating to training than recovery, but to our knowledge there are no studies showing that using compression tights leads to some form of a dependency.


Question: How long do compression tights last until they need to be replaced?

This of course is product and usage dependant. But generally speaking most are guaranteed for a year, and with moderate use should be expected to last far beyond that. sweat and dirt can affect their longevity negatively so be sure to wash them after every use.


Question: Can the compression damage my body?

If sized properly compression it is almost impossible for compression alone to cause damage to a healthy body. If however you feel that your tights are causing some type of issue discuss it with a health care professional.


Question: How do I wash my compression tights?

Check the tags first often there are instructions there. If not a good rule of thumb is to machine wash cold or warm, tumble dry low heat or let air dry. If you’re paranoid avoid the dryer altogether.

Compression gear has been popular for quite a while now, and this trend shows no sign of letting up. There’s been a fair bit of research into the effectiveness of compression garments, and overall there doesn’t seem to be a consensus. One recent study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research concluded that:

Wearing compressive garments (such as tights) during recovery is likely to be worthwhile, and very unlikely to be harmful for well-trained rugby union players (the subjects of the study).

While this conclusion is hardly comprehensive, it does indicate some value in recovery tights — which only makes sense given their widespread use. This test was a bit unique in that it compared placebo tights with compression ones. While these results are nothing to hang your hat on they do perhaps make a case for giving them a try.

And this is precisely where we come down on the issue. There is certainly no harm in trying recovery tights to see if they make a difference for you. We are firm believers in the power of the placebo effect as well, if you believe something is helping you, then it is.


Here are some of the sources we used when doing our research.

We never leave stones unturned when making findings about any product we display as best, when doing our research we go out there get reviews have some tested just to have the first hand information so that when we make a list we have a feel and touch of what is required by our esteemed clients, we do research from various sites that include: informational content, medical, fitness and health and also runners content to come up with what we know will benefit you to the maximum. Listed below are some of the content we used when coming up with our best recovery tights.


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