The Best Looking Running Jewelry


When you think of running gear, jewelry probably isn’t the first thing that comes to your mind.

But actually, running-inspired jewelry can be a great way to show off your passion and express your pride in a stylish way. Whether you’re looking to make a purchase for yourself, or you’re searching for the perfect gift for the runner in your life, jewelry is always a great choice! We’ve comprised a list of the highest rated running-themed bracelets, necklaces, and earrings so you can make your decision based on what other runners have loved.

Express yourself through stylish jewelry , this has been the way of people for thousands of years.

People like to express themselves in terms of individuality, this has been the way since the start of civilisation and probably even further back in time. Bracelets are also good for giving alerts if we have a rare blood group or diabetes. The way we express ourselves can be through our choice of clothing and other objects which can adorn our bodies. Jewellery has a history as far back as records go, we can wear jewellery to show our status and even our passions.

Runners can access a unique range of very interesting and stylish jewelry which is specifically designed to show a passion for running and achievement at running, for example, jewellery which shows we have completed a gruelling half or full marathon race. How much money we invest in running jewelry is a matter of personal choice, jewelry for runners can be found as leather bracelets, lightweight metal alloys, silver and even gold, in the form of bracelets, necklaces, studs, pins and an interesting variety of other forms.

Bracelets are very interesting and as with necklaces we can add ornamental charms made from alloys, jade, silver or gold and these added charms can be running related, we can add scribed lightweight plates/tags which can be inscribed with our personal inspiring words or running achievements. Jewelry, when cared for, has a long lifetime spanning years and when containing silver or gold the value can gradually increase, this really is a good investment for your money.

Last Updated: December 1, 2017
By Brian Price:

Though it's not a super important topic, with regards to performance, safety or overall fitness, we thought, why stop now? We have added two new bracelets, one for ladies and the other is unisex. read our extensive criteria for reviewing and enjoy our informative FAQs section. Be sure to check back for new updates to our list of jewellery for runners.

Infinity Running Bracelet
  • Infinity Running Bracelet
  • 4.5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Versatile
  • Price: See Here
Runner Charm Bracelet
  • Runner Charm Bracelet
  • 4 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Inspirational
  • Price: See Here
Run Like A Girl Necklace
  • Run Like A Girl Necklace
  • 4 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Affordable
  • Price: See Here

12 Best Pieces of Running Jewelry


1. Infinity Running Bracelet

This charm bracelet, by The Infinity Collection, is great for any runner looking to show off a little style. Not only that, but it’s a perfect gift for fellow runners, coaches, trainers, or anyone who’s inspired you or supported you on your running journey. The word “running” and a dangling running shoe charm give this bracelet its character.
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Material: This infinity running bracelet features black cloth material around the silver tone accents. A lobster clasp closes the bracelet.

Additional Info: This bracelet has an adjustable length of 6 to 8 inches. The dangling running shoe charm is attached with a jump ring and can easily be taken off and put on a different chain if desired.

Cost: This bracelet is extremely affordable.
  • Adjustable

  • Cost

  • Makes a great gift

  • Comes nicely packaged

  • Silver tone can tarnish relatively easily

2. Runner Charm Bracelet

This cute charm bracelet by The Infinity Collection is a fashionable way to show off your passion. It contains four charms: a running shoe, the infinity symbol, “live love run,” and a circular pendant with the words “she believed she could so she did” stamped on it.
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The four charms on this bracelet are metal alloy, and the bracelet itself is silver-plated.

Additional Info:
The runner charm bracelet is adjustable, and is designed to fit
most perfectly. The wire bangle expands, so you can adjust it from 6 to 8 inches to fit just right on your wrist.

Cost: This charm bracelet is affordable. In addition, all orders come with a free velvet drawstring jewelry pouch.
  • Adjustable
  • Price
  • Free jewelry pouch
  • Multiple charms
  • Solidly crafted
  • Some find it to be too bulky
  • Some people have allergies to the material of this bracelet

3. Runner Girl Mantra Charm Necklace

This inspirational necklace, by Run Inspired Designs, is great for runners who want to keep a constant reminder with them as motivation. Many versions are available, all with different mantras. Some of the most popular include “in it for the long run,” “believe and achieve,” and “make it happen.”
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Material: The cord of this necklace is waxed polycord and the charm is matte-finished stainless steel.

Additional Info: This necklace is 18 inches long. The charm itself, which says “In it for the long run,” is about the size of a nickel (22mm in diameter).

Cost: This mantra charm necklace is moderately priced. The use of polycord instead of a silver chain enables the price to be lower than it would otherwise.
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Stainless steel is very resistant to tarnishing
  • Variety of quotes to choose from
  • Motivational
  • Some find the length of the cord to be too long

4. Silver Mini Runner Earrings

These earrings, by Gone for a RUN, depict a woman stick figure with a ponytail running. Small and dainty, they’re the perfect choice for a simple yet cute look. Take pride in your sport and show it off with fashion! If you’re not a runner yourself, consider these earrings as a gift for the runner girl in your life.
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Material: These earrings are made of pure .925 sterling silver.

Additional Info: Each earring measures approximately .5” long. For only 99 cents, you can purchase a cloth specially designed to clean sterling silver to ensure your new earrings maintain their shine.

Cost: These earrings not expensive, but they are a little on the high end considering how small they are.
  • Made of sterling silver

  • Hypo-allergenic

  • Resists tarnishing and scratching

  • Good quality

  • Some find them to be too small

5. Run Like A Girl Pewter Necklace

This cute handmade necklace by The Run Home features a round pendant that’s hand-stamped with the words “run like a girl” across the center. A dangling running shoe charm compliments the pendant.
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Material: The Gunmetal cable chain with a lobster claw clasp hold a charm that is made of nickel. The other charm, a running shoe, is pewter.

Additional Info: The chain is 18 inches long. The circular nickel charm is .75” in diameter. The pewter running shoe charm is .75” long.

Cost: This charm necklace is quite affordable, especially when you take the quality of it into account.
  • Handmade.
  • Price.
  • Stylish.
  • Comes packaged nicely.
  • Not adjustable.

  • The nickel in the round charm can cause some people skin irritation.

6. Runner Girl Mantra Charm Bracelet

This unique bracelet by Run Inspired Designs features a laser-etched quote on a high-quality charm. You may choose from two mantras: either “believe and achieve” or “in it for the long run.” Keep your motivation with you at all times with this simple yet stylish bracelet.
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Material: The charm on this bracelet is made of high quality surgical-grade stainless steel. The cord it’s attached to is waxed polycord.

Additional Info: This stylish bracelet comes in a blue drawstring pouch. Its charm is 22mm in diameter, which is about the size of a nickel. It’s designed to hold up even when worn frequently during exercise.

Cost: Considering the quality of the metal charm, this bracelet is very fairly priced. In addition, it comes with a full money-back guarantee.
  • Affordable
  • Charms will not tarnish
  • Hypo-allergenic
  • Inspirational
  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Nicely packaged
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Not adjustable.

7. Strong is Beautiful Running Bracelet

Show off your love for running and add this bracelet to your jewelry collection today! Made by Art Attack, this fashionable charm bracelet features four charms.
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Material: This unique charm bracelet is made of metal alloy.

Additional Info: The bracelet consists of a “strong is beautiful” charm, a running shoe, a weighted kettle-ball, and a barbell. It measures 3 inches in diameter.

Cost: This bracelet is quite affordable compared to other similar charm bracelets.
  • Unique charms
  • Price
  • Lightweight
  • Stylish
  • Not adjustable
  • Some find that the charms fall off easily

8. Crystal Runner Figure Charm Necklace

This necklace by Spinning Daisy depicts a crystal running stick figure girl with a ponytail. Whether you want to show off your personal pride for running, or you have a runner in your life who you’re looking for the perfect gift for, this is a great choice.
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Material: The necklace is silver-plated with a high-gloss finish. It is lead compliant, which means it is compliant with the regulations of how much lead metal is allowed to be in jewelry. The charm contains embedded faux crystals.

Additional Info: This necklace measures 16 inches long. The charm on this necklace is .75 inches wide and 1 inch tall. It comes in a cute ready-to-give gift box, too!

Cost: This stylish necklace is very affordable.
  • Affordable
  • Gift box
  • Fashionable
  • Great quality for price
  • Some find that a few crystals have fallen out of the charm

9. As I Run Warrior Training Bracelet

This bracelet by the brand Endorphin Warrior is a unique and stylish way to remind yourself of the spiritual aspect of running. On it, it is stamped with “As I Run…As I Run…The Universe is Running with me.” It’s designed to withstand being worn while running or working out, so you can rest assured knowing that you’re receiving top-of-the-line quality.
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The wristband of this bracelet is crafted from natural leather, and the metal tag on it is nickel-plated.

Additional Info:
The wristband is 5/8 inch wide. It uses a snap closure so it’s extremely easy to take on and off. One great thing about this bracelet is that it comes in 5 different sizes, available for both women and men, so you can order the one that will fit you perfectly. You can order your bracelet size anywhere from 6.5 inches to 8.5 inches.

While this bracelet is affordable, it is among one of the higher priced items on this list. However, its excellent quality makes it well worth the price.
  • Available in multiple sizes
  • Durable
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Withstands sweat
  • Metal tag will not tarnish
  • Some find that for aesthetic reasons they would like a wider wristband

10. Believe in Your Run Necklace

This cute necklace, made by handmade crafter The Run Home, is comprised of two charms. One is stamped with “believe” and the other is stamped with “run.”
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Material: The cable chain is made from durable Gunmetal. Both charms are nickel.

Additional Info: The “believe” charm is 1 inch in diameter and the “run” charm is ¾ inch in diameter. The chain measures 18 inches. A lobster claw clasp closes the necklace. Your necklace will come packaged in a cute jewelry box with a silver bow.

Cost: While this necklace is one of the more expensive ones on this list, it’s still relatively low-priced in terms of jewelry.
  • Handmade
  • Durable
  • Stylish
  • Comes in black jewelry box
  • Affordable
  • Not adjustable

11. Diabetes Silicone Medical Alert Bracelets

Combining logical innovation with running jewelry.

Some of us have ailments which we live with and continue to enjoy our running lives, this is the reality.

Introducing the medical alert anti-allergen silicone bracelet which is lightweight and comfortable for runners. Just in case it is ever needed, the bracelet is a sure fire way to alert others if you need help.

Offered in a range of attractive colors, durable and with a cushioned feel while wearing, made from silicone and an excellent idea as a piece of stylish jewelry
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The features of this bracelet are functional and appropriate while combining nice style

A pack of 5 stylish diabetes bracelets

Made from clean organic comfortable silicone

Sweat and waterproof

Medical alert start debossed into the bracelet and known by all medical organizations

Very durable

Fits all male and Female wrist sizes.


Very light and comfortable.


Very affordable.


Nice range of colors

Light and comfortable

Comfortable for runners



Internationally recognisable


No cons for this bracelet

12. Love Running Leather Bracelet

This unique leather bracelet carries a silver running shoe for inspiration and will look eye-catching when you wear it with your running gear.

Regardless of new to running or a seasoned runner, this stylish bracelet will work for you.

Read our review of the features and see if this belongs in your jewellery box
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This wrap around bracelet is made of durable, soft comfortable leather and will add a nice style to your appearance casually and when out running. Comes with a very nice silver running shoe and you can add other trinkets to the bracelet.

The leather strap is braided to a  comfortable round appearance for two strips and also a flat leather strip in the middle, hence the unique design. 

The bracelet will fit all wrists up to eight inches in diameter and is secured with a lobster claw designed clasp, the total weight is 0.3 ounces.


A nice price and a stylish piece of jewellery

A silver running shoe charm

Bracelet made from durable quality leather

A secure lobster clasp system

1.5 inches extendable chain

Fits wrists up to 8 inches.


For ladies only


Hopefully the list above has helped steer you towards the piece of jewelry that’s perfect for you. There’s no better, more fashionable way to show the world your passion or to remind yourself every day to keep reaching for your goals. A jewelry serves a personal reminder of what you are capable of achieving and it drives you towards making sure you do just that, if that is not a motivator am not sure what is. Having a jewellery is also a touch of fashion that can mean you are stylish even when you are just working out,not only does it make one more attractive and noticeable but it also means standing out among others.

The Criteria We Used To Pick Out The Best Pieces Of Running Jewelry

As always we strive to bring you the best of the best,we not just want to give you a list that we found hanging around somewhere but we do it in the most unique way possible by going out in the broad market ourselves, doing research getting first-hand information  ,we do the testing and pick our best base on the results that we have found out that way when we give out the list we are sure that we mean what we write,Doing so we come up with a list of factors that we think are very vital to have in mind when going to make the choice of having  product that also applies to jewelry be it a bracelet,anklet or a neck piece,first of all we have to admit this is one of the toughest topics to research on as not everyone is a fun of jewelry and neither is everyone knows that there are running jewelry exits.But all in all we were able to come up with the most factors that we thought would  make your work much easier when going to get one of these especially if you are a fun of such.

Below we have listed quite a number of factors that we found appropriate for anyone going to purchase a running jewellery.


Once you go shopping for what to wear be it shoes,clothes or in such cases jewelry one makes sure to look for the fit size. it comes with no surprise as no one would go buy something that is either small of too big ,unless someone else did the shopping for you.When going for a running jewelry it is very important to look for one that fits perfectly remember this one you will be running with it on,that means that it is bound to break lose any minute and get lost or fall,to avoid such occurrences it is only right if you get one that is of right fit one that is of snug fit,that when running it cannot get lose and fall no matter what,in case it is one to put on your wrist make sure the fit is snug and cannot get loose most cases consider one that is adjustable as that can be fitted as one wishes at whatever time.


Material is a factor that contributes widely to why specific products are purchased,if it is ignored this can be a very illegal thing to do,in that same light it is a factor to consider when going to buy a jewelry,you need to know what material the very jewelry is attached to,especially if it going to be on your wrist of neck this is because most people can react to metal placed on their bare skins and as a result can cause irritation which can turn out to be ugly,this is also because of sweat around the places where the jewelry avoid all this ensure that the material that is direct to your skin is one that is bearable and even after sweating it will not be able to affect your skin in any way by doing so you will protect your skin a great deal.

Purpose /functionality

When we talk of function this has be placed as a reason for buying almost everything we poses, you buy it because you have to use it for a specific activity. When going to purchase a jewellery we should have in mind the role it will pay, do we need it? And if so, why and to do what? This should be at the back of everyone’s mind, we need to buy a product for a specific reason that is valid.By doing so we can easily pick the best for the function we intend it to do. For a running jewelry make sure it will be effective for use, look for ones that have running symbols or writing on them that can act as motivational tool for pushing you to doing you best as we picture that is the main reason for having a running jewelry not only that but you feel like you have an attachment to what you do to the extent of having it as a partner hence this only pushes one to make sure that you get what really works for you.


Design is brought about by fashion which as we all know means there is not fixed, keeps on changing as time goes and as more designers are reveled with different designs. We also are aware that this entirely depends on the wearer as he or she determines the type and design at what time. When talking about this it is a more considered personal issue as it deals with the individual personally but one thing that is constant is that we all need change and that means we are not afraid to revolve in in terms of jewelry that being said in this case we are talking about the running jewelry, this can be placed as an anklet, necklace or a wristband. The design will really depend on the place where the jewelry will be placed as well as they type, do not forget that you will need a design that will not interfere with the main purpose and that is running, you do not require a big designed jewelry to carry around you need something small but readable in case it has words or just something the pleases you but has very little weight on them to ease your movement.


This is one of the most vital decision factors when making a purchase. Most people can compromise on a lot but not quality. This is the case with jewellery as well. I know at the back of your mind you are saying this is just but a running n jewelry no sweat, yes we ca agree on that but you will sweat if you are a fun of having the jewelry as your running accessory and one day it goes missing or it was no good and it fell when running and just like that it was no more. Well the choice lies with you but all the same we think you need to think of having it on your factor list as for you to avoid making the rounds in the mall or store to get running jewellery. Getting a good quality ensure the durability of the product and that also means less trips to look for other and less time to worry about making the one you have since it is broken or something.


Other Factors Worth A Look

After having listed the major factors we always want to give our runners not just set factors but enough reasons why we had to put the top 10 list just the way it is,when we say we are the best at what we do this is why,we not only give you a set of reasons that we think you should use but we go out of the way to put ourselves in your shoes  and by doing so we come up with other factors that might be ignored but they really matter to our runners and can be used to make the best just more better is such an explanation exist.That is why even after giving you the top factors why we give you the best list we want you to take part in us arriving at the exact conclusions.These are some of the factors that might sometimes be ignored or looked aside like they are minor but can as well make you decision even moire simpler.


Jewelry are one of the small things to possess but they are one of the most expensive things to own all have a jewelry comes with pride and the same applies for running if you have to go with a jewelry on the ankle wrist or neck it gives motivation at the end of the long run, well when it comes to pricing we all know that jewelry prices vary depending with the material they are made from and sometimes type of metal that makes them, from diamond to silver or bronze all depends, for running you do not need one that is expensive ,go for one that serves the purpose and ion this case being motivation, also avoid the jewelry like diamond that can be expensive and might get lost while running. Always consider the purpose of the jewellery first.


This comes in our list without saying as we can all agree that one cannot run with a weight that is heavy on any part of the body because this possess as a great challenge. The weight of the jewellery must be considered when going to buy the jewellery as some cannot be used for running at all.  The weight especially weighs in when you run for a longer distance and you cannot keep up with jewelry anymore as it starts affecting you, we all know even an empty bottle when running can have weight at some point. Consider getting a jewelry of a weight you can around comfortably without having to think of removing it needless to say that having weight of any kind while running can act as a hindrance  and as a stopper to doing your best when you need to as it weighs you down,do not ignore this fact when it comes to buying a running jewelry.



While giving you the factors that made us arrive to the selected top 10 as our best we also go in search of the most frequently asked questions out there that are asked about running jewelry,we come up a few that we know are most asked among everyone who gets to buy a running jewellery.We like to do so as we like to engage our runners with the products and also we would like to answer most of the pressing questions that we feel might also be pressing to this section we get to answer the questions and also provide a solution of how best you can tackle such when you have one of your own.

Below are some of the questions that are asked frequently and their answers.

Q: Is style really necessary when buying a running jewelry?

A: This question is common because jewelry is associated with fashion,but when it comes to a running jewelry it is not the same as a fashion related jewelry like the pearls and diamond or gold.For a running jewelry is it different as it is always about  what it will help you achieve the function in this case is more important.But sometimes look for one also that doesn’t disappoint you in terms of style,our fashion world is moving very fast. 


Q: What amount of weight should I consider for my neck running jewellery?

A:If it is a running jewelry this only means that you have to consider getting one that has a fair weight that you can put on and not feel it weighing you down in any way, ensure that when running the only thing you have in mind is the run and nothing else.In that case ensure that if it is on the neck it is not heavy

Q: How many running jewelries should I have on when running?

A:This question is majorly asked by jewellery addicts,trust us we really understand such case it depends with how one weighs apart form that it also depends with where they will be placed. if one is placed on the wrist and the other on the neck then we see no problem with having more than one but make sure the weight is not heavy to avoid drawing your attention to them and not on the main thing.

Q: Is price really important when buying a running jewelry?

A:It depends with what you are interested in as we know jewelries can be the smallest accessories there is but they sure as hell are expensive and this really doesn’t mean that they will serve you right but come on we are talking of jewellery sometimes it is right to focus on the price especially for a running one do not go for the most expensive but consider things like the material it is made of, its function  and other important details then price can come in later. Also know that expensive does not mean great quality at times.

A Few Of Our Sources

We gather our information from all over to ensure that what we give as the best is actually what we say it is,we gather our sources from different places ,we get some from health and fitness articles,fashion  and clothing articles,general information sites,outdoor and sporting sites and many others.


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