10 Best Under Armour Sunglasses Tested


Under Armour has come a long way from the time Ken Plank (UA owner) used to sell T-Shirts from his grandmother’s basement. Today, this brand is an established competitor in the athletic apparel market—Under Armour is now also well known for their bags, fashionable accessories and sunglasses.

Though Under Armour does not manufacture specific sunglasses for running, they do make many models that we can apply to running situations.  The reviewers find them to be stylish and of high quality with great features, so feel free to take some for a run and tell us what you think!

Last Updated: April 22, 2018
By Giselle Killebrew:

This update brings some solid new additions that Under Armour has to offer. Their sunglasses are always top notch and some of the best available for runners and athletes. Scroll below to see this season’s new additions!

UA Rival
  • UA Rival
  • 4.9 out of 5
    Our rating
  • UA Autogrip Temples
  • Price: See Here
UA Zone 2.0
  • UA Zone 2.0
  • 4.7 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Armour Fusion Frame
  • Price: See Here
  • Captain
  • 4.5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Composite frame
  • Price: See Here

10 Best Under Armour Sunglasses



1. Rival

The basic Under Armour Rival sunglasses are a flashy, multisport vision protector featuring high fashion colors and decorative elements supported by the standard Under Armour sunglass features.
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I like the feel of these glasses, they give a strong sense of staying power as they hug the contours of the face in an embrace which shouts, I belong here with you and I make you look cool. If its style that you want you get it with the "Rival"

These stylish sunglasses come in a choice of 5 colors.

I have found that Under Armour have stayed consistent with a focus on durability, the lenses are robust and scratch resistant, I’m not suggesting you can take a knife to them but certainly for encounters such as carrying a pair in your pockets with a few coins, keeping them in the glove compartment in your car where they will slide around or accidentally running into a low hanging branch on a trail run, the lenses will stay intact and undamaged. For times when often running dry dusty trails, the particles of dust which are kicked up will not gradually sandpaper the lens surface.

Considering weight, we get a light frame blending  Amorphous-Thermoplastic  (Grilamid) and titanium. This combination results in a high flexibility and means that twisting the frame results in the amorphous qualities working to bring the frame back to its original shape, in short it acts like a memory template for shape.

The contrast factor view through the lens is generally good in terms of a medium performance range and you get a nice view but be aware that as sunglasses,  if you run on well shaded  trails or paths that  the view ahead is darker than usual. So keep your focus on the surface contours ahead and watch out for small easily misjudged over hanging branches as the UA lens reflection qualities are not as good as some other brands, such as the ever popular Costa’s 580s.

This basic Under Armour Rival model is a flashy, multi-sport sunglasses product offering nice fashionable colors and a unique appealing design .

Sizing. (Fit).

They hug the face and stay in place; if you take a fall the chances are when you stand up the glasses will still be in place. Running, mountain biking, climbing, hiking sturdy trails, these are reliable for fit and will not distract you through not staying put. The grip factor for maintaining size- fit comes from the inclusion of AUTOGRIP a neat technology which ensures that strategically fitted segments fitted to the frame are made from non-slip rubber and work to hug the temples for a secure fit.


The price is upper mid-range and really does represent value for money. If the price was to be lower it would result in sacrificing the quality standards.


Stylish, practical, durable and long lasting, you can feel that while you enjoy your active choice of sport that these sunglasses will serve their purpose admirably well.
  • Under Armour features in dashing colors
  • Comfortable and interesting
  • Optional donation opportunity
  • Under Armour does not offer a polarized version of the Rival.
  • Some users do not think the lenses on these are sufficient for bright sunlight.

2. Zone 2.0

Under Armour did not design the Zone 2.0 sunglasses for any specific sport, but rather as high performance, utility glasses. Offered in unconventional color combinations, many users report dedicating this model to running specifically.
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The shape feature for this model is rectangular and gives off a unique appealing appearance.  The frames are offered in a broad range of colors, the construction is flexible, strong and stays constant with the use of Grilimid plastic technology. Comfortably light weight, for a stylish finish the frame is semi-rimless. Some of the Zone 2 models are also offered with polarized lenses so that a buyer has choices, polarized lenses are very effective for blocking the effects of glare caused by car lights or strong direct sunlight. this is really useful if you are out running and heading towards a low set sun.

Wear these sunglasses for most outdoor sports such as running, climbing, hiking cycling, baseball, golf for those that really want to test performance you could even wear the version offering polarized lenses for splashing about in the surf at the beach.

Size (Fit).

I like the seamless frame structure, it is durable, has a hug style hold for fit and stability. In short the glasses will not slip or fall off during your athletic activities.


The cost sits in the middle bracket in terms of the quality, value, comfort and performance offered.


A good pair of sunglasses wearable for whichever outdoor sport takes your fancy. They look good, they are durable, comfortable and present themselves as stylish and sporty.
  • Offered in stylish color combinations
  • Move easily from track to picnic
  • Lightweight to enable long wear without fatigue
  • Offered in various lens tints.
  • Some users report they are not designed for large heads.
  • Some users report difficulty using the included case; the sunglasses do not fit back in easily.

3. Captain

Ahoy, matey! Advance and meet the Under Armour Captain sunglasses designed specifically for sports. Conquer the run sessions with these cloud-like sunglasses protecting and even enhancing your vision.
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The attraction to runners of this style lies in the anti-fatigue facilities provided by the polarization and reflective surface. These are a great companion for white-out running, running near large bodies of water or on the beach or for competitions that include water hazards and mud.

With all the features, these look like the sunglasses that the Men in Black wear. Some may find them a little foreboding, but the overall effect is cool.

Even with the features designed to supply comfort, some find these a little heavy. The contrasting viewpoint is that runners do not generally wear sunglasses as long in a day as people who fish, which may account for some of that judgement.

Though the price tag may surprise you, these glasses are packed with features, so this really is a good price for the product.

If not using them for running then this is a model particularly good for those that love fishing. The captain is one of the polarized STORM  range being offered from Armour.

The model which attracts the most attentions is offered in a black frame color. Despite a sturdy appearance they are surprisingly light for a model which provides polarized lenses. Further contributing towards the light-weight factor is Armours use of Grilimid and titanium, this means the frame is flexible but strong.

Fisherman will be pleased to know that these glasses are oil resistant with regards to seawater (containing oil) insect spray, and most other oils which we might encounter. This resistance is a result of a high tech lens technology which has been engineered into the lenses.

When it comes to quality Polaroid lenses, Armour stayed true to providing durability and quality, the lenses block all UVC, UVB, and UVA rays which mean the wearer/fisherman can focus on watching for a fish to bite under those waves which reflect sunlight.

Size (Fit).

The Nose-piece feature performs superbly in terms of fit and not slip.  The rubberized nose fitting contains flexible wire so that you can simply and very easily squeeze, bend, manipulate the bridge joint between the glass lenses and shape it to hug the bridge of your nose. Once you have done that these glasses are staying put, firmly in place

Fitted with sturdy head hugging arms which hold firmly to the side of the head, over and behind the ears, they stay in place .


The price is right when measured against functionality, specific performance, a very good investment.


Good product for runners in certain environments. Fishing is an outdoor sport which brings moments of abrupt activity, hauling a huge fish from the ocean, leaning forwards over the side of a boat. These glasses are absolutely designed for working in such situations while offering comfort, reliability, durability and good vision.
  • Excellent eye protection for hours on the water
  • Excellent anti-glare facility
  • Very good air circulation to keep the eyes cool
  • Storm protection is ideal for wet conditions
  • Some users found the scratch resistance was insufficient.
  • Some users found these heavy.

4. Core 2.0

These sunglasses are lightweight and secure, a great choice for any kind of activity. Their wraparound lenses will keep the sun out of your eyes no matter what time of day it is.
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Originally designed for baseball players, these sunglasses are made to stay on your head no matter what you’re doing. They’re very lightweight and won’t get in the way. The lenses sit pretty close to the eye, which does take getting used to, but most people find this sleek design helpful.
The frames have been designed to allow air to flow as freely as possible through them, meaning that the glasses shouldn’t fog up easily and you will stay pretty cool while wearing them.

The lenses provide really good coverage and sun protection, even on the edges of your vision. No matter what color you choose, they allow for really clear vision. There is a bit of a tint to some lens colors.

The styling is eye-catching. There are three color combinations available: white frame/orange lenses, black frame/red lenses, and white frame/blue lenses. These look like the kind of sunglasses a professional athlete would wear.

Sizing (Fit).
These sunglasses have a noticeable bit of clamping force to help hold them to your head securely. It isn’t uncomfortable and makes them a really good choice for high-intensity activities. They also sit very securely on top of hats, so you won’t have to clip them to your shirt or leave them sitting soemwhere if the clouds roll in or it gets dark out. They’re good sunglasses for running, thanks to how securely they fit.

Some users find that the arms on these glasses are a bit thick and feel a bit large behind their ears.

These are pretty affordable athletic sunglasses, though some stores have them priced much higher than others.

Stylish glasses with great eye protection, really great for athletes of all types.

• Lightweight
• Fit securely
• Stylish with a variety of colors
• Affordable


• Slight bit of a tint to lenses that may annoy some users
• Not polarized

5. Battlewrap

The glasses are designed to provide complete protection from sunlight no matter what you’re up to. They are also available with a yellow lens for dim light conditions.
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The Battlewrap are ballistic grade sunglasses. Because of this and their subdued color options, they’re popular with military and law enforcement, since they can be found in colors that are within uniform regulations.

The lenses provide very good protection from sunlight, and they also feature a unique eyebrow ventilation system to help keep them from fogging. These sunglasses’ dim light yellow lens option is designed to help you see contrast better in low light conditions.

There’s a nice bit of padding on the frame. The hinges are very durable. The earpieces lock open or closed, so they secure pretty tightly to a shirt or pocket if you clip them on. However, these sunglasses are a bit bulky and you’ll need a decent sized case to store them. They come with a hard case and a soft case (bag) that fit perfectly.

The comfort, protection, and the low light lens option have made these sunglasses very popular for hunters, trap and skeet shooters, and umpires. Their styling is very simple but sleek, making them a great option for referees or anyone who wants to look professional in their sunglasses.

Size (Fit).
These sunglasses fit snugly. They will fit under a motorcycle helmet, but still provide a lot of coverage to protect your eyes. The lenses sit pretty close to the eye because these glasses are designed to keep debris from splashing into your eyes.

These are a pretty expensive set of sunglasses.

Effective, durable sunglasses, with a professional look and a low light lens option.


• Secure fit
• Low light lens option
• Great eye coverage for both light and dust protection
• Color options that work with military and law enforcement uniform regulations


• Quite a large frame that can be hard to store

7. Marbella

The Marbella sunglasses are specifically designed for the female athlete. They are specifically designed for smaller faces and to fit the needs of women.
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These sunglasses are extraordinary lightweight and comfortable. They are Non-Polarized and offer 100% UVA, UVB, and UVC protection--perfect for those of you who spend a lot of time outdoors. These glasses are incredibly comfortable and will stay on your face through any run or workout.

Size (Fit).
These glasses have a secure and comfortable fit. Since they are designed for women, they will have a smaller fit.

These are an affordable option for Under Armour. They may still be a bit much for some, but if you are looking for sunglasses made for athletic women then you can't go wrong with these.

These high quality sunglasses are durable, comfortable, and perfect for female athletes. They won't slide off and they allow you to see clearly--you might even forget you are wearing them!



  • Specifically designed for women
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Non-Polarized with 100% UVA, UVB, and UVC protection
  • Durable
  • May not fit very wide faces

6. Igniter 2.0

As cool as the Big Shots but with a slightly different lens shape, the Igniter 2.0 has the same panoply of features available, covers less of the face and is a smaller, lighter model.
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Because they are smaller, these sunglasses don’t dominate the face as much as the Big Shots, probably because they are cut smaller to enable players to wear caps with the sunglasses while playing.

Very comfortable, employing all the Under Armour customization features.

The Igniter 2.0 sunglasses are available in basic, Storm Polarized and Multiflection versions and reflect good value for the investment. Under Armor offers slightly different models designed for baseball and fishing with appropriate lens colors. For example, the fishing Igniter 2.0 sunglasses are Storm treated and polarized and have very dark lenses as appropriate for people on the water all day.

The "Multiflection" lenses are resistant to scratching, which is a very nice feature and the Armoursight quality engineered into the glases is very impressive, the lenses allow perception of colors without a darkened effect as is often seen with some brands, with the Ignitor 2 tinting is minimal which in turn avoids perceptual distortion.
Excellent quality clarity and peripheral vision capability with an average of 20% less peripheral vision distortion, upon putting them on, wait awhile and it could be easy to forget you are wearing them.
The lenses are tough, durable and extremely well machined with a strength capacity ten times stronger than standard usual lenses made from polycarbonate.
The glasses wrap to the head in a very comfortable hugging hold and there are not any weight issues because they are very light. For the bridge of the nose, a cushioning rubber based material give further stability, comfort and given time the rubber will shape to the contour of the nose bridge. Add to this that the nose cap is adjustable, a really nice useful feature.
The full range of UV rays are blocked by the lenses which means good eye protection.
The Ultra-ArmourFusion frames are so light and unobtrusive that it is a joy to wear them, the frame and both great strength and flexibility and this is a result of titanium engineered with Grilamid. The frames have the rigidity for hold and fit and are also flexible and robust, this is a very good combination.
While you wear them you can stay cool due to the airflow tech designed into the sunglasses.
Use them for any outdoor activity or as a casual item on sunny days and certainly comfortable to wear while running.

Size (Fit).
The glasses remain flexible and maintain a secure fit due to UA-AUTOGRIP which ensure a comfortable secure hold over the temples.

Given the features offered with Igniter 2.0, this is a really good model for you to make an investment.

You get a lot of useful features, durability, quality, comfort and high functionality.
  • Less expensive than many Under Armour sunglasses
  • Cap-gripper to hold glasses when upside down on the cap
  • Cushioned hinges absorb shock and ensure comfort
  • ArmourSight peripheral vision feature
  • The flexible nose piece is subject to fatigue.
  • With Storm and Polarized treatment, they get expensive.

8. Big Shot

8. Big Shot
While the Big Shot glasses are marketed a great option for baseball players it is important to note that they are also excellent for runners looking for a great pair of shades. They are affordable, stylish, and come in several different styles--so what's not to love!
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These Sunglasses have a large lenses that completely block out the sun--this especially important for those of you who spend a great deal of time outside. They also have a sleek design and come in several different color and style options to choose from. They are Non-Polarized and offer 100% UVA, UVB, and UVC protection.
They also utilize Under Armour's patented ArmourSight technology--which allows you to see clearly, enhances your vision, and eliminates glare.

Size (Fit)
These glasses will fit you perfectly and will not dig into your temples--thanks to their AutoGrip feature. They provide a secure fit that won't allow them to bounce or fall off during your runs.

These glasses are very affordable.

Affordable, sleek design, highly durable.

  • Sleek design
  • Style options
  • Non-Polarized and offer 100% UVA, UVB, and UVC protection
  • ArmourSight Technology that enhances your vision
  • AutoGrip feature



• Might look and feel big for smaller faces

9. Ranger

Someone in the Under Armour hierarchy must be a sports fan to explain the prevalence of sunglasses designed with high frequency activities in mind. Either that, or the designers enjoy addressing the unique challenges of sun and extended hours on the track with sunscreen and a good run thrown into the bargain.
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The Rangers are understated elegance - it’s all there, but is displayed without bombast or glitter.

The comfort features of the Ranger are put to the test in the fishing environment, but these sunglasses accept the challenge and stay cool and light all day long. Rangers conform to the Under Armour standard of value, which is very good to excellent.
When we start looking at the Ranger model, it really is good. The name choice for this model seems obvious because these are the type of multi-functional reliable glasses a ranger would choose.
Can you enjoy a run wearing these? Of course you can.
The model has polarized lenses a joint result with Zeiss a world expert in optic lenses, so you get hydrophobic qualities built into the lenses and that means no oil smudges in fact any oil, muddy water or seawater on the lens gets dispersed away and off the lens surface
The storm lenses give maximum undisputed protection from UV rays and slap down glare so that you have a good clear vision.
The frames are ArmourFusion and ulta light which keeps with the Armour promise for flexibility, durability and strength , yes, they retain their brand construction material which is combined Grilamid and extra strong titanium. If your into really active sport’s these lenses and the frame are up to whatever gets thrown at them.

Take a look at these points and commit them to memory, one day you will try the Ranger sunglasses.
1. Constructed from titanium & Grilamid.
2. ArmourFusion and ArmourSight lens technology.
3. Three-Point Grip
4. The nose pad is adjustable
5. All ANSI Z87.1 safety standards for eyewear Meets are exceeded.
6. Blocks all known UV rays.
7. Polarised Lenses with oil resistant surfaces.

Size (Fit).
Nice secure hugging three point grip system, once you put these on they are there to stay till you decide they come off. They won’t fall off and they won’t slip. To top of the secure fit just use the adjustable nose pad for the bridge of the nose.

Not so cheap but not too expensive, an above middle price range which reflects the quality of the product.

They look great, they perform great, great features, they feel great because they are great.

  • Designed to meet and beat the challenges of sun
  • Durable
  • Improve vision
  • Unobtrusive
  • Some users feel they sit low on the eyes.
  • Some users report premature wear issues.

10. Nitro Youth

Under Armour did not neglect the youngest athletes when designing sunglasses. Parents concerned that extensive, unprotected sun exposure that can lead to sun damaged vision would do well to consider investing in youth sunglasses, such as these admirably cool Nitros.
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So, Mom, Dad and teenagers are really lucky that Armour offer such a broad selection of sunglasses for every occasion but what about the kids?

They don't forget about the kids and they continue to offer the same quality features because kids do outdoor activities.

Keep in mind that Under Armour has a series of sunglasses targeting young athletes. In this list we include only one example by way of introducing the concept and because of their excellent performance.

Totally stylish – featuring interesting cutouts and colors without sacrificing quality.

Lightweight, comfortable features we expect from Under Armour.These are a good value. Some may scruple at paying a significant price for kids’ glasses, but these cannot compare to the sunglasses purchased at the food store checkout line that have pictures of dinosaurs or fairies on them.

Heyyyy kids, you get an awesome case for your sunglasses, it comes in a durable material and arty stylish yellow and white barb-wire patterning. Adults can’t wear these they are manufactured for a medium or small head, Under armour logo on each frame arm, the arms hug the temples and finish to sit at the top of the ear.
One hundred plus defence against all UV rays so your kids eyes are very well protected. The lenses are grey and mounted in Ultra-light, Armour-Fusion- frames so the kids get the durability that glasses need when the owner could well be 7 years old.
Built in airflow tech will ensure a nice cooling flow of air around the glasses, no sweaty nose bridge, the usual three point grip system from Armour ensures that the glasses will hold, even for the very active kid.
Smudges, staining, sticky annoying things “be gone” thanks to the ingenious Multi-flection lens and to top this a great wide peripheral field of vision.

Size (Fit).
Three point grip system , two point are the temples and a secure comfortable nose bridge grip

Perhaps four times the cost of cheap kids sunglasses but bound to last ten times longer.

Throw away those cheap sunglasses that you see stacked up and for sale at ten dollars in your local convenience store. Your child deserves quality, style, comfort and protection.

  • Very cool youth performances sunglasses
  • Available in Multiflection, polarization
  • Some consider them a little pricey for kids’ sunglasses.


How We Put Our List Together


When we say features this means we looked at: quality, functionality, durability, the level of protection from UV waves and how stylish are the sunglass models. Which glasses offer polarized lenses and which glasses offered an alternative and how good is the alternative?  We wanted to know which glasses allowed the best peripheral field of vision, especially for runners and other athletes.

UV light reaches eyes through the gaps between a face and the sunglasses, so we looked at fit in terms of protectiveness.

Do the sunglasses show innovative features which go further in terms of providing a product which needs to perform well at not only protecting the eyes from UV rays, but also serve the purpose in often challenging situations and environments.

Can the lenses stay sound even if impacted by an object such as a low hanging tree branch which are known to ambush runners, are they stably mounted in the frames to withstand shock and is technology engineered into the lenses to prevent smudging, misting, resistance to oils, seawater corrosion and other intrusive liquids.

Glare factor needed to be considered and compared, badly designed sunglasses give a darker vision and this can complicate things, especially if you are running on a dark cloudy day, you might miss seeing a pothole and take a fall.

Size (Fit)

We needed to compare traditional frames for glasses which involve the arms running alongside the temples and looping down behind the ear for stability, fit and grip. Modern sunglasses go for the three points system; the arms hug the temples and the glasses place weight and hold for stability on the bridge of the nose. We needed to look closely at how effective this innovative change actually is and we found that it is very effective.


We looked at the cost in comparative ratio to the features offered by the different sunglasses models. Is the buyer getting value for money?


Where It All Began

Next time you’re taking a run and you’re wearing a pair of sunglasses, think about where concept actually first came from.

The history of sunglasses began in the 15th century with colorful lenses, dyed with amber, brownstone or nickel. The pieces may have looked funny but they did not offer protection, it was our first attempt at protecting our eyes and it was more of an ineffective gesture.

Way back in history the Inuit Indians were known to have made goggles by tying together seal bones into a spectacle type frame and stretching seal bladders over the frames. This allowed very limited visibility but it gave protection against the harsh snow and the sunlight reflection which bounces off the surface of the snow. Did they get UV protection through these primitive sunglasses? Given that the seal bladders were smeared with a thin layer of fat, it can be said that they did get a very limited protection from UV sun waves.

Now sunglasses adorn the faces of children, athletes, politicians, dictators, pop stars, movie stars and James Bond lookalikes, Sunglasses have long been regarded as an invention for those with a sense of wanting eye protection. So who was it that launched sunglasses into the public eye to make them a functional part of everyday life and a fashion icon?

The first sunglasses were made for athletes and explorers going to snowbound regions with strong reflective glare and the concept for other uses did not come into big usage until the American Air Force found a use for them.

United States air force pilots introduced the world to sunglasses either intentionally or unintentionally, sunglasses became part and parcel of a pilots kit, flying way up in the sky a lot closer to the strong rays of the sun made sunglasses a “must have” In fact long before sunglasses became a fashion accessory they were first a part of medical style kit, something to protect the eyes.

Did any pilot wear sunglasses before the American Air Force adopted them? It’s said that a photo of Baron von Richthofen exist from the first world war in which he poses for a photo wearing a dark pair of shades.

At the end of the thirties things really took off and the model “Ray-Ban Aviator” came onto the market. The highly decorated US general Douglas McArthur wore the glasses in the Pacific War, Winston Churchill had a pair and so did President Eisenhower.

 The “Ray-Ban” sunglasses became the official goggle of the United States airforce. The “Aviator” style sunglasses became the original sunglasses par excellence and they became a prototype for the American dream – cool, dynamic and initially exclusive.” Whoever wore these glasses, identified with fashion, success, and style.

Todays, sunglasses are a fashion statement for everyone and also offer the protective qualities which our eyes need when we are out in the glaring hot sun. We can buy both the cheap versions as well as the exclusive brand names. The movies still dress up actors in various sunglass styles to portray him or her as either the good guy or the bad guy.


Q: Who was the first person to mass produce sunglasses?

A: The first person to mass produce sunglasses was Sam Foster in 1929.

Q: Which pair of sunglasses cost the most?

A:  $400,000. For a pair of  Chopard Sunglasses. ( I hope they have polarized lenses ).

Q: What does polarized lens mean?

A: This mean the lens contains a filter which blocks intense reflected light waves.

Q: Exactly what are UV waves?

A: Waves of light which are invisible to the human eye. These waves can have different properties, all of them can cause damage to the eye through prolonged exposure.

Q: Can we swim in the sea wearing sunglasses?

A: It’s an odd question but the answer is yes if you have a pair that will stay in place. Sunglasses block glare from the sun so it could be an interesting experience.

Q: Are cheap sunglasses worth buying?

A: We can safely say that the level of durability, protection for the eye from UV waves, comfort and fit measures against the price. The less you pay the less you get.


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