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Running Safety: 5 Apps to Keep You Safe on Solo Runs

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Last year, there were high-profile stories of women who had been assaulted or even killed while running. This proved extremely troublesome for runners everywhere, especially those that run off the beaten path or during low-traffic times of the day/night.

There’s many things people have done to help combated these horrible events. Women all over the map have started joining more running groups, they have taken to finding different routes, and of course, work is being done to stamp out violence against women as a whole.

Check out these 5 apps that will help to ensure a safer run for those warriors who continue to pound the pavement.


available on IOS and Android

This app tracks you as you go, and has an alert trigger to your network that will send a message with your location and a 10-second video that was recorded when you activate the alarm. It also allows for friends to follow you virtually on your run with GPS tracking. Think of it like an Uber tracking system for your run, combined with alarms set up, should you go off course.


available on IOS and Android

Glympse is similar to Bsafe. Your friends and family don’t need the app to view your location, and they can follow you on your route until you are safety home. This way someone always knows where you are, and you don’t even have to bother them to download something.


available on IOS and Android

Not only does this app track your run, it notifies your chosen contacts when you head out and has the ability for you to set up smart alerts that go out if you’re not back in time.  It also has a panic button which when activated, will send a blast to everyone on the app’s network that’s near your last known location, while alerting your contacts and connecting them to 911


available on IOS only

Bugle is an app for runners and anyone active outside who don’t want to carry along their phone while exercising. Users set how long they’ll be on their route, and if they don’t check back in within the time frame, their contacts will be sent an alert. This one will not only keep you safe, but will surely keep you on-pace on your run!


available on IOS and Android

This app lets you leave “ecrumbs” for chosen contacts who you want to track your running route, and alerts them when you’ve stopped moving (so no long rests, runners!).  It’s a good way to be aware, should something happen and you’re stopped for too long of a time to be just a stretch or water break.

In addition to these technology advancements to keep your run swift and safe, it’s imperative that you are always aware of your surroundings. Know your routes, map it out, let people you care about know what you’re doing and where you’re going and take extra precautions so you can run without too much worry.

Here are a few additional safety tips to consider while pounding the pavement:

  • Always tell at least two people where you are going.  For me, the two people I tell are also on the Find my Friends app on my iPhone. They can track me like the apps above, and they can be alerted as to when I leave and when I return. It’s good to have people be aware of where you’re going and when you’ll return. Find my Friends is also handy should you ever lose your phone or if it’s stolen.
  • Try to run with one headphone. I hate this tip as I love to lose myself in a playlist as the miles pass, but this is a really important tip. If you can’t hear something coming, you can’t be prepared. This could be anything from a car you may not see to a person. You want all your senses available if needed.
  • Run in high-traffic run areas. Yea, it’s annoying sometimes, but since I can’t join a running group because of my schedule, this is my way to have an informal group to hang around and gain security in numbers.
  • Trust your gut! This does not mean to be suspicious of everyone you come across, but if something feels off, it probably is.
  • If you get a feeling, do something. Cross the street. Jump into a restaurant, head toward a group of people.  Do something. Don’t chance it, just do it. Sure you may look weird for a minute or two, but better safe than sorry.
  • Vary your routes. Switch it up, and get some fresh scenery while you’re at it.
  • Don’t be distracted. If you have to check your phone for a text message or change the song on your playlist,  make sure you’re aware of your surroundings beforehand. Check in safe area.
  • Try not to take routes you haven’t explored with someone or by car first. Sometimes this is impossible, but before venturing down a long windy path in the middle of the woods or on a secluded road in the dark morning, try the route first with a friend or in a car. Note any areas that may be difficult or dangerous or especially dark. Be aware of the road ahead of you, before embarking on a long run by yourself.

Again, this isn’t meant to scare anyone but empower them. Run, run fast and brave and with confidence because you deserve to. Let your heightened awareness fuel you more and light that road up. Running should still be an escape and a time that’s just for you.

And as brothers and sisters in the world, look out for one another. If you pass something shady, tell the person you’re passing who’s heading that way. If you see someone running alone in a vulnerable situation, run with them. Even from a distance. If you are worried about something, report it. Have each other’s backs. You don’t have to run in a pack to be part of the tribe.

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