10 Best Running Shoes for High Arches Reviewed


Searching for the Best Running shoes for High Arches? Take a look at the Pros & Cons and what to be aware of before buying them online or in a store here!

It is fairly easy to recognize whether you require higher arch support, but finding the right shoe can sometimes be more of a challenge. If you do have high arches, This can cause a number of uncomfortable side effects, such as ankle strain, shin splints, stress fractures of the tibia, plantar fasciitis or even ligament rupture.

Wearing the correct shoes will help to prevent discomfort and maximize your running potential. The shoe types that would best be suitable for these types of feet are neutral running shoes. These shoes do not have medial supports, but are more focused on midsole cushioning. The midsole will offer the extra shock absorption that the lack of pronation is missing. Let’s take a look at what we found to be the best running shoes for this foot type, for both men and women alike.

Editors best Picks

Brooks Glycerin 14
  • Brooks Glycerin 14
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • full-length Brooks DNA
  • Price: See Here
Nike Air Pegasus+ 33
  • Nike Air Pegasus+ 33
  • 4 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Nike Zoom unit in heel
  • Price: See Here
ASICS GEL Kinsei 6
  • ASICS GEL Kinsei 6
  • 4 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Solyte midsole foam
  • Price: See Here

All You Need To Know About High Arches & Running

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There are several ways to reduce the pain caused by the lack of appropriate support for your particular arches. Choosing the suitable running shoe or sneaker is one of the best ways for runners who have high arches to continue their running life without discomfort, and worry.

After spending a while looking for information on this, and referring to a lot of other runners, I realized that the best running shoes for high arches should be a neutral running shoe with great support, midsole cushioning which offer the extra shock absorption.

10 Best Running Shoes for High Arches


The Brooks Glycerin is one of best running shoes for high-arched runners. The Brooks Glycerin 14 will be the best companion of your foot, catering to your every want and need such as plush, conformable comfort in each step. Brooks’ premier neutral category shoe supplies unbelievable cushioning with full-length Brooks DNA. Running was great, with enough support and proper cushion to comfortably carry high arches down the road.
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The shoe's full-length Super DNA midsole provides adequate cushioning, superb energy return, and most importantly for this guide, exceptional support for runners with higher arches. Addtionally, the Cush Pod allows a smooth transitions from heel to toe, allowing a proper ad more comfortable running gait.
  • Ideal option for runners with high arches
  • Breathable upper construction
  • Full length Super DNA cushioning provides a great amount of comfort, support and energy return
  • This version runs a bit smaller

Nike Air Pegasus+ 33

Nike Air Pegasus+ 30 is other neutral shoe for high-arched runners. The Pegasus has delivered reliable soft cushion for the neutral runner for long time. The engineered mesh upper helps and form fits to your foot, bringing a comfortable, personalized feel to your feet. The full-length Cushion also provide plush cushioning throughout the stride. Like a neutral runner, I really appreciate a smooth ride and flexibility of this shoe. If I had to describe the Nike Air Pegasus in one word, I would like to choose: Reliable.
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Nike's Fitsole Insole provides excellent comfort as well as shock absorption, while at the same time offering a proper amount of support for higher arches.

The breathability of the upper is quite good due to its mesh-like knit construction. The shoe also offers a good amount of flexibility. The flex grooves and general outsole design allow the foot to function more naturally through its gait.
  • The outsole's design offers positive traction on various types of surfaces
  • Nike zoom unit under the heel for added comfort and shock absorption
  • The engineered upper offers exceptional breathability
  • The Fitsole insole provides the proper amount of support for high arches
  • The sizing is about a half size smaller than previous versions


ASICS GEL-KINSEI 6 is another ideal pick for high-arched runners. Matching a shoe’s properties with the runner’s running style will increase running efficiency, comfort, and contribute to decreasing the risk of injury. They are very supportive, but at the same time they cushion the right amount. ASICS’s famous Gel cushioning system makes you comfy in every step. The Kinsei 6 is really one of the best solutions for high arches. Besides, if you run relatively long distances and want to do your feet a favor, you may want to take these under consideration.
  • The external heel counter clutches the heel for a more confident fit
  • The Biomorphic upper offers a secure yet flexible fit
  • Propulsion Trusstic technology helps with smooth take offs
  • Impact Guidance System helps to enhance the runners natural gait
  • Sizing runs slightly smaller than the previous version

Altra Torin 2.0

Running with the Torin as you are running with less impact, relaxed feet and better technique that why I choose Altra Women’s/men’s The Torin Running Shoe to recommend for higher arched runners. The Torin has a zero drop, well-cushioned running shoe. They will also feel plenty secure, stable for your taste. How they are suitable for your foot? Let try them to enjoy the great comfort that they bring to your feet.
  • MetaPod outsole provides good traction
  • Ideal choice for high arches
  • Anatomical toe box allows more natural foot position
  • An exceptional amount of cushioning provided by dual-layer AltraBound
  • Runs more narrow than the previous version


I've tried a lot of running shoe types. Some of them are more minimal, some more traditional. I believe that using many shoe types is critical to my training. If you have under-pronation, high arch, and severe plantar fasciitis problems, you should look for the best companion for your foot, the Saucony Ride is one of the most reliable choices for you thanks to the well- cushioned design, a combination of stability and flexibility in these shoes and great support. These shoes can easily withstand 1400 kilometers/ 870 miles of running before you need to buy a new pair. If you a big fan of Saucony you can also see the best ones here.
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The shoe's midsole provides the support needed to comfortably run and stay active with higher arches. The sole offers a decent amount of flexibility, which allows a more natural running motion and efficiency through the gait.
  • POWERGRID system offers heel to toe cushioning
  • Good choice for runners with high arches
  • The SRC crashpad help provide smoother transitions
  • Enhanced flexibility from the shoe's vertical flex groove
  • Some found the toe box to be a bit tight


The ASICS GEL Kayano 23 is the new version from ASICS featuring the next generation of FluidRide and an Ortholite X40 sockliner for the lightest and most luxuriously stable ride. Their patented GEL cushioning system is used in the rear and forefoot along with their FluidRide technology to attain this near perfect cushioning. With the support and comfort of GEL-Equipped athletic shoes, this type of shoe is the ideal choice for different types of feet, especially those with higher arches.
  • The FluidFit upper is stretchable yet conforming to the runner's feet
  • The shoe's FluidRide cushioning provides energy returning bounce back
  • Rear and forefoot GEL cushioning
  • Impact Guidance System helps to enhance the user's natural gait
  • This version seems to run about a half size smaller

Mizuno Wave Prophecy 5

Mizuno has one on this list for high arches, the Wave Prophecy 5. Not only does this model provide the energy return and shock absorption which is offered from Mizuno's Wave technology used in the construction of the sole, but they also provide the amount of support needed for those with higher arches.
  • An ideal choice for High arches
  • Also provides sufficient support for overpronation
  • Optimal breathability
  • Wave technology enhances shock absorption and comfort
  • They run a bit narrow

New Balance 890v4

New Balance’s full-length Abzorb cushioning unit offers a comfortable and supportive ride on a blown rubber outsole. That running shoe is light so it is easy to forget in a long run. It is super light, super supportive for multiple foot and arch types. Runners with different foot conditions will be just fine with the 890v4.
  • ABZORB crash pad under the heel for additional protection from impact
  • The FantomFit upper design is reinforced by non-stitched overlays for added support and durability
  • The REVlite foam midsole adds even more comfort and support
  • A good choice for those with high arches
  • Sizing runs a bit small

Adidas Supernova Glide Boost 8

The Supernova Glide by Adidas belongs in the supportive category. Runners will feel supported due to the Torsion system in the midfoot and the great comfort thanks to the motion design, additional the Continental rubber outsole and you have got yourself a comfortable pavement. The Adidas Supernova Glide is a good mid-weight option for neutral runners who enjoy a soft and responsive ride. The shoe is firm enough for mild over-pronator, as the shoe comfortably hugs your foot in place.
  • Adidas' Torsion System helps guide the foot through smooth transitions
  • Sock-like fit wraps the midfoot for added arch support
  • Full length boost foam cushioning provides excellent energy return
  • Ideal choice for runners with high arches
  • A little wider in the forefoot

ASICS Gel-Venture 5

ASICS’ Venture 5 belongs to the elite category. It has a great Gel Cushioning system that makes it ideal for people who wants to run a lot as well. The sole features a very high-abrasion rubber sole which makes the durability of this shoe really high. it also supports any orthotics that you may need, as you can easily remove the foam sock liner from inside the shoe. The outsole has a great multi-surface traction so you can run on trail and pavement alike.
  • GEL cushioning under rearfoot for added comfort and shock absorption
  • Able to use your own custom orthodics with these
  • Ideal for those with higher arches
  • AHAR abrasion resistant compound placed in high wear area on the outsole
  • Some found the shoe a bit narrow in the midfoot

The Criteria Used When Selecting The Best Running Shoes For High Arches

There are a few key elements which a good shoe should have in order to rate as one of the best options available for feet with high arches. Only the brands and their models which meet the appropriate criteria will find their way onto our list of the highest rated choices.

Take a look at the key features that each of the best picks should possess to fit and support higher than normal arches.

The right amount of support

Unlike flat feet, where the main focus is to carry and support the center of the foot, High arches need different kind of support. Since the center of this type of foot is much higher, it then allows the stress and weight to push down more of the heel and ball of the foot. This puts strain on more than one area, requiring the appropriate type of support to prevent any related issues from developing later on.


As far as the right support goes, The center of the foot must have the appropriate height of insole to carry it, not allowing it to go unsupported while holding the body’s weight.

Additionally, the forefoot and heel must also have the right amount of support and cushioning as well. These two parts of the foot are, in most cases, under strain from having the arch formed in a way which presents more load down onto the heel and ball.


Like any other great choice in running shoes, they must be able to breathe. With constant updates and new technologies, footwear is no stranger to design progression and lightweight materials.

The choices will almost always have an upper portion that is constructed from what ever the newest trend in textiles and fabrics, also using the latest methods to put it all together.


Some models have an upper that is made up of a design which has such good airflow, you can almost see right through it. Others are made up of layers, containing mesh and other breathable and lightweight materials.

Whatever the design, the best models should always provide decent airflow and ventilation to maintain a comfortable run.

Enough comfort

If your going to wear them for running, they need to be comfortable. The right support for higher arches is one thing, but having the comfort to go along with that support is what you really need, especially to get you down the road efficiently.

Along with that center support, we looked for shoes that also provide plenty of cushioning for the heel and forefoot, which are carrying the strain from that higher arch pushing down.

Every brand has their own proprietary design as far as midsoles and cushioning systems go. The big thing that we look for is whether or not that design holds up after continuous use, and if the cushioning is plush, but not so soft that it doesn’t support enough.


The way higher arches set the feet up, there tends to be more need for some runners which provide a bit more stability. As the foot doesn’t make as much contact in the center, a good model needs to make up for that by filling that gap and providing that necessary stability.


With that higher support, we also looked for models which offered a steady running platform to ensure a natural and confident stride.

That stability is also aided greatly by good positive traction from a sturdy, well designed outsole.


More Important Information To Consider When Searching For Running Shoes For High Arches

Here are some more things that you’ll want to think about when choosing the most appropriate running shoes for your particular feet. Here are some of those extras that you should consider.

Identifying Your Arch

A visit with a podiatrist or a free gait analysis can help you to diagnose a high arch which needs a specific type of shoe. If  for some reason you cannot do it either of these two ways, you can do a quick check by yourself. When you step out of the tub or shower, take a look at your foot prints. A curved, narrow print with just a skinny strip connecting the heel and ball of your foot show a high arch and a foot that is likely to be supinate.

More General Characteristics Of The Appropriate Footwear

For runners, having the right running shoe is important for the prevention of injuries and ensuring that they can train correctly and safely. Many shoe companies create products that are specifically designed for supination and high-arched feet, thus providing the different type of cushioning and flexibility that meet the those specific needs.

 Types of Cushioning

The type of cushioning  a runner needs depends on not only the arch type, but the way the foot rolls, or pronation.   The placement of the cushioning depends on whether your foot rolls inward, or underpronation, or if it rolls outward, or overpronation.  However, neutral pronation is when the foot does not roll excessively inward or outward.

For runners who need support for high arches, the cushioning should not be overly stiff, nor should it have bulky or heavy cushioning.  This may lead to excessive pronation that was not originally there.   However, most runners with high arches need additional cushioning on the outside of the running shoe to prevent excessive inward rolling of the foot.  Many runners with high arches experience underpronation, so cushioning in this position will counteract that.



Many neutral running shoes feature a single layer midsole.  The material depends on the company.  Some examples include air cushioning, gel cushioning, foam cushioning and glycerin.  However, many companies have come up with their own proprietary technology to provide a unique cushioning.   Another way to add cushioning is inserts and insoles, which not only provide additional cushioning, but arch support depending on the runner’s needs.  The best way to find which type of cushioning works best for you is try on a variety of shoes with different cushioning.


For runners with high arches, flexibility is also a very important component.  Flexibility in running shoes helps offset the rigidity/stiffness in a runners foot.  It will also help evenly distribute impact.  When looking for a flexible shoe, the most noticeable feature is the upper.  Is it soft?  What material is it made out of?  Most flexible shoes have a mesh or synthetic upper.  Also, the outsole and midsole should be flexible to allow for natural foot movement.  Can you bend the shoe in your hands?  However, again, the best way to see if the shoe is flexible enough is to try it on.

Shoe shape

Another important aspect is the shoe’s shape, or the last shape.  For runners with high arches, it is best to find a shoe with a curved last.   This particular shape allows runner to have a neutral pronation.   Another feature to consider is the slip last, or how the fabric wraps around the foot and provides a more sock like feel.  This particular design allows for flexibility, cushioning and comfort.

Find the right pair for your feet

Once you have determined that you need a netural cushioned shoe, it’s time to go test out shoes! It is usually a good idea to do your shoe shopping in the afternoon or in the evening when your foot has swollen to get the best fit.

When shopping for a pair of running shoes, first you should check your current pair of running shoes. If the outside of your shoes show most of the wear, that is a sign that under pronation is the problem; in such situations, one should look for running shoes that supply neutral cushioning, which will help solve to that issue. With recent technological developments, running shoes are more advanced than before, providing with runners many types of shoes that can help reduce the risk of injury. Although the largest running shoes selection is available online, it may be the best to visit a physical store to have a salesperson analyze your stride to better identify your needs as a runner.

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Q:  Can’t I just buy some kind of insole to support my arches?

A:  If you find a shoe that, overall, suits the needs of feet with higher arches, the performance and comfort will be a much longer lasting solution.

Q:  Do most brands have an option which is good for high arches?

A:  while many manufacturers put out at least one of their models which is suitable or even ideal, our list contains the 10 best rated ones. There are plenty of other options available out there.

Q:  I want to give minimalist shoes a try. Is that possible with higher arches?

A:  Remember, you’ll need to have that support for the center of the foot, as well as enough cushioning and shock absorption for the heel and forefoot. Minimalistic shoe designs typically don’t provide this amount of support.

Q:  Are the same models available for both men and women?

A:  While there are some models that are more suitable for one gender than they are the other, most brands produce models which are equally ideal for both. One factor we considered while making our list, was whether our chosen options are suitable for both genders.


When shopping for a pair of running shoes, it may be overwhelming with the amount of choices.  But remember to consider what you will be using your running shoes for, and if at all possible, consider buying two sets of shoes to cover different workouts and/or terrains.  Again, for runners with high arches, make sure you thoroughly test out a variety of cushioning and concentrate on shoes that are a bit more flexible.   As with all running shoes, the best way to ensure you are getting the most out of your shoe is to purchase a new shoe approximately every 300-400 miles.  Shoes that surpass that amount of mileage may end up causing injury and/or discomfort.


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