10 Best Running Trainers Reviewed & Tested


So, you’ve finally decided to tackle a full or half marathon, or you simply are determined to get back into shape. Chances are you need a good pair of trainers.

For a dedicated runner choosing the right trainers is as important as it gets, you will be wearing the shoes a lot and you will want to safely rely on them giving a great performance. Some runners have issues with overpronation, under pronation, plantar fasciitis or similar issues and so choosing a shoe which personally works is very important.

When choosing a pair of shoes, consider your foot shape, we have three predominant foot shapes and these are, flat feet, high arches, and neutral. Flat feet exhibit fallen arches which lead to overpronation which is an inwards roll motion. High foot arches are generally the opposite of the characteristics of flat feet. The most biomechanical feet are neutral.

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Asics GEL-190 TR
  • Asics GEL-190 TR
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Great multi-directional traction
  • Price: See Here
Reebok Crossfit Nano 6
  • Reebok Crossfit Nano 6
  • 4.5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Built To Last
  • Price: See Here
Brooks PureFlow 5
  • Brooks PureFlow 5
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Natural, Fluid Movement
  • Price: See Here

If foot arches are pronounced this leads to foot rigidity resulting in supination which involves the foot landing on its edges. The best way to gather the facts for choosing a good pair of running shoes which will meet your personal needs is to read in-depth reviews so that you can weigh up your real options.

12 Best Running Trainers

1. Asics GEL-190 TR

Coming in a number one on our list is a classic, the GEL-190 TR Trainers from Asics. Top to bottom these are one of the best rounded pair of trainers out there. We simply couldn't find a weakness in these shoes, which is why they top the list From price to performance you really cant go wrong here.
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Comfort / Stability

Highly comfortable, includes a system that is trusstic® a stability support system with duomax and midfoot, while the gel from asics rearfoot gives a superior system to help in shock.

Our experience with Asics has shown them to be very durable over the long term, often lasting long past their expected sell by date.

Cost or value
The price point for these shoes is relatively modest, and we’d consider them extremely high return in terms of cost-to-value.
  • Bouncy gel infused rubber sole
  • No nonsense lace-up training shoe, has a padded tongue and collar, soft fit
  • Patented DuoMax double-density padded design, comfortable ride
  • A cushioning system with Gel keeps the heel protected
  • Has SpEVA midsole for additional support
  • The padded tongue is known to feel a bit constricting in some cases

2. Reebok Crossfit Nano 6

Reebok joined forces with Crossfit and created a monster! The Nano 6’s feature a polyurethane shell for abrasion protection and extra support, a raised lug outsole for great traction in every direction, and a 3mm toe to heel drop for great stability. They have great reviews and are considered a “must get” if you are into the Crossfit world.
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Key Features:

It's an all round fit-enlivened coach with anatomical plan worked for lifting and brisk cuts

Kevlar durability -mixed upper for assistance and assurance

Nano skeleton hard TPU padded sole pod for average/parallel assistance.

Formed heel surface.
  • Great traction for movement in every direction
  • Tough NanoShell for strong support
  • DuPont Kevlar for extreme durability
  • Comes in huge amount of different color options
  • 99% Customer satisfaction, no significant cons.

3. Brooks PureFlow 5

Part of the PureProject Collection from Brooks, the PureFlow is high on our list for a number of reasons. Which include: They are packed with exciting and effective tech, they’ve got a sharp design aesthetic, and are produced by a highly ethical company. What’s not to like?
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Key Features

Full-length BioMoGo DNA is a blend of earth-friendly

Omega Flex Grooves allow for more natural forefoot movement and fluidity

Minimalist without losing comfort and support
  • High marks on comfort and support
  • Brooks high quality materials an design
  • Best minimalist shoe for neutral and mild overpronators
  • Great color selection
  • a little expensive

4. Nike Women's Revolution 2

4. Nike Women's Revolution 2
Another great shoe from Nike is the Women's Revolution 2. It offers a lightweight and responsive cushioning along with a rubber outsole for traction and is made from mesh and phylon foam.
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Key Features

Rubber outsole for excellent traction.

There is a mesh upper for great breathability and soft foam midsoles for lightweight and responsive cushioning.

There are 36 different colors to choose from!


  • Users love how lightweight they feel
  • Breathable
  • Great cushioning
  • Comes in several color options
  • Some testers needed more support

5. PUMA Meteor Cross-Trainer Shoe

5. PUMA Meteor Cross-Trainer Shoe
Add a little bit of pizazz to your race day attire with the Meteor Cross-Trainer from Puma. These are (like many Puma’s) an extremely high performing pair of shoes and on top of that they look very sharp. Great for casual wear as well as training.
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Comfort / Stability

They key to these shoes feel is their soft and springy soles. They offer up a comfortable ride, but are not the most supportive shoes in the world.

Durability / Quality

Given their price point, you can’t expect quite the same level of craftsmanship in these kicks as some others. They are no slouches however, and stand up pretty well considering.

Cost or value

These shoes are all about value. A shockingly small price tag makes them a great deal every day of the week.
  • Made from synthetic fabric the uppers are breezy and let the air flow
  • Rubber sole, contains PumaCell technology
  • Has a few minimal overlays, for looks and stability
  • Ultra lightweight, a very fast pair of shoes
  • On the lower end of the price spectrum means a shorter lifespan
  • Not the most supportive trainers in the world

6. Saucony Omni 15

6. Saucony Omni 15
Looking for a dependable everyday trainer? Look no further. The Omni 15 Running shoe from Saucony is a stalwart daily trainer. It has moderate stability and is a highly cushioned road running shoe -- perfect for the day-today grind.
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Key Features

Bind up running shoe with a shielded tongue and neckline that includes logoing at each corner.

EVERUN beat sole development for smoother heel touch down and diminished forefoot weight.

Plan for the outsole "Tri-Flex" for adaptability
  • So good  for medium to extreme pronators.
  • High marks on cushioning
  • Flexible outsole
  • EVERUN topsole worked to take the pressure off tester’s feet.
  • Some testers found them to be a little heavier

7. New Balance Fresh Foam Vongo

7. New Balance Fresh Foam Vongo
Designed specifically for road running the New Balance Fresh Foam is loaded with springy cushioning. These are an award winning pair of shoes that incorporate exciting technique with solid common sense. The result is a premium pair of trainers.
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Comfort / Stability

The base of these shoes is wide, straight, and flared in the forefoot for added support. In addition to this you’ve got Fresh Foam under the arch making the fit firmer and comfortable.

Durability / Quality
Overall the long term these shoes seem to stand up quite well in areas of common failure: toe, sole and the upper.

Cost or value
In terms of the fresh foam Vongo we feel that the price-to-value ratio is quite favorable. If you can get them on sale even better!
  • Blown rubber sole, nicely gripped outsole
  • 4 mm drop: with some slight variances during the manufacturing process, all references to 4mm drop are meant to be approximate
  • Carefully designed bootie construction
  • Features a breathable mesh upper
  • Lace-up running shoe, has a no-sew upper,  removable insole and a molded sock liner
  • Not the truest in terms of sizing

8. Saucony Triumpth Iso 3

8. Saucony Triumpth Iso 3
If you're looking for a light weight shoe, look no further! The Saucony Triumpth Iso 3 is for you! Much like the Saucony Iso 2, the SAucony Iso 3 is designed with a high level of cushioning. Well reviewed, fairly priced, high performing and coming in a nice variety of color stylings these are a steal.
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Comfort / Stability
There are a number of different types of technology built into these shoes which drastically effect the comfort and stability levels. ISO fit morphs to the foot for a custom feel. TriFlex soles work to magnify dispersion over a greater surface area (also helps with traction). Lastly, you have iBR+, which is a supremely lightweight but durable outsole rubber that greatly adds to the cushion value of these shoes.

Durability / Quality
Saucony is among the most respected names in the running shoe game. A thorough review of user comments and the general consensus appears to be that few/almost no durability or quality issues exist with these shoes.

Cost or value
As the saying goes...you get what you pay for. Not the budget option by any stretch of the imagination, but worth their price tag in our estimation.
  • Featuring EVERUN Topsole and an EVERUN Landing Zone in the heel to match
  • High grade TRI-FLEX outsole design  for smooth contact with the ground and an improved ride
  • Has an ISOFIT upper to wrap your foot in a snug and comfortable fit
  • Very light, weight: 8.6 oz. | 244 g.
  • PWRGRID+ midsole, excels as a shock absorber and improves overall feel
  • Known to be a little bit narrow, not ideal for all foot types
  • The sole on these trainers is quite firm, does not match perfectly with all needs

9. Nike Fs Lite Trainer 3

9. Nike Fs Lite Trainer 3
If you’re looking for a small percentage bump in your run performance the Nike Fs lite Trainer 3 is one way to get it. This shoe is a synthesis of a number of Nike’s best performing technologies and design ideas. It's good indoors or outdoors and has a wide range of color schemes to select from. Highly recommended.
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Comfort / Stability
These shoes really excel in the comfort department, due in part to their internal 1/2 booties and Dual Fusion midsole technology. This pairing offers responsive cushioning, and superior fit, while a parametrically designed, multi-surface rubber foam outsole offers unbeatable traction.

Durability / Quality
Nike is a known commodity when it comes to quality and durability, there are no guessing games here. These shoes certainly won’t last forever but you will get quite a good bit of use out of them.

Cost or value
Positioned just above the “cheap” range these trainers present a good value in that they don’t hit you too hard in the wallet but you still get a good value out of them.
  • Features no-sew mesh plus synthetic-skin uppers with internal 1/2 booties allowing you feet to fit comfortable and securely
  • Seamless upper construction helps reduce the likelihood of irritation
  • Multisurface outsoles combine rubber and foam for solid protection and decent traction as well
  • Standard high quality lace closures
  • Dual Fusion midsole technology offers responsive and effective cushioning
  • Low-top design, perfect for cross training
  • Some reports of issues regarding the toe box cropping up, be careful to size properly
  • The top mesh is not completely stressed has a minor wave when worn

10. Mizuno Wave Hitogami 3

10. Mizuno Wave Hitogami 3
Our first pick is the Mizuno Wave Hitogami 3, and we stand behind it with confidence. This is a shoe with a slim profile that keeps your foot close to the ground but also has a good bit of padding. Its lightweight, has breathable mesh and is highly efficient for fast runners. We’re quite partial to Mizuno as a brand and when you add up the sum of these parts you have a great shoe.
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Comfort / Stability
Many users report a light, but sturdy feeling when wearing the Mizuno Wave Hitogami’s. This is likely down to the U4ic midsole foam which acts as the foundation for your feet. This style of foam is 30% lighter than most of the company’s premium foams without losing its natural ability to provide comfort and stabilize.

Durability / Quality
A large portion of the upper on these trainers is made from mesh and while this is great for thermodynamics it isn’t always the best for durability. You can run into some issues with stains or snags, but this doesn’t happen that often and overall the quality of these shoes is quite high.

Cost or value
Not Mizuno’s most expensive or cheapests shoes, the Wave Hitogami’s tend to fall right in the sweet spot. Available in both men’s and women’s.
  • Good for short, medium and long distances -- highly responsive trainers
  • Features X10 carbon rubber infused soles, which helps this aspect of the shoe over the long term
  • The Hitogami 3 an ultra light shoe
  • Borderline minimalist style with a number of dynamic features
  • Has four aesthetically pleasing color combinations.
  • The exceptional design makes it a really great footwear outside of training purposes
  • Affordably priced
  • The relatively high heel offset may turn off a few runners who prefer a lower drop shoe
  • Not the most water resistant shoe in the world

12. Adidas Adizero Adios Boost 3

12. Adidas Adizero Adios Boost 3
These ladies shoes are designed for racing, with a built-in energy-return boost system at MidSole, a light-weight upper mesh for good performance breathability with stabilizing overlays.

You get focused stability through the designed in Torsion-System and for a firm grip on slippery or dry surfaces the shoe has a high durability outsole. A  fast shoe without all the gongs and bells, sleek, light and fast.
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Comfort / Stability

Comfort for neutral runners, good responsive cushion factor through the built-in boost shoe tech, you put in the energy and the shoe gives energy return, breathability at a lightweight level through the durable upper mesh.

For good shoe support, the shoe has built-in overlays made from synthetic material, the shoe is built for speed thanks to the innovative MicroFit system which locks the foot firmly to ensure good FIT combined with speed ability.

Stability is assured through the built-in Torsion tech which operates between the forefoot and heel, for flexibility and an energized run the durable rubber OutSole is Stretchweb and works to ensure good surface grip on dry and wet surfaces.

The shoes are light and weigh in at 186 grams, a comfortable drop for the MidSole with the forefoot at 17mm and the heel at 10mm. Offered in three appealing choices of color.

Cost or value

A good distance running shoe which is offered at an affordable price.


Torsion tech




Fair durability


Some runners suggest the fit is a little narrow for some feet

11. HOKA Clifton 2

11. HOKA Clifton 2
The Clifton shoe line up is popular to runners with a selective taste, a light shoe with a lot of cushion which allows a runner to go for speed.

This shoe can take the shock from hard surfaces and performs equally well off-road. This upgraded shoe has been designed to further improve FIT. The shoe is constructed with a nice firm upper mesh with good performance breathability and the shoe has top upgraded performance designed into the midsole.

You get an upgraded firm toebox and the upper design is a No - Sew SpeedFrame, think about the cushion factor which is 29mm of cushioning from EVA, light and comfortable with high-performance capability. The MidSole might have a bulky appearance but looks are deceiving, the MidSole gives a solid performance.

These shoes are light and comfortable and good for on or off road, read our review and see if they wore designed for you.
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Comfort / Stability

Comfortably FIT for medium, good on roads or on trails, these are a neutral shoe for light-weight running, they feel plush and comfortable.

A nice breathable engineered mesh for the upper to ensure good support and breathability. Built into the shoe a nice sock liner from OrthLite. Stability and support from the 3D Puff-Print-Frame, a high performing Meta-Rocker, the flat waisted shoe tech provides good shoe stability, the liked EVA MidSole cushion system and the shoe is designed to give a full ground surface contact. The shoe Offset is 5mm, the heel is 29mm and the forefoot is 24mm. The shoe weighs in at 265 grams.

Cost or value

You pay a little more for a very good shoe.

Very comfortable

Great cushion

Light shoe

Good shock absorbing capability

Nice breathability

Good for on the road or on the trail


Some runners don't like the bulky style

There are few things that can jumpstart your training better than a new pair of kicks. Not only from a performance standpoint, but also from a psychological one too. If you’ve got a really nice pair of trainers, you’re far more likely to want to use them

Group of young attractive girls exercise fitnes at club

The Criteria Used When Choosing Running Trainers


Time To Train!

A solid pair of training shoes will provide you with the motivation and comfort that you need to go the distance. Additionally, when properly selected, a pair of trainers can help eliminate pain and discomfort when runners push themselves to reach goals. Experts agree that selecting the right shoe can help runners who have issues such as shin splints and planter fasciitis be more efficient when they work out, without unneeded pain. We know there are quite a few to choose from, so we have compiled some personal preferences that you should consider before choosing your next pair of trainers. With a little guidance, you’ll be sure to find yourself maximizing your strengths and eliminating your weaknesses on you next run.



 Breathability For Movement.

Whether you’re training for your first 5k, or starting a new high intensity boot camp, you’re about to increase your movement, and with that the amount you sweat. A proper trainer should allow for great ventilation while still allowing for freedom of movement. This is why we made sure that our selections are constructed with lighter and more airy materials, especially on the upper section of the shoes. Tester feedback shows that when uppers are constructed with synthetic fabrics and lightweight materials, the results are very cool and breathable shoes.


 Traction In All Directions.

While most running shoes are designed around forward movement, any training shoe worth their salt should provide several different ways of giving the wearer traction in all directions. The ideal design, according to runner feedback, should incorporate individual pods on the outsole that are independent of each other. Our selections reflect these design requirements and all have a great amount of freedom of movement.

Support And Stability.

We know from experience that different users may need varying levels of support when it comes to their footwear. While going through user feedback and recommendations, we were sure to note which models offer the maximum amount of support, and which offer a less amount. This is because support is a significant factor in making a customized selection, and it’s not always “the more, the better”. We wanted to make sure our readers know just how much support is found in each model and what they can expect.

 Quality In Flexibility.

According to users that train consistently, there’s good flexibility, then there’s bad flexibility. In other words, you want your shoes to be flexible and “snap back”, not feel like your shoes are falling apart on you while your wearing them. Our selections feature quality materials and durable construction. High performance footwear should allow you to feel secure on your most intense of workouts, and that’s what we have provided.



Other Important Worth Thinking About

We know how exciting it can be right before you start a new training plan. All the plans and goals are waiting there for you, and you are eager to get out there and train! While we have laid out what we have looked for in our screening process, we want you to make a selection based on your personal needs.

Below you will find some personal factors to take into consideration when making your choice. These training shoes should be an extension of you and your exercise; so our buying guide is provided with the goal in mind on helping you make a smart decision that is tailored to you.

Make A Selection Based On Your Foot Shape

Choosing the right trainer means you are no longer just selecting a pair of shoes “off the rack”; it means you are choosing a piece of equipment that you’re going to be spending a lot of time in. As such, the shape of your feet are them most important factor to consider. There are three basic shapes: Flat, Neutral, and High Arched. If you have fallen arches and are prone to over-pronation (inward rolling when you land), then chances are you fit into the flat shape. You are going to be looking for a training shoe with high stability. This will prevent inward rolling and offer a more forgiving strike.

High Arched shaped feet are characterized by a strong, defined arch; which leads to landing on the outside edges of the feet (supination). This needs to be addressed, especially when considering long distance or high endurance running. Look for trainers that offer above average cushioning and more midsole padding. Neutral shaped feet are right in the middle, sometimes called the “goldilocks” of fit. Neutral runners should look for a moderately stable shoe and have a little more freedom when selecting footwear. This little bit of knowledge can make a world of difference and is what seasoned runners everywhere look for in their selections.

Get The Right Fit For Your Training Regimen

Take a moment to consider the fit; don’t assume your size. Trainers are typically used for extended periods of time and for longer distances. Because of this, runners generally go up a half size from their street shoes for a little more wiggle room. Be careful to choose an option that boasts a roomy toe box and a snug heel and not the other way around. This will optimize both traction and comfort during a mix of workout routines. If you have too much room in the heel, you will get slippage. Likewise, if your toe box is too narrow, you will get discomfort over extended periods of time.

Where Will You Be using your running trainers?

Naturally, you’re going to want to take into consideration what type of environment you will be training in. If you are planning to remain indoors, then an ultra lightweight training shoe with a synthetic fabric upper is the best choice. Not only will you get the benefit of added breathability, but you will also get additional comfort. If you are going to be doing a lot of outdoor training, then you’re going to want a pair of shoes with a stronger rubber sole for added durability. Also, look for a more aggressive pattern on the sole for better traction in case you run into uneven terrain. We have selections that run the gambit, so you can make the perfect match.

 Demand Comfort, Don’t Settle.

Don’t feel that because you will be diving into a new training regimen, discomfort is something that should be expected. If this is your first time at our site, you will find that we place a lot of emphasis on the comfort levels of the footwear that we recommend. This is because our research shows that there is a common misconception in the athletic world.

It’s crucial that your daily trainers give you the comfort you need when you count on them the most. Runners found that trainers with seamless upper construction generally help to fight away the chances of skin irritation. The trainers that we have listed all feature either seamless uppers, proper padding around the Achilles, or both. This is because testers consistently look for these factors when they are looking for trainers that can go the distance. Our selections reflect that.

It’s Not About Brands, It’s About Performance.

While is common for runners and athletes in general to have brand preferences, we focus on user experience, buyer feedback, and real world application when making our selections. This is especially true for workout specific footwear such as training shoes. For indoor aerobic exercises, we listened to what those users had to say. For marathon training shoes, we followed users along their training leading up to the big event. This attention to footwear performance is the best way to make an educated decision that will give you the best chances of success, not branding or marketing.




The great news is that today’s runners no longer have to settle for “one size fits all” when it comes to their footwear. Manufacturers provide several categories to help runners of all types. We hope that the above considerations help you choose the training shoe that is right for you. Once you match your feet and running style to the right shoe, you should feel that it becomes a part of your foot. Before you get out there and run, we have put together some frequently asked questions that most runners have before they select a new pair of training shoes.


Q: Everyone at my gym and all over the media is “going minimal”; is this a good idea when selecting my new pair of trainers for running?

A: There has been increased popularity as of late to minimalist and barefoot inspired footwear. We would never recommend any runner to choose footwear based on trends. In fact, most podiatrists agree that when runners go from a stable shoe to a minimal shoe, they may increase their chances of injury.

Instead try moving to a “halfway there” shoe first, so the change isn’t as dramatic for you. But remember, that a trainer running shoe gets increased usage and most runners don’t like putting a lot of miles on shoes that are purely minimal.


Q: What’s the difference between “running trainers” and a standard running shoe in terms of durability? When do I know it’s time to replace them?

A: There is a difference. Most standard running shoes should be replaced when you start to notice unevenly worn soles or the heel visually looks broken down. Seasoned runners tend to replace them after 300 miles. However, the durability of training shoes is typically measured in terms of time rather than miles. You should replace trainers after 100 hours.


Q: Can I use trainers as walking shoes as well?

A: You can, trainers are versatile by nature and are designed to be worn comfortably in within a range on activities. However, if you are looking for a pure walking shoe for extended periods of time, you might want to look for something with thinner soles since you won’t be impacting the ground with the same force as when you run.


Q: Any tips for correctly sizing my foot in regards to selecting a training run shoe?

A: If you are unsure about what conditions affect your feet, measure them at the beginning of the day, then again at the end (or after a long run). Most runners’ feet swell up a little after prolonged activity. This is the size you’re going to want to use when selecting your training shoe.


Q: My trainers will be used for my first 10k race, what should I look for?

A: You’re going to want to pick a pair that has proper padding around the Achilles area. The picks found in this buying guide are all good choices; just remember to break them in first with some shorter runs the week before to avoid blisters. The golden rule is:
no new gear on a race day. That goes for gels and other foods as well.



This was our approach when selecting the right training running shoes for you. Remember that size and fit can give you the perfect amount of comfort; while taking your endurance levels into consideration will help you hit those goals. We hope this guide provided you with all the information you need when making you choice between form and function. Thanks for following along with us. Now get out there, keep running!

Here are some sources we used while conducting our research

It’s important to use the widest range possible when selecting sources to ensure quality information. We enjoy utilizing trusted feedback partners and manufactures when providing our readers with the most up-to-date statistics found in all our buying guides. We are also very interested in taking what everyday users have to say about specific products, and we perform our due diligence to make sure that quality research goes into every guide. Here are some sources, which helped us with this guide:


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