10 Best Waterproof Running Shoes Reviewed


Searching for the Best Waterproof Running Shoes? Take a look at the top rated shoes of 2018, Pros & Cons and what to be aware of before buying them in a store!

It’s great when you have the opportunity to run for the whole year. If you don’t mind any bad weather conditions, this may interest you. When your run, there will be many surprises on your way. One of them will be rain and water in different places. It’s worth it to be prepared for this meeting and don’t end up with soaked shoes and flu.  That’s why it’s so great that on the market, there are shoes that are waterproof. It’s excellent for trail runners but not only.

Rainy day? No problem. Muddy area? No problem. Now, the realm of procrastination under the disguise of misfortune is gone. Long story short, just get set and go! We’ve made a list of our top 10 favorite products. Have a look at them and maybe you will find the best one for you. Let’s check them out!

Last Updated: April 13, 2018
By Brian Price:

Spring brings with it a rainy season for many parts of the world, but don't let that slow you down. Check out the new updates we've recently made to our list of favorite waterproof runners.

Salomon Speedcross 4
  • Salomon Speedcross 4
  • 4 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Highest Waterproofing Rating
  • Price: See Here
Adidas Outdoor Terrex Swift R GTX
  • Adidas Outdoor Terrex Swift R GTX
  • 4 out of 5
    Our rating
  • StoneGuard Rock Protection
  • Price: See Here
Saucony Ride 9 GTX
  • Saucony Ride 9 GTX
  • 4.5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Designed for stability
  • Price: See Here

12 Best Waterproof Running Shoes



1. Salomon Speedcross 4

This well-buzzed running shoe from Salomon can be your perfect running companion because of three aspects: lightweight, excellent gripping and it’s anti-derbi mesh.
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The most important specification that should be at the top of your checklist is the material with which the sole of the shoe is made of. This time Salomon has made the sole with premium quality rubber. This rubber sole is extremely efficient in providing the matchless comfort which will indulge you in keep wearing this shoe in your daylong work schedule. Besides, the water resistance technology and the lightweight texture have shown its efficiency beyond expectation.

‘Single-pull Quicklace system’ is a new addition to this series of Salomon that elevates the comfort level multiple times will the detachable Ortholite footbed, another mesmerising feature will amaze you for sure.

The cost is neither unaffordable nor extremely cheap but equitably priced in comparison with the specifications.
  • The users have found the water resistant feature way more efficient than it was expected to be.
  • The competent  presence of ‘Winter Contagrip tread with multidirectional lugs’
  • The traction will amaze you
  • The lightweight laces have an overall cool design
  • The toe box would be better if would be widened a little bit more
  • The heel is a little bit more hard than the desirable stiffness

2. Adidas Outdoor Terrex Swift R GTX

If you are in need of a shoe which can distinct itself from other five of its contemporary without providing any explanation regarding its specification, but just by its appearance, you may find it here.
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Along with synthetic sole and hard-wearing rubber sole, you will be finding in this shoe GORE-TEX® lining, mesh lining in the upper sole to provide an extra layer of luxurious comfort. Lightweight EVA technology has been used in the midsole that will take care of your precious feet.


You will findadiPRENE® in the midsole to prevent any kind of shock both from external injury and slip. Adidas Outdoor Terrex Swift R GTX is extremely breathable that creates a ventilating atmosphere without any temperature build up inside the shoe.


The price of this shoe is more on the costly side you may sa,y but if you decide to pay the sum for it, in comparison with the features of the shoe, this will not at all be a detrimental buy.
  • Being extremely lightweight, this shoe is equally perfect as a workout shoe as well as a running shoe
  • This is one of the most efficient water resistant shoes available in the market
  • Very responsive and well-gripped shoe indeed
  • To some users, this shoe seems to be a bit too narrow at the toe portion
  • The laces points have got turned, as per some of the users

3. Saucony Ride 9 GTX

For the neutral runner who is looking for an equal balance of support and responsiveness, this is the shoe for you. The Ride 7 GTX is ideal for wet conditions and sports a reasonable price tag.
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The Ride 7 GTX sports a plethora of features to keep runners comfortable and secure while on trails - wet or dry. GORE-TEX waterproof construction, RUNDRY moisture-wicking interior lining, PowerGrid full-length cushioning, SRC Impact Zone cushioning, and durable iBR+ outsole pods boast a safe running or hiking environment.


Heavier GORE-TEX holds up against rough wear. While the material slightly increases the weight of the shoe, they will hold up for 4-day hikes without breaking down or giving blisters.


Price can vary depending on size, but overall the price tag is very manageable at under $100.
  • GORE-TEX prevents water from entering
  • Lightweight but heavy-duty enough for long distances
  • Stiff structure for durability, stability, and protection
  • Good shoes for colder weather as they are thicker material
  • These shoes have a tendency to run small so buy a half size up if you run up and down steep terrain

4. Saucony Peregrine 7

With its aerodynamic design, this shoe provides PWR TRAC Outsole for optimal traction, TPU exo-skeleton for protective structure, and RUNDRY collar lining for moisture-wicking comfort.
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The TPU exo-skeleton braces the foot for enhanced stability on rough terrain while the EVERUN Top Sole allows for energy return with each step and consistent cushioning through every run. As part of the RunAnyWhere line, the Peregrine 7 features high-traction out-soles made of durable rubber.


The Peregrine 7 is rated for high durability and providing support in nearly any physical activity. They are ideal for trail running but also make good shoes for every everyday wear and many activities in between.


The Peregrine 7 is worth the moderate price tag.
  • Sole provides high traction and support
  • Flexible yet protective from rough terrain
  • Ample ventilation for keeping feet dry
  • Possibility of outsole peeling off at the toe
  • Some runners may have issues with heel slippage. Cinching laces tighter should remedy the problem.

5. Salomon XA Pro 3D CS WP

With the look and feel of a hiking boot, these shoes provide 3D Advanced Chassis Stability and Contragrip with an aggressive lug design for high-quality traction.
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The XA Pro CS WP soles are layered with a 3D advanced chassis, EVA midsole, TPU chassis, and Contragrip outsole, which combine to make the most stability, control, and protection possible in a running shoe.


These shoes will last multiple years and many miles. Also great for many activities other than trail running. Many customers say they will buy this pair again.


Price ranges from approximately $100 to $150. Most customers found the shoe worth to be good quality for the cost.
  • Very supportive for all activity
  • Durability lasts multiple years
  • Overall secure and comfortable shoe
  • Quick-lace system works great for runners who rarely untie their shoes
  • Order half a size larger than normal
  • A few customers noticed a crinkling noise while walking from the waterproof material

6. Merrell All Out Blaze

From a company with shoes for the whole family, the All Out Blaze provides comfort for many hours and miles on your feet - from long shifts at work to overnight backpacking trips.
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The All Out Blaze contains a few features to provide adequate comfort: molded TPU external stability heel, Bellows tongue to keep out debris, and a breathable mesh lining to keep feet dry in wet conditions. Additionally, the shoe has a unique lug pattern with lack of lugs at the arch to allow for flexibility of the foot.


The All Out Blaze will hold up over long periods of hiking - such as 4-day, 13-mile overnight hike with a 25 pound pack. Also great for long work shifts spent on your feet.


This shoe ranges from approximately $80 to approximately $140 depending on size and color options. Reviews claim they are worth the price tag.
  • Users have found it to be great for long periods of time on foot
  • Not only good for running and hiking, but also everyday use
  • Waterproof against wet grass and minor puddles
  • Some people had issues with the back of the shoe at the heel being too low causing heel slippage

7. Altra Lone Peak 3.0

This shoe features a multitude of specs to keep runners warm, dry, and safe out on the trail. Keep reading to learn more details.
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The Lone Peak 3.0 is made with a natural ride system for easy movement, Stonegaurd Rock Protection to prevent debris from entering the shoe, NeoShell to keep feet warm and dry, and TrailClaw outsole for stable traction. Additionally, the FootShape toe box is for not only comfort, but also proper form and movement.


This shoe is a big improvement from the 2.0 with better quality and longer-lasting materials. Customers praise the continued comfort and moveability throughout the entire shoe.


While the shoe is in the $100 to $150 range, people review the price as definitely worth it. Many customers are repeat buys of the Lone Peak series.
  • Wider toe box for easy movement
  • NeoShell keeps feet warm and dry in wet and snow
  • Not available in 'wide' sizes
  • Zero drop takes some getting used to

Brooks Cascadia 11

Brooks is a popular brand that makes great running shoes and they provide high quality waterproof shoes as well.
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Comfort/ stability
It’s perfect when you have firm sole and it’s also made from environmental friendly elements. In the forefoot are, there are special pods that help to provide better traction no matter on what terrain you run. The shock absorption is also a the high level. Users said that the cushioning technology also works great. It gives a lot of stability to your run and it also helps to absorb the shock better.
Rock Shield protects your feet from little rocks. Like in many other shoes, there’s mesh in the upper. There’s also medial strip in the area of the toe box for more protection. It will be best for people who need for neutral arch support. It means that these shoes are made to run on heavy mud and dirty tracks.

Durability/ Quality
This is the shoe that was really praised for the durability. The rubber in the outsole is very hard so your feet is even more protected.

The shoes are pricey but they’re not the most expensive. This is a good investment as the shoes are very durable so for this, it’s worth to spend some dollars more.

Outstanding durability

Breathable and protective in hard weather conditions


For some runners, they weren’t responsive enough

8. Inov8 Roclite 290

This Roclite is designed for quick movement over various terrains. The features discussed below show just how well-built this shoe is for trail running. Read for more.
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With a weight of only 290g, this shoe is flexible and responsive as you move about while providing ample support and comfort. Runners praised the traction on slippery wet surfaces.


These are sturdy shoes that hold up in the roughest of trails - even obstacles courses full of rain, mud, slippery surfaces, and loose rocks. Just a simple wash and the shoes look new again. Many customers are repeat buyers of these Roclite 290s.


These shoes are very affordable considering they range in price from about $40 to $150.
  • Built for running on varying terrains
  • Differing rubber compounds provide great traction with easy flexibility
  • The lightweight shoe allows for quick movements
  • Not specifically waterproof

9. Asics GT 2000 2

The gel cushioning of these GT 2000 2, along with its other features, creates an energizing experience while running trails.
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Along with the GEL-cushioning in the rear and forefoot, the FluidRide misole, dynamic DuoMax support system, and guidance line flex grooves create the most comfortable movement while running.


The layering of the multiple support systems mentioned above creates a sturdy and reliable shoe for many miles of thrilling trail runs.


With a price tag of $80 to $175 you can spend however much you would like and still get a high quality shoe - just choose a size and color.
  • Multiple support systems for comfort and stability
  • Ample cushioning for long-distance running
  • Supportive enough for bigger runners
  • Variety of high-visibility color options
  • Good for flat-footed runners
  • Runs rather small
  • Not specifically waterproof
  • Not many conservative color options

adidas Kanadia 7 Trail GTX

Adidas created very stylish, waterproof shoes with Gore-Tex are also really breathable. Check it out!
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Comfort/ Stability
The shoes are protective, especially in the upper. There are special layers, so there’s a snug fit in the upper.
The breathable mesh material boosts the airflow so you can feel comfortable for the whole run without ending up with sweaty feet. The material is of course waterproof so good for trail running but the shoes are also mud resistant so there are many muddy terrain where you can use them.
The shoes aren’t lightweight but this is because there’s so many technologies used for better stability and protection that additional weight is a must.

Durability/ Quality
Special TRAXION technology provides high quality traction with excellent grip. It will work great on each most types of terrain and for most weather conditions. However, some runners said that the durability of the shoes could be better.

The shoes aren’t cheap, it’s obvious. Waterproof running shoes are made from high quality special materials. These provide a lot of stability and provide great comfort while running so the price is also high.

The responsiveness on the high level

The shoes have very stylish look, the range of colors is also very wide

They provide enough comfort and stability


The shoes are really heavy

10. Saucony Xodus 6.0

If you’re thinking of running an endurance obstacle course with a log of mud and water features, the Saucony Xodus 6.0 is for you. Testers that ran the Spartan Super One Day reported back with excellent performance against the elements and testify that they will never use another pair of waterproof runners. The Xodus 6.0 also gained high marks in cushioning and support, making this an essential piece of equipment for any outdoor journey.
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Key Features:

Tough Toe Shell Guard for added protection

Highly rated waterproof uppers

High traction outsole provides grip and durability

Lace up vamp for a snug fit
  • High marks on waterproof design
  • Excellent grip and traction
  • Long-lasting durability
  • Lace-up vamp gave testers a snug fit
  • Heavier weight is better for shorter distances and endurance courses

Runner in London street at night

The Criteria Used When Choosing The Best Waterproof Running Shoes


What Are Real World Testers Saying?

With more and more advancements in waterproofing technology and constantly upgraded designs, year after year it seems that the selection of waterproof running shoes just keeps on growing. We went beyond the marketing and endorsement deals to make selections that are based on solid performance. Instead of focusing on who is sponsoring the endurance competition, we looked at who was participating in the events. Our guide is jam-packed with highly rated waterproof runners that made the grade and that have been put through their paces by real-world users. Ensuring that when you lace up and make a splash, your feet will stay nice and dry.

Strong Construction Equals Strong Protection Levels.

Our experience researching a variety of footwear allowed us to take a good look at the build quality of the selections in order to give you a good idea about how well it will withstand the elements. When it comes to waterproofing, we paid particularly close attention to both the upper and the outsole. It’s these two sections that seasoned runners agree will make or break a running shoe’s waterproofing abilities. A seamless upper that is completely composed of waterproof material is always best bet. Additionally, we looked for a sole that has a more aggressive and grippy pattern, because waterproofing is a lot more than just keeping your feet dry. It’s also about remaining safe when you come across wet surfaces.


Dean Karnazes running in the Dolomites, Cortina, Italy.

Use Of Gore-Tex.

Gore-Tex is the go-to fabric when it comes to constructing a pair of water-resistant shoes, apparel and gear.  However, sometimes, breathability can be reduced when making a product water resistant.  However, Gore-Tex is a microporous that allows for air flow, while still keeping out water. On top of being breathable and waterproof, it is also wind resistant, allowing you to stay protected in less than perfect weather conditions.

 If You Need Waterproofing, You Also Need Grip.

If you’re concerned with waterproofing, it’s safe to say that you expect to come across the wet terrain. While it’s nice to keep your feet dry, it’s crucial to maintain a healthy amount of traction. We compiled our list with this important factor in mind. Our research led to the selection of some of the most aggressive and “sticky” outsoles on the market according to user feedback. We found that the material of the outsole itself contributes to the grip of the footwear. A perfect balance of material and design translates to excellent grip and stability.


Runners agree that keeping down the weight on any type of footwear is always a plus, as long as it doesn’t mean sacrificing features or performance. We made sure that our selections reflected this concern and provided lightweight waterproof running shoes that deliver when it comes to performance and design.

 Style For All Environments.

We are aware that our readers look for style when making their selection, so we made sure that our selections come in a wide variety of color options and are on trend with what the most discerning outdoor runners are sporting today. Today’s manufacturers know that just because you’re looking for a waterproof outdoor running shoe, it doesn’t mean that you can’t look good doing it. You will find a great selection of looks to match your individual style.


Other Important Factors to Think About

If you’re like most outdoor enthusiasts, you probably can’t wait to grab your waterproofed running shoes and start splashing around out there. Before you go, take a look at the reviews and information on the shoes you would wish to purchase and have an idea or rather ideas about what you want.

 How Much Protection Do You Need?

It’s essential to get the right amount of running shoe, without adding any features that you simply do not need. If you plan on hitting the outdoor trails and know that you will be coming across jagged rocks and loose stones, make a selection from our buying guide that offers a protected toe section and a midsole rock shield. This will be a great insurance policy when you’re hitting the great outdoors. On the other hand, if you’re sticking to the rainy roads and only expect the occasional puddle, you can go sans protection. All of our options will give you the traction that you need for wet asphalt, concrete, and similar standard surfaces.

 Know Your Limits.

If this will be your first experience with waterproof running shoes, it’s important to manage your expectations and remain reasonable. Just because a shoe is waterproof, it doesn’t mean that you instantly become a superhero that can dive into streams and cannonball off of the tops of waterfalls without their feet getting wet.

Regardless of the technology, protective liner, or levels of protection, water will always find a way into your shoe in extreme conditions. What waterproof running shoes provide you with is an increased level of shielding in wet conditions, which will come in handy when you are running in the prolonged rain or melting snow. The occasional puddle will be nothing to fear.


 Make A Selection For Your Foot Type.

When purchasing a waterproof shoe, consider the daily running shoe you wear. If you typically run in a well-cushioned running shoe, then you’ll want to look for a waterproof shoe with the same quality. Our buying guide contains footwear that matches high arches, low arches, and neutral foot types to ensure that there’s something for everyone.  Most waterproof running shoes tend to have a tighter upper because of lacing system and material used. If your feet are wider, select an option with standard lacing that will allow you to wear them a little looser.


 You May Need Two Pairs Of Waterproof Runners.

The consensus from outdoor runners is that if you are planning to run on back to back days in wet, soggy conditions, you’re going to want an extra pair of waterproof running shoes.  Make sure you allow the shoes enough time to air dry, ensuring your next run is comfortable, dry.

Additionally, no matter what time of running you are doing, rotating running shoes will help keep your shoes in better condition and extend their life. Remember that cushioning and supportive materials (foam, gels, composites) require some time to recuperate their integrity levels. This is why most seasoned runners always keep several options in a constant rotation.



Q: When running in the rain, how can I maximize the effectiveness of my waterproof running shoes?

A:  In order to maximize your overall waterproofing, you may want to consider purchasing waterproof running pants. Make sure the waterproof pants are long enough as to go over the running shoes slightly so that rain does not go inside your shoe.  You can also use gaiters to help prevent water from entering in the heel/ankle area.


Q: I want to use a waterproof sock as well, but I’ve heard a variety of feedback regarding their use. What’s the verdict?

A: Most seasoned runners choose to go with waterproof socks only in extreme conditions when they know they will be bombarded with rain for short bursts. This is because your feet will sweat more and will be significantly less comfortable, even dangerously slippery. Look for a shoe with a built-in liner if you are looking for another layer of protection.


Q: My waterproof shoes irritate my skin. Is there anything I can do to prevent irritations or blisters without having to give up my waterproof shoes?

A: We suggest using Leukotape in order to prevent irritations. Simply apply it to areas that are prone to irritations. Leukotape is waterproof and provides a good layer or protection from potential blisters.


Q: I’m planning to use these shoes on non-technical trails. Should I go with a lightweight waterproof running shoe?

A:  If you plan to run in wet conditions, then yes. The protection and grip offered in waterproof running shoes are more than adequate for light trails. Even though you may not be encountering rough, technical terrain,  a lightweight waterproof trail running shoe will provide adequate protection and comfort for non-technical trails.


Q:  How can I get the longest life out of my waterproof shoes?

A:  Make sure to clean off debris and mud, by wiping it with a cloth.  Some runners also remove the shoelaces from their shoe, after they have been thoroughly soaked, and put them back on after they are completely dry.  Laces tend to stay wet longer than the rest of the shoe.


Waterproof shoes can be an essential item to runners who tend to run in wet conditions.  We know if you consider the above factors, you’ll be able to choose the perfect waterproof shoe for you! Make sure to not only account for function but personal use and needs as well.  If you have any other questions, feel free to ask in the comments section.  Thank you for reading this guide! Happy shopping!

Here are some sources we used while conducting our research

In order to compile this list, we made sure to utilize a variety of resources.  We considered not only trusted running enthusiasts but manufacturer information and everyday runner reviews.  Staying up to date on the latest information for running shoes and gear is important to us.  In our effort to provide readers with quality information, we used the following sources to help prepare this guide:


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Salomon XA Pro 3D
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