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There are plenty of reasons to be using a weight gainer if you are a hardcore lifer and gym rat.  Muscle size and strength improvements are very common goals of bodybuilders and avid lifters. They are a perfect compliment for anyone who is having trouble meeting their caloric requirements.  They are specially formulated so that they can have performance-based results. They will generally be made with healthy fats and this is key to helping you gain lean muscle. They can help you get to those creatine levels efficiently as well as improving your recovery time.

MRM All-Natural
  • MRM All-Natural
  • 4.8 out of 5
    Our rating
  • High-quality ingredients
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Muscle Milk
  • Muscle Milk
  • 4.7 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Builds and repairs musculature
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Universal Nutrition
  • Universal Nutrition
  • 4.5 out of 5
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  • Easily digestible
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If you are in the market for a weight gainer, there are a couple of things to consider.  A product that tastes well, is easy to mix, easy to digest and one that has the right formulation to work for you.  These are things that we looked at when we reviewed some of the best options on the market. There is no set rule on the exact amount of protein that you need to make those gains happen.  Everyone is different and everyone’s body reacts differently to different nutritional protocols. If you are going to be a hardcore trainer with a persistent resistance program that is geared towards helping you increase your muscle growth about.7 to .9 grams of protein per pound of your body weight is a good measurement to go by.  Teenagers are a bit different. For the younger groups, you’d want to add about 10% of your final number.


10 Best Weight Gainers


1. MRM All Natural

MRM is a large, trustworthy supplier of sports and health supplements. They are well known for providing superior supplements with the highest quality of ingredients and standards. They use alternative health practices and ideologies to formulate their products. With a high value on research and experimentation, this is a company that puts serious time into their product lines.
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The formulation used is mixed with 5 strains of probiotics. Probiotics are all the rage these days as people are learning more about chronic conditions like leaky gut for example. They help to keep your digestive tract healthy and they keep your body’s immunity like a well-oiled machine.

Extra protein

This mixture has a whopping 25 grams of complete protein in every serving. Since protein is the most important macronutrient needed when you are looking to gain muscle and mass in the most healthful way. The protein sources have all the essential amino acids including Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs). This is important because this is what will aid in lean muscle development.

Cost and Value

The company is committed to manufacturing supplements that are top of the line and effective in health promotion. They use non-GMO, organic, gluten-free and vegan ingredients. This product works extremely well and it has a great taste and texture. It is a healthy way to add mass to your body.

Great taste, even those who are picky will enjoy the flavor

49 grams of carbs with a two-scoop serving

25 g of protein per serving

360 calories per serving

All natural nutrition


Chocolate flavor could have more intensity

Must be shaken, stirring will not mix it well

2. Muscle Milk

Muscle Milk makes this high-quality gainer that you can use either before or after your exercise sessions. You can also use this prior to going to sleep, although the perfect time is after your workout. This product is designed to take full advantage of your body’s best timing for replenishing as well as building and repairing your musculature.
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This is the company that has paved the way for portable protein mixes and drinks. They are the leader in the market and they have valuable partnerships with professional athletes and training facilities. They are heavily engaged in sports-related research so that they can be on the cutting edge of the science and manufacture elite products to support active individuals.

Quality formulation

The products you will get from this company are made with the highest quality ingredients. Everything is put together at an expert level with all the key nutrients you’d want in a supplement. All products are NSF Certified which will keep you feeling confident in putting them into your body. They are safe for you and they don’t have any banned substances that could impact you in your sport.

Cost and Value

Muscle Milk is a household name for the sports and athletic industry. It is a quality manufacturer of reliable supplements, specifically. it’s a versatile protein line. There are many options in the protein line to help aid you in your athletic goals. The taste is consistent and most people find it quite good, the texture is also very pleasing to most people’s palate.

Gluten free

Will help sustain energy

NSF-Certified for sports

Complete protein with 18 amino acids

PDCAAS score of 1, which is the highest rating for quality protein you can get


Can accumulate a lot of air if mixed in the blender which can be uncomfortable in the stomach when consumed

Formulated with maltodextrin

3. Naked Mass

Naked Mass makes a great dietary aid that should be used before bed for a high protein and calorie intake. It is an organic, clean source of multi-phase protein and carbohydrate powder. Through the use of organic tapioca, it is naturally gluten-free.
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Clean ingredients

This product is made with the highest quality, intelligent ingredient list. It uses organic sources and sustainable additives such as grass-fed whey protein to pea protein powder. They are all full of the essential amino acids you’d be looking for. Pure ingredients that do not use artificial sweeteners or colors so you can take in the most authentic and natural dietary aid.Everybody wants a custom fit which especially with regards to their workout gear..


Talk about mass, this product has 50 grams of protein with 11.5 grams of BCAA’s in each and every serving. That is tremendous and will really get your body kicked into high gear for bulking up.

Cost and Value

This is a well-made product that seriously works. You can take it in easily and get those mass gains you are looking for. Best part about this is that it won’t upset your stomach and the ingredients are responsible and clean. It is high in protein and calories, the carbohydrate count is a good amount as well.

Cold Processed, acid and bleach-free


1250 calories and 252 grams of complex carbohydrates

Soy and gluten-free

No growth hormones, no rBGH or rBST

Three flavors, unflavored, chocolate and vanilla

Nothing artificial in its formulation


Uses whey protein which may not agree with those who have allergies to this ingredient

Can taste a little chalky

4. Universal Nutrition

4.  Universal Nutrition
Universal Nutrition makes a heavy duty product that is an easily digestible dietary aid for you to bulk up on. It is formulated with inulin and fiber to help your body break it down and obtain serious gains.
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Easy to use

This formulation mixes excellently in water or other beverages. It dissolves away for a nice texture that you can take in with ease. The taste is on point, you will enjoy the flavor and look forward to your shakes.

Will keep you growing

Made with carbs and proteins that are digested in a range of time variables, this is a well-rounded option that will truly pump up your muscles. You can expect serious gains and a nutrient-rich formula thanks to healthy EFA and MCT-based fats.

Cost and Value

This product is one of the cleanest on the market with regards to fat and sugar. That actually makes a difference in your overall health and for the gains you are looking for. It is easy on the gut and it comes at an affordable value. It will help you make the strides in your mass in a healthful way.

Great taste

Will put on quite a bit of weight

High-quality products from this company at the most affordable price

Terrific mixability

Made with healthy fats and contains tons of heavy nutrition


Cookies and cream flavor could use more intensity in the vanilla tones

Mixing with milk can become fairly heavy due to how nutrient dense it is, try water first

5. Optimum Nutrition

5.  Optimum Nutrition
Designed to offer 1250 calories and 50 grams of protein per serving, Optimum Nutrition provides a perfect recovery powder for your athletic goals. It will work well after your workouts and in between meals to help you gain serious pounds.
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When you are working towards obtaining a larger, more shaped physique you need to have the right amount of calories to back it up and support that growth. For many people who are serious about their workouts and their shape, it can be difficult to get the large amount of intake needed to meet those caloric requirements. This product is comprised of quality ingredients that pack a punch in the amount of calories you get. At 1250 per serving, this will help you meet your goals with ease.

Amp up your shakes

You could take in this shake by itself without adding anything to it and still get a pleasant tasting drink that has the nutrition you need. If you want to mix it up and customize it better to your tastes it is super simple to use your electric blender and put together an awesome shake. Add nuts or berries, frozen fruit or peanut butter, anything you enjoy mixes well with this product.

Cost and Value

If you are having difficulty getting in the substantial amount of calories needed to make gains, this is a product that can help you a lot. It will get you to your nutritional requirements and you will see the mass building. Mix this with whole milk and you are upping your nutrient profile as well as padding in the extra fats and calories that you want.

50 grams of protein per serving

252+ grams of carbohydrates in each serving

25 vitamins and minerals

Creatine and Glutamine mixed in

2-scoop serving size

Mixes well with other ingredients of your choosing


Can cause gas and bloating

Banana flavor not as good as the other options

6. BSN True Mass

6.  BSN True Mass
BSN True Mass makes the ultimate gainer. It is engineered to provide you with excellent growth. A 4:1 profiel of protein to carbs is serious for the hard-core lifter looking to get huge.
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BSN is a leader in bio-engineered nutrition. They put a ton of time and resources into cutting-edge research and the nutritional sciences. They are concerned about performance, and how their supplements help the avid athlete succeed in meeting their fitness and physique goals. They are one of the most recognizable brands in the industry for a reason. Their products do good work.

Made well

This is a prime lean mass gainer that will help you grow and recover from the intense lifting and workouts you put your body through. There is a 2 to 1 ratio in the formulation of carbs to protein along with the dietary fiber which will help you take this in with no issues and help your body break it down well. There is Medium Chain Triglycerides that help to boost the nutritional content.

Cost and Value

This is truly an awesome product. It doesn’t have the metallic and heavy taste and texture that you can sometimes have with these products. The chocolate tastes amazing, it has such an excellent flavor. This is an option to absolutely look at, you won’t be let down.

Chocolate flavoring is awesome

1200 calories per serving

50 grams of quality multi-source protein per serving

215 grams of carbs, primarily from rolled oats

Has BCAAs and other essential and non-essential amino acids


Serving size is 2 scoops and the scoops are very large

Fills up your stomach

7. MuscleMeds Carnivor

7.  MuscleMeds Carnivor
Do you like beef protein? Here you go.MuscleMeds Carnivor is a beef protein isolate that has intense amino acid levels when compared to alternative protein sources on the market. It is over 350% more concentrated muscle building abilities than that of which you would get in a legit sirloin steak itself. It also tastes great so give this one a look.
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Beef protein isolate

This type of protein source is comparable to standard whey protein in its profile and makeup. It is fairly high in alanine, arginine, glutamic acid, glycine, and proline. It is also a good source of leucine, isoleucine, and valine. In general, the protein in terms of grams is high and it doesn’t have carbs. It tends to be digested by the body much slower and is actually broken down in the body in a way that is most similar to how the body breaks down eggs.

6 stage purification process

This product goes through a state-of-the-art hydrolysis system to get the highest bioavailable concentrated protein. It also helps to improve the taste, and it removes the nasty fat and cholesterol. This company has their own proprietary 6-stage process that keeps the standards of their products high and consistent.

Cost and Value

There are 10 flavors to choose from, so anyone should be able to find the right option for them. There is talk of it being hard to mix, but that really is not the reality. This protein actually does mix very well with a spoon or with a normal shaker bottle. This product makes a nice performance shake for serious athletes.

350% more concentrated anabolic muscle building aminos

ANRT: recycles aminos and minimizes ammonia

Creatine and BCAAs

Hydrolyzed for faster absorption

Doesn’t use whey protein



Fills you up fast

Lots of flavor options but many flavors are underwhelming

8. Dymatize Super

8.  Dymatize Super
This option makes it easy for you to meet your caloric goals. You won’t have to figure out numbers and struggle to keep those calories high, Dymatize Super formula will get you to where you need to go. You can definitely increase your mass and bulk with this product.
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High standards

This company has high standards and guidelines they utilize when they manufacture their products. They are serious about producing a formula that is high in proteins and carbs, has a good ratio and also is ardently tested to ensure there are no banned substances in the mixture. That is great news for athletes who are held to regular testings in their sport.

Great flavor

The flavors aren’t overwhelming or chalky, there is a nice smoothness to the powder you will enjoy. The chocolate flavor is similar to silky chocolate milk. If you mix it with unsweetened almond milk you can lower the carbohydrate load, and if you use it with cow’s milk you can increase it and they both mix well with this powder.

Cost and Value

Worth every penny. If you need to gain weight or need extra nutritional support you can meet those needs with this product. If you are a heavy exerciser you will appreciate the fast recovery that you can feel with your muscles. It is a bang for your buck and the taste is sensational.

1900 calories with water

Manufactured in GMP sports certified facilities

Rigorously tested to ensure no banned substances are used

2 scoop serving size

Blends very smoothly

Nice,light flavor


May experience bloating

Shipping issues can sometimes arise

9. MuscleTech Extreme

9.   MuscleTech Extreme
MuscleTech makes a good quality supplement that has a fairly decent taste. It will give you a full feeling after consumption but won’t give you an overly weighed down feeling. This mixture was formulated with creatine and glutamine, making this a well-made product.
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Perfect for bodybuilders

This product is extreme and is exactly everything that a bodybuilder would want in a gainer. Insane amount of protein, 80 grams to be exact and more than 400 carbs. It has a macronutrient profile that is an exacting fit for the needs of bodybuilders or any athlete that wants strength and size increases in a healthful way. It is ideal for achieving a sculpted physique without the excess fat.

Well rounded shake

This one will work for you without a doubt. It has a good flavor and while it works best to follow the directions for blending, it is best to use an electric blender. Combined with a good diet and a solid workout schedule you aren’t going to go wrong with this product. It is easy to digest which is always a necessary aspect when you are purchasing protein.

Cost and Value

You are going to have a hard time finding a better price for a gainer with all the added nutritional benefits of this one. The taste is pretty good overall. It is loaded with protein and carbs so there is no way you won’t put on mass.

80 grams of protein

Whey protein

400 + grams of carbs

8 grams of L-leucine when mixed with 16 oz. of skim milk

20 vitamins and minerals

Each container has twenty servings


Very large serving size

Doesn’t always blend smoothly and can be very thick

10. Mutant

10.  Mutant
This is a product that is loaded with a wide variety of macronutrients. Mutant makes a great shake that you can have throughout your day. The strawberry banana flavor is terrific. Whenever you need to up your protein game, this one will do the job for you.
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The nutrition profile is dense and balanced. This is a product that is packed with carbs, waxy maize, MCT’s, Colostrum, Cinnulin PF and that is not all, there is more. So the calories you get when digesting this product is about 1000 but they are not empty by any means. They are strategically engineered to engage in your body and get you to bulk up in the most constructive and effective way.


Made with 34 grams of BCAAs, EAAs, glutamine and glutamine precursors as well as arginine, the make up is specifically designed to help your muscles grow. It isn’t light on the protein either, there are 52 grams including whey, casein and egg for a very powerful blend.

Cost and Value

This product comes in the option of picking from 6 different flavors. The ingredients are straightforward and nutrient dense. This product is specifically designed with every single aspect of it to help the body gain mass and increase muscle growth. There are no undeclared ingredients so you can see exactly what you are taking in when you read the ingredient list.

Packed with BCAA

High in calories

A good amount of protein

Priced reasonably

Nutrient dense


Some people have experienced diarrhea

Can be thick when mixed with milk; for a thinner version use water

There are a number of factors you can look at and adjust to help you make the gains in mass that you are looking for.  You should have a solid training plan and nutritional regime. Train smartly and check out your reps you are pumping out.  Incorporating advanced strategies that can increase the intensity of your workouts can also help you succeed. Then when you need that extra boost, going towards supplementation is a great way to keep a well-rounded program going that will support all your hard work.  These products are all really great and they will provide you with the tools and backup to help you make your fitness goals a reality. It is definitely a specific type of training and nutrition that you need to engage in to get to massive gains.

Criteria Used in Choosing the Best Weight Gainers

The Right Formulation

When you are training for intense mass, you need an intense caloric intake.  In order to meet those requirements, these products are going to be a huge help for most people that cannot humanly eat as much as necessary to get the calories needed.  The other thing that is important is not necessarily calorie loading with any type of food, it is making sure that the calories you are consuming are not empty and won’t weigh you down.  These products are designed to be high calorie but also nutrient dense in a way that is going to support your body and your performance in the gym.

Believe it or not good, healthy fats can actually help you gain lean muscle mass and stay lean. The dietary fat that is used in these formulations will help to keep you sculpted and svelte.  Those products that have medium chain triglycerides and very little saturated fats are what to look for in this category.

Getting the right balance of creatine is another key feature of these products.  You are most likely taking creatine by itself, so it makes sense to make your supplementation routine easier by being able to take get your creatine with your protein mix.  It is great for your budget because you don’t have to buy as many products and it is effective with your time because you are getting a lot of what you need in one shake. The cool thing about the formulation of adding creatine is how creatine works the best.  It works the best with high amounts of quick acting carbs, which is what weight gainers utilize.

Easy to mix

There is no denying that ease of use is important.  It is really nice to have a well-rounded shake that you can add a bunch of fun extras to adjust to your palate like berries, nut butter, dissolvable fiber, and/or powders like matcha.  The reality is that you don’t always have a blender nearby when you need to get that quick shake in. Many times you are just leaving the gym and need to hit that sweet spot of time where your body is in optimal condition to take in and absorb nutrition.  So it is extremely important that the powder you use is easily mixed, that it can be dissolved in whatever liquid you decide to mix it with. If you can use a standard shaker to get your protein shake on hand, then you are in good shape. The last thing you are going to want to be chugging is lumpy, thick protein globs.

Tastes Well

To ensure that you actually take your supplements you should not be grossed out by them. The taste is important.  Remember these shakes are not milkshakes, they are performance shakes so don’t expect to have some luscious, rich and indulgent shake you have to be realistic.  However, there are many that taste pretty good overall. The cool thing is that many of the brands have multiple flavor options for you to choose from. So there is a good likelihood that you will be able to find one that is pleasing to your palate.

Easy to Digest

As you get to the higher calorie product lines be aware that if you are someone who is sensitive and struggle with indigestion these are the ones that can be the most irritating to your system. The best options are the ones that are the easiest on the stomach and don’t interfere with the rest of the “real food” you eat.  The best options can be broken down with ease by your body and all the great nutrition absorbed fully. You don’t want anything that is going to be heavy and keep you dragging. You want it in, absorbed and working fast.

Whenever you are using a new supplement give it some time before making a judgment call on its effectiveness or how our body is responding.  Many times you need to allow your body to have an adjustment time to get used to the new product. That being said, it should not be an overly long period of time that you are not feeling well or having issues with your digestion such as gas or diarrhea for example.  If you are not feeling great upwards towards a month plus, it is time to make a change.

Other Important Factors to Consider

Sometimes you might find that you have a weight that is gained but it is not sustainable weight from musculature.  Many times it is because of water retention that occurs with these products. Water retention can happen initially because of the creatine many are formulated with as well as the high amount of carbohydrates that you are taking in, with such high quantity.  Carbohydrates have extra water molecules in them. Don’t freak out or get discouraged, within a week or two you should see that excess water will be eliminated.

All of these products are high calorie but they aren’t the same across the board in how high.  There is much variability in the amounts of calories each brand has. Therefore make sure you know what your specific needs are so that you can use the right product.  There is a distinct difference between a shake that is 300 to 400 calories versus a 1200 calorie product. If you overdo on your calorie intake you will get big, that is for sure but probably not in the way you’d want.  It is going to be more fat than lean muscle, and that goes directly against what most people who are looking to bulk are working towards. So unless you are working with a trained professional, err on the lower side to start and see how your body responds.  If you need to increase, do so slowly so that you can better pinpoint exactly what the range is that works the best for your body.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can you spot-reduce fat?

A: We all wish we could do this, but the reality is that you really can’t target just one or two areas.  What you can do is increase muscle gains in specific locations by using specific isolation exercises. So if your triceps are bothering you, you can definitely put a focus during your training on that area with as many specific strength training exercises targeted at pumping up that muscle.

Q: How many reps for muscle gains?

A: Really all the rep ranges will work for you.  Generally, if you are building muscle 8-12 reps is a good range to work with.  But don’t stay in this rigid range forever. If you have been doing this for a long amount of time you are not going to continue to get the returns that you are looking for.  Try increasing the weight and decreasing the reps. Then you can slowly get back to the 8-12 rep range with the higher weight and then keep it fresh and keep it cycled for continued improvements.

Q: What is German Volume Training?

A: It is a program of training and exercise that helps to increase muscle size.  It makes you work in a simple way by doing specific movement patterns and working on specific muscle groups.  It overloads your muscles and works them to exhaustion which helps with bulk and mass.


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