Best Yoga Wheels Reviewed & Rated for Quality


Exercise can help to improve physical and mental health. Many people have improved their overall well-being by exercising on a regular basis. However, there are various ways to exercise, including the use of special equipment to help enhance flexibility, balance, and core strength. The most recent innovation is the yoga wheel, which has been very popular among yogis and exercise enthusiasts alike. Many people have become curious about how the stretching tool works. The little piece of equipment is quickly stamping its authority in home gyms and slowly taking over the world of stretching.

  • UpCircleSeven
  • 4.8 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Improves Flexibility
  • Price: See Here
Pete's Choice
  • Pete's Choice
  • 4.7 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Superior Quality
  • Price: See Here
  • Seigla
  • 4.5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Up to 600 Pounds
  • Price: See Here

Having the right fitness tool could dramatically change the way you approach fitness and training. For instance, this particular tool could help you to stretch in a way you never imagined you would. Training with the right tools is the first step toward achieving your training goals. If you are like most runners and athletes, you would understand that it reaches a time your training hits the plateau phase, where you don’t seem challenged enough to grow. Finding new, creative ways to train can make all the difference. For runners who would like to find alternative ways to challenge themselves and improve their physical and mental health, performing stretches could provide the healing or physical therapy needed to experience growth. Below is a list of top 10 best brands reviewed for quality.


10 Best Yoga Wheels


1. UpCircleSeven

This back opener/ back stretcher allows you to perform perfect backbends to help release muscle tension that might build up in your back and hips. It is a fun way to stretch the shoulder muscles and relax the entire body. This UpCircleSeven product provides the support you need while ensuring you remain confident when practicing relaxation. It will also decompress the disc and release back tension within minutes, making you feel like the pain is literally melting away.
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Improves Flexibility

Using this secret stretching prop could help to improve your overall flexibility much faster than stretching without one. Performing certain poses opens you up to deeper stretches for enhanced flexibility.

Improves Balance

This prop helps to improve your balance and leaves you feeling more stable. Trying new poses allows you to exercise and use your muscles in a way you have never imagined.

Cost and Value

The prop helps to improve flexibility and balance while developing core strength and increasing circulation. If you want to tighten your core to perform better as an athlete, the prop could just be what you need. You can have it for a few dollars.

Improves flexibility fast

Improves balance much faster

Helps to develop core strength

Increases blood circulation


May not able to hold much weight

Some athletes may find it too small

2. Pete's Choice

This ground-breaking yoga accessory will take your performance to another level. It could help athletes to improve their posture and balance. The non-slip prop is very convenient and balanced to help athletes complete their poses with ease. It is also durable and reliable, giving the users peace of mind when doing their stretches. The non-slip design also offers the hands and feet a great sense of stability.
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Superior Quality Construction

The yoga wheel has been crafted from superior quality materials to give it a durable look and feel. The 100% high-quality ABS material is durable and can serve you for longer. It is also safe and extremely comfortable to use.

Enhances Balance

This dharma wheel brings life-changing benefits guaranteed to impress any fitness enthusiast. It helps to enhance the runner’s balance and improve posture. It massages the entire spine, leaving the athlete feeling re-energized.

Cost and Value

This is great for runners and athletes looking to improve their balance and flexibility. It helps to massage the spine, shoulders, and lower back. It comes with a free eBook to guide you on how to perform 16 poses. It is also highly affordable.

Free eBook with rejuvenating the poses

Helps to improve balance

Massages the whole spine and shoulders

Great for people with lower back problems


May break under too much weight

Can be a bit small for some athletes

3. Seigla

Whether you want to deepen your stretches, strengthen your core, or increase flexibility, the Seigla brand will help you conquer some of the most challenging poses with ease. The body is a temple and needs to be taken care of to help in reaching your fitness goals. The wheel is designed for runners who are also yoga lovers to support their fitness goals every step of the way.
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Melts Away Tension

A buildup of stress and tension can cause the muscles of the body to tighten. This tool helps you to literally melt away the tension, leaving you feeling rejuvenated.

Soulfully Engineered

It is designed with Seigla precision and passion by yogis to support yoga lovers worldwide. You will be able to focus on your practice and attain your goals.

Cost and Value

Every tool is stress-tested to hold up to 600 lbs without bending or cracking. You can be sure that it will serve you for longer and support your stretching goals. It is also fairly priced.

Melts away tension

Releases muscular tightness

Can support up to 600 pounds of weight

Provides luxurious comfort


Can have a strong smell

Not everyone will find the size appropriate

4. Yoga EVO

4. Yoga EVO
A genuine interest in Yoga and exercise is enough proof of self-love and determination to live a healthy life. Stretching helps to heal the body and clear the mind of the stress that may hinder performance. The EVO supports your desire to live a healthy life by being with you on the journey to physical and mental fitness. It guides you through complicated poses and challenging exercises.
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Assistance in Backbends

The EVO will open your back and boost your back flexibility. Runners can enjoy more advanced variations of exercises involving the back in a way they have never imagined. The wheel is great for preparing for backbends.

Assistance in Inversions

A forearm stand is a good example of inversions you could try to attain flexibility. This EVO will help you perform a range of inversions to help align and strengthen the body.

Cost and Value

The EVO will help you benefit from all the moves that target the back and chest. It is extremely easy to use and naturally boosts the spinal stretch. This exercise partner is highly affordable and will improve the athlete’s core strength.

Crafted from durable plastic resin to provide the toughness and impact resistance needed to support stretches

Excellent stability and can hold up to 440 pounds

Fully opens the chest and shoulders

Builds core strength

Improves balance


Can be too hard on the back

The pattern inside the wheel as shown in pictures may differ from actual color patterns

5. Mindful Yoga

5. Mindful Yoga
This eco-friendly choice is ideal for anyone who is mindful of the environment. The wheel is injected with TPE foam to ensure it retains the lightweight-construction needed to support mobility and flexibility. It can also improve the spine’s flexibility while assisting backbend poses. Using Mindful Yoga can help improve balance, the range of motion, and core strength, allowing you to achieve good overall health.
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Built to Last

The sturdy and lightweight construction is made of durable material and built to last. This is the type of product you buy once and focus on achieving your stretching goals.

Optimal Comfort

The TPE padding provides the cushion needed to support movements that target the spine. Your body will get the luxurious comfort your body needs to perform complex stretches.

Cost and Value

The brand boasts a lightweight and sturdy construction designed to last longer. It can improve flexibility and core strength. The prop will change how you have been changing your practice. In addition, it is highly affordable.

Sturdy construction and designed for durability

The TPE padding cushions the spine

Provides the luxurious comfort needed by the body

Improves flexibility


Can be hard and uncomfortable

The lightweight construction may compromise stability


Whether you want assistance to perform handstands or perfect advanced backbends, this wheel will help you with your stretching goals. Strengthen your core and improve your balance by stretching using one of these wheels, which also provide deeper variations. You will feel like the stretches are literally melting away your stress. The 6-page eBook (included) helps to provide directions on how to perform some poses.
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Hybrid TPE Foam

The wheel is designed with hybrid TPE foam to ensure sweat resistance. The material is also anti-bacterial to prevent the growth of bacteria across the prop. The extra padding provides comfort and grip.

Deeper Spinal Stretches

This stretching tool provides the assistance you need to perform poses and backbends. From improving core strength to enhancing balance and flexibility, the stretching tool can help you achieve the perfect body you have always imagined.

Cost and Value

The anti-bacterial and sweat resistant design helps to prevent bacterial growth and provides a good grip. It sturdy and durable design is compact enough to support up to 440 pounds of weight. The device is also pocket-friendly.

Sweat resistant and provides the comfort grip practitioners need

Anti-bacterial to keep the germs away

Durable TPE plastic for maximum support

Improves flexibility


The padding can be too thin for huge individuals

The cushion part may come off over time

7. Blue Cresent

7. Blue Cresent
This fitness tool is designed to assist runners and athletes with inversions and backbends. You will also be able to strengthen the core, deepen stretches, and increase flexibility. Whether you intend to release tension or muscular tightness, this stretching tool with help you feel relieved and stress-free. Once you feel secure, you will be able to focus more on your stretches and exercises.
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Supportive Yoga Block

The stretching tool is essential for balance and could help enhance flexibility. It will also help you to perform advanced poses to improve stability.

Relieve Back Pain

The tool can be very effective in opening up the back and relieving back pain. It boosts your confidence to enable you to relax comfortably on the wheel while stretching all the main upper body muscles.

Cost and Value

The prop could help athletes to perform inversions and backbends to increase flexibility and balance. It also makes it easy to perform difficult yoga poses and stretches. Users have reported back pain relief after using the tool. In addition, you can acquire one for a few dollars.

Perfect for backbends and inversions

Releases tension from the body

Increases flexibility



The rubber may separate from the wheel after a while

The size might not be perfect for everyone

8. JBM

8. JBM
For improved backbends and stretching, you might want to try out this stretching tool. It is great for runners who like poses and stretching, allowing them to improve their flexibility. It can be a very effective pain relief, especially for those with back pain. It is safe, durable and designed to outlast most other brands currently selling on the market.
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Portable and Lightweight

The inner ring features ABS material that can withstand high temperatures. It is also durable and lightweight, allowing users to perform several poses. It supports many poses and practices.


The external mat is made of TPE material, which is better than the PVC used in most other stretching tools. You will no longer worry about sweating when doing your stretches.

Cost and Value

It is perfect for athletes who want to perform poses and stretches. The TPE material makes the product more durable than most of the other alternatives on the market. In addition, it is pocket-friendly.

Suitable for both beginner and advanced enthusiasts

Made of sweat-resistant material

Highly durable and can outlast other similar products

Relieves stress and tension in the muscles


The padding may come off after a while

May cause back injury if not used correctly

9. SukhaMat

9. SukhaMat
This must-have stretching tool is effective when it comes to pushing the athlete to practice complex poses. It can help you to take your practice to another level. The simple yet elegant design provides the support needed to guide different poses, including inversions and backbends. It will help you improve your balance and flexibility. Practitioners can also deepen their postures through poses.
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Enhances Yoga Postures

The tool has been credited with helping practitioners to achieve deeper stretches and take poses to another level. It greatly supports creativity and enhances balance.

Deepens Yoga Poses

The prop provides a creative and fun way to practice and open the chest for better breath control. Users have reported improved flexibility and balance. From loosening tight muscles to enhancing backbends, this stretching tool has proved very useful in helping practitioners to achieve their fitness goals.

Cost and Value

It is great for runners and athletes who feel that their training has hit the plateau phase and would appreciate new, creative ways to take the practice to another level. It also comes with a printed and eBook pose instructions to guide practitioners to perform their poses. It is great for both beginner and advanced yogis. In addition, it is highly affordable and can be obtained for a few dollars.

Opens the chest and improves breathing control

Improves lung capacity

Enhances spinal flexibility

Builds back and core strength


It looks and feels as if it will break during practice

Some people may not like the color and look of the prop

10. BodyGood

10. BodyGood
The 13-inch stretching tool is great for athletes and runners looking to enhance their strength and mobility. Many athletes and fitness maniacs have used it to enhance their flexibility and relieve the pain in their spine. Strengthen your core by exercising using one of BodyGood’s stretching tools and enjoy the flexibility supported by this wheel. It also comes in 3 different colors to match personal colors.
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Unmatched Durability

The company boasts unparalleled durability to allow the athlete to focus more on the workout and less on safety. The foam padding also provides the extra support needed to allow heavier individuals to stretch.

Free Instructional Video

A well-trained and qualified BodyGood coach walks you through various versatile exercises to jump-start your sessions. The video is great for both the beginner and advanced enthusiasts looking to relieve their body of the stress and tension.

Cost and Value

The company specializes in manufacturing reliable training equipment to enhance the health and life of athletes. It is good for the body and mind, allowing you to boost your concentration on other tasks. It is also designed for the individual who would like to get in shape without breaking the bank.

Great for athletes looking to enhance flexibility and mobility

Helps to improve backbends

Reinforced for an extra layer of support

Made of anti-slip ABS material


The padding may not be even

The wheel size might not be ideal for everyone

The practice of yoga is not new to the world of exercise and fitness, meditation, and physical therapy and health. Advanced yogis know the importance of practicing good form when exercising. They also understand that continuous growth is important when you want to achieve your fitness goals. In this regard, there is a fairly new stretching tool or piece of equipment in the world of fitness, namely the yoga wheel. This piece of equipment is quickly stamping itself as an authority in the world of the exercise form and meditation. The must-have tool is known for helping to improve their flexibility, enhance core strength, boost balance, and relax the mind and muscles of the body.

Criteria Used in Choosing the Best Yoga Wheel

Accomplished yogis all over the world cannot get enough of this tool, though many people have only seen it when attending the classes or reading fitness magazines. Regardless, many people have been looking to improve their yoga poses by introducing the yoga wheel to their stretching routines. With so many brands on the market, many runners, athletes, joggers, yogis, and stretching enthusiasts often get confused when shopping for their ideal stretching equipment. The numerous manufacturers of this fitness equipment are not making it any easier for the user to make a decision. However, users have to know what to look for when shopping for their ideal stretching equipment. For instance, they have to understand the features of the exercise tool and match them to their fitness goals. You have to evaluate whether you need this equipment to take your stretching skills to another level. While there are so many of these products on the market, there are certain key factors to consider before you choose the right one. Below are the criteria for evaluating the best brands to help take your fitness and training to the next level.


Yoga is all about moving freely and allowing the body to stretch in its natural form. You should feel light for your body to move freely. This makes it even more important to choose a brand that is light to move when needed and yet heavy enough to avoid moving too much and compromising stability. Light tools are easier to transport and work with, but extremely lightweight-construction tools tend to be a little unstable when doing stretches. The convenience offered by using tools of the right weight cannot be overemphasized. Lightweight-construction tools can be moved to any position within the home gym area. They are very easy to carry and can be transported to wherever you want to train without being a burden. You might want to consider the total weight of the wheel before deciding whether you want to buy it. There are many advantages to working with a light stretching tool, including the ease of movement. You can easily move or roll over the wheel when stretching without much difficulty. However, the downside is that a very light tool may not provide the stability needed to support various stretches. Extremely lightweight tools tend to be unstable and may not provide the support you need to have confidence in the piece of equipment you are using.

In contrast, a heavier prop has several advantages. To begin with, it can be very stable. Many users feel confident when using a tool that is heavy enough to hold their weight. If you are a bit heavier, you need to go for stretching tools that weigh a bit more. However, the tool should not be too heavy to prevent free movement. The practice of yoga requires utmost flexibility and movement, which a heavy tool might not provide. This means the wheel should be heavy enough to provide the stability needed to assure the practitioner of safety, as nobody wants to fall down while rolling on the wheel. If possible, you should find out the actual weight of the product you intend to purchase. Regardless, you should find the right balance so that the tool is light enough to allow easy movement and yet heavy enough to provide the stability needed to support bodyweight movements while stretching.


Comfort is equally important if you are going to stretch for longer periods. Comfort is also linked to safety, as comfortable stretching tools are also considered safe. To ensure safety, manufacturers of training equipment have designed them to provide the basic level of comfort that would enable practitioners to focus less on comfort and more on the actual stretches or poses. Apparently, some brands tend to offer different levels of comfort, depending on their design and the material used to make the outer ring. Some wheels are designed with a TPE foam coating on the exterior to provide comfort. If you are going to support your back while doing stretches on the prop, the material that comes into contact with your back should feel comfortable. Others are crafted from sweat-proof/ sweat-resistant materials to enable them to feel comfortable even when the practitioner sweats on them. Performing some stretches and poses can present a lot of challenge for the practitioner, and this might lead to excessive sweating that can be very uncomfortable. A few others are made of anti-bacterial materials to enable them to prevent the growth of disease-causing bacteria that could interfere with the athlete’s training progress. If you are going to choose your ideal brand, you need to pay close attention to the design of the tool. In particular, examine the materials used to make both the inner and outer ring. The ring should be made of durable plastic resin to provide a sturdy surface for applying the TPE foam coating. If the tool is made of a soft and comfortable material, it will enable you to lie on it for longer periods without feeling irritated or uncomfortable. If possible, you should visit a physical shop to try using them before choosing the most comfortable stretching tool to take to your home gym.


Size is another issue of concern. Size is largely determined by the diameter of the yoga wheel; the larger the diameter the bigger the size of the tool. These tools have different sizes depending on the manufacturer and the target audience. For instance, tools targeting children and the female audience may generally be smaller than those that target male yogis. Bigger sizes are also great for taller individuals and athletes who would love to stretch their muscles and relieve muscular tension without feeling uncomfortable in the process. Since these pieces of equipment come in different sizes, it is important to pay attention to this feature. If you are a taller individual, you should carefully consider the dimensions when shopping around for your ideal stretching tool. Fortunately, the product description page often contains sufficient information to help you decide whether the size is large enough for you. Most manufacturers clearly indicate the diameter of the ring among the product features. It might not be easy for you to perform some moves or poses if the dimensions do not suit your size or requirements. To find what works best for you, you need to be aware of your size, particularly the height. Regardless, doing some research on your own could make it easier for you to choose a tool that is appropriate for your size.


This feature is somewhat self-explanatory. People consider durability in virtually every product they buy. No one wants to be buying a replacement product on a regular basis because the preceding one broke or malfunctioned. This is perhaps why many people would rather pay more for a product that would last longer than spend a few dollars on what might break after a few instances of use and the same applies to various brands. If you are going to invest in a piece of training equipment, you have to be ready to do some research to ensure you end up with the right product that would serve your best interest. Everyone wants a high-quality or durable product that would outlast most other average products on the market. The stretching tool is expected to bear the entire weight of the individual or user, which less durable products are unlikely to offer. Wheels crafted from durable materials will support your weight while maintaining the durability of a high-quality product. In addition, there are high chances that high-quality stretching tools also reduce the risk of injury.


The design is also a very important factor to consider. While this might not be much of a functionality issue and does not affect performance, it greatly determines your motivation to use it. You don’t want to buy a fitness tool you won’t be using because it lacks the aesthetic appeal needed to motivate you. If the yoga wheel is appealing to your eyes, you are more likely to enjoy using it than if you disliked the colors. The visual appeal of the stretching wheel should make you feel like you want to use it more often. Fortunately, many manufacturers ensure the products come in a variety of colors to give the users a wide range of choices. Take your time and examine the design of the product to determine whether you would enjoy using it every day of your training.


Q: What is yoga wheel?

A: Just as the name suggests, this is a sturdy and durable ring used to perform various yoga stretches and poses. The ring is often 12-13 inches in diameter to accommodate various sizes.

Q: Who needs yoga wheel?

A: If you are an advanced yogi or thinking about practicing yoga, then you probably need this stretching equipment. Just as with any other exercise regime, the yoga practice also reaches a point where you feel you have hit the plateau phase, where your practice can’t seem to progress. This is where you need to find more creative ways to exercise. You need to introduce fitness equipment to help you perform more complex moves, stretches, and poses. The fitness tool will help you to perform in ways you never knew you would. You will stretch and relieve tension from your muscles and body, allowing you to relax and focus more on other tasks.

Q: How does yoga wheel work?

A: There are numerous benefits attributed to using this stretching tool. To begin with, users have reported increased strength and stamina. It also supports other moves and helps to prevent injury. Some moves such as backbends can cause injury if not performed properly. However, with the right tool in place to support the back and complex movements, users can enjoy doing inversions as well. The tool works as scaffolding, thereby giving the user the peace of mind needed to focus on the stretching technique. With the right tool, you can be sure that you will retain the right posture throughout the exercise. This tool has also been associated with improved flexibility, as it allows the individual to stretch further due to increased confidence. A person will be willing to go the extra mile knowing that they have the right support to prevent potential injury. It has also been known to enhance safety and relieve pains and aches. Performing stretches with the right tool brings the soothing effect that athletes need to manage discomfort and soreness. The yoga wheel also makes it easier to perform backbends, which can be difficult for many beginners.

Q:  What is the best yoga wheel?

A: The best stretching equipment should possess the right features or properties to help support your fitness, stretching or posing goals. In general, the features of a great tool include lightweight construction for easy movement and stability, comfort with extra padding, the right size to accommodate the athlete’s height, durability, environment-friendly, and budget-appropriate.

Q: Where can I get the best yoga wheel?

A: Many people wonder where to find the right stretching tool for the job. Fortunately, the advent of online shopping has made it easier to shop, order, and pay for products online. You can visit any of the popular e-commerce platforms to view.

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