Coros Vertix 2

The Coros Vertix 2 is a watch that allows you to leave all distractions at home while you set out on your next adventure.

This GPS smartwatch boasts a lot of onboard storage that offers offline mapping so that you never lose your way.

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Our Conclusion
One of the things that users love most about this watch is that it has a very large screen that is super easy to read even in direct sunlight.

The interface isn’t bogged down with a lot of extra and sometimes unnecessary features that make it more difficult to learn. Many smartwatches try to do it all with features geared towards work, social, fitness and play.

What’s great about the Coros Vertix 2 is that its main focus is set primarily on adventure. If you are looking for a watch with features dedicated solely to fitness and adventures, this watch is a great choice. It’s durable, reliable, and tracks your progress while keeping you in tune with your surroundings.

Below, I wanted to take a deep dive into all of the advanced features that make the Coros Vertix 2 worth checking out.
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Pros & Cons
Easy to read face in direct sunlight
32 GB of onboard storage for maps and music
Streamlined interface
Can be used in the pool
Great fitness tracker with built-in HRM
Very long battery life even with active GPS tracking
Some users find the face is a little too large
Key Features
Key Features

Overall, this is a watch that is designed for people that live for adventure and watch to leave their phones at home. By downloading maps right to the 32 GB of storage right on the watch, you can travel off of the beaten path without ever getting lost. It’s built like a tank, and boasts an insanely long battery life, even if you have the GPS tracking turned on.

The map features are much more advanced than similar GPS tracking watches and track where you are and allow you to map where you are going without the need for a distracting smartphone.

While it’s built for adventure, it’s also a great choice for your day-to-day travels. It’s built with an excellent fitness app that allows you to track and log workouts such as running, hiking, swimming, and biking. It calculates your daily steps, heart rate, and even your stress levels to provide a detailed insight into your day.


The GPS tracking feature is the bread and butter of the Coros Vertix 2. If you like to travel off of the beaten path but don’t want to end up on the evening news as a missing hiker, this watch is a must-have.

Before you hit the trails, you can download maps within wifi and access them when you are far from a wifi hotspot. These maps allow you to access Landscape, Topo, and Hybrid modes to give you a keen understanding of your surroundings. By using the dial along the side of the watch, you can also zoom in and out of the maps on the large screen.

These maps not only track where you are, but the ability to zoom in and out on the map also allows you to track where you are going. By toggling through the various map modes, you can understand the landscape around you and plan your hikes or outdoor adventures while out on the trails rather than route a course before you leave.

With a more powerful processor, the maps load almost instantly. By zooming in and out or moving around the map, the load time is quick and snappy.

It also talks with all of the big satellites for a speedy and accurate readout. It talks to GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, QZSS, and Beidou satellite systems to ensure an insanely accurate readout that you can feel confident about.


In addition to satellite tracking, it also boasts a strong fitness tracking game. The interface allows you to create custom workouts that track running, hiking, cardio work at the gym, biking, and even swimming.

It details calories burned, distance traveled, steps, and time. When in range, it also syncs all of your workout data right to your smartphone to keep track of your overall fitness progress.

In addition to logging in workouts, it also keeps tags on your activities during the day. It constantly tracks things like your heart rate, stress levels, sleep, and steps taken throughout the day.

What I love about this watch is that it compiles that information into circles similar to the Apple watch to help you gain a clear picture of your activity levels for the day.

Sleep cycle features are often implemented on smartphones, but the limited battery life means that sleep time is charging time. What makes the Coros Vertix 2 great is that the extended battery life means that you will not need to charge your phone as you sleep.

This means that you can wear it while you sleep at night, and it can accurately measure your sleep patterns and heart rate for a deeper insight into your overall health.


Hate the routine of charging your watch at the end of every day? One of the best features of this watch is its overall battery life.

I’ve used quite a few smartwatches in the past (from Garmin to Apple), and I found that they typically only last one full day before they need to be charged. If I use tracking features or pair it with Map My Run, the battery life barely makes it to the end of the day. With the Coros Vertix 2, you won’t find yourself searching for a charging port at the end of the day.

When using your watch without GPS tracking activated, this impressive battery lasts up to 60 days with normal use! Hands down, this is one of the most impressive batteries in a smartwatch that I have seen.

When you activate the GPS features, it does eat into the overall battery life quite a bit more, but it still is far more impressive when compared to the Apple Watch. With GPS features activated, the battery life is good for up to 140 hours, which breaks down to just over 5 days!

If you are planning on camping in the woods for the better part of a week, this watch will hold a charge without the need for any charging ports.


The downside of the Coros Vertix 2 is that it clocks in at a pretty steep price point. While the price is comparable to similar smartwatches from brands such as Garmin, the functionality is a little lacking.

Unlike similar brands, the Coros Vertix 2 doesn’t store workout data quite as well. If you want to check out your performance from a year ago, this design doesn’t store that data. For advanced functionality and features, this watch falls a little short, especially when you consider the steep price point.

However, when you consider the processor and battery life of this design, it is well worth every penny. It runs and responds to map inputs much faster than competitors, and it has a battery life that is hard to beat. If you hate charging your phone every night, or you want a watch with a zippy response time, the extra cost is worth the investment.

If you love a lot of extra bells and whistles, it may fall a little flat for you.

Comparisons to Previous Versions
Like any good update, the changes made to the Coros Vertix 2 make it an overall better watch. It’s bigger, better, and boasts a longer battery life.

The great thing about the changes made to this watch is that the onboard display and features remain unchanged. This watch is still just as easy to use, and it isn’t bogged down with unnecessary extra bells and whistles that make it difficult to adjust settings or start up a workout with a few button presses.

One of the biggest changes made to this design is the overall size of the watch face. This watch face is a whopping 16 percent larger than previous versions. The larger design makes it easier to read at a glance, but some find that it looks a little too big and bulky for their frame.

It also boasts a next-generation chipset processor that makes the watch work much faster than previous versions. Overall, it works 20 percent faster than previous models.

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If you are on the hunt for a smartwatch to track your spreadsheets and work emails, you may want to look elsewhere. The Coros Vertix 2 is a watch that is designed solely for adventure.

With loadable offline maps, you can venture off of the trails without losing your way. Users also love the easy-to-use fitness tracking features that provide detailed information on a host of workouts that include running, hiking, biking, and basic gym cardio workouts.

Smaller watches may look sleek and delicate, but they are often hard to read when out on the trails. The larger face design may be a little bulky, but it makes it much easier to read at a glance even in direct sunlight.

If you feel that this watch is just a little too big, it can also be clipped to your belt or you pack to use handsfree. It may be a little bit big, but this watch is a necessary tool to have on your next outdoor adventure!
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