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An in-depth review of the best smartwatches in 2018 Buying Guide
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Best Smartwatches Reviewed & Rated for Quality
Today, the smartwatch has become a significant gadget and accessory to our lifestyle. It has also been the most dependable and reliable accessory to runners and athletes with their capability to issue timely records of body vitals. These gadgets are different because of their design, functionality, a...
The 8 best fitbits reviewed Buying Guide
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10 Best Fitbits Compared and Reviewed
Have you ever dreamed about smartwatch? It’s a great way to track all your sport activities. However, there are also many different functions that won’t be very useful for an avid runner. Then Fitbit brand came with the idea of making Fitbits. They’re like smartwatches but they're more personalized f...
List of the Best Activity Trackers Buying Guide
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10 Best Activity Trackers Tested & Analyzed
Technology is consistently changing so it hard to invest in a pricey (yet beneficial) product knowing it may soon outdated by newer tech. GPS watches,  activity trackers, fitness trackers, and smartwatches have all been evolving during the past decade. It seems like a new model comes out every sea...
An in depth review of the best suunto running watches Buying Guide
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Best Suunto Running Watches Reviewed
Technology is constantly changing and improving. Gadgets get smaller and more compact. We here at RunnerClick regularly update our articles, so the watches in this buying guide are the latest and best quality on the market. Instead of carrying a watch, a stopwatch, a calculator, a chest patch, and a ...
The best Garmin GPS watches for running Buying Guide
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10 Best Garmin Watches for Sports Rated & Reviewed
Runners have benefited from all sorts of technological innovations over the last decade. With the introduction of GPS trackers and all of the different types of fitness monitors, people have the option of tracking their performance. This is also a great way to tell if you’re making progress and hitti...
TomTom GPS watches for runners Buying Guide
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Best TomTom Running GPS Watches Compared & Reviewed
Wearable GPS devices are great asset for all types of runners. They can track your progress, keep track of exactly where you are, and even provide you with an analysis of your performance. This helps to keep you motivated, and aids in your workout development. Whenever you’re planning on running or d...
In depth review of the Suunto Core
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Suunto Core
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Tuomas Vohlonen invented and patented the production method for the ground-breaking liquid-filled compass, ensuring better readings and increased accuracy of measurement for all outdoor athletes. From that moment in 1936 when Suunto was just coming into being to today, this company has grown to manuf...
In depth review of the LG Watch Sport
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LG Watch Sport
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LG is the brand they call Delightfully Smart. With a famous slogan of “Life is Good,” and a futuristic logo that is a strong representation of what they stand for, Global, Tomorrow, Energy, Humanity, and Technology, this company has developed a reputation for quality products and advanced technology....
Suunto Traverse Alpha full review
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Suunto Traverse Alpha
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Although there is a significant amount of people who feel this way, not everyone who runs sees it as a goal in and of itself. Some people enjoy trail running as a pastime or form of exercise they can engage in while also pursuing other common activities performed in the great outdoors, such as hiking...
In depth review of the Suunto Ambit3 Sport
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Suunto Ambit3 Sport
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What new features does the Suunto Ambit3 Sport bring to the table? A whole slew of features. The updated GPS sports watch includes better connectivity features, the ability to detect heart rate during a swim, and new daily fitness tracking. Size-wise, it’s the same as its predecessor, but inside it p...
In depth review of the Garmin D2 Bravo
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Garmin D2 Bravo
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The Garmin D2 Bravo is an aviation watch for the active individual. The watch provides pilots with flight-specific features but also incorporates daily tracking and multi-sport functionality. The stylish GPS-enabled wristwatch is packed with features. Highly accurate, the fine-tuned device is as reli...
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