Fitbit Surge

If you’re dedicated to a healthy lifestyle, training hard and staying fit, then get inspired and stay motivated with the Fitbit Surge strapped to your wrist. This fitness watch is designed for all-day wear featuring GPS tracking, endless heart rate monitoring and real-time stats like pace, distance, elevation gained, recording routes, heart rate intensity, and workout summaries, so you can accomplish more in your fitness plan. If you are looking for a super easy to use, full-featured fitness watch, then take a look at the Fitbit Surge.

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Where to Buy
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Pros & Cons
  • Multisport tracking GPS
  • Designed for all-day wear
  • Long battery life
  • Easy to use software
  • Displays text messages and call information
  • Tracks your sleep automatically
  • Bluetooth compatible
  • Cons
    • Larger overall size
    • Chunky watch face design
    • Uninteresting touchscreen display
    • Not waterproof only water resistant
    • Reports of unreliable heart rate tracking
    • Does not support third-party apps or email services
    • Key Features
      The Fitbit Surge is loaded with features that are committed to helping you reach your full fitness potential. It can accurately track calorie burn, so you maintain your workout intensity and maximize your fitness training. The Multi-Sport feature is capable of tracking stats for a plethora of activities such as running, biking, hiking, weightlifting, elliptical machine, spinning, yoga, stair climber, circuit training, boot-camp class, Pilates, kickboxing, tennis, martial arts, golf, and also has a generic workout mode that you can re-name in your dashboard. However, the Fitbit Surge is not waterproof, only water resistant, so it is not recommended for swimming.
      Basic Features
      The Fitbit Surge is packed full of basic features that allow you to track every aspect of your fitness plan. Use the exercise mode to record workouts, steps, distance, calories burned, floors climbed and even pace and elevation gain/loss. The PurePulse heart rate monitor provides continuous heart rate and heart rate zone data without the use of a chest strap. The Fitbit Surge app tracks your daily totals for up to 30 days and shows detailed charts and graphs for tracking activity and your movements over time as well as allowing you see your fitness evolution on the go.
      Advanced Features
      The built-in GPS tracking allows you to track every aspect of your running or biking route. The SmartTrack™ exercise recognition identifies continuous fitness movements like running or cycling and records it in the app to capture all potential activity. The automatic sleep tracker lets you review your sleep trends on the dashboard, and it has a silent, vibrating alarm that helps you wake more calmly. The Surge will also notify you on your display when your Bluetooth enabled smartphone is nearby with call and text alerts.
      Step Accuracy: The Surge tested very accurate and in line with other watches when compared side by side for step accuracy. Just be aware that every company uses a slightly different algorithm in their devices for calculating steps. And each data point will depend based on where the tracker is located on the user. The algorithms are also designed to reduce inaccurate readings.

      Heart Rate: When at resting heart rate, the Surge reported data accurately, but during intense exercise it regularly read lower than actual output number - occasionally by 5 to 10 BPM lower, sometimes as much as 30 BPM lower. Other tests show a 5% average error on heart rate with the Surge. Consequently, the Surge has a little higher than average miscalculation when compared to other heart rate monitors.

      GPS: Although the connecting time to a satellite wasn’t the speediest, there was not a significant difference in time or accuracy of tracking compared to other GPS watches on the market. The Surge typically was off a tenth of a mile during mid to longer runs, which is within a sensible margin of error for a GPS device. One thing that the Fitbit Surge has over other GPS watches is the ambient light sensor. This is especially valued during early morning runs or those late night biking sessions. Another nice feature of the Surge is during GPS tracking the screen displays your running time in big numbers in the center of the display, and your distance at top of the display. On the downside, the display rows are set and can’t be altered.

      Sleep Activity Tracking: The Fitbit Surge will automatically track your sleep data daily and without having to set it up for. This is useful because a few activity trackers on the market today will have you manually input your information upon waking up. If you are concerned with accurately tracking your sleep habits, the Surge is definitely one of the better activity trackers on the market.
      The Surge can be charged by connecting it to the charging port, located on the backside of the watch via the USB charging cable. The USB cable is included with the watch. The Surge automatically syncs using Bluetooth 4.0 technology to linked computers, tablets and is compatible with more than 120 smartphones. The operating system requirements are PC Windows Vista and later, and Mac OS X 10.6 and up.
      The Fitbit app is super easy to navigate and will seamlessly record your workout summaries so you can track your progress and see your growth over time. The app on the Surge will automatically sync with your phone, desktop computer or tablet and an added bonus is all your information is available on their website as well.
      The Fitbit Surge is a bit bigger and chunkier than other fitness tracking watches but is actually quite comfortable after you initially put it on. It is lightweight at 2.7oz and the flexible, durable, elastomer polymer band it comes with is comfy and provides a snug and secure fit. One thing to note is if you are wearing a long sleeve shirt the sleeves can tend to be tough to pull over the large face.
      The Fitbit Surge will probably not win any style contests for its large dull face and bulkiness, but with that said if you’re not going to be dressing up for a night on the town, it is fashionable enough to wear all day every day. The Surge is packed full of features that most who are tracking every ounce of data to perform better can wear the Surge as an all-day watch but in general, it is not a versatile watch when it comes to style.
      The entire Fitbit Surge watch face and band is made of durable, long-lasting material that is designed to withstand the abuse of even the most hardcore athletes. Dirt, mud, sweat, and anything else you throw at it, this watch is tough and will keep up with any cruelty. However, this watch is not waterproof, so it’s recommended that you don’t swim with it. It is water resistant up to 5 ATM; however, the FitBit website suggests that the Surge is not to be used for swimming.
      The Fitbit Surge comes with a monochrome LCD touchscreen display that has a backlighting feature and measures 0.82 by 0.96 inches. On the sides there are three buttons, one on the left side and two on the right side that are convenient when wearing gloves. Most reviewers do not mind the size or the design of the face on the Surge; however, it is a bit heftier than the dimensions reveal though. The watch is rigid and not flexible for most of the surface area both above and below the face. So when wearing it on your wrist, you have to consider the watch as being nearly 2.5 inches long. That's not a problem for those of us that have big wrists, but if you are a smallery individual, the Surge might look more like an enormous electronic hanging on your arm. It also may not be as comfortable as you would like. While not as jazzy looking as other fitness tracking watch faces this large touch screen works smoothly and lets you easily track every statistic as it happens, which is what the watch is intended to do.
      The Surge wristband strap is 1.34 inches at the widest point and is made of a flexible, durable elastomer polymer material similar to that used by many fitness watches. Surge also has a surgical-grade stainless steel buckle which fastens the band elegantly and securely and is comfortable to wear, all day and night as some wish to do. This Fitbit watchband is only available in three different color options Basic Black, Blue or a Tangerine as well as three different size options Small, Large and X-Large.
      Sizes Available
      The face on the Fitbit Surge only comes in one size and measures 0.82” x 0.96” however when choosing which band you need to fit your particular sized wrist you have three sizes to choose from: Small (will fit wrists 5.5" to 6.3"), Large (will fit wrists 6.3" to 7.8") and X-Large (will fit wrists 7.8” to 8.9”).
      Ease of Use
      The Fitbit Surge is very easy to set up for use. This is one category that FitBit excels above many other brands. To get started you simply charge the device fully, download the app, and click through a few setup options. Once set up, all of the functions can be accessed by a tap or a swipe of your finger. All your fitness, sleep and GPS data is communicated to your smartphone using the Fitbit app, which you possibly are already familiar with from other FitBit watches you may have used.

      The nice thing about the Surge is how simple and user-friendly the software is. You do not have to be a computer scientist to figure out how to set it up, use the powerful features and then sync and download your stats to review and make adjustments in your training regimen. The features of the Surge are very comprehensive, but the software interface and simplicity remain clean and basic, so you can train hard and not have to think too hard.
      Power Source
      The Fitbit Surge boasts a Lithium-polymer rechargeable battery with the charge lasting on average 5-7 days. If you run the GPS feature continuously, though the battery life will be cut to 5-7 hours, so only use GPS when needed. Charging every few days is highly recommended so your Surge is always charged and ready for anything.
      The Fitbit Surge goes for $200 to $250 depending on size and color, which puts it at the higher end of the Fitbit series. You may have to pay a little more, but this “superwatch” has been packed full of features not available on other watches in the lower price ranges.
      The Surge has very few accessory options. Within the box you’ll find four basic items: the Fitbit Surge, the USB charging cable, a USB Bluetooth stick for your computer, and the manual. You can change out the band for a different color or material, add a colorful sleeve protector or add an anti-glare screen protector. Unfortunately, being able to individualize your Surge fitness watch has very few options at this point. It is important to note that the Surge is not compatible with other accessories such as heart rate monitor straps for your chest.
      Key Features
      GPS Tracking. Similar to a smartwatch, the Fitbit Surge features built-in GPS tracking that records your route, run time, distance, pace, and even elevation gain and loss. You can then use that data to adjust your training regimen to supercharge your training.
      PurePulse Heart Rate Monitor. This feature allows you to continuously keep track of your heart rate levels to maximize the intensity of your exercises.
      SmartTrack + Multi Sport. These two modes allow you to track all activities and every ounce of intelligence about your training.
      Wireless Syncing. Bluetooth 4.0 technology allows you to wirelessly sync the data from your Fitbit to your computer, tablet and more than 120 different smartphones
      Long battery life. The lithium-polymer battery in the Surge will last for 5-7 days of activity. It charges to full capacity within one to two hours.
      Call and Text Notifications. This helps you stay connected and is displayed on your screen with a silent vibration.
      Auto Sleep and Alarms. A mode that monitors your sleep patterns and gives you feedback on duration and patterns of sleep.
      Bottom Line
      Take charge of your health and improve daily as you train by utilizing this fully featured fitness watch featuring GPS technology and the PurePulse heart rate monitor. Designed for the fitness enthusiast, and as an all-day wearable accessory, complete with many advanced features, the Fitbit Surge is a respectable multisport fitness watch. The FitBit Surge can be used for tracking a variety of undertakings and stands up to the “superwatch” title it was originally billed as.
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