The FlipBelt is a simplistic piece of running gear for holding the absolute essentials on the run. There’s a spot for your phone and keys. There’s also enough room to carry a few extra items should the need arise. The flat design keeps the pouch hidden from view making it a great alternative to a traditional fanny pack. The FlipBelt is an excellent choice for runners who don’t want to overstuff their pockets but who want to avoid a bulky look around their tummy area. Plenty of room and a sleek profile make the FlipBelt a great running accessory and a great travel pouch. One caveat is that you’ll need to slide it on, unlike a belt with a buckle or clasp. Otherwise, just stuff in your things and flip to ensure everything stays put!

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Where to Buy
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Where to Buy
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Pros & Cons
  • Comfortable
  • Doesn’t bounce
  • Lots of room
  • Flat profile
  • Machine washable
  • Convenient key holster
  • Cons
    • Need to slide it on, no buckle
    • Not adjustable
    • No zippers
    • Key Features
      The FlipBelt is meant to be used to hold items that users might need on their runs. It can fit a Smartphone but also has a unique key holster. The pockets aren’t zippered. They’re slits that allow you to stuff things inside. The advantage of the slit design is that you can quickly get to your gels or your phone just by flipping the waistband over. Whether this will work for you depends on what you need to carry but also on whether you're paranoid about losing things. A zipper provides security (and peace of mind) for valuable items, but if you’re just bringing along gels, the slit design allows you to reach your stored items quickly. Because of the tight fit and the flip design, even without zippers, items stored in the FlipBelt should stay put.

      Since there are multiple pockets, it makes it easier for organized runners to keep things apart. There’s also a logo on the belt that provides a bit of reflectivity. It’s a nice bonus, but its usefulness will depend on whether you wear the belt underneath or overtop your running clothes. It doesn’t have a buckle or clasp, so you’ll need to slide it over top your head or pull it up like you would a pair of pants. Some reviewers didn’t like this aspect of the FlipBelt while others found it was easy enough to slip right on.
      The material is soft enough that it wards against uncomfortable chafing. The FlipBelt wicks sweat okay (not exceptionally, but not all runners will wear it against the skin. That’s up to each individual wearer. One great thing about the FlipBelt? It can be put in the wash with the rest of your running clothes. Reviewers also mentioned that the FlipBelt dried quickly if it got wet. Reminder, though, that it’s not waterproof, so any items you put inside are still vulnerable to rain and sweat.

      The belt is made so that it lays flat against the body. The design is not supposed to bounce, and reviewers seemed to agree that the FlipBelt stayed in place. Runners didn’t feel the need to adjust the belt frequently, and they were able to forget it was even there at all. The flat design of the belt also helps to reduce any chance of chafing. Most users found the belt was most comfortable wearing around the hips, so make sure to measure that area when picking out your size. The belt also bounces a lot less if worn on the waistband of pants or shorts. It seems to slide around more when laid directly against the skin. The belt will also work better for some than others. Those with certain body shapes may find they have trouble getting the FlipBelt to stay put.

      Some reviewers did have some issues with the belt riding up, but it wasn’t so bad that they stopped using it and they were in the minority. The fit is snug (which helps keep stuff in the pockets from falling out) without cutting off circulation. The material, too, is soft, which feels nice against the skin said, multiple reviewers.
      The FlipBelt comes in three sizes, small, medium, and large. It’s not adjustable so you’ll need to make sure you pick the correct size before you buy it. Some reviewers found the sizing was a bit limited. There are only three size options, so runners who fall outside the sizing chart are out of luck.

      When it comes to storage capacity, reviewers found that the FlipBelt was able to carry a whole lot of stuff. The pockets are big enough to fit the iPhone 6 Plus, the LG G4, and more. On its own, the belt is not heavy at all. It weighs about 2.5 ounces, give or take, depending on the size selected. Keep in mind, not all the pockets are equal in size. It shouldn't matter too much, though, since it's unlikely that you'll want to carry four Smartphones.
      While the FlipBelt is machine washable, some reviewers pointed out that it seemed to begin to lose its shape and elasticity after a few washes. The FlipBelt seams also seem to fray quicker than other waist packs do. Over time, some reviewers even say, the belt starts to look a little bulkier when worn since it doesn’t lay as flat against the body anymore. It won't hold up for years but that doesn't mean you should completely write it off. It offers more storage space than some waist belts and provides secure but easy access to items.

      The FlipBelt doesn’t come with any accessories nor is it meant to work with any. If you want, you could definitely fit a small water bottle inside one of the pouches, but it may feel a little bulky.

      The look of the FlipBelt is super basic. It’s really just a stretchy piece of fabric with some room for storage. It’s easy to hide underneath a shirt, so you don’t have to feel self-conscious about wearing it. It also comes in a whole slew of colors from bright pink to neon yellow.

      The FlipBelt is affordably priced. Most reviewers seemed to be happy with the price they paid for the piece of running gear and were pleased with the average lifespan of the product. Others, who were disappointed by the belt, said that they felt it was overpriced considering it was such a simple piece of gear.

      Key Features
      - Multiple slit-type pockets
      - Slip-on design
      - Reflective FlipBelt logo
      - Can be put in the washing machine
      - Comes in various colors
      - Comes in small, medium, large
      Bottom Line
      While it’s a bit tricky to get the sizing and fit right, the FlipBelt is a solid choice for runners who want plenty of potential storage space for their training runs. The slit pocket design makes items easy to access, so you don’t have to fumble with a zipper when you’re reaching for your fuel. Because the FlipBelt is supposed to fit close to the body, the tightness ensures nothing falls out unexpectedly. It fits a variety of Smartphones and doesn’t create a bulky look under running clothing.
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      By Steph Coelho
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