Hoka One One Bondi 7

The Hoka One One Bondi 7 is large and in charge. The ample cushioning is great for runners that need a lot of cushioning to protect knees and joints, as well as runners recovering from an injury. It's super comfortable, but not very fast. 

I am a lifelong runner, certified running coach, and 7x marathoner. My last marathon was a 2:56 in 2019 ran with a torn hamstring. Unfortunately, I have battled injuries ever since. My latest injury is a torn plantar fascia which is now healing. I am returning to running very cautiously. Shoes are more important now than ever with this injury, so I look for a lot of cushioning plus a heel counter that minimizes heel slipping. 

Keep reading to see how these performed on my test run.

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Our Conclusion
The Bondi is a lot of shoe! But is an excellent fit for people looking for something to protect their bodies from the impact of running.

If you love max cushioning and aren't too concerned with the overall weight of the shoe, the Hoka One One Bondi 7 is worth checking out!
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Key Features
Comfort & Fit
I opted for my standard size of 8.5 and felt like these shoes were just a tad too big. I recommend opting for at least a half size down when trying on the Bondi 7.

Even when I swapped in custom orthotics (due to a plantar tear), I still felt that these shoes were just a little too big on my feet.
These shoes are very comfortable. They provide cushion throughout my run, even delaying chronic metatarsal pain that begins to haunt me around mile 10. The heels feel very supported, and I feel very high off the ground as if my foot is never really striking the ground.

Sure, they're comfortable, but they slowed my pace due to the weight. These shoes weigh in at just 8.9 ounces, which isn't the heaviest trainer out there on the market, but it just feels heavy and a little clunky. Due to the weight, my pace was a solid 20 seconds slower on many runs. The plus side is this forces an easy pace! They're great for recovery runs, walking, or runners that like to take it slow. For speedwork? Not so great.

This model is almost like the original Hokas—a lot of shoe, especially in the heels. The ample cushioning helps prevent injury or protect someone like me from aggravating a previous foot injury. However, this is not a shoe I would wear to do any speedwork or even long runs if it makes my legs feel heavy. It is not a responsive or nimble shoe.
The midsole is composed of Hoka's CMEVA foam, and there is a lot of it! The Bondi series is for runners that feel like there is no such thing as too much cushioning. It has a beefy stack height of 36 mm on the heel counter and 32 mm on the forefoot with a modest 4 mm drop.

The early-stage Meta-Rocker combined with the thick EVA midsole made my gait cycle feel incredibly smooth, almost like I was running on clouds. With a plantar fascia injury, the cushioning on these shoes felt terrific!
These shoes fit my feet well with a nice roomy toe box, tons of padding on the heel counter, and a stretchy knit upper. While other trainers need a little time to break in, it was love at first step with the Bondi 7.

They were breathable, provided plenty of room in the toe box for natural toe splay, and were very breathable. There were no noted hot spots or rubbing on the heel collar, even on those first initial runs.
The Bondi 7 boasts an incredibly durable rubber outsole with a beveled heel for excellent traction and smooth transitions. It has reinforced rubber pads on high-impact areas and exposed EVA to help keep the weight low, although I still felt like these shoes were pretty heavy.
I took the Bondi 7 on a test drive on road and gravel and felt like the traction was spot-on. Even on slick rain-soaked sidewalks, I didn't feel like I needed to adjust my gait cycle to keep my footing. I would recommend these shoes for runners that like to stick to paved surfaces or even terrain. Due to the shallow lugs, they are not ideal for the trails.
The Hoka Bondi 7 is built to go the distance. It is a very durable and well-made shoe- a hallmark of Hoka running shoes. Even after logging dozens of miles, the soles look almost like new.

Sure, they may be a little bit more expensive than other trainers, but the heightened durability and comfortable ride are well worth every penny.
The only real issue that I had with the Bondi 7 was the weight. I felt that it was just a little too heavy for my running style, and it really slowed me down.

I would recommend this shoe for long runs and base building easy runs. For faster runs, I will likely grab my Rincons. For recovery runs- the Bondi will undoubtedly be added into the rotation!
Our Verdict
I feel safe logging miles in these shoes with my current plantar fascia injury. However, I would not dream of attempting any speedwork in this shoe as they feel heavy, especially compared to the Rincon. In all honesty, I prefer the Rincon and only run in the Bondi if I am doing slow, short recovery runs.

These are definitely worth checking out if you aren't concerned too much about weight, or really don't incorporate much speed work into your training. In all, The Bondi 7 is a solid shoe with plenty of cushioning and support.
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