Hoka One One Conquest 3 Fully Reviewed

The Hoka One One Conquest 3 features the same platform-like midsole that many Hoka shoes do. This shoe belongs to the stability category and will suit runners who have problems with overpronation. The shoe looks big and clunky at first glance but it still manages to offer a firm and responsive ride. The responsiveness is paired with maximal cushioning that will protect wearers from excessive impact and allow them to go long and far.

This third version of the Conquest has a few notable updates. Hoka has considerably improved the fit of the shoe. They have also increased the amount of cushioning in the shoe's midsole. Runners can take the Conquest 3 out for short or long runs and feel well supported the entire time.

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Pros & Cons
  • Excellent cushioning (increased since the last version)
  • More wiggle room for toes
  • Fairly lightweight
  • Supportive
  • Cons
    • Some runners felt the midfoot area was too snug
    • Traction issues in muddy conditions
    • May need to go  up 1/2 size
    • Not very light
    • Key Features
      The Hoka One One Conquest 3 features an outsole that provides full contact with the ground. Full contact makes for excellent traction. The outsole is made of High Abrasion rubber, which is made to last. The RMAT rubber featured in the Conquest 3's outsole is a special rubber that's blended with EVA foam. Compared to regular rubber, this RMAT material has great energy return, is extremely durable and provides outstanding traction.
      The midsole of Hoka One One Conquest 3 contains more of the RMAT rubber from the outsole. In addition, the midsole also contains CMEVA (compression molded EVA). The EVA foam runs the length of the shoe to provide maximum cushioning. The midsole of the Conquest 3 is thicker than in the previous version of the shoe.

      The cushioning is therefore increased, providing an even more comfortable ride. The material contained in the midsole is durable and is meant to rebound even after many uses. The midsole materials also provide excellent energy return. The shoe also features Early Stage Meta-Rocker Geometry construction. This feature allows for a more efficient toe-off for the runner. The ample cushioning in the midsole also works to provide support for runners who need it.
      The Hoka One One Conquest 3 features an air mesh upper. The open mesh allows for breathability and helps to keep feet dry and well ventilated. The upper also features overlays which are fused to the air mesh. These overlays ensure that runners' feet are well secured in the shoe and prevent slippage.

      The tongue of the shoe is well padded, adding comfort for the wearer. The shoe also features traditional laces. The inside of the shoe is seamless, which helps to prevent hot spots from forming and turning into blisters. The Ortholite insole is breathable and also has anti-bacterial and anti-odor properties.
      This isn't your typical trainer. The Hoka One One Conquest 3 has a fairly large footprint, literally. The full contact outsole and oversized foam midsole provide exceptional cushioning for runners who prefer a bit of extra padding. The shoe is much lighter than one might expect. It weighs in at about 11.8 ounces. It's not the lightest shoe out there, but the shoe's midsole cushioning is light enough to allow for a fast ride. Runners who are looking for extra protection underfoot won't mind the added weight. The cushioning is nice and plush, as with many other Hoka shoes.
      The Hoka One One Conquest 3 features an air mesh upper which is made to let a runner's feet breathe. The insole also helps to control bacterial growth and odor. There isn't anything stellar to note about the shoe's breathability. There's no impressive technology to help with excessive perspiration, just the standard mesh design seen in many running shoes.

      Runners didn't have anything particular to say about this feature. Most runners didn't comment on the breathability at all, which generally means there are no serious issues to be had.
      The Hoka One One Conquest 3 is super comfortable thanks to its cushioned midsole. The maximalist shoe's midsole contains plush cushioning that will satisfy runners looking for added protection underfoot. The EVA midsole delivers a cushioned ride that feels like running on a cloud.

      The upper fits comfortably and securely thanks to the fused overlays. In this update of the Conquest, the fit has been improved which has increased the comfort factor even more. The forefoot has been enlarged to accommodate a natural toe display. The midfoot fit is more secure to avoid slippage and maintain stability.
      The Hoka One One Conquest 3 isn't the most attractive shoe out there. It looks quite bulky and appears heavier than it actually is. Some runners are turned off by the appearance of Hoka brand shoes, but the midsole platform is where the cushioning magic happens. Hoka has made an effort to stylize the Conquest 3.

      The Conquest 3 is most likely not a shoe you'll be wearing to and from the gym, but it doesn't look so out of place on a run. The colors of the shoe look just fine. They are not overly flashy. In fact, the color scheme of the Conquest 3 is not likely to bother runners. It is instead the hefty appearance of the shoe that will take some runners time to get used to. Other runners will not need to ask you what kind of shoe you're wearing, as the Conquest 3 definitely stands out as a Hoka One One shoe.
      The outsole of the Hoka One One Conquest 3 is made of durable Hi-Abrasion rubber. The quality rubber is meant to last for miles. The midsole cushion is also meant to last a long while and manages to bounce back without any issues. The RMAT rubber on the outsole is abundant so runners won't wear through the soles of their shoes too quickly. The shoe is well constructed and with ample cushioning should last most runners at least 500 miles.
      The Hoka One One Conquest 3's ample EVA cushioning works to protect runners from the excessive force that occurs with each footfall. The midsole's ability to offer excellent energy return means that runners not only get a cushioned ride but a plush, bouncy one as well. The protection underfoot is excellent and runners will feel covered when it comes to long runs. The hefty EVA midsole protects runners from impact for miles and miles.

      Runners who prefer to have extra cushion will like the plush foam of Conquest 3. The shoe is perfect for runners who are prone to injury or who have lingering issues from past running injuries. Quite a few runners were happy to have the extra cushioning in the maximalist Conquest 3 to help avoid impact injuries.
      The cushioning in the Hoka One One Conquest 3 is nice and responsive. The shoe offers maximum cushioning with great energy return. Each footfall provides a bit of bounce back to increase a runner's efficiency. The Meta-Rocker design of the shoe allows for forwarding propulsion and increases efficiency when out on a run.
      The full-length EVA midsole on the Hoka One One Conquest 3 isn't just there to provide fabulous cushioning. It's also there to add support for the wearer. Runners will feel like they have a stable base when running in the shoe and won't feel that the increased padding makes their runs feel wobbly or unstable. The midfoot cushioning is firm to ensure a supportive base. The overlays featured in the upper also help to provide support.
      The Hoka One One Conquest 3 is meant for the roads but could easily be taken out on the trails if the mood strikes. The outsole provides excellent traction thanks to the fact that its full contact. The traction of the shoe is also aided by its RMAT rubber construction. This material ensures grip on various surfaces. RMAT works to offer grip for runners even in wet conditions. The material is also very durable so it will break down slowly and runners will have traction throughout their training.
      The Hoka One One Conquest 3 costs approximately $150 US. The cost might deter some runners, but for those who are seeking maximal, good quality cushioning, there is little that can beat a Hoka shoe. The cushioning is second to none and the shoe is very comfortable. Another plus - the shoe is very versatile.

      Thanks to its excellent outsole grip, it can be used on a variety of surfaces. The high cushioning, yet lightweight construction allow for use on short or long runs. Since the materials used to construct the Conquest 3 are high quality, the shoe is built to last.
      The Hoka One One Conquest 3 does a good job at keeping runners stable throughout their run and good traction plays a big part in this. The High-Abrasion rubber underfoot is long-lasting and helps keep runners on track even in wet conditions. The full contact outsole ensures that runners will be stable on whatever surface they're running on. Runners will feel stable footed when running in the Conquest 3.
      The Hoka One One Conquest 3 is not a terribly flexible shoe. The immense amount of firm midsole cushioning offers a stable base for runners. The firm midfoot cushioning allows for increased stability but flexibility is therefore sacrificed. The Early Stage Meta-Rocker Geometry helps to make up for the shoe's inflexibility. It ensures a comfortable and efficient toe-off and allows for a natural rolling motion of the foot.
      The Hoka One One Conquest 3 is a maximalist shoe meant to provide stability for those who need of it. Runners who have issues with overpronation and are prone to injury may find solace in the highly cushioning Conquest 3. The shoe has numerous features that contribute to its stability label. The maximalist cushioning offers more than 2 times the amount of cushioning compared to other shoes in the same category. The cushioning not only provides shock absorption but also increases the stability of the shoe.

      The shoe also features an Active Foot Frame design in the midsole. This ensures that a runner's foot is not placed on top of the platformed midsole. Instead, the foot is meant to sink into the shoe which ensures the runner feels and actually is stable. In addition, the outsole's ability to grip surfaces also keep runners stable while they run in the Conquest 3.
      The Hoka One One Conquest 3 features a nice, chunky cushioned midsole made of EVA foam. The shoe looks a bit like a platform, but there is still a heel to toe drop. The drop is 4mm. The rocker-like shape of the shoe contributes to this offset. The Meta-Rocker geometry of the midsole is meant to promote a natural rolling motion of the foot. It increases gait efficiency and ensures that a runner is supported throughout their running motion.
      Key Features
    • Very well cushioned

    • Fairly lightweight

    • Supportive and stable construction

    • Excellent traction

    • Great fit

    • Larger toe-box than previous version

    • Durable

    • Bottom Line
      You can run for miles in the Hoka One One Conquest 3 and feel protected for your entire run. The shoe's maximalist design ensures ample cushioning and protection underfoot. This super cushioned road shoe will perform well whether you choose to run short or long.

      The shoe also manages to be supportive and offer a stable base for runners looking to correct overpronation. The shoe is fairly lightweight given its maximal design. Runners will sink in comfortably to the Conquest 3 and are sure to get quite a bit of use out of the shoe.
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      By Steph Coelho
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