Hoka One One Bondi X

With an added carbon plate and tons of cushioning, the Hoka One One Bondi X is the Cadillac of running shoes.

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Pros & Cons
Carbon plate is great for picking up the pace
Tons of plush cushioning feels like you are running on a cloud
Designed for long-distance running or nice and easy tempo runs
Lightweight and breathable upper
Vert durable rubber outsole pods
MetaRocker helps to naturally propel you forward
Swallowtail heel for added cushioning
Steep price point
Key Features
Key Features

The midsole of this shoe is where all of the magic happens. With an impressive 33 mm stack height, you can feel every ounce of plush cushioning as soon as you slip this magical shoe on your feet.

The midsole is composed of a thick layer of Hoka’s unique formula of compression-molded EVA foam. This thick layer of foam provides an incredibly soft yet responsive ride that Hoka is most known for.

What makes the Bondi X stand out from the crowd of highly cushioned daily trainers is the addition of a carbon plate. Typically, carbon plates are reserved for speed trainers, which is why I felt it was an unusual choice for the Bondi X. However, this carbon plate makes this highly cushioned daily trainer a shoe that is also built for speed as well.

Users found that picking up the pace felt nice and natural, and works quite well together with the compression-molded EVA midsole material.

It boasts an early-stage MetaRocker that naturally helps to propel you forward. I love Hoka’s MetaRocker technology that they utilize in many of their running shoes because it acts as a rocking chair for your feet.

Once you pick up the pace, the curved design of the midsole helps your foot naturally roll through your gait cycle and takes unwanted pressure off of your knees and joints.


The dense midsole of the Bondi X adds a lot of weight to the shoe, and Hoka built the outsole to help reduce the overall weight of the shoe. Instead of utilizing a full-length rubber midsole, this shoe is built with zonal rubber pods for added durability and traction without all of the extra weight.

It boasts tacky rubber pods in higher concentrations on the heel and the toe box where the shoe sees most wear and tear.

Exposed EVA foam on the inside of the foot not only cuts down on the overall weight but also helps to boost agility and flexibility.

As with all Hoka shoes, the Bondi X retains its high level of durability.

This is a shoe built for short or long-distance running, and the build of the outsole is designed to keep up with your running style for hundreds of miles.


What runners love most about the upper of this shoe is that it is incredibly lightweight and breathable. Often, highly cushioned running shoes boast a dense upper that can feel stiff and isn’t very breathable.

While the midsole packs in a lot of cushioning, the upper feels like a lightweight minimalist running shoe. It is composed of unique materials that contour to your foot and help to lift hot air and moisture up and away from your feet.

This upper is composed of 100 percent vegan materials that you can feel good about. The fabric is made from mesh materials with embroidered TPUyard accents that help to keep your feet securely locked in place as you run.

It has a padded heel collar that sits low on the foot to reduce rubbing and chafing, and a short tongue with modest padding that feels light and comfortable, and boosts your overall agility.


Basically, if you have feet you will fall in love with the Hoka One One Bondi X! In the past, the Bondi was only reserved for long-distance runners, or for professions that leave you on your feet all day long. With the addition of the carbon plate built into the midsole, this is a shoe that is designed for speed as well.

Plush EVA cushioning, MetaRocker technology and the new carbon plate come together to make a shoe that is designed both for speed as well as conquering long distances.

What I love most about the Bondi X is that it is a shoe that is made for runners with feet. The plush features of this shoe help to absorb the impact when running on hard surfaces or for long distances, and add an extra spring to your step.

While previous versions of this shoe weren’t exactly made for speed work, the newly added carbon plate makes it easy to pick up the pace when you want to shave off a few seconds off of your lap time.


With flatlock laces and a wide-toe box, this shoe fits like a dream. If you are a size 10 in other Hoka shoes, the same can be said for the Bondi X. Some users found that when selecting their normal size, they were left with a bit of extra room at the end of the toe box.

This little bit of extra room in the toe box allows your toes to naturally splay for added stability and prevents your toes from jamming at the end of the shoe especially on downhill descents.

If you prefer that your toes come right to the edge of the shoe, you may want to purchase a half-size down. Hoka’s have a reputation of running a little large (and wide), and I personally found that I need to order a half size smaller than normal.

Due to the unique frame of this shoe, I highly recommend giving them a test run at your local shoe store before making your purchase.


As they say- into each life a little rain must fall. I knew that the Bondi X sounded a little too good to be true. This running shoe packs speed and comfort into one seamless package, and Hoka knows it!

The added features of this shoe add a bit of overall weight to the shoe, and it also adds almost 50 bucks to the price tag when compared to previous versions. Of all of the shoes in the Hoka lineup, the Bondi X is one of their most expensive running shoes.

However, if you are on the hunt for the best of the best and willing to spare no expense, I feel that this shoe is well worth every penny for high-end comfort miles.

Sure, it may be twice as much as your average budget-friendly running shoe but it is an investment worth making.

If you can’t quite swing the high price point at the moment, Hoka also offers monthly payment options that allow you to make smaller payments over the course of 4 months.

Comparisons to Previous Versions
The Bondi series is a fan favorite for runners that love plush cushioning, and Hoka has made few changes to the performance of this shoe over the years.

Previous iterations of this running shoe still boast high-end cushioning and response and retain the highly durable rubber outsole that is built to tackle hundreds of miles.

The Bondi X has minor changes in the upper that make it a little more breathable and boasts an updated style that looks sleeker and less blocky. The biggest change in the construction of this shoe is the addition of a carbon plate. Previous versions of the Bondi were a little slow and clunky, and primarily reserved for long-distance tempo runs, walking, or professions where you need to be on your feet all day.

The addition of the carbon plate makes this shoe a little bit faster and more responsive than previous designs, which is well worth the subtle bump in price for many runners.
If you are on the hunt for a highly cushioned running shoe that is built for speed as well as distance, the Hoka One One Bondi X is worth checking out.

While the Bondi series is a fan favorite for many runners that love a plush and highly cushioned ride, the Bondi X has only improved upon what runners love so much about this shoe.

The most notable feature of the Bondi X is the addition of a carbon plate built into the midsole. Carbon plates are primarily reserved for speedy trainers, so I found it a bit unusual that Hoka added it to the most cushioned trainers in their lineup.

On the road, the carbon plate in conjunction with the MetaRocker makes it easier to pick up the pace for quicker lap times without sacrificing impact absorption or comfort. Overall, this shoe is a tad on the heavy and clunky side, so I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it for runners looking to achieve high speeds.

However, if you simply want to pick up the pace on your daily runs while wrapping your feet in plush comfort, the Hoka One One Bondi X is well worth the high price point.
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