Aftershokz Air Open-Ear Sport Headphone

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Editor’s Conclusion
Finding a good pair of headphones for your daily runs can be a little challenging. Aftershokz Air is headphones that are specifically designed to accommodate your workouts while still delivering superior sound. Earbuds are fine, but the sound isn’t all that great and they have a tendency to be ripped from your ear during an enthusiastic workout. Plus, earbuds lock you out from the world around you by completely blocking sound, which can be dangerous.

Aftershokz Air works a little differently by keeping your ears completely open and using bone conduction technology to send sound directly into your brain. This allows you to be in tune with your surroundings while also rocking out to your favorite playlist. It boasts a lightweight, flexible and comfortable design that contours to the shape of your head and won’t feel like it’s burrowing a hole into your brain.

They stay firmly in place, are water-resistant (so you can wear them in the rain), and connect wirelessly to your phone via Bluetooth. For runners looking for a pair of headphones designed especially for exercising, Aftershokz Air checks all of your boxes.
Editor's Pros & Cons

Charges in under 2 hours

Works for up to 6 hours before they need to be charged

Utilizes bone conduction technology to keep you in tune with your surroundings

Flexible and durable titanium frame

The noise-canceling microphone allows you to take phone calls

Very comfortable fit

Affordable price point


One size fits all may not fit some users

Vibration is a little too intense at higher volumes

Key Features

Key Features


Hands down, the most important feature of any headphone is the sound quality. These headphones are built a little bit differently by utilizing bone conduction technology that bypasses the eardrum and sends sound in the form of vibrations straight to your inner ear. This style of headphones is super advanced and works to keep you safe while out on the road, but how does it sound?

These headphones utilize Aftershokz’ PremiumPitch audio that sends crystal clear music right into your brain. It also allows users to make adjustments to the bass and vibration via EQ settings. It also boasts a frequency response of 20Hz to 20KHz, which is standard for most quality headphones.

While some higher-end headphones offer a higher frequency response, this doesn’t necessarily mean it offers better sound. The frequency response and EQ settings of these headphones deliver very crisp and high-quality sound into your ears without blocking the ambient sound around you.

The downside to this style of sound delivery is that the high-frequency vibration may be a little irritating and itchy to some users. Previous users that like to listen to their music quite loud found that the vibration felt awkward and strange. This was especially true with music with a high level of bass. You can fix this problem by tinkering with the EQ settings, or just turning down the overall volume of your music.


To me, one of the best features of the Aftershokz Air headphones is their open ear design. You would never drive your car while blocking out all sound, so why is it ok to run while blocking out sound? By keeping your ears open, you can stay tuned in to the world around you, which will keep you safe.

While running alone on an empty trail, you will be able to hear if a cyclist indicates that they are behind you. There are too many times that a cyclist took me by surprise while my ears were blocked by headphones and I nearly avoided a crash. These headphones provide the best of both worlds- pumping tunes while still being keenly aware of my surroundings at all times.


What I also love about these headphones is that they are insanely comfortable. They are composed of a wrap-around titanium frame that is coated in soft rubber that is very flexible and stays in place while you work out. They slip over the front of your ear while the back runs low on the base of your head. Users found that this design is incredibly durable, and the flexible design feels quite natural.

The only downside to this design is that it only comes in one size. While they are flexible enough for larger heads, if you have a small noggin you may have difficulty with the overall fit. It’s also worth noting that users that wear glasses have to tinker a bit with the placement of their headphones to find that perfect spot that doesn’t cause their glasses to vibrate while wearing these headphones!


This design is completely wire-free, which means that you will need to charge them before you head out for the day. They charge via a micro USB charging port that is included with purchase. They ship to your door with 50 percent of a charge which allows you to give them a little test before you take them out on the road.

When they are completely dead, it only takes between 1.5 to 2 hours to charge them up completely. Once charged, they can deliver up to 6 hours of continuous music or podcasts. While the brand’s website claims that they last for up to 6 hours. There are many users that found that this design will last for more than 6 hours. The lifespan of a single charge often depends upon how loud you listen to your music.

Another great feature of this design is that it boasts a 10-day standby time. Once fully charged, these headphones will retain their battery life for up to 10 days if not used. This is a great feature for travelers that like to pack their headphones for a trip without the need to charge them before heading out on an adventure!


These headphones are able to pair easily with your phone via Bluetooth. It’s compatible with any Apple or Android device (which includes phones, tablets, and even PCs) by simply conducting a scan of nearby Bluetooth devices.

Once you connect your phone once to this device, it will automatically detect when your device is switched on and send sound directly to your headphone. Users found that connecting their headphones to their phones was super quick and easy.


This design is not only able to send music right into your brain, but users are also able to take calls as well. It comes equipped with a noise-canceling microphone that makes all calls crisp and clear. If you are running on a congested sidewalk along a busy road, the caller on the other end will be able to hear you as clear as a bell while the microphone blocks out all outside noise.

You also have the ability to take, block, or adjust the volume of your call right from your headphones, allowing you to keep your phone safely in your pocket.


You won’t be able to wear these headphones while swimming in the pool, but a little bit of water and moisture won’t hurt them in the slightest. They are classified as water-resistant, which means that they can be exposed to things like rain or even sweat without damaging your device.

Many headphones aren’t considered to be water-resistant and may become damaged if you get caught in a heavy rain shower. I’ve even had headphones that start to corrode when exposed to heavy sweat. This rubber-coated titanium frame is built for heavy sweat and heavy rain- just don’t take them in the pool or the shower!


With all of the advanced features offered, I was expecting a fairly high price point. However, I was quite surprised by the super affordable price point of the Aftershokz Air. While they’re not considered budget-friendly, you will certainly get a pretty big bang for your buck with this design.

Overall, they cost about the same amount as a pair of Apple AirPods but offer up a lot more functionality and advanced design features that are made with athletes in mind.


If you are on the hunt for a pair of headphones to wear while out on your daily runs, Aftershokz Air is one of your best options. It utilizes bone connectivity technology that leaves your ear open to keep you in tune with the world around you.

I feel that wearing earbuds while running is not only uncomfortable, but it is also very unsafe. You need to keep a keen awareness of the world around you to stay safe and prevent accidents. Often, when running on a trail I always pop a headphone out to say hello to a fellow runner, but with this design, there is no need!

What I also love about this design is that it is insanely comfortable and lightweight, and I barely feel them at all while running on the trails. They are water-resistant so they won’t become damaged when running in the rain or super hot days where you are just sweating buckets.

Plus, they charge up quickly and hold a charge for 6 hours. They are designed with athletes in mind, and clock in at a reasonable price point that won’t break the bank!