New Balance Fresh Foam Roav 2

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Editor’s Conclusion
The New Balance Fresh Foam Roav 2 is a great lightweight daily trainer for runners that love squishy foam padding but hate a lot of extra weight.

This shoe manages to provide a good deal of soft and squishy cushioning that feels like you are running on a cloud, but keeps the overall weight under 9 ounces for a lightweight yet cushioned ride.

With a high stack height and modest 8 mm drop, this shoe manages to stay light and agile, which is perfect for snappy sets as well as HIIT and cross-training. The outsole provides runners with a little dot of rubber around high-impact areas and exposed foam along with the majority of the outsole of the shoe. The limited rubber on the outsole boosts this shoe's agility and range of motion but hinders its overall durability.

Overall, this is a great running shoe for nice and easy tempo runs or speed work but falls a little flat when training for long-distance running.

Below, I wanted to take a deep dive into the advanced features that make the New Balance Fresh Foam Roav 2 a great daily trainer that is worth checking out.
New Balance Fresh Foam Roav 2 Review Facts
Editor's Pros & Cons

Highly cushioned EVA midsole

Fits true to size

Great for speed or agility work

Very breathable synthetic mesh upper

Flat laces for excellent lockdown

Budget-friendly price point


Some runners feel that the heel counter is too stiff

Limited durability

Key Features

Key Features


There is a lot to love in the design of the midsole in the Fresh Foam Roav 2. By simply stepping down into this shoe, you can see the midsole squish under the weight of your body. Fresh Foam is made from a unique EVA compound.

What makes this midsole unique is that the EVA is treated with a unique chemical compound that boosts responsiveness in high-impact areas of the shoe. While it’s highly cushioned, New Balance’s EVA formula crafts a responsive ride that won’t turn your gait cycle into mush.

It is also worth noting that this midsole provides runners with an 8 mm drop, which puts a good deal of distance between your feet and the ground.

The higher drop in this shoe is great for heel-strikers and adds more cushioning and support in the heels for a more comfortable ride that works to protect your knees and joints as you train.


One of the biggest changes made in the overall design of this daily trainer is the construction of the outsole. Instead of utilizing a full-length rubber outsole, New Balance uses a blend of exposed EVA foam and rubber pods on the back of your heel and around the MTP joint at the base of your big toe.

I feel that New Balance opted for this change in the outsole to keep the overall weight of this shoe lightweight and agile, but this change really hinders its overall durability. Many runners found that the exposed foam wore down quickly when running long distances, and was even prone to tearing when running on trails.

This shoe loses quite a bit of durability, but runners gain more flexibility in the outsole as well as added agility. The changes made to this outsole are geared towards very specific styles of running.


Many runners absolutely love the fit of this upper. It is composed of a thin layer of breathable mesh that really contours to the shape of your foot.

The seam-free construction along the top of the foot boosts breathability and agility and eliminates any hot spots or seam lines rubbing against the top of your foot. Overall, the New Balance Fresh Foam Raov 2 gets an A+ in breathability.

This design also drops the ribbed heel counter and instead replaces it with a modestly flared heel collar with plenty of padding along the sides of the heel. Flared heel collars are insanely popular, but they aren’t for everyone.

What I love most about this shoe is that the heel has a modest flare that isn’t exaggerated for extra support without too much extra fabric along the backside of your foot.

The structured padding along the backside of the foot boosts lockdown and support, but some runners feel that it is just a little too stiff for their running style.


Due to durability issues, the New Balance Fresh Foam Roav 2 is not for everyone. If you are training for long distances, the outsole of this shoe has just a little bit too much exposed EVA foam to hold up for the long haul. Many runners found that the exposed foam outsole became a little torn up and worn down before reaching the 200-mile mark.

If you prefer to train for long distances or just have a heavy stride, this shoe may prove to be a little underwhelming in terms of durability.

However, if you are a runner that likes to go on nice and easy tempo runs, this shoe really shines. I also love that the lightweight design and added agility and flexibility to this shoe are also great for a wide variety of workouts.

If you like to mix up your training schedule with HIIT or bodyweight exercises at the gym, this shoe is easily able to switch gears to meet your unique training needs.


I combed through quite a few user reviews and found that this shoe runs true to size. If you are a size 10 in previous New Balance running shoes, the same can be said for the Fresh Foam Roav 2.

If you have never tried New Balance running shoes before, I suggest taking good measurements of your feet and comparing them to NB’s sizing chart. The fit of this shoe is super accommodating, you likely won’t need to take them for a test spin before you make your purchase.

In true New Balance form, the toe box of this design is nice and wide, and it allows plenty of room to let your toes naturally splay as you run. Even for runners with slightly wide feet, they felt that the toe box gave them plenty of room and didn’t jam their toes at the end of the shoe.

This design also offers flat laces that contour to the shape of your foot and allows you to tinker to achieve that perfectly locked-down fit.


My favorite feature of this running shoe is that it comes in at an incredibly low price point that is perfect for runners on a budget. While it’s priced in the budget-friendly category, there are few things worth noting. Sure, it’s a budget-friendly shoe, but it doesn’t provide runners with high-end durability as other running shoes out there on the market.

Overall, runners were able to squeeze about 200 miles out of this shoe before the outsole started to become worn down.

For long-distance runners, or those that are just hard on their running shoes, the low price point just may not be worth it in the long run (so to speak!).

Comparisons to Previous Versions

Comparisons to Previous Versions

It’s as if New Balance went back to the drawing board when they designed the second iteration in their Fresh Foam Roav series. The second iteration in this series saw some big changes made to the design of the upper, and these changes left some runners a little bit disappointed.

They dropped the dimpled design in the midsole and the flared Ultra Heel and replaced it with something a little more simple and streamlined.

The Fresh Foam Roav 2 looked modern and unique, while the Fresh Foam Roav 2 boasts a simple style that some runners feel is a little bit too boring.

Performance-wise, the outsole of this shoe has also undergone a makeover. Instead of utilizing a full-length NDurance outsole, it has been replaced with exposed EVA foam with added rubber pods on high-impact areas. This design change means this shoe isn’t quite as durable as the previous versions.

However, it helps to keep the weight down and agility up. Some runners feel like this outsole design change is a positive impact, while others wish that it was just a little more durable and responsive.


If you are on the hunt for a great pair of daily trainers that are lightweight yet highly cushioned, the New Balance Fresh Foam Roav 2 is a running shoe that is worth checking out. What I love most about this shoe aside from its very affordable price point, is that it offers runners a high-end level of cushioning.

New Balance’s unique EVA foam formula feels super plush and soft but doesn’t turn your gait cycle into mush. It’s the perfect balance of plush cushioning and responsiveness that is perfect for those nice and easy tempo runs or speedy laps around the track.

While this shoe is super lightweight and comfortable, it is a little lacking in the durability department. Runners found that they were only able to squeeze out up to 200 miles before the exposed EVA foam on the outsole started to wear down.

While it isn’t exactly a workhorse, it’s a shoe that is a perfect fit for runners on a budget that need a super comfortable shoe for nice and easy training days.