New Balance WX608V3 Cross-Training Shoe

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New Balance WX608V3 Cross-Training Shoe New Balance WX608V3 Cross-Training Shoe

I have been buying New Balance for the last 10 years & love this style line. This company always seems to produce great shoes, and the New Balance WX608V3 Cross-Trainer is no exception. I believe that these will satisfy anyone who is concerned about comfort, performance and style.


The all-day comfort features

When I asked why it was called WX608V3 I was told that this is the 3rd version of this model that they have made. So, I ordered my pair from amazon and am so far very pleased with this style. These shoes are among the most comfortable that I’ve had. The 608v3 really feels like walking on air, sparking motivation to walk more every day. They are comfortable and sturdy, good for both walking and exercising. I would recommend this product to anyone who spends most of the day on their feet. A dual density collar brings more comfort and support to users by having the softer density foam against the foot for cushioning, and the foam of firmer density to support it. There is a lot of padding in the insoles, which feel great whenever you put them on, eliminating heel pain and making them very comfortable to wear for long periods of time. The seamless Phantom Liner also helps enhance comfort and fit of these shoe.

New Balance WX608V3
  • New Balance WX608V3
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  • ABZORB shock-absorbing cushioning
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In terms of fit, although it can sometimes be a gamble when ordering shoes online, however I was not disappointed in when these shoes arrived. With secure lace-up front and the wider front, allowing more space and a more comfortable fit, they did a great job! I had no problems, no blisters, and no rubbing. For those who have narrow feet, these shoes seem to be the best option, without spending a fortune for a special narrow size. There is plenty of room for my toes, really making them a joy to walk in. So if you have wide feet, I suggest going up about half a size bigger from what you normally wear, to avoid making your feet feel too constricted in these shoes. For example, if your foot is a 10.5, order an 11.


These shoes are really what I have been looking for. My training routine definitely requires a flexible shoe. The The WX608V3 cross-trainer from New Balance has the versatility and performance that you may need for a variety of workouts, thanks to its shock absorbing heel, non-marking outsole and flexible midsole. The IMEVA foam midsole especially provides flexible cushioning while maintaining a proper level of firmness at the same time. However, it is not flexible enough for serious walking.


Cross- trainers often have more support than walking or running shoes. If you plan on trail walkin, hiking or any other outdoor activities where there is not a necessarily flat surface, the New Balance WX608V3 is an ideal shoe. They provide great balance and give sturdy support for those types of environments. With their ABZORB® technology you will have the benefits of cushioning as well as great shock absorption. since I have plantar fasciitis I have to wear shoes that offer a little more support. This style was suggested to me particularly for plantar fasciitis relief and so far they have worked well, especially when running on the treadmill or doing a 30 minute round on the elliptical machine. They seem to provide much-needed support for my feet, ankles and legs, which can reduce over-pronation, and they are also perfect for doing lateral movements. My old shoes would often tend to stretch out on the sides, making my feet slide around, resulting in blisters. One very useful feature is that the insole is removable, so that an orthotic Plantar Fasciitis insole can be inserted in its place, in the case that one would be necessary for more support.

The stability of New Balance’s WX608V3

WX608V3 is very solid in design, which makes them stable shoes. These New Balance shoes have plenty of good rubber on the bottom, which not only provides traction but stability as well. The stability of these shoes is rated to be enough for many different types of training.


They are said to be waterproof, therefore you can wear them in wet weather. The only drawback that I am aware of is that some people complained about getting hot after several hours of wear, but I figured since they are all leather uppers that is probably normal for the material. The construction and materials make these shoes suitable to wear on winter days as well.


The non- marking rubber outsole creates a high degree of traction without marking up floors. They actually feel like I’m wearing safety shoes. They give me a feeling of non-slip safety on slick tile floors.


These shoes have been good for walking, working out, doing Zumba as well as normal every day wear. Their strdy construction makes these shoes good for walking on all types of terrain such as paved roads, beach, rocks, hills, as well as any type of cross training. I am no longer a runner, but if I were, I would probably use these shoes for long running days. In short, you don’t need to have an enormous collection of shoes, as I find the New Balance WX608V3 Cross-Training Shoe will stand up to most purposes.


I have purchased a number of New Balance shoes over the years and have never been disappointed in the quality of their products. These cross-training shoes feature genuine leather uppers for enhanced durability. These shoes have stood up well in all kinds of weather and the leather actually washes nicely in the washing machine. However, despite their high quality, they still don’t last very long if you wash them too often.


These are nice and lightweight cross training shoes. They are one of the lightest pairs of shoes I’ve ever owned. The seamless Phantom Liner not only enhances the comfort and fit but also reduces the weight of these shoes. Generally, they are so light and unobtrusive; you don’t even feel like you’re wearing shoes.


I think that nothing can prevent you from being attracted by the sleek and stylish New Balance WX608V3. These shoes are a great blend of fashion and function. The neutral color matches everything. You will always stand out wherever you are with these shoes. I loved the look of these, mostly white (required for school or hospital) and no mesh across the toes.

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As far as price, they’re not very expensive in the comparison with other cross training shoes. In my opinion, these shoes are worth worth the investment. This was another great purchase from Amazon as they continue to offer a quality shoe at a decent price, and even with quick shipping.

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In conclusion, these shoes provide great support as well as style and durability. Once again, New Balance fails to disappoint. This brand has certainly earned my loyalty, as I highly recommend these for those in search of a great pair of cross training shoes.