The Best Motion Control Running Shoes Reviewed


Searching for the best Motion Control Shoes? Take a look at the top rated shoes of 2018, Pros & Cons and what to be aware of before buying them!

There are so many different types of footwear which are produced to meet the specific requirements of, not only certain activities but also the requirements of different types of users.

There are some that provide a lot of cushioning, and some that don’t. There are shoes which are intended for use on the road and pavement, and others that work best over the trails and through the mud.

If you have low arches or encounter over-pronation problems, you should look at a pair of shoes which offer arch support and good rear-foot control. Larger runners benefit from motion control shoes in terms of shoe durability and good support. Motion control shoes can make all the difference to running performance and are worth the investment for runners with low arch difficulties.

Have a read and if you’re looking for a shoe which gives provides a level of motion control to meet your particular needs, you can find it here.

Take a look at our reviews and see if there’s a shoe here for your running gear.

Last Updated: April 1, 2018
By Richard Haberkost:

We regularly update this choice of top performing shoes and today we have brought in the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 18. This line up is tried and tested along with updated popular shoes and there is a shoe for every preference. Read our criteria for reviewing to see how we identify the best for you and for answers to questions check through our helpful FAQs

Our Top 3 Picks

Brooks Beast 16
  • Brooks Beast 16
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • BioMoGo midsole
  • Price: See Here
ASICS GEL Foundation
  • ASICS GEL Foundation
  • 4 out of 5
    Our rating
  • GEL cushioning system
  • Price: See Here
Brooks Addiction 12
  • Brooks Addiction 12
  • 4 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Adaptive DNA cushioning
  • Price: See Here

In this review, we are going to take a good look at the top ten best motion control shoes that you will currently find on the market today. A few of the points that we will be paying attention to are things like stability, construction quality, functionality of design, key performance and comfort features as well as overall durability.

10 Best Motion Control Running Shoes

Brooks Beast 16

This one continues to hang out in the number one spot, when it comes to versatility of use. The Beast 16 once again finishes first, this time as an outstanding motion control shoe, not only because of its exceptional performance, but also its high rating among users. Let’s get into it and see what this one has to offer, and why this model rates so high.
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Although there are a few different attributes that perform different functions, they all seem to come together nicely like a well oiled machine. Let’s start by taking a look at the comfort and stability that this shoe provides, then move on from there.

The BioMoGo midsole, paired with Brooks’ DNA cushioning is able to effectively adapt to the user’s foot, offering a more custom fit. The interior has a built in saddle which incorporates stretch TPU, allowing the foot to lock into place for increased stability during use. The upward side is constructed of sparse mesh with a finer mesh liner. Both help the shoe maintain breathability, keeping your feet cool and comfortable. For additional support of the feet, and
durability, the upper also has no-sew overlays which are not stitched in to keep from adding rub points that could cause irritation during a run. Now down to the outsole. There is quite a bit of tread here, but the road is still the most suitable terrain for the Beast. Besides some light paths, You probably wouldn’t want to go too far off-road with these.

As far as user reviews go, these rate really high. In all these seem to be a quality made model, however you will find some complaints out there of the midsole not lasting whenever the rest of the shoe. Even though this isn’t a majority, it is still something to keep in mind. Although these are certainly the pocket friendly, they are also not the cheapest. However, If you look, you can usually find them for a reasonable price, especially if you consider all that you really get with the Beast 16.
  • Breathable upper
  • Interior saddle helps to lock in foot
  • Brooks’ DNA cushioning allows adaptable fit
  • Will sufficiently support heavier runners
  • Diagonal Rollbar for additional stability
  • The '16' fit a little bit smaller than the previous versions
  • Fairly higher priced

ASICS GEL Foundation 12

You really can’t go wrong with footwear from ASICS, especially when is comes to good options for comfort, stability and adequate support. The Foundation is one that was designed to provide the right amount of support for runners who over-pronate. This choice has a quite a few features that work in unison to provide stability and control to your run, keeping you from experiencing as much fatigue that you would with less supportive footwear. Now we’ll go from top to bottom, and see what we’ve got here.
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Starting with the upper, a portion of the support comes from the non-stitched overlays that reinforce the breathable, lightweight mesh material, which has been engineered with ventilated sections in the forefoot. A growing trend in most sports footwear, the seamless design of stitchless overlays provides a secure fit while saving the user from the irritation that offset areas on the inside can cause.

Moving inside, ASICS has added their ComforDry sockliner. This provides some moisture wicking and odor control properties, and even adds a little more cushion.

This version has a lot going on under the foot. In the midsole you will find features such as their Guidance Trusstic System, Dynamic DuoMax Support as well as SpEVA which provides effective energy return post impact. And of course, These wouldn’t be complete without ASICS’ GEL system under the forefoot and heel.

These really do have everything required for the proper support and care for overpronation. According to general opinions of users who offered reviews, These are received enthusiastically positive by the majority. With that said, these are claimed to be very flexible despite the amount of cushion, however there are some complaints that the movement is a bit stiff. There are also some who state that this version runs about a half size larger. It is probably a good idea to go to a store and try a pair on before ordering online, if that is how you plan on purchasing them.

Like most quality footwear, these aren’t the cheapest option around, but they are still pretty affordable when compared to some others. You will probably find the best savings on sites like Amazon.
  • GEL cushioning system
  • Guidance line and Flex Grooves on outsole for added flexibility
  • Ideal for those with overpronation
  • Seemless upper construction for less chance of irritation
  • May not be as flexible as intended
  • possible sizing issues

Brooks Addiction 12

Brooks seems to continuously improve noticeably on each new version of their different models, resulting in premium running footwear for multiple uses. In this case we have chosen the Addiction 12, as is among the best choices for those who need exceptional motion control in their runners.
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Their BioMoGo midsole, which provides effective energy return and adaptive DNA cushioning are the staple features in this model, there are plenty of other things that earn it the number three spot on our list.

The mesh upper provides plenty breathability and moisture management. It is supported by stitched overlays that connect to the lacing system to maintain a proper fit. Additionally, these have an extended rollbar to a reliable control. Along with the decent tread and flex grooves on the outsole, there is also a segmented crash pad in the heel. This allows softer landings when pushing yourself out on the road. One more plus is that these work pretty well for wider feet, as there is a little more room in the toe box.

We know that these are most likely going to be a quality made product, just based on the manufacturer, but it is always good to see what other runners think as well.

Although most comments are positive, one of the things that got a bit of criticism was that the mesh material in the upper seemed to wear out pretty quickly. That could depend on the particular work you put your shoes through. Another point that some were critical of was the weight. Some thought the Addiction was a little on the heavier side. However, generally, the positive reviews outnumber the negative ones enough for these to rate at the top.
  • work for wider feet
  • Ideal support for overpronation
  • High breathability
  • Plenty of cushion and support where needed the most
  • Fairly expensive
  • Too heavy for some


Brooks Adrenaline GTS 18

Carrying on a long and positive reputation for performance, this shoe steps forward as the next line from its predecessors. Giving a level of performance, protection, targetted cushion and stability and of course excellent motion control.

If you are looking for support combined with seriously good performance, then you will find what you want in this shoe.
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The Adrenaline GTS gives seriously good support, nice flexibility, a light shoe and quick, very nice for short local runs on a daily schedule.

Feedback on this shoe is very impressive.

A well-balanced shoe, good arch support and a substantial amount of well placed cushioning, the design is sleek and comfortable, the lightness of the shoe ensures a comfortable run. The shoe is true to sizing and FIT is nice, nice quick dry out time if you get caught running in a downpour, though it's a good shoe for short daily runs it also works well for long runs. The upper is well constructed and affords good breathability while also lending towards structural support and the sole ensures consistent ongoing reliable traction.


For a brand name shoe with a good reputation, the price is fair.

Excellent motion control


A light shoe


Quick dry out

Reliable traction

Nice choice of colors


Pay attention to the heel design


Mizuno Wave Legend

The Wave Legend from Mizuno is another great choice for those who need some extra correction in order to prevent foot fatigue, or even injury due to lacking support. These are also an excellent option for those who tend to go for the longer distance runs.
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The comfort and support mostly come from features such as the EL8 midsole which provides responsive cushioning. And, don’t forget about Mizuno’s Parallel Wave Technology which provides a more effective midfoot transition during your stride. Some of the improvements that were added to this newer version include thicker cushioning under the forefoot, Deeper flex grooves on the outsole to compensate, as well as a more breathable upper build.

The Dynamotion Fit upper is put together with a ported mesh material with the more sparsely woven AirMesh on top. There are also stitched overlays and toe cap to add to the supportive fit, as well as increased durability.

Another plus that these offer is their ability to be worn comfortable by runners with wider feet, mostly due to the roomier toe box.
In general, Mizuno’s products rarely receive much negativity. That continues to be true with this one as well. A majority of the customer feedback is positive, however there are a few who had some critical points. Believe it or not, there are some who felt that these weren’t as breathable as they expected. Also, there were some reviews that expressed concerns over the lasting durability. In all, these offer exactly what we are looking for in terms of support and control, making them a prime choice for our list.
  • AirMesh breathable upper
  • Increased padding under forefoot
  • Wave Technology for effortless midfoot transition
  • Some durability issues, according to a few customer reviews

Skechers GOrun Forza

Skechers makes a lot of shoes for a lot of different uses. One thing that many will say when they think of skechers is comfort. Another is affordability. Although the GOrun Forza tends to run a little higher priced than some other models from Skechers, they still remain in the realm of reasonable cost, especially for those who are not competitively running or hitting extreme distances. Let’s take a peek at these, and see what lands them on this page.
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For starters, it is worth mentioning that they do come in a very wide range of color choices, both for women and men. They have put together a good combination of stability, cushion and responsiveness with this one, all while maintaining a lightweight package. A smooth heel-to-toe transition is provided by a firm medial post which is featured in the two piece midsole. This feature also aids in the control of overpronation. Also, in addition to a molded heel counter, there is an interior support strap which further ensure a secure and confident fit.

Looking at what customers had to say, most comments are really positive. However, there are always some critical one as well. It is important to look at both in order to make an informed decision. Some mentioned that the thin rubber over the outsole did not adhere well to the bottom, coming apart fairly quickly. Others were concerned about that same outsole rubber, mentioning that it seemed like there should be a bit more protection there. In all these do have the necessary properties to put them right where they are in the review.
  • A good choice for over-pronators
  • Lightweight properties
  • Interior support strap provides secure fit
  • Customer concerns over outsole durability
  • Higher cost for Skechers

Newton Aha

This shoe would be a little higher on the list, but some of the features that this one has, although great, may not be for everyone. The Aha, like others produced by Newton, has the P.O.P. 3 Platform near the forefoot of the outsole. This consists of five lugs that stick out slightly further from the bottom, which are designed to promote forefoot running.
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Another thing that went into building this shoe include a Biomechanical Metatarsal Sensor Plate. This allows support for the foot in key areas. Also, on the outsole you’ll find a super high abrasion rubber compound, or S.H.A.R.C. for increased protection and durability.

One of Newton’s unique patented technologies that this shoe also has is their Active/Reactive system. The purpose of this is to give a trampoline-like effect that efficiently reduces energy loss.

Since most who purchased these tend to be aware of Newton’s Lug design, most of the reviews are positive. some weren’t crazy about the lugs, but they aren’t many major complaints regarding durability or fit.
  • Lightweight and decent breathability
  • Reduced energy loss with the Active/Reactive technology
  • Increased durability on the outsole with the S.H.A.R.C. material
  • Additional support from the Metatarsal Sensor Plate
  • Direction of P.O.P. 3 lugs seemed to decrease traction for some.
  • The 5 lug design doesn’t appeal to everyone

New Balance 1260

A reliable option for many runners, New Balance continues to produce and improve upon their 1260 model. Branded as a stability running shoe, these have all of the right stuff to fit the needs of our list. They were able to maintain a slightly lower profile design for the 1260, especially for a shoe that is intended to provide greater stability and control. They have designed this one to be an ideal option for over-pronators.
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Beginning with the upper, their well ventilated construction primarily consists of a very breathable mesh that is reinforced with a combination of both stitched and non-stitched overlays that provide additional security.

Moving down, these have a full length ABZORB midsole paired with their T-Beam support. The 1260v6 provide quite a bit of shock absorption as well as torsional stability. Additionally, the ABZORB crashpad in the heel also allow even more stability and control.

The general consensus of buyers have responded positively to this newest version of the 1260 model, although there were several complaints of sizing issues for both male and female customers. There weren’t any major concerns with their overall durability or quality in build.
  • More than adequate stability with dual density post and T-Beam support
  • Optimal breathability
  • Excellent choice for over-pronators
  • Fit a bit larger in length for men, and smaller for women

ASICS GEL Fortitude 7

Slightly lower in height, compared to most other options intended for motion control, The Fortitude from ASICS is definitely a little different from the others in this guide. Surprisingly, these are said to even be quite effective for the more severe over-pronators, despite their reduced profile.
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Starting from the top, the upper is built from breathable mesh-like material with sewn in reinforcement overlays and toe cap. On the inside there is a moisture wicking Comfordry sockliner, as well as a removable insole to accommodate custom orthodics if needed.

In addition to ASICS’ proprietary GEL cushioning in the heel and forefoot, this version also has a SpEVA Foam platform for energy return. The Fortitude provides good mobile stability, partly owed to its Guidance Trusstic system as well as the vertical flex groove along the outsole.

Searching through what customers had to say we found that most of it is quite positive, especially with regards to the overall design, However, there are a few that are critical of the weight. Some state that these are still quite heavy, like others of this type, even despite the reduction in height. But, really the shoe is in fact quite similar to the rest in this lineup. The only major design difference is the lower collar. These are still a great option, especially if you want a less bulky appearance.
  • Great mobility control
  • Lower height than most other comparable footwear
  • Surprisingly flexible
  • Fairly priced
  • Still pretty heavy, even despite the shorter profile
  • Probably not ideal for long distances

New Balance 1340v2

Branded by New Balance as an Optimum Control Shoe, The 1340v2 deserves to be here. Like other products from this company, the reliability of this one is pretty good. Starting off with the style of these, they have a little more going on than many other New Balance shoes, which seems to be part of their popularity.
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First with the upper, they have a loose knit material accompanied by a lot of sewn in overlays and supports. Next, the control properties that these have include an extended web system in the midfoot that provides additional support. Additionally, there is a polyurethane insert as well as the ABZORB cushioning in the forefoot for added support and comfort.

The blown rubber outsole is thick, and also has a more durable rubber covering the higher wear areas of the bottom.

These do have a pretty bulky build, but that is something that usually, with few exceptions, most have come to accept with this specific type of footwear.
  • Good amount of cushion.
  • Stable platform for running or simply everyday wear
  • Wider toe box
  • Slightly expensive
  • Sizing issues with this version, according to some customer reviews

The North Face Ultra 109 GTX

The number ten spot goes to an option that is intended as a stability trail runner. There aren’t a ton of trail options in this specific category, so we thought this would also be a good one for this guide.The North Face is more well known as an outerwear producer, but the Ultra 109 actually rates really well among users. So let’s dog right in and see what we’ve got.
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The number ten spot goes to an option that is intended as a stability trail runner. There aren’t a ton of trail options in this specific category, so we thought this would also be a good one for this guide.The North Face is more well known as an outerwear producer, but the Ultra 109 actually rates really well among users. So let’s dog right in and see what we’ve got.

Since this is more of an off-road option, we’ll start from the bottom up. Aside from the slightly aggressive tread, The outsole has the UltrATAC high abrasion material in high wear area for increased durability. Moving up, there is a TPU Snake Plate I the forefoot for added protection from rougher terrain.

In the midsole there is a full length molded EVA foam unit which offers plush comfort. Additionally, the 109 gets an extra bit of balance and stability from the ESS shank that is found in the midfoot.

The outer covering of the upper consists of a well ventilated mesh material. This is lined by Gore-Tex membrane which provides exceptional waterproofing capabilities. And finally, for added protection there is a TPU toe cap. This comes in handy when encountering rough trails with loose rocks and other debris.

According to the reviews from customers, these rate well with the majority. But, there are some out there who have claimed to have minor durability issues that they did not expect from something with this kind of construction.
  • Plenty of protection from the elements
  • Gore-Tex lining
  • The general build offers good stability and correction for pronators
  • On the more expensive side
  • Not lightweight footwear


HOKA ONE ONE Gaviota Women's Shoes

Here we see top level support minus shoe weight, this shoe breaks through with regards to reliable motion control.

This shoe is very light-weight and a great performer for motion control, for those with severe overpronation, you get maximum cushion support where it really matters. This shoe is up there with the top Hoka shoes for support and works to reduce problems with over pronation and does not require a designed in medial post.

Stability emanates from a J Frame ( R-Mat) construction which works in conjunction with a built-in foot frame combined with a nice broad base.
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RMAT is built in by the medial shoe side and the heel area so the foot gets natural guidance and serious stability, sure fire support from the EVA foam system and the durable rubber RMAT.

Late-Stage-Meta Rocker shoe tech gives stability and support for the fore-foot via a rockered built in the midsole.


Great performance traction combined with top durability through the strategic use of Light-weight rubber with hi - abrasive qualities.


Top performing breathability and airflow through durable and comfortable printed mesh which lends towards a light built shoe.  For mid-foot structure, stability comes from the arch lock wings shoe tech. More cushioning combined with odor control through the high-performance ortholite sock-liner.

The shoe weighs in at 9.7 ounces and has a stack height for the heel 32mm, forefoot 27mm, shoe widths are D wide and B medium. For sizing, we see standard running shoe sizes, a narrow-medium heel, low volume for the midfoot and medium forefoot, medium arch structure with a semi to straight shoe shape.


A price which reflects a quality investment, well worth the investment for a good motion control shoe.

Ortholite sock-liner

Late-Stage-Meta Rocker

Reliable motion control

Very good cushion

Durable and comfortable

Good stability


This shoe model is for lady runners only.


Brooks Ariel 16 Women's Shoes 

Here is a great shoe with trustable motion control, works for cases of severe level overpronation, Bags of great support from a multi dense midsole, very adaptive cushion factor through via super DNA shoe tech, a very stabilizing and comfortable midfoot-saddle while the breathable upper mesh is a constructed no sew shoe tech element.

If you're looking for secure comfortable FIt combined with stability, breathability and high performance, this shoe has what you are hunting for.
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You get more cushion through super DNA cushion tech at a midsole level, this shoe goes for serious FIT through molding to your foot shape. The shoe adapts well to changes in the environment and changes in pace. An impressive diagonal rollbar system built from BioMoGo foam and this extends from the forefoot back to the heel, a nice comfortable feel while bringing down excessive pronation.

Check out the caterpillar crash pad which works to flex in conjunction with your foot, a very sound heel to toe transitioning support by top performing cushion. Torsional rigidity and supportive balance through the innovative designed in thermo-plastic unit and made from polyurethane.

Cushion factor is maintained while Flex Grooves (Omega) promote flexibility in the mid-sole area. Motion control is enhanced through the foot stabilizing MC-Pod-Configuration, the foot is set for a nicely balanced heel through to toe transition.

Durable traction and reliable abrasion resistant through designed in HPR-plus. Super anti-skid qualities through rubberized HPR-green designed into the shoe forefoot shoe area.
Flexibility is customized through Flextra rubber built into the shoe forefoot, popular MC-Pod-Configuration gives good stability designed into the outsole and midsole, expect a very nice heel through to the toe transition process.
Great breathability and moisture control through the built-in element mesh, a secure and seamless FIT through strategically built in synthetic overlays, moisture management is promoted through element linings, sure-fire secure fit via the built-in internal support saddle.
The ultimate sock liner gives more cushion and performs as an insole with moisture wicking capability, the upper is full length stitched to Strobel Last shoe tech standards, the shoe has great cushion combined with very good flexibility.
If your looking for comfort, stability and superb motion control this shoe will perform for you.

A price which reflects a good investment in a high-quality motion control shoe.

Superb motion control

Super anti-skid qualities

Flexibility in the mid-sole area

Caterpillar crash pad

DNA cushion tech


Sorry gentlemen, this shoe is just for the ladies

Motion control shoes are those that are intended to provide a more effective amount of stability, support and and even cushioning. These are some of the attributes that give a bit more control to issues such as overpronation, which if ignored and not properly supported, can lead to much more serious problems down the road. Furthermore, the correct support and stability will allow you to have a much better overall running experience with regards to comfort, as well as a reduction in foot fatigue.

The Criteria We Used For Our Evaluation Of The Best Motion Control Running Shoes

In order to determine which shoe to include on our list, we compared the breathability, flexibility, fit, comfort and several other criteria uniquely important to motion control running shoes in order to determine if they were worthy of the runner click seal of approval.  As always it is important to consider that everyone has different needs from their shoes and our number one pick won’t be the best choice for everyone. For some runners, style is an important consideration and for others, comfort is the only factor in their decision to buy a certain shoe. Because motion control shoes are designed to be particularly supportive and even corrective we have emphasized the importance of the shoe effectiveness at correcting over-pronation as we have created this list. If you are looking for a more general shoe then check out our list of the Best Overall Running Shoes.


Are they breathable enough?

It is important to find a show that uses an upper that is both breathable and comfortable. This is one reason the Brooks Beast has earned our number one spot. Its extremely breathable upper will keep your foot cool and dry on hotter days. The Newton Aha isn’t quite as breathable as the Beast but it is pretty good in this regard. The New Balance offerings on this list, as well as the North Face GTX 109, are probably the least breathable options on our list but they excel in other areas. If this is the most important criteria for you then stick with the Beast or the Newton Aha. If you are in a colder climate or aren’t concerned about breathability then you may be satisfied with another option.

Do the shoes provide enough Protection?

Why did humans ever decide to start wearing shoes in the first place? A key function of any shoe is to protect your feet and if they don’t do that well then they are pretty useless. The amount of protection that you need from your shoes will depend a lot on your intended use for them and how susceptible you are to stubbing your toe. Trail runners will need a burlier design that may include a rock plate or generous toe cap such as the North Face GTX on our list. However, for most of us pavement stompers, a lighter well-cushioned shoe will be enough to keep us from damaging our feet and limit how many toenails you will lose as you train for your next marathon. The design features designed to help overpronators can add a bit of weight to running shoes so we would recommend that you are careful not to get a shoe that is so protective that it loses its flexibility or agility.

Do they provide enough flexibility?

There is no reason that you should have to sacrifice flexibility in order to find a great pair of motion control running shoes that is right for you. There are many options on our list that are just as flexible as anything else on the market.

Are the shoes too high, or too low of a profile?

Many of the Motion Control shoes that you will find will have a relatively high amount of cushioning. This is because the structure in the sole that corrects your gait needs a minimal amount of sole in order to do its trick. So, unfortunately, there are really no minimal running shoe designs that exist for runners in need of motion control shoes. However, in comparison to other options on this list, the Brooks Beast seems to hit the Goldilocks zone by providing adequate cushioning while still remaining lightweight enough to let you power through your next race.

Is the sole too thick, too thin, or just right?

A running shoe’s sole is usually the first thing to wear out. If the sole of a running shoe doesn’t meet your needs then you are in trouble. As important as breathability and flexibility are it is essential that you find a shoe that has just the right amount of foam to keep your knees and joints happy. There are many different preferences in the running world on sole thickness. Whether you prefer either of the extremes, maximalist shoes or minimalist shoes, try to find what works best for you. However, every once in a while you can find a shoe that can meet has all the cushioning you need and is still light and fast. Once again the Brooks Beast is worthy of mention because it hits the sweet spot between cushioning and weight. However, the innovative design of the Newton Aha will have you running on your toes and allow you to use the natural spring of your foot and if you are able to adjust to this form of running you will never go back to the bulky traditional running shoes you used to wear.

Room for the toes to move…

Not every shoe will fit every person the same. It is essential that you consider if you have a wide or narrow foot. If your feet are wide and you often find your toes squeezing in the toe-box of your shoes, try out the New Balance or Brooks offerings. The North Face GTX will fit runners with a narrower foot. Mizuno and Asics shoes will fit the rest of you normal people without splayed duck feet or narrow pencil feet. It is important to allow your toes room to spread out because it allows blood to flow like it should and you will be able to stay comfortable on your longer runs. Keep in mind that your foot will swell during your run so if it feels even a little constrictive you will start to really feel the squeeze near the end of your run.

How durable are they?

For some reason, durability is an especially difficult attribute to find in a pair of motion control running shoes. Perhaps there is extra strain put on the shoe due to the design correcting your over-pronation but unfortunately many of the shoes we reviewed had reports of durability issues. when one is willing to sacrifice a bit of flexibility or breathability then go with the North Face GTX which will outlast most of the other shoes on this list. However, the New Balance shoes on our list are both very well rounded designs with comparatively high durability and performance. Unfortunately, you will have to decide if the hot rod performance of the lightweight Brooks Beast or the longevity of another shoe is the right match for your needs. But if you are looking for running shoes to wear as an everyday pair of shoes then definitely go with either New Balance or North Face.


Other Important Factors To Consider When Selecting The Best Pair For You

There are a few very important considerations to make as you select your motion control running shoes that are unique to this category. Motion control running sneakers are designed to correct over-pronation. Over-pronation is when your foot is angled inward as you run. This can lead to a more awkward running form and can contribute to injury. in order to avoid injuries or muscular imbalances that can occur as a result of improper form motion control shoes are essential.

The number one Criteria you should consider if you have discovered that these are the running shoes you need to use, find a pair that properly corrects your over-pronation. There will be subtle differences in how extreme of a correction the shoe will make so which option you select will be largely based on what fits your needs.

You may get frustrate and start to feel like Prince Charming trying to find Cinderella as you try to find a shoe that is a perfect match for your foot. It can be hard enough to find a well fitting shoe without even considering the overpronation design element. However, Newton calls their motion control entry the “Aha” for a reason. Once you find the shoe that fits you will open up a new world of comfort and it will be worth the effort.


  • Sizing

There were some interesting sizing issues that we came across we assembled our list of the best motion control running shoes. The New Balance 1340, in particular, seemed to fit bigger then it should which is unfortunate because it is an excellent option if it fits your foot. The New Balance 1260 has a similar sizing situation. This is certainly not any sort of construction problem and it is typical for New Balance shoes to fit a bit larger so consider that as you decide what size to buy. Although it can be nerve-wracking ordering a pair of running shoes you have never worn online you can often return shoes that don’t fit and find deals that are impossible to find in running stores. Although all of our feet are going to fit different shoes differently once you have found a brand that uses a last that agrees with your foot size you can be confident that they will probably be true to size within the brand.

  • Everyone’s feet are different


Not everyone will be able to use the same motion control running shoe obviously. Everyone’s feet are different so let’s consider exactly what over-pronation is. Overpronation is when your foot places undue pressure on the medial side of your foot. This can cause discomfort and over time it can contribute to injuries. Everyone will overpronate to varying degrees so that is why it can be such a headache trying to find a pair of shoes that fit just right.

Don’t be dissuaded if you see a review written by someone who said a shoe you are interested in didn’t fit them because your feet are not their feet! Find the shoe that you love and that satisfies your needs and with a little luck, it will be the right fit.

A few of the design differences in motion control shoes can be found in the sole. The medial end of the sole will typically be modified to support the increase in pressure and it will be shaped to minimize the strain caused by the pronation.

  • The style is great, but…

    While it is fine to buy a pair of running shoes that you find attractive, some things are more important than appearances. You need a shoe that is a good fit that provides the proper support for your foot type. You might like the bright red shoes with a flashy name that make you feel like you could run turbo fast but they might not be the right shoe for your needs. First, consider your price range and what features are essential, then you can worry about color schemes and design preferences.



Here are a few frequently asked questions that you may have had as you are researching which shoes are the right choice for you.

Q:  Can motion control shoes be used if I don’t Overpronate?

A: No! If you do not need them then you should never run in a pair even if you are given them for free. It could have the reverse effect and cause injury and there would be no benefit to you anyway.

Q:  Is over-pronation just something a running shoe salesman made up to get me to buy a new pair of shoes?

A:  Overpronation is a very real situation that can impede your performance and lead to injury. It is essential to get the proper fitting shoe if you are in need of one.

Q:  How do I know If I overpronate?

A:  A treadmill gait analysis at your local running store is a great way to determine if you are an overpronator. The experts there can quickly assess if you are in need of motion control shoes and help you find a pair that meets your needs. If this isn’t available to you there is always the option of recording yourself running and seeing for yourself where your foot is landing.

Q:  Is there any alternative to using Motion Control running shoes?

A:  If you love the pair of shoes you have and don’t want to give them up you could always purchase an orthotic that will perfectly correct your pronation problem. This could be especially beneficial if it is an exaggerated pronation that a motion control shoe won’t fix.

Q: Am I gonna spend more for Motion control running shoes?

A: not at all! Overpronating is a common trait shared by many runners and there are many shoes being made at competitive prices.


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