Nike Air Humara 17

Nike is a world-renowned company, immediately recognized for its "swoosh" and shoes built for performance and excellence. The Greek Goddess of Victory was a very smart name to take since Nike set out to conquer the athletic shoe industry in 1971. The youngest of the major brands, they came onto the market with a hunger to dominate and did so with sales of top-of-the-line shoes, apparel, gear, and accessories. The Nike Air Humara 17 is yet another example of the top-notch technology and engineering Nike has in its wheelhouse.

Bringing back an old favorite, Nike has brought back the Air Humara. Originally released in 1998, they've upgraded this model to current technology and added new colorways to entice the most staunch trail runners. They kept the vintage look of the original model but added the encapsulated air cushioning at the heel and the Zoom Air unit at the forefoot for optimal cushioning. They also updated the overlays for additional support and durability and updated the outsole with the podular technology and additional rubber for trail-level traction. The Nike Air Humara 17 is not a recreation of the wheel but an update of a beloved favorite that keeps the runner competitive on the trails.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons
  • Rugged outsole 
  • Integrated lacing system 
  • Encapsulated air in heel 
  • Lightweight mesh upper
  • Cons
    • Vintage looK
    • Excessive traction reduces versatility of terrain
    • Key Features
      The rugged outsole of the Nike Air Humara 17 is built up for trail-level traction. The forefoot is divided into a podular design, providing additional stability on uneven surfaces. The extra flex grooves in the forefoot add flexibility to the sole, flexing with the natural bend of the foot and allowing for better grip. The rubber traction configuration over the entire outsole is designed for full surface contact and control.
      Nike's Phylon midsole, compressed EVA pellets, expanded and cooled in a wedge mold, raises the heel to protect heels and joints by absorbing shock. Combined with the encapsulated air-sole in the heel and Zoom Air unit in the forefoot, the Nike Air Humara 17 features the optimal cushioning.
      The Nike Air Humara 17 revised the original version with a lightweight, supportive, breathable mesh upper. This synthetic material is combined with leather overlays for support and protection. The non-stretch webbing support lacing system and rubberized abrasion-resistant tip and heel overlay are sewn onto the upper, protecting the foot from debris as well as tearing caused by sticks or rocks along the trail.

      The leather constructs on the upper traces the shape of the foot and provides protection to the highest points as well as around the midsole, reducing abrasions, ripping, and destruction from obstacles along the trails. The synthetic mesh inner adds breathability to reduce overheating and potential friction and serves as a sturdy support to the foot.
      We were unable to find an actual or estimated weight for the Nike Air Humara 17. Based on the construction, the base should be a little heavier due to the additional rubber for the podular build and additional traction. However, with the Zoom Air cushioning and the encapsulated air unit in the heel, that would reduce a good deal of cushioning weight. We estimate this is a medium weight trail shoe. Longer distances should be good without excessive fatigue due to a heavier shoe.
      The Nike Air Humara 17 features a vintage look but they have updated it with a lightweight, breathable, mesh upper with leather overlays. The leather portions only cover the highest, most easily impacted portions of the foot, leaving the majority of the foot covered with the mesh and accessible to cool air. With much of the top and sides of the foot cool, the potential for slippage due to sweat and friction is reduced, keeping feet comfortable and injury-free.
      Nike is known for making a comfortable, performing shoe for any sport. They have created technology that literally has people running on air. With that background, Nike revisiting the Air Humara 17 and updating the shoe that was so well loved just means that this shoe will be even more comfortable and popular than it was in 1998. And that is exactly the case. The blend of traction, cushion, and support make for a supremely comfortable trail shoe that is lightweight and cool on even the toughest terrain. The lightweight, supportive, breathable mesh upper with leather construct fits comfortably and coolly. Protection from external obstacles such as sticks and rocks is imperative on the trails and the leather upper does exactly that. The midsole fabric wrap provides additional resistance to damage and provides sidewall stability, keeping the foot in a comfortable, firm position.

      In the base of the shoe, the Phylon EVA midsole with its slight wedge design reduces shock to knees and joints and the encapsulated air-sole unit in the heel and the Zoom Air unit in the forefoot provide for optimum cushioning from heel to toe. The outsole is broken into pods in the forefoot for additional stability and weight distribution over rough terrain, giving confidence and comfort to the wearer. Additional flex grooves in the forefoot allow the Humara 17 to flex with the foot's natural bend, with very minimal resistance, for a more comfortable run. Finally, rubber traction configuration allows for ultimate surface grip and maintains contact as necessary with each step.
      The Nike brand is always identifiable by the 'Swoosh' that adorns the products but the Humara is also identifiable. The original version is not much different than the most recent update. The main visual difference is the availability of 4 new color blocks. The overall style of the Nike Air Humara 17 is definitely reflective of a traditional trail shoe with the noticeable outsole and foot protection. This version has additional rubber on the forefoot to protect from obstacles and debris as well as a midsole fabric wrap to work double duty, providing abrasion resistance and extra sidewall stability. The word 'Air' on the external heel is also an obvious clue that these are Nike shoes, in case you missed the 'swoosh'.

      The non-stretch webbing support lacing system locks the upper in place and blends with the color scheme of the shoe. A tongue and heel loop are also built in for ease of use and coordinate with the color scheme as well. A rubberized abrasion-resistant tip and heel overlay are included in the design, blending in with the base of the shoe and providing additional protection and support. The Humara is the perfect blend of traditional and new designs.
      The Nike Air Humara 17 is one of the most durable shoes Nike offers. Being a trail shoe, they are built to withstand obstacles, collision, ripping, tearing and multitudes of abuse. The outsole is sturdier, with a heavier rubber and individual pods for additional stability on uneven surfaces. Added flex grooves in the outsole allow for additional flexibility in the foot while traversing hills, rocks, logs, and gravel. The fabric wrap around the midsole provides abrasion resistance and sidewall stability, for those unexpected objects that tend to catch on shoe construction and damage it. Non-stretch webbing support laces hold tight to the shoe, leaving no space for debris and holding the upper firmly in place. The heel and tongue loops help with pulling the shoes on and off without damaging heel constructs. The sewn leather upper is firmly affixed to the mesh upper with a double stitch, resistant to fraying. Rubberized abrasion-resistant tip and heel overlays protect the shoes from debris and extend the life of the shoe.
      A trail shoe's main focus is protection. Protecting the shoe from damage, protecting the foot from fatigue and injury, and protecting the runner's joints and muscles as much as possible. The Nike Air Humara 17 does all of this and more. The Humara features a non-stretch webbing support lacing system, holding the laces and supports tight to the foot to avoid objects catching and pulling on loose material. The leather overlays provide support and protection to the uppermost points of the feet with double stitching to reduce fraying. Phylon EVA foam at the midsole elevates the heel at a slight angle and absorbs shock to the ankles and knees while the encapsulated heel air-sole unit at the heel and Zoom Air unit at the forefoot provide optimum cushioning to further reduce shock and fatigue to feet and ankles. A podular forefoot outsole provides increased stability on uneven surfaces, reducing trips and falls. Forefoot flex grooves increase flexibility to the outsole, allowing for natural flex with the runner's foot. The rubber traction is configured for supreme surface contact, increasing traction on diverse routes, including trails, gravel, tracks, and treadmills.
      The Nike Air Humara 17 is a cushioned, responsive trail shoe. The Phylon EVA foam has more cushion at the heel than the toe but is firm enough to bounce back and allow for a faster toe-off. The Zoom Air forefoot unit increases the bounce, reversing the grip slow down from the added rubber and increased traction of the outsole.
      As a trail shoe, it is very important for the Nike Air Humara 17 to provide maximum support while retaining a high degree of comfort. The outsole of the shoe features a podular design and heavy rubber traction configuration for optimum surface contact. The forefoot flex grooves provide flexibility, working with the pods to add a firm base, keeping the foot firmly encased in the midsole. The lightweight, supportive, mesh upper has mesh overlays that add protection and support to the breathable upper. The non-stretch webbing support lacing system is attached to the leather overlays and can be tightened for added support if necessary.
      The Nike Air Humara 17 is a trail shoe. It is designed for a diverse terrain with loose gravel, rocks, branches, dirt, and mud. With increased traction, this shoe is good for trail running, dirt or gravel tracks, or any running on uneven terrain.
      Nike has shoes varying in price from inexpensive to the higher-end lifestyle sport shoe. The Nike Air Humara 17 falls into the moderate price category. It's a great price for the quality and technology and is well worth the investment for a durable, stable shoe that will give a sturdy ride on uneven terrain.
      The outsole of the Nike Air Humara 17 has a podular forefoot outsole with a rubber traction configuration in order to create focused surface contact. This creates increased stability and grip on uneven surfaces. The additional flex grooves in the forefoot of the outsole also allow for a natural bend with the foot and greater grip through any number of conditions.
      As a trail shoe, the Nike Air Humara 17 is very flexible. The podular design of the outsole with the additional flex grooves create a base with extreme flexibility and adaptability to diverse terrains. The lightweight, mesh upper with leather overlays also flexes with movement, allowing for a natural run.
      In order to traverse a diverse trail run or alternating terrain, it is important to have a stable trainer. The Nike Air Humara 17 is quite stable with the podular forefoot outsole design and flex grooves. The individual focus of each pod in addition to the heavier rubber base provides a solid purchase on loose gravel or dirt, in order to create a more powerful toe off. The fabric wrap around the midsole provides abrasion resistance but also increases sidewall stability on the lightweight upper, creating a more snug fit around the middle of the foot. Leather overlays throughout the shoe increase the snug effect, creating a more grounded feel of the foot in the shoe, focusing weight into the base and providing additional stability for each step.
      In researching the Nike Air Humara 17, we were unable to locate a measurement on this shoe's drop. From the photographs, there does appear to be a decent drop between the toe and heel. While this could make a difference in a long distance run over a flat surface, on an uneven terrain or a very uphill trail race, the apparent drop could be of benefit.
      Key Features
      - Podular forefoot outsole for additional stability on uneven surfaces
      - Encapsulated heel air-sole unit and Zoom Air forefoot unit for optimum cushioning
      - Lightweight, mesh upper with leather overlays for support and stability
      Bottom Line
      The Nike Air Humara 17 is a reboot on a 1998 classic. Taking the same beloved style and increasing the technology is a brilliant move on Nike's part. The increased flexibility and cushion, as well as additional protection, make this shoe a great product that you will love at a reasonable price.
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