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How Can Older People Safely Take Up Running?
Avatar Richard Nouwel
07 November 2017

Can you suggest a schedule which can be used for older people wanting to safely take up regular running

Answer :
Richard Haberkost
03 November 2017

A person is never too old to take up running and the physical and psychological benefits are beyond question.

Mentally you are ready because you have chosen to start, you can sometimes remind yourself you're doing this for positive reasons.

You're not running to become a competition winner, your running for other reasons so don't over push yourself or your expectations.

Set yourself up through reading runnerclick reviews with a good pair of running shoes, a comfortable pair of shorts and a good performance running top. The reviews will guide you on what type of performance you want from your gear.

Now plot out a running route, choose a nice run, perhaps in a nearby park, then set a day/date to start: you are in control of how you start running and you remain the decision maker.


Before starting running do a few light stretch exercises, nothing over the top challenging, just enough to loosen up your muscles and walk for a few minutes before running.

Focus on method.

You need a plan, good running habits. Start with 20 minutes, 5 minute comfortable short runs with a short walking break between each. If this feels challenging at the start, reduce running time and increase walking time.

Your style of running

Run as you feel comfortable, ignore other runners, they have adopted their own running styles, if your posture and gait feel right for you, then you are on track. Read reviews about running styles which are natural and comfortable.

Enjoy your ride

Run at an enjoyable pace, take in your surroundings, relax, this is fun and steer your mind to enjoy this great form of exercise. Focus on your feelings in a positive context, read reviews about the physical and mental benefits.
Time to cool down after a run.

After running allow 5-10 minutes to cool down, try out a few comfortable stretch routines, read reviews to know which stretches are best for you.

Reward Yourself

After a run, relax, remind yourself how positive you have been, treat yourself to a new healthy diet, read reviews which will guide you towards healthy eating habits which work closely with getting fit and healthy.

Plan your next future run and move towards a regular running plan, set yourself running aims which you know you can do and gradually build up your health, stamina and that wonderful positive psychological feeling.


Sure, at the start of your schedule you will get aching muscles, we all do, regardless of age as these are brought back to the reality of being functional, take breaks between your running, ensure you get plenty of solid restful sleep and let them muscles redevelop back to healthy and functional.

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