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Energy foods for running – how to eat them in the right way

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Energy foods for running - how to eat them in the right way Energy foods for running – how to eat them in the right way www.runnerclick.com

Energy foods play a very important role in our daily activities, especially activities which spend your body’s energy such as running or jogging… Today, I want to discuss some useful energy foods and the right ways to eat them in order to offset the loss of energy during the run.

Before running

It’s very important to give your body fuel with the right running foods before you run depending on the time you will run, choose the sufficient energy in foods. Avoid eating too much before running, because that can cause indigestion problems. You just should eat a light snack to provide enough energy for running.


This is familiar food. Your body will burn natural sugar contained in bananas for energy. They also has a lot of potassium that helps your blood pumped correctly, reduces blood pressure and stroke risk. Eat 1-2 bananas before running for short run or more for longer run

Iced Coffee Drinks

Iced lattes, Frappuccino or other similar cold coffee drinks offer liquid which hydrates you while also cooling you before a hot run. The milk supplies some protein, whilst the caffeine can make you focus more during a run. A recent study also reported that caffeine can delay the muscle fatigue during intense workouts. Before running, drink unsweetened coffee with fat-free milk for 160 calories without adding the whipped cream.

Sweet Potatoes

There are a high amount of carbs; sweet potatoes offer long-lasting energy for your running. They meet your daily need for vitamin A, it is very important for a health immune system. The skin has soluble fiber, which can help reduce belly fat when combined with exercise. Wait an hour or more to digest before running if you eat it. Wrap it up and Reheat it in your microwave, it will be good taste


Berries have a large amount of Vitamin C which helps to keep you running at maximum speed. In the berries will help your muscles will repair themselves as you run thanks to the potassium and Vitamin C contained in berries.

Low Fat Yogurt

Yogurt is a great energy food for much different kind of activities. Low fat yogurt contains high amount of calcium, carbs, and protein which are the necessary energy for run. The calcium will enhance to burn the healthy fat, the protein will supply the fuel for muscles, and the carbs will give you the energy you need. You can add some sliced strawberries to make their favor better.

While running

Energy foods for running

During the run, you may need more energy to continue your activity. Following foods are some foods which you can eat to keep your energy level high while running.


These small candies are the ideal food. They are soft and easy to chew when you run. Although they are just small, the sugar you get from them can provide necessary energy for you to keep you going.

Dried fruits

The amount of natural sugars in these is a source of quick carbohydrates. They also contain potassium which supports muscle function. Try dried apricots, cherries, mangoes or Raisins have lots of sugar, which is really what you want to keep you running when your energy are low.

Recovery Foods

Replenishing the nutrients that you eliminated via your sweat is very important after finish running. You can refer some bellowed foods which I have used.


While high-fiber cereals are a healthy food for any time of day. However they maybe cause stomach trouble so you should use cereals with fewer than 2 g of fiber per serving. Eat only it or mix it in milk. Put half a cup of sliced bananas or strawberries for an addition of carbs and vitamins.


The protein in hummus is very good for replenishing the nutrients after finish running. This protein will enhance healthy repair of your muscles. You should prepare hummus without garlic and not eat it before running. Moreover, you also eat Chicken Breast, it also provides with you protein which you need


Oranges and apples are two best kinds of fruit which you can choose, because oranges has a large amount of Vitamin C while apples contain a lot of fiber and minerals which your body needs after sweating in long time. This snack is easy to digest and it does not cause GI problems, therefore it become safe food to eat both before and after running. You should choose apple without added sugar because it has nearly half the calories of the traditional version.

I believe that if you can choose the right energy foods for your body, your running will be remarkably improved.

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