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Where is the best place to buy running shoes online?
Avatar Kherwin Go
13 May 2018

Just want to ask, are you guys selling shoes? If not, where to buy running shoes online? I mean, which site sells the best shoes and has safe payment method?

Answer :
Elizabeth Carlson
08 May 2018

Unfortunately no, you can't buy shoes from Runnerclick... at least not right now. But our site DOES have links to all the best selling running brands in the business - from minimalist shoes, to trail shoes, to track and field shoes, to your standard road racing shoes, you can pretty much find all of the top brands and styles here. We also have a ton of blog posts that list out different brands and shoes and styles, and why you might prefer one over another. So be sure to check those out if you are having trouble narrowing down your search!

I would advise you to start there. Start perusing our lists, and looking through and reading up on the different brands and what might be good for you. It is helpful to read other user reviews as well. A company can market their product all they want with fantastic advertising and a lot of information, but there really just is no comparison to asking other runners and users what THEIR experience with a shoe is like. Figure out what shoes might best suit your needs. Ask yourself what you want out of them, and what you will be using them for. Will you be sticking mainly to road running? Are you staying on the trails or are you putting in a ton of mileage as you train for a marathon or ultra distance race?

Some of the top brands and sites that you could try searching through first are Asics shoes, Brooks shoes, Mizuno shoes, and Saucany shoes. These are all pretty much standard favorites across the board. But there are other up and coming brands that that have not been sold as wide spread traditionally, but are starting to break out into international markets, such as the 361 brand. Before you buy, though, find out if there is a store near you that sells the particular shoe you are interested in and then go try it on for size and feel. You definitely do not want to blind purchase a pair of shoes that you end up regretting and returning!

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