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Which running shoes are the best?
Vhong Neils
01 May 2018

Among all the shoes listed on your website, which running shoes do you think are the best? And, which are most in demand on the market?

Answer :
Elizabeth Carlson
01 May 2018

It sounds like you have been doing some perusing of our site and found a few (okay, a lot) of different brands of shoes to run in. Today's running shoe market can seem EXTREMELY overwhelming because there are just so many brands, styles, and options to choose from. And it seems like there is a new one every day to add to the list! Ultimately, though, finding the best shoe for your foot, running style, and comfort needs comes down to personal preferences. You certainly don't want to spend a bunch of money on different brands of shoes, running and training in each to find your perfect match, but trying on several at the store and just doing a few striders around the shoe section doesn't really help much either.

To find the perfect shoe for you, consider what you want it for and what your personal preferences are when it comes to support and cushioning. If you plan to be strictly a trail runner, then you'll need trail running shoes, which have specially designed soles to help your feet grip the path and keep you from falling. If you are sticking to roads, you run a higher risk of putting more stress on your ankles, lower legs, and knees because of the repeated impact with a hard surface. Therefore, you will likely want to make sure the shoe you choose comes with appropriate cushioning.

Personally, my all time favorite running brand is the Brooks brand, and my favorite running shoe style of theirs is the PureCadence shoe. A lot of people like thicker, wider running shoes but I tend to lean more toward the minimalist side. The Cadence is narrower, and lighter, so I do not feel like I am lugging weights on my feet. However, they are not so light weight and minimal that they fail to support the feet. I find that their arch support and cushioning levels are perfect for the amount of running I am doing a week. I have worn them on the roads (and the treadmill) for training periods of running 40-50 miles a week and for less intense periods of only 15-20 miles a week. And they have been perfect for both!

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