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Editor’s Conclusion
Many trail runners pack in so many protective and stabilizing features that they really suck all of the fun out of the shoe. The Salomon Sense Ride 4, however, keeps things light, responsive, and most importantly, fun. This is a shoe that responds quite well on the trails, whether you are splashing through puddles or scaling difficult terrain. The flexible and lightweight materials keep you light on your feet, and the responsive midsole adds a little extra spring to your step.

The materials used in the Sense Ride 4 are insanely durable, and even after 100 miles of intense trail running show little signs of wear and tear. I would recommend this shoe for neutral runners that switch between speedy laps or long distances that want a little boost of cushioning that won’t slow you down too much.

Below, I want to take a deep dive into all of the new and improved features that make the Salon Sense Ride 4 a shoe worthy to tackle your difficult trail runs.
Salomon Sense Ride 4 Trail Running Shoes Review Facts
Editor's Pros & Cons

Very durable and grippy ContraGrip outsole

Breathable upper wicks away moisture

Great for speed or long distances

Welded synthetic overlays for added stability

The unique lacing system promotes optimal lockdown


The toe box is slightly wider than expected

Ortholite midsole shifts around while running

Long break-in period

Key Features

Key Features


The Optivibe midsole in this design offers up an incredibly responsive and energetic ride. It’s important to note, however, that many runners felt that this midsole is a little too firm. It won’t offer that plush step-in feel found in many trail runners, but it really shines when it comes to energy return. Sure, it doesn’t offer that classic squish that is found in many trail runners, but what it lacks in cushioning it makes up for in energy return. Running in this shoe feels like strapping tiny trampolines to your feet!

While the midsole is a little on the firm side, it is really made to move. Runners love that it provides excellent flexibility and movement that is needed for difficult trailheads. Plus, it boasts an Ortholite insert that adds just a little bit of extra cushioning and support for those super long trail runs.


The upper of this shoe is designed to keep water out (although it is only water-resistant and not waterproof) and is super breathable to move hot air up and away from your foot. The upper has been completely redesigned to shave off a few ounces off of the overall weight. It is made from SensiFit materials that fit your foot like a glove and utilizes welded overlays to boost stability as well as protection on rocky and difficult trails.

The slim cut and low profile of the upper boosts agility and flexibility while locking it securely in place on your foot. One of the biggest updates to this shoe is the heel counter design. It offers modest cushioning around the collar and the sides of your foot, offering a stable heel that is locked in place, and the extra cushioning cuts down on uncomfortable rubbing and chafing on those long-distance runs.


A true test of a trail runner lies in the construction of the outsole, and this is where the Sense Ride 4 really shines. It is composed of Salomon’s patented ContraGrip outsole that boasts modest lugs and a slightly tacky finish that really helps you grip the ground under your feet. The design of this outsole is not only great for uneven terrain, but also slick trails and mud. Many runners feel that the ContraGrip design is one of the highest-performing and durable outsoles out there on the market.

This shoe has undergone quite a few changes over the years, from redesigned uppers to tweaked midsoles. The one thing that has remained unchanged throughout the life cycle of this shoe, however, is the contraction of the ContraGrip outsole. When you get it right, you know. And Salomon knows they got it right the first time around!


Through and through, this is a trail runner. It is packed with advanced yet subtle features that really shine out on the trails. The ContraGrip outsole has a slightly tacky feel that really grips the ground, and the modest lugs can transition easily from sidewalks to rugged trailheads. The durable mesh upper is also made for all types of terrain and weather conditions. If you love splashing through puddles, the toe guard and water-resistant upper ensures that your feet stay nice and dry without the use of stiff and heavy synthetic overlays.

The lugs on the outsole hit that sweet spot that makes this shoe so versatile. These lugs are deep enough to expertly grip even some of the toughest trailheads but are so aggressive that you can’t take these out for a spin on the sidewalks for nice and easy recovery days. Plus, the modest cushioning in the midsole offers excellent energy feedback whether you are on the trails or the treadmill.


One of the things that runners love most about this shoe is the SensiFit upper. Sensifit is a breathable and stretchy mesh material that acts as a second skin. Whether your feet run narrow or wide, this upper is designed to fit your foot like a glove. Plus, the unique lacking system ensures a tight and solid fit which means that this shoe won’t shift around on your foot as you run. Instead of using traditional laces, the Sense Ride 4 offers a bungee-cord style lace that locks in place with a central lock.

When compared to other Salomon running shoes, the cut of the toe box is slightly wider than most. For some, this is a big bonus because it allows their toe to naturally splay inside of the shoe for added stability and support. Previous Salomon fans that love the cut of their traditional toe box for their feet may be a little disappointed in just how wide this toe box fits.


The styling of this shoe isn’t walking any runways anytime soon. The styling and silhouette are fine and look like your basic running shoe. It comes in a few different color options that include various shades of gray with either blue, black, or red accents. If you are in the market for a bright and punchy running shoe, the Sense Ride 4 falls a little short. It’s not an ugly shoe, or overly bulky, it’s just a tad on the boring side. However, if you are a fan of low profile and modest colors, this is a great choice.


Overall, I feel that the price of this shoe hits that sweet spot. It’s not exactly a budget-friendly shoe, but it is nowhere near the most expensive trail runner out there on the market. When you consider the versatility and durability of this shoe, it actually clocks in at a very reasonable price point. It’s a shoe that you can wear on the trails or the sidewalk, which will give you a pretty big bang for your buck.

Many runners found that even after 100 miles, the very durable construction of this shoe shows little signs of wear and tear. It may be more than you are willing to spend, but it is built to hold up insanely well over hundreds and hundreds of miles together.
Comparisons to Previous Versions

Comparisons to Previous Versions

The Salomon Sense Ride has undergone quite a few changes over the years. Runners love the style and comfort of the OG (although it lacked the long-term durability of modern Salomons), and they have slowly shifted from the beloved features of the Sense Ride 1 over the years. That is, until the Sense Ride 4. What makes the newest addition to the Sense Ride lineup great is that it captures the essence of the original with a few added features to boost durability and overall performance.

The best addition to this shoe is the upgraded heel counter. The heel is reinforced with modest cushioning along the collar as well as the sides to increase lockdown, durability, and overall comfort. It’s also composed of lighter and more breathable materials on the mesh upper that keeps your foot cool and dry and is slightly lighter than previous versions. It’s not as cushioned as the original, but the slightly stiffer midsole offers a more responsive ride that many runners prefer over plush cushioning.


If you wish that you could pop a trail-ready outsole to your daily roadrunners, the Salomon Sense Ride 4 is a great choice. It is a great neutral runner that offers excellent energy feedback, it’s super lightweight and agile, and provides just enough cushioning to help protect your joints from difficult trails. I love this trail runner because it is incredibly versatile. It is a great design for quick and snappy lap times, but it is also made for long distances as well.

For neutral runners that want to keep their trail runs light and energetic, this shoe is worth a look. Plus, it comes in at a super affordable price point that makes it worth checking out!