Best Salomon Trail Running Shoes Compared & Tested


Searching for Salomon Trail Running shoes? Take a look at the best Salomon shoes of 2018 and what to be aware of before buying them online or in a store.

The best types of shoes for very challenging running conditions.

Running in the mountains or on remote trails means that you will encounter changing surfaces and these surfaces are often extremally challenging. For this type of trail running, you need shoes which clearly specialize in giving protection, comfort and enable a runner to perform.

These shoes are a result of extensive in-depth research by Salomon because runners need robust high performing shoes which will not fail.

Salomon was born in 1947 in the French Alps, the birthplace of alpinism as well know it. Over the years this brand became synonymous with quality gear for mountain sports.

You might not see everyone rocking Salomons out on the trail, but more than likely you will see quite a few. Salomon is a niche brand, a bit higher end, highly specified — and known for producing top quality gear.

Last Updated: March 14, 2018
By Richard Haberkost:

You can't go wrong when choosing from a list of tried and tested shoes, you know your choice will be correct based on the fact that these listed shoes work for the purpose for which they were made. Enjoy these selections and come back very soon and regularly because new updated releases will be coming, you can select a pair and try them out. We are meticulous in our methodology for selecting shoes, read our section covering review criterion to understand what to seek out when choosing a shoe. We all have questions, check our FAQs you may well find useful answers.

Speedcross 4
  • Speedcross 4
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Solid all around trail pick
  • Price: See Here
Snowcross CS
  • Snowcross CS
  • 4.8 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Ideal for winter/snow running
  • Price: See Here
S Lab XA Amphib
  • S Lab XA Amphib
  • 4.7 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Solid pick for wet race conditions
  • Price: See Here

We’ve gathered together some of the top Salomon trail running shoes, which are listed below:

10 Best Salomon Trail Running Shoes

Speedcross 4

Considered by some the gold standard of the trail running market, the Speed Cross from Salomon are an extremely high quality, versatile, and dependable trail running shoe. These shoes are built for action with plentiful tread, and a debris resistant upper. When your run or hike takes you deep into the bush these will be there to back you up every step of the way.
  • Rubber toe cap for protection
  • Ortholite insole
  • Debris and water resistant upper/mesh ventilation
  • Unparalleled grip
  • Synthetic lightweight/strong
  • Some testers found them to run small

Snowcross CS

Running is a very grueling and demanding exercise and your feet must be protected. As a runner you know how important it is to have the proper coverage for your feet. Having the perfect running shoe will make or break your run and if you are an outside runner you have other factors that also play into your run game. If you live in an area that experiences all four seasons then you have become very acquainted with each and every element. Cold weather running is difficult in itself but once you add snow covered grounds running may seem nearly impossible.
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Designed specifically for inclement weather, this spiked shoe provides extensive comfort and shields the runner from the elements.

The ClimaShield membrane provides blockage from wetness but also keeps the shoe breathable for the runner.

Built to endure the snow, ice and all that comes with a grueling Winter.

A pretty penny is what you’ll pay for this shoe but you won’t be sitting this Winter on the sidelines.

Protective upper keeps the snow out

Upper also protects from other debris

Interior lacing system works quite well to keep feet secure.


The heel is a bit narrow for some

S Lab XA Amphib

There are many different types of runners and all running shoes are built for a specific type of run. Whether you are an indoor, outdoor, cold weather, warm weather, long distance or short distance runner, there is a shoe that is just for you and your run.

With this knowledge, we have conducted research for the outdoor, wet terrain, long distance running shoe. Salomon S Lab XA Amphib Running Shoe is the ultimate running shoe for long distance runs that are littered with small and large bodies of water as well as flat, low, dry terrain.
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Comfort / Stability
Lightweight and durable, this shoe will make you feel as if you are running on air while running on land and water.

Durability / Quality
Engineered specifically for both wet and dry terrain runs equipped with a synthetic guard that protects your toes from injury.

Systematically lined with rubber mesh at the top of the shoe, which is used to keep out water, humidity and other elements all while still allowing the feet to move and breathe.

Cost or Value
The price tag may have you take a second look, once you make the purchase you will be more than prepared to run on land and sea.

Exceptional traction, wet or dry

Extremely lightweight

Solid pick for long runs, and even triathlons


They run about a half size larger

Wings Flyte 2 GTX

This is the Gore-Tex model of their popular Flyte 2. Great amount of cushioning makes this a solid selection. Designed with a downhill control system that involves advanced lug geometry to keep you stable. Testers felt like they were “superglued” to the terrain.
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Key Features:

High Abrasion Contra-grip

Wet Traction Control

Extremely durable rubber sole

Gore-Tex throughout for water proof design

  • High-quality materials and construction, long lifespan
  • Strong chassis/platform — flexible
  • Many stylized color options
  • Contagrip outsole
  • Great for runners with ankle issues (stability)
  • Some testers had  a harder time learning how to use the quick lace system

Sense Mantra 3

The Sense Mantra 3 has the look of a regular running shoe, low profile, with the assurance of speed. A sleek trimmed down design provides just enough grip and support to help you fly on the trail. If a small bump in performance is what you seek these shoes might just add the extra bounce to your step.
  • Has the responsiveness of a lighter shoe
  • Handles well on any terrain
  • Minimalist design
  • Synthetic Toe Cap – keep your feet well protected
  • Quicklace system for a snug fit
  • These start out pretty stiff

Wings Pro 2

The name implies flight, and if is this the image that comes to mind when you look at this version of Salomon’s Wings shoe, you’re not too far off. These low profile racers are high performance running shoes that won’t leave you wanting at the end of the trail. Great for tempo runs and cross training as well.
  • Lightweight, built for speed
  • Performs great in technical conditions
  • Secure fit and extremely stable
  • Supportive/energetic midsole
  • Anti-debris mesh — protects your feet
  • Felt stiff to some testers

Speedcross Vario

The Speedcross Vario is well-known in the trail running world as a dependable workhorse that can take on the great outdoors while remaining breathable and flexible. It’s also a more affordable Salomon model with all of the tough and rugged features.
  • Rubber sole, with military grade grip
  • Synthetic lightweight/strong
  • Striking color combinations
  • Ortholite insole
  • Essentially waterproof
  • Some testers found them a little narrow

XR Mission

Another excellent choice for those among us who prefer a maximalist shoe. The XR Mission gives the runner a lightweight feel with stability and support for the duration of a run, be it long or short.
  • Quicklace system for easy securing
  • Mesh ventilation to keep temperature under control
  • Molded EVA midsole for ultimate support
  • Great value-to-cost ratio
  • Contagrip tread, ready for any terrain
  • Sizing is a little tricky


A great crossover shoe for the runner who enjoys urban environments as much as the mountains. This shoes does a brilliant job of striking the balance between plush cushioning and lean traction. The result is a dynamic ride that will keep your feet in good shape regardless of the terrain.
  • Ergonomic contoured footliner
  • EVA injected midsole
  • Covered tongue, exterior protection
  • Supportive and flexible, high end performance
  • Versatile
  • Slightly expensive


One of the most affordable Salomon’s on the market, the Fellraiser has all the classic features of a great Salomon running shoe with a slightly lower ticket cost. They’re very attractive, well-fitted, and responsive. If you’re looking for a daily trainer to run into the ground look no further.
  • Ultra-lightweight
  • OrthoLite sockliner to reduce friction
  • Fast drying synthetic material
  • Highly supportive
  • Color choices are limited

 As a trail runner your number one consideration is making sure your feet remain comfortable while pounding up and down rugged paths. With this in mind, Salomon’s are generally a great idea as they are specially formulated with these type of rough and tumble activities in mind. Plus they will have cutting edge technology built into them and perform at a high level. Here’s what we looked for:

Anna Frost - Salomon Running

The Criteria Used When Choosing The Best Salomon Trail Running Shoes:

Why Outdoor Enthusiasts Trust The Salomon Brand

There’s a good reason why many avid trail runners that use Salomon footwear continue to come back to the brand time and time again. In fact, our research shows that when it’s time to select a new pair, their customers return nearly every single time. Countless positive reviews boast about users being on their third or fourth pair, with no intention of trying any other brand. This is because their models consistently have the best traction, waterproofing, and stability that can be found on the market. When you want a trail runner that can run on wet, loose stones and keep you stable and sure-footed, you can count on the Salomon brand to come through and pass the test with flying colors. Let’s take a look at some of the highest reviewed models and how they can best suit your needs when you go on your next outdoor adventure!

 The Stickiest Of Grip

Trails are full of uneven terrain and debris. Add to this inclines and changes in the ground (from dirt to leaf-covered, etc), you will definitely need a shoe that offers superior traction. The shoes on our list have outsoles with plenty of lugs and extra sticky rubber outsoles to keep you stable while tackling your local trails.

 Waterproofing Levels

It’s well known that the great outdoors always comes with the possibility of water. With rain from above and puddles from below, there is no shortage of the ways Mother Nature can surprise you when you least expect it. This is why we wanted to make sure that our selections were capable of sloshing through mud and splashing in puddles all while leaving your feet nice and dry. Testers reported how these trail runners kept the water out while still maintaining the breathability that this company is known for.



Gore-Tex Where It Counts

While it’s common knowledge that running shoes constructed with Gore-Tex should be significantly more waterproof; it’s just as important as how it’s implemented. It’s more than simply contracting footwear from the material. In addition, if you want the Gore-Tex to remain breathable as moisture passes through the fabric, you have to have experience working with the design. We made sure we listened to real-world users and what they had to say about the Gore-Tex used in their pair. Testers found that even on warm outings, they felt the difference in the evaporation rate of perspiration while keeping water out. This demonstrates that the application of the material is placed in strategic problem zones. A Gore-Tex upper is your first line of defense against water, and it helps that it doesn’t sacrifice anything in terms of ventilation and temperature control.

Models To Fit Every Budget

While Solomon is known to be a top name in the trail running world, we know that they can be pricey as well. This is why we made a strong effort to bring a selection of top-notch models that fit into every reader’s budget. Additionally, working with an Internet-commerce powerhouse like gives us the freedom to offer these Salomon models at their absolute lowest price to give our readers the best deal possible. No outrageous markup like outdoor specialty stores, and no shady business practices like online auction re-sellers. This all adds up to the absolute best value for your hard earned dollar.

 The Latest In Looks And Styles

In case you haven’t noticed, Salomon’s shoes come in some pretty flashy looks and styles. Our buying guide is jam-packed with their latest offerings that will keep you looking good while you’re out on the trail. Just because you’re planning on getting them dirty, it doesn’t mean that you can have a great looking piece of outdoor trail running equipment. If you’re looking for more low-key color options, don’t worry. Just click over to Amazon where they have a wide variety of color options to match every style.



Other Important Things to Consider When Selecting Your Salomon Trail Running Shoes

These were some of the important things we looked at when making our selections. While we are sure that no matter which model you choose, we know that you are sure to get their trademark rugged and dependable feel that Salomon’s are well known for.  Below you will find even more personal factors to take into consideration when making your choice.

 For Safety’s Sake, Replace Them When Needed

One of the most important things to be aware of when selecting a pair is when to replace your old ones. While typical running shoes have a lifespan of three hundred to five hundred miles, this does not apply to trail running shoes. For this specialized footwear, you need to be your best advocate. It can be tricky because they stay in relatively good shape, but it’s essential that you keep some sort of a check on the number of miles and hours that you put on your trail runners.

 Stick To A Similar Selection For Your Foot Type

When considering your trail runner, it’s a good idea to select a pair that most closely matches your standard running shoe. For example, if you typically enjoy running in a cushioned running shoe, look for that same quality in your new Salomon’s. Our buying guide makes sure to note which models offer different amounts of cushioning and stability. Keep in mind that most waterproof running shoes will always be a little tighter on their uppers because of materials like Gore-Tex and special lacing systems. Don’t be discouraged if you select a pair that doesn’t fit just right on your first attempt. Keep going a size up or down until you find what’s right for you.

 Consider How Often You Plan On Hitting The Trails

Are you a weekend runner, or will you be hitting the trails for back-to-back days? According to real-world testers that ran in wet and soggy conditions for more than one day in a row, you’re going to want to consider an additional pair of outdoor waterproof running shoes. This is because allowing time for your footwear to air dry is essential to maintaining a comfortable run every time. Remember that no matter what type of running you are doing, a solid rotation of running shoes helps to increase the durability and integrity of your footwear. All cushioning and supportive materials whether they are foam, gels, or composites, require time to “spring back”. Which is why a good rotation of trail runners is always a good idea.



Check out the frequently asked questions below regarding Salomon running shoes. They will help make your choice even easier.

Q: How are Salomon trail runners different from the rest?

A: Thousands and thousands of positive reviews and repeat customers agree that Salomon trail runners are in a league of their own when it comes to tough and rugged outdoor shoes. If you are running a light non-technical trail, they may be overkill for the job. Think about making a sandcastle with a construction crane. However, if you will be finding yourself in the middle of nowhere, miles away from civilization, you’re going to want a pair of Salomon’s.

Q: Sometimes waterproof shoes give me some skin irritation, but I still need to use them when I trail run. How can I get through the run without giving up my waterproof shoes?

A: Trust us, Leukotape can be your best friend in this situation. Be proactive and apply it to areas that tend to get irritated before you go out on your run.

Q: What kind of maintenance can I expect to provide for my Salomon trail running shoes?

A: Gore-Tex shoes must be wiped down after being covered in mud, gunk, and debris. Another good tip is to remove wet shoelaces after a run, as it will help them dry more quickly.


This was our approach when selecting the right pair of Salomon running shoes. Remember that selecting the right pair of trail running shoes is an investment and making a selection that is based on personal use and needs is crucial. We hope this guide provided you with all the information you need when making your choice between form and function. Thanks for following along with us. Now hit the great outdoors and keep running!

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