The Best Shoes For Nurses To Wear Reviewed and Compared

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When working in a career that requires you to be on your feet all day long, as is most often the case with nursing, finding the perfect pair of shoes becomes a required necessity. This is especially the case for those who work the twelve hour plus shifts. In addition to many others, healthy feet are among their most important assets. For this reason, shoes worn for nursing must be able to provide a sufficient amount of long term support, comfort and overall stability. Nowadays, there are many different choices that are currently available the market, available in shoe stores and even online.

Skechers Foam Sneaker
  • Skechers Foam Sneaker
  • 5 out of 5
  • Memory foam insole, Flex groove outsole
  • Price: See Here
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Nike Flex Experience
  • Nike Flex Experience
  • 4 out of 5
  • Articulated Phylite midsole allows natural motion
  • Price: See Here
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Reebok Work N Cushion
  • Reebok Work N Cushion
  • 4 out of 5
  • Beveled heel to help generate forward momentum
  • Price: See Here
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One of the most important considerations is making sure that the shoes properly fit of the width of your foot. Shoes should provide ample support and fit the general shape of nurse’s feet well. The next important consideration is arch support. Just paying attention these two factors can make a world of  difference in terms of prolonged comfort, as well as injury prevention. This guide highlights a few of the best options for comfortable shoes which will also meet the requirement standards of the nursing environment.

Top Rated shoes for Nurses

1Skechers Sport Women's Foam Sneaker
2Nike Womens Flex Experience 3
3Reebok Women's Work N Cushion
4Skechers for Work Women's 76576
5"Nurse Mates Women's Lexi Lace Up

1.  Skechers Sport Foam Sneaker

Known for comfort and style, it would be a bit of a surprise if Skechers didn’t have a shoe on this list. The Skechers Sport Foam Sneaker is a shoe that can fit many roles, including nursing. When it comes to spending most of your days on your feet, this shoe is often shared as a good choice. Let’s take a look at some of its features.

Skechers Sport Women's Foam Sneaker nursing shoeclick to see colors amazon button
  • Comfort

The comfort of these shoes is owed to the lightweight construction and memory foam insole. Additionally, the FlexSole midsole aids greatly in making these shoes comfortable enough for all day wear. The mesh upper also lightens these shoes up and helps to keep your feet cool and comfortable.

  • Breathability

The primarily mesh upper provides a god amount of airflow and ventilation. This makes these shoes a good choice nursing jobs, even in warm conditions.

  • Style

The Skechers Sport Foam Sneakers are good for both casual wear or work attire. This style is perfect for those in the nursing fields because of its ability to provide incredible comfort and support. Their style is sporty, yet conservative enough for a medical environment.

  • Durability

These sneakers are built mostly of memory foam, mesh and other synthetic materials, all of which have been assembled well in a sturdy and good looking design, providing long lasting durability.

  • Support

These shoes have good shock absorption, suitable enough for a 12 hour shift on your feet. Also, the memory foam insole supplies long lasting comfort for prolonged activities.

  • Stability

The sole of this shoe flares out slightly, adding an extra bit of stability. Additionally, the bungee securing laces are attached to lower part of the upper, which is made of a stronger synthetic material.

  • Price

These are fairly inexpensive shoes. The comfort that they offer for prolonged periods of time spent active makes them a worthy investment.


2.  Timberland PRO Renova Professional

Known for making durable boots for work and outdoor use, we would certainly expect this to be a quality product from Timberland. Designed specifically with the comfort and stability needs of the nursing profession in mind, let’s take a look and see what Timberland’s Renova Professional has to offer.


womens timberland pro renova professional shoesclick to see colors

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Timberland PRO Renova Professional Overview

  • Comfort/ Fit

You just started the second half of your double shift, but your still feet feel like you’re on hour three because you’re cruising the hospital corridors in the cushioned comfort of the Timberland PRO® Renova™ Professional Slip-On. The Timberland PRO Renova Professional Series was designed specifically with the healthcare professional in mind, supplying the comfort and support needed to get through long and demanding shifts. The shoe is designed with an exclusive Anti-Fatigue Technology comfort system. In addition, the anatomically-shaped oblique toe box allows room for the forefoot to spread for all-day comfort. Overall, this shoe was designed to make spending all day on your feet as comfortable as possible.

  • Durability

The premium full-grain leather upper supplies a great fit and durability. These shoes were designed to last.

  • Support

Heel-to-Toe Rocker profile reduces the forefoot’s job to flex, leading to less strain and a neutral, effortless gait. Additionally, Innovative design minimizes impact through shock-absorbing cones that compress and rebound to maximize support and reduce foot fatigue. Contoured insole offers maximum support at key pressure points and impact zones like the heel and ball of the foot.

  • Stability

Timberland’s anti-Fatigue Technology comfort system, which absorbs shock to the foot in key zones, delivering added strength and stamina. Especially, These shoes are also slip resistant. The SafeGrip slip-resistant TPU sole increases traction, reduces forefoot pressure. Additionally, the low-profile Timberland PRO thermal plastic urethane outsole for high surface contact, slip and abrasion resistance.

  • Breathability

You will be pleased with the high breathability of Timberland PRO Renova Professional. Synthetic suede lining provides comfort and odor control. Bi-Fit tri-density insole with Outlast Adaptive Comfort temperature regulator maximizes support and cushioning, keeps your feet drier.

  • Style

. There are three colors for you to choose: white, brown and black.Manufactured with UV aging to ensure white and light colors stay true. The brown pair is very nice and “dressy” looking.

  • Weight

At about 15 oz, this shoe is a little an the heavier side, however it is not huge problem, as it certainly provides enough comfort to make up for its weight.

  • Value

Shop around,but you will probably find the best prices online.


 3. Reebok Work N Cushion Walking Shoe

Branded as shoes that are “designed to deliver all-day comfort and support”, Reebok’s Work N Cushion walking shoes have been primarily designed for the role of spending long periods of time on your feet. Let’s see what these shoes have to offer for the demanding duties found in nursing.


Reebok Women's Work N Cushion Walking Shoe nursing shoe
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Reebok Work N Cushion Overview

  • Comfort/ fit

As far as comfort goes, Reebok’s Work N Cushion receives mostly positive ratings. The leather upper combined with Reebok’s Kwik-Close design allow for a sturdy and more customizable fit, aiding in the overall comfort and fit of the shoe. This shoe has all of the features necessary to provide prolonged support and comfort, meeting the needs of the nursing professional.

  • Support and stability

Some of the stability and support from its sturdy leather upper and Reebok’s Kwik-Close lacing, which helps to provide a more custom fit. Additionally, the shoe features an oil and slip resistant sole for increased safety and stability, required for the medical setting.

  • Value

Reebok’s Work N Cushion walking shoes are fairly low priced, and even more so if purchased on Amazon.

  • Quality

This shoe’s sturdy construction comes mostly from its leather upper. Not an incredibly fancy shoe, the Work N Cushion works very well for what it was design to do, provide comfort and support when spending long periods of time on your feet. Going back a long time, Reebok has earned a good name for durability throughout many of their designs.


II, How to select the best shoes for nurse

  1. Characteristics of a Good Shoe

  • Shoe fits biomechanics of your feet

Shoes should fit your feet perfectly. each person has unique feet, so you need to know your own specifics in order to choose the most suitable shoes.

Let’s say you have a normal arch with normal pronation (foot motion).  The only things you need to worry when choosing good shoes for nursing is the stability and comfort which they provide. However, there are other situations which require a little more attention when trying to choose a suitable shoe? Here are some suggestions:

In order To figure out what kind of arches you have, you can take the wet feet test. Step in the water, then put your leg on floor tile or a sheet of paper and look at your foot print.

To confirm your over-pronation or under-pronation problem you can do some things:

You can take a photo of yourself from a barefoot perspective, and compare with pictures below. Or, you can check your old shoes and see where on the sole they show the most wear, on the inner edge of the sole would be a sign of over-pronation, and wear on the outer edge of the sole would mean supination/under-pronation.

Depending on your arch and pronation, you need to look for more specific shoe features, for instance:

However, you often have several features in one shoe. For example, shoes with good arch support are needed for high arches as well as for flat feet, and that’s normal.

  • Athletic shoes should be your first choice for working all day, if your employer allows them. However, if you have a normal arch and pronation, you can find stylish shoes (oxfords or slip-ons), that will also be plenty comfortable. if not, let’s stick to the “comfort-over-looks” rule.
  • Orthopedic shoe is another great option, but they should be worn with custom-made orthotics. If you suffer from Plantar Fasciitis (PF), you need to know what it caused. In case you have flat feet and PF, you should choose shoes suitable for flat feet. If you PF because of high arches, sneakers for high arches are the best solution for you. And buy sneakers for normal arch If your PF not caused by abnormal arches or pronation. Remember that all athletic shoes for Plantar Fasciitis should have enough cushioning to subside pain issue that is caused by PF. But with a nurse even without Plantar Fasciitis you also need good cushioning that is the reason why all models of sneakers recommended by us are good both for Plantar Fasciitis sufferers and nurses with fine plantar fascia.

You should buy a new pair of shoes around each six month, if you want to have healthy feet. That’s because shoes deforms with wearing and at some point they will not provide corrective help for you.

  • Good Nursing Sneakers Should Be Made of Protective and Comfortable Materials

Depending on your working environment, you can have stricter or looser rules about what kind of materials your shoes should be carry out, however all types of shoe materials could be divided in such groups:

  • Synthetic mesh or Natural canvas shoe for health care provider

These kinds of material are good for your feet, because they are light and breathable. However, if you work with bio-hazardous or just hazardous materials, they do not protect your feet from accidental spills therefore you should consider carefully before buying shoes with these materials

  • Genuine leather or Synthetic footwear for health care providers.

If you work with bio-hazardous or just hazardous materials, Leather is the first candidate for you, because it is easy to clean and it will protect your feet from hazardous spills. Genuine leather shoe is a better choice than synthetic one, because it is breathable. However, Suede shoes are not recommended for the most of nurses because of their easy staining and poor spill protection.

  • Rubber footwear for med personal

Rubber shoes provide the highest level of chemical and bio-hazard protection, but only when they are solid and without holes. It is easy to clean it with water or brush with soap. But it’s not breathable and won’t be as much supportive and comfortable as athletic shoes.

  • Nurses footwear Should Be Slip Resistant

It’s important that your shoes provide good traction with a ground. That means be non-slip. In such shoes you will feel confident to walk or even run on various surfaces. Athletic and rubber shoes usually offer the best grip with the ground.

  • Good Shoe should keep feet stay securely

It is not only uncomfortable but even dangerous if a shoe would constantly slip of your foot. Your foot can be secured by the shoe by laces. However you need to make sure that they are good quality and won’t be untied by themselves. Snap-on is another securing choice, and it’s more preferable, because it’s easier to put shoes on and off.

  1. Style of good shoes

Depending on your safety rules or preference at your work place, you can choose such styles:  oxfords, sneakers, clogs and slip-ons.

  • Sneakers

Sneakers, other athletic shoes or walking shoes are one of the best shoes for people who standing on feet all day, especially in the medical and nursing industry. They are comfortable, light, and you can find shoes which will suit biomechanical needs of your legs.

Nursing sneakers are available in many brands in black and white, as well as in other colors. When buying nursing athletic shoes, you should make sure to choose shoes with wide toe-box for additional comfort.

  • Oxfords for med personal

Lace-up oxfords are the classic sneakers. They look neat, professional, protect from spills, and stay on the foot securely thanks to laces.

  • Clogs for nurses

Clogs and rubber clogs are popular productions among medical staff, but they are not the best perfect choice.  Foot can slip out and to be injured or twisted because of Lack of laces. If you still choose clogs, nursing clogs with a strap is a smart choice, as they offer some foot security.   Available variety colors and patterns are the pros of rubber clogs to give you unique and fun look, additionally they are very easy to clean.

  • Slip-on shoes for nurses

Nursing slip-on shoes are the great choice. they are often called clogs, but the distinct is that slip-ons have solid back that support to keep your foot secured. there are not  laces in slip-on shoes, and you won’t have to spend time to tie them.

  • Other necessary things to know about medical industry shoes

When buying shoes, you should look for models on a low heel, but not flat. Your soles will get benefit from slight heel elevation. This parameter is also called “heel-to-toe” drop, which is often mentioned in athletic shoe description. Good nursing shoe should have 4mm “heel-to-toe” drop and higher.

  • Choosing models with wide toe-box for additional comfort.
  • In case you have diabetes and go with special diabetic shoes, it’s easy to find on-line, but you can check a couple of our suggestions below.

Shoes can vary by color and usually divided into three groups: White shoes, Black shoes and Colored shoes.

  • You can look for shoes from brands such as:  Bates, Nurse mates, Dansko, Merrell, Alegria, Sanita (by Koi), Birkenstock, Sketchers, Timberland, Reebok, Born and in athletic shoes brands (Saucony, Asics, Nike, Brooks, Mizuno, New Balance)
  • It’s hard but possible to find them at large or high-end department stores, or at uniforms shops. But Internet is and will be perfect place to find the widest selection and the lowest price for shoes.

You can refer some best brands of shoes depending on specific characteristics of your feet:

The Best Sneakers For People With Flat Feet And Over-pronation

– Brooks Addiction Walker (laces)

– Brooks Addiction Walker (straps)

– SauconyProGrid Echelon LE

The Best Athletic Shoes With High Arches And Supination

– Saucony Triumph 10

– Saucony Echelon LE2 W

The Best Sneaker For Normal Arches

ASICS GEL-Kayano 21

– ASICS Gel-Foundation


At the end of the shift, if you notice a hugely positive difference in how you feel, then that is the first sign that you have found a pair of the best shoes for people who works at hospitals. It’s usually a wise decision to invest in a quality shoe that will hold up well and serve its purpose. Footwear is very important because if you wear low quality or cheap shoes, it can actually affect your entire body, and in some cases, cause health issues. In other words, if you try to save money and buy a cheap pair of shoes, it could actually cost you more in the long run, in terms of health and medical care.


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