10 Best Base Layers for Running Reviewed


The best gear to help you regulate your temperature with the temperature outside will be your underclothes. In this article we will break down what makes the best base layers between materials, features, and overall comfort, and then we use these criteria to create a list of the best base layer wear.

The right base layer can bring your running to a whole new level. A proper base layer, be they shirt, pants, or whatever other sort of gear you need, can wick sweat and will keep your dry. And keeping dry is an integral part of remaining warm or cool while running. Also many top performing underlayers also have muscle compression implemented in their design. Compression can provide support, prevent pain from over exertion, and delay muscle fatigue, which makes this attribute essential to runners looking for the best base layer.

The practical point of a proper base layer is to act as a second layer of skin, to preserve the body heat that you generate and to pull the sweat from your skin and eliminate the discomfort caused by dampness. To do all this the base layer needs to be tight, close to your skin. If this type of close contact isn’t something your comfortable with, then it’s best to look for an alternative for running.

Last Updated: May 19, 2018
By Brian Price:

One of the most important pieces of running gear is the runners base layer, it is the piece that is closest to the runner and could have some of the most meaningful impact on your performance of anything you wear. So it is with serious consideration that we improve this articles information as well as update the list to include products from NIKE, Ibex, and Stabilyx.

Helly Hansen Long Sleeve Crew
  • Helly Hansen Long Sleeve Crew
  • 4.5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Merino Wool
  • Price: See Here
UA Treestand Base Top
  • UA Treestand Base Top
  • 4 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Moisture Control
  • Price: See Here
Tesla Women's Mock Long Sleeve
  • Tesla Women's Mock Long Sleeve
  • 4 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Affordable
  • Price: See Here

10 Best Base Layers For Running



1. Helly Hansen Men's HH Warm Ice Long Sleeve Crew

The right base layer is both high performing and great looking. It fits so well and functions so right that except for the fact that you’re warmer when you need to be and cooler when you should be, you forget you’re even wearing it. Meet the Helly Hansen HG Warm Ice Base Layer!

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Construction and Fit
This wool base layer is available in 18 colors and dual tones, each as sleek as the next - Black with Flag Red and Racer Blue with Evening Blue are exceptional. Sophisticated technologies contrasted with a classic design fuse to create a high functioning, aesthetically pleasing base layer. Flatlock stitching and low-bulk cuffs mean comfortable fabrics and fit next to the skin. You need your base layer to work for you and look great, while simultaneously forgetting your wearing it at all. With the NH Warm Ice, mission accomplished!

Coupling merino wool with 43% polypropylene makes for excellent fabric that thermoregulates and feels right next to the skin while also providing both insulation and drying capacities. Patented Lifa T3 hollow fiber engineering keeps athletes even warmer during hardcore workouts in the coldest climates. The lean design and low bulk cuffs make throwing your layers over easy-breezy. Flat lock stitching adds essential smoothness with anti-chafing and less irritation. With warm wool and wicking properties together, you’ve found your perfect long sleeve base layer!

Medium price point with high end value.


Looking for an all-around base layer look no further we have the solution for you, functions are wide and regulate temperature at any given time provides insulation and drying capabilities while simultaneously forgetting you’re wearing it at all.


If you are an all-weather runner we have what you are looking for, one that can keep you warm when need be and can also help you cool down when there is need to due to its thermoregulatory function.
  • Lifa T3 insulation and cooling
  • Performance Merino Wool
  • Low bulk cuffs for easy layering
  • Refer to size chart; fits snug some run a size up.

2. Under Armour UA Treestand Base Top

Train tough with the UA Treestand Base Top. A fitted, ergonomic design with odor control technologies, this base layer can take harcore workouts in harsh climates and come out smelling like a rose and so will you!.

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Construction and Fit
The UA Treestand Base Top is an essential layering piece. With flatlock seams for better performance and a modern aesthetic, you’ll love it for all your athletics. And you won’t mind when the top layers come off - it looks that good! The Rifle Green with Velocity and Black hues look stunning. Accent piping gives the base layer a more enhanced athletic appearance and striking hue selections mean there’s something for every taste.

Under Armour uses its trademark UA Scent Control technology. The anti-microbial system keeps athletes feeling better and yes, smelling better during hard training. How cool is it that you can skip the shower and head to lunch in a crunch without worrying about odor? A high pile interior and ergonomic, flatlock seams with 100% polyester and wicking fabric mean looking sleek and feeling better. Stay warm, stay odor-protected and look chill. Thanks, UA.

Excellent price

How would you like to never smell of sweat even after your hardcore workouts, having to work out and never having the fear of what if my odor is bad? Well with this type of base layer is designed to control odor so that every time you work out you smell fresh this is so attractive right?


When you want to look hot and smell sweet even after a workout session we think you are in the right track. This base layers gives you the sense of confidence you require each time you work out.
  • Anti-wicking fabric
  • Ergonomic flatlock seams
  • Some colors may not be available

5. Tesla Women's Coldgear Compression Mock Long Sleeve

Scientifically engineered to gauge your body’s temperature and then help to maintain optimum heat or cool stability, the Tesla Women’s Thermal Coldgear Compression Base Layer Mock Long Sleeve may look like a cute little running or workout top, but even more, it’s a major workout weapon.You might crush on how great you look in this long sleeve base layer, but you’re on your way to true love when you reap the benefits of this tech wonder.

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Construction and Fit
This compression base layer mock long sleeve meets your feminine and athletic quotient. Feel on-trend, adorable and sporty in this well-crafted design. The soft white translates to a classic hue fitting for all seasons and climates. As durable as this base is, it’s also light and airy accomplishing a forget-it’s-there feel with technology that lets you focus on your workout while it focuses on assisting you with your all time best performance.

This contender encompasses the best of the best engineering, including the unique Hot Gear Technology which uses scientific based analysis to regulate the dissipation of body heat and maintain thermal insulation. The Over Heat Series base layers are designed to prohibit heat loss and stabilize temperature no matter the climate. 3-Dimensional, trademarked patterns coupled with heat maintaining fabrics boast ultimate comfort with best-insulation. All of this encapsulated in a micro-fleece fabric that feels oh-so soft against the skin and unbelievably light, too. A base layer that increases your performance with its high performing craftsmanship.

A price point that falls under the category of “shockingly” reasonable.

This type of base layer provides a 360-degree stretch for flexible motion and also the thermal fibers it has helps in insulation. Check this out, you get to be flexible in it as if that is not enough, you get to be warm in it.


For runners who want the flexible kind of pants that allow you to do every move during your work out, you just got it. Duo fold does the trick any day, giving the warmth you require while working out as well, with this we got you covered.
  • Highly engineered technology to regulate body temperatures
  • Light weight, thin micro-fleece fibers for optimum softness
  • Excellent price
  • Possibly purchase one size up, runs extremely fitted

3. Duofold Men's Mid-Weight Wicking Thermal Pant

A soft thermal pant for everyday, cozy comfort with specifications that mean high performance when you need it most. We love how this base layer meets your needs for both hard core workouts and hard core hibernating.

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Construction and Fit
A base layer pant can be crucial to a productive workout. These thermals dual-perform as an everyday, soft bottom and an incredible athletic base. Ankle length with an adjustable inner drawcord, the Mid Weight Wicking Thermal Pant boasts a calm, comforting aesthetic. Feel softness against your skin while you workout, rest or whatever. Feel confident these pants will get you through your tough training dry, cool and odor free.

Fabric comprised of 96% polyester and 4% spandex/jersey is soft while providing 360-degree stretch for flexible motion. The thermal fibers insulate, keeping your body warm and odor free.Flat-locked seams are smooth and prohibit chafing and irritation while the fabric itself provides full length wicking and quick drying. Small details with big impact include a tag-free elastic waist to assist with moisture control and irritation. A base layer pant should work hard so you can work out hard. This one definitely does!

Excellent price point.

  • Soft thermal fibers fused with 360-stretch fabrics
  • Tag-free elastic waist
  • Odor control
  • Limited colors

4. Hot Chillys Men's Micro-Elite Chamois Crewneck

A combination of soft and high tech fabrics, the Micro-Elite Chamois is your go-to base layer for ultimate comfort and function. The blend of materials not only enhances your workout by combatting obstacles like moisture and irritation, but also provides an intentional design to enhance the way you look!. Check and check!
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Construction and Fit
An utterly stylized base layer top for all your training needs. The accent striping enhances the shoulders and chest while the fitted cut looks on-trend and athletic. Available in black or granite - definitely check out the granite - you’ll love the appearance of this crewneck and equally, the softness. Hard to believe something that looks and behaves so tough is simultaneously so gentle and comfy against your skin - we won’t tell!

We love that the Chamois is UPF 30+. With increasingly sunny days ahead, it’s crucial to have protection. Be confident you’ll stay free of morning chill, with a Warmth Factor of 8, too. Add flat seam construction for additional strength and resistance to abrasions, a sanded fabric for enhanced softness and Bio-Silver trademarked microbial fibers to resist odor and you’re soft, easy chamois is also your base layer machine.

Price point is fair - medium cost but enormous value.This type of layer is best known for stretching and flexibility,it provides,softness,warmth and enough comfort as well,so for the price you get that value,this is the all in one kind of scenario.


This is for the runners who are looking for a hard to believe, something that looks and behaves so tough and is equally gentle and comfy against your skin – tough to break easy on you kind of layer.
  • Bio-Silver microbial fibers to control odor
  • UPF 30+
  • Warmth Factor 8
  • Refer to sizing chart - runs tighter. Possibly best to order a size up.

6. CompressionZ Women's Leggings

The CompressionZ Women’s Legging looks great everyday for every type of activity. Couple these leggings with with cute tops for dinner out, hoodies for evening neighborhood walks or your favorite workout gear when you’re serious about training. No matter how or where you wear these stylish bottoms, you’ll reap endless health and fitness benefits while looking beautiful.

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Comfort and Fit
We love the on-trend appearance of these sleek compression leggings. They fit snug in all the right places, offering excellent support and an attractive fit. With go-to, all-occasion capability, the CompressionZ Leggings are certain to be a favorite. Reasonably priced, we’re pretty sure you’ll want one in each color (nine, to be exact)! Choose Leopard Blue to appease your wild side or sophisticated Ferns Silver for day outings that transition into night’s at the gym. With odor free fabric, not only are they the perfect “everything” pant, you’ll love the way you can wear them from gym to park-and-play to dinner without missing a beat!

Sit back and relax - this may take awhile. The CompressionZ Legging helps to reduce unwanted muscle motion during runs or hard workouts. This assists in energy waste-reduction, ultimately improving your workout and stamina. The compression fabric also works to improve circulation and reduce muscle fatigue and pain during and after your training. This helps athletes to feel less soreness even days after strenuous workouts, too. The patented Smart Moisture Management system eliminates moisture and sweat and protects the body from chafing and abrasions or irritation. We love the antibacterial/anti-odor technology fused into the fabric. When you don’t have time to shower between the gym and lunch, you don’t have to worry - between the microbial protective system and the wicking fabric, you’ll feel fresh and ready for anything.

Average priced, but this pant does its duty as your go-to fashion legging and compression gear. Well worth it!The pants stand on their own hence eliminating the need to buy other compression clothing.Quiet amazing as it provides just the boost that your lower half needs and craves for.

we have to admit that not everyone likes to put on shorts,reasons best known by them that is why we feel that this compression pants will be your go to.they act as support on your lower half eliminating the need to shop for a number of compression clothing,they are a perfect choice since they also have a number of advantages with them.
  • Best compression fabrics
  • Wicking, breathable
  • Anti-odor technology
  • Compression fit will run snug, see size chart.

7. Smartwool Men's NTS Mid 250 Zip T

High performance design and technology wrapped in the cozy warmth of Merino Wool. Stunning good looks and UPF protection translate to nothing short of perfection. Wear alone in cool climates or as a base layer in harsher conditions.
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Construction and Fit
Jaw-dropping good looks may be the first thing that comes to mind when considering the Smartwool Men’s NTS Mid 250 Zip T, but trust us: this base layer isn’t that superficial! Full of modern technologies that promise to enhance your workout, you get to love the way you look and feel in this gorgeous design. Merino wool is soft and cozy and the colors are sophisticated and earthy at once. We love the Taupe Heather. ‘Urban Mountain Man’ comes to mind. Swoon.

This base layer covers every tech need to promote your better and more comfortable workout. Smart shoulder panels reduce the necessity of shoulder seams which means a smooth, irritation free fit. The flatlock seam adds to chafe-free, comfy wear and fine merino wool fibers creates an uber soft, itch-free environment for your body. SmartWool provides a moisture and temperature controlled environment that also prohibits odor. All of this provided in an UPF 50+ construct for ultimate sun protection. Fall in love with a slim fit base layer that looks amazing and keeps you healthy and productive during all of your activities.

Pricey but stunning. A must-have purchase for great looks with sun, fitness tech, and safety features.

Mid 250 Our warmest base layer. Works as a single layer in cool weather or as a base layer in cold weather ,perfect for winter runs, apart from this it also provides the masculine nice sexy look in a guy, we are not only trying to make you warm but also look great in the process. It’s a ‘win’ for you!


Smart wool Men’s NTS Mid, wear alone in cool climates or as a base layer in harsher conditions, Easy right? Get one of this keep it in all weathers.
  • Smart shoulder panel
  • Flatlock seams
  • SmartWool technology for moisture, odor and temperature control
  • High priced

8. CW-X Insulator Stabilyx Tights

The CW-X Insulator Stabilyx Tights strengths are twofold, as it will support its wearer both by keeping them at optimum running temperature while providing them with all the stability an athlete will need. The Stabilxy tights are a perfect base layer for the runner in need of the extra support.

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Construction and Fit
These tights are made seamlessly to optimized wearer comfort and prevent and abrasiveness and discomfort that the repetitive motion can cause. Now the one negative with the Stabilyx Tights that a lot of wearers warned about is that they can sometimes be very difficult to put on. The general consensus is that once they are on, though, they perform more than satisfactorily. The CW-X Insulator Stabilyx Tights are made from 80% coolmax and 20% lycra.

The Stabilyx tights are much more known for keeping in their heat over their warm weather wear. They are also remarked on having remarkable compression, preventing muscle pain and fatigue after extended activity. Another attribute of note is these legging provide knee support and stability, so issues with injury, recovery, or problems with chronic leg conditions can be mitigated by the CW-Xs support web. The Stabilyx also sports a support panel to help with abdominal and lower back support.

These are on very high end as far as prices go for tights, but they deliver on their price in both product quality and performance.

If you are looking for a year round base layer, the CW-X Insulator Stabilyx Tights may not be a perfect fit, as they tend to keep a runner pretty warm. They are a remarkable pair of tights in that the support and compression they provide makes them very valuable to the runner who needs that specific type of gear: If they fit your niche, they are well worth the cost.
  • Provides knee, hip, and back support
  • Keep heat well
  • Helps with pain
  • Can mitigate post run issues
  • Compression
  • Can be difficult to put on

9. Ibex Merino Wool Woolies 1 Crew Shirt

The Ibex Merino Wool Woolie is precisely the sort of running wear that belongs on this list. A comfortable, breathable piece of athletic wear perfect for running in no matter what the great outdoors has in store.
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Construction and Fit
The Ibex Woolies are constructed with 86% merino wool and 14% nylon. They are made with a special rib knit design which allows them to maintain their shape under the most stressful conditions. And any runner familiar with layering knows, the closeness of the clothing's fit is a large part by how effective it is. Ibex wants their tops to fit tightly so they can minimize any heat loss and wick away any sweat and that is exactly what the tight fitting Woolie accomplishes.

The Merino Wool Woolie functions exactly how base layer running gear should. For starters it is extremely comfortable, made with ultra soft wool and designed with no seams or stitches protruding as to limit discomfort. While the Ibex Woolie wicks away sweat from the runners body, it does this without absorbing or retaining the odor. The Woolie also successfully manages to be well ventilated while still having the ability to retain it’s wearers warmth for cold weather running.

The Ibex Merino Wool Woolie is not an inexpensive choice. And while there may be base layers that are more cost effective, few will be able to match Ibex’s quality of product, making the price well worth it.

The Ibex Woolie is an excellent choice for the runner that wants an immensely comfortable base layer that can easily meet all of their needs regardless of the weather.
  • Extremely comfortable 
  • Minimized seam
  • Lightweight
  • Retains warmth 
  • Breathable 
  • Wicks away sweat
  • Doesn't keep odor 
  • Fabric is considered by some to be tooth thin

10. NIKE Dry Element Running Top

Seeing a reliable brand like Nike show up on this list may not surprise those who are familiar with it. After producing a plethora of different types of gear, they were bound to come out with a piece of clothing that would end up on this list. The Dry Element Running Top is an excellent example of quality from this brand as well as the type of gear that should be on this list.
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Construction and Fit
The Dry Element’s construction is intended to do just that, keep you dry. And with Nike’s Dry fabric there is no doubt that this base layer will wick any moisture away from its wearer. The Nike Dry Element ensures a proper, slip free fit from its position by implementing thumb anchors into the design of its sleeves, making sure its wearer is comfortable but also properly covered at all times.

The Nike Dry Element Running Top is a high functioning piece of gear. It has the capacity to keep its wearer cool and warm with proper breathablility. Additionally the Dry Element sports a half zipper which will allow customizable ventilation even at the base level. Nike’s Dry Element Running Top is also reflective, which makes low light running much safer if you are running with it uncovered.

This running top comes in at a little on the higher side of cost, but with brand reliability like that of Nike’s, the price is reasonable and you receive a much better than average product.

While this may not be the best base layer to wear under multiple other layers, it will work as reliably as some of the other options on this list, keeping its wearer evenly tempered and dry through their run.
  • Well ventilated
  • Keeps warm
  • Comfortable 
  • Zips for adjustable ventilation 
  • Reflective
  • Thumbholes for secure ergonomic anchoring
  • Construction may be too thin

This wraps up our guide to the 10 best base layers for running. By now you’ve found your just-right short, tight, compression legging, wicking top or contoured zip layer. With so many tech and design options, there’s a perfect fit for everyone and we’re certain you’ve found yours!


Here Is What We Looked At When We Chose Our List

Of course, when it comes to running, it’s not only about the running shoes. There are so many other variables to improve your endurance and overall workouts. A base layer is a prime example that can set you apart to become your best.

There are some factors to consider when you’re looking to buy a new base layer. We don’t only look for the best and new base layers, we also look for the biggest trends and the best reviews. Below you will find the criteria we used for this list:


Breathability depends on many factors. It starts with the quality used in the products that allow for the right ventilation and thickness vs lightweight in the material. A great example of a lightweight breathable material is the Merino Wool fabric. This fabric keeps away bad odors and keeps you warm, that’s why it’s best to use in cold climates. Other fabrics that offer great breathability are synthetic fabrics that offer wicking properties. This means that the base layers don’t really absorb the sweat, rather they transfer it away from your skin. Unlike other fabrics, this is best used in humid and wet climates.


Another important factor that we take into consideration is how durable the base layer will be. In order to save on cost and keep wearing the same base layer for a long time, we need to take into account the test of time. Merino Wool has been questioned because it is soft and will most likely develop holes with its usage. Therefore, it’s not as durable as the other fabrics.

It’s crucial to read the washing instructions as it will help you extend the base layer’s lifetime. This will allow you to ensure that the fabric remains intact and durable. Some manufacturers are mixing different fabrics together in order to get one product that is stronger. Of course, there are also some other variables such as how comfortable the product feels on the skin, the technology used and how to make the base layer last without compromising its quality.


For the best performance, base layers must fit in tightly which will help the material to pull the moisture from your skin. Some people like to use it as an additional layer and that makes the product less functional. Consider getting a base layer that fits in tightly and avoids looking at the style because of looks.

Is it Thick and Warm?

When measuring the warmth of a base layer, consider its weight. There are different types of weight – lightweight mid-weight and the heavyweight. Depending on your level of activity and different times of seasons will determine what type of base layer you will need. Lightweight is the best for breathability, for example, however, it does not allow you to stay warm. If you’re looking to stay warm and use a base layer in colder climates, then you might consider the Merino Wool fabric as it offers a great deal of temperature control.

Mid-weight is right in the middle. It has just enough weight for the cold weather and also breathable quality for the hot, summer months. Be prepared and make sure you have everything covered. You might want to get one of each in order to be prepared.

Base Layer Material

This material defines the durability, breathability, and comfortability of the gear. The material is most likely what will keep you cool or warm, therefore, be careful and don’t pick your base layer based on a style by compromising the quality of the material. Merino Wool is usually the higher costs because of its ability to be soft and comfortable, it has superior temperature regulation and anti-odor ability, but it’s expensive and less durable than polyester. Even though it is the most expensive, it is worth the buy.

Then we have the blends. Manufacturers mix different materials to acquire the desired quality. Some brands like Arc’teryx and Patagonia provide a mix of materials and provide the comfort of merino wool and the long-lasting trait of polyester.


More To Think About

Odor Control

Odor prevention is a consideration when picking the best base layer. It’s a great option if you like the merino wool material as it keeps your skin dry and prevents the smell of odors when you sweat.

Best Uses

Base layers have different uses as you can wear it as an under layer, mid-layer or exterior layer during the winter months for running or during the fall or spring for hiking. The thickness of the fabric will have a big impact on the insulation and breathability. Make sure you keep in mind the best use for a base layer and the reasons why you should get one.


When the base layer is compressed to your body, it allows to remove the water from your sweat and keep your skin feeling dry. That’s why a compression base layer keeps your body’s temperature regulated. As a result, you most likely will not feel the lactic acid in your muscles and you will avoid cramping since the chances of developing cramps will be reduced as the muscles are being compressed.

Staying Dry

A base layer that is effective is a base layer that has a moisture wicking fabric of some sort. That means that the moisture is being evaporated from your skin to the outside and is still keeping the body warm. The fibers are allowing you to avoid staying wet and become cold. That’s why you want to select a base layer that has the right materials in the fabric.

Sun Protection

Since you’ll most likely be outside running, take a look at how much UV protection the base layer will have. If it says 100% SPF, then that means that it can protect you from all kinds of rays. Even if you’ll use your base layer in cool weather, the sun can still penetrate through, so you want to be covered.



Below you will find some frequently asked questions when it comes to base layers. Some runners have asked them before when they were looking for the best base layers for running.

Q: How is it possible to stay warm and cool with the same compression shirt?

A:A proper base layer is both moisture resistant and well ventilated. Keeping you dry when its cold will allow your body to more easily regulate its body temperature. Proper ventilation and air flow will allow your body to only keep the heat it needs and remain cool in excesses of that. A well made base layer can easily accomplish both of these goals and be useful to a runner year round.

Q: Which material is best for all season running?

A: The fabric best suited for quality construction, moisture management, and temperature regulation is merino wool. This is the material we would recommend for your base layer,no matter the season.

Q: How often should I replace my base layer?

A: Since it really depends on how often you use it, how you take care of it and other factors, your base layer should be replaced when you see something new on the market, when your base layer is no longer usable or simply because you want to try another base layer to improve your performance.

Keep in mind taking care of the base layer will influence your decision on when to get another one, especially washing and drying. Merino is soft but prone to have holes faster than other materials, but if you go for one of the mix materials, you can end up having a more durable base layer and prolong the life of one.

Q: Which is the best anti-odor base layer?

A: The best factor in avoiding odor is choosing the right material. Merino wool is one of the best fabrics available for this purpose. It pulls sweat away from the body and allows for proper ventilation which will limit the build up of the bacteria that cause body odor.

Q: What’s the best long sleeve base layer?

A: In our opinion, something that has Merino wool in it.  Merino wool keeps you warm in cold weather and keeps you cool in the heat. The wool on a Merino has evolved to vaporize sweat during the summer to give you an anti-odor experience.  It may seem strange, but Merino wool will be one of the most effective materials that keep you cool on a 90-degree day.  The fact that many manufacturers prefer this material is a testament to its quality and effectiveness.

Q: Why not use a cotton base layer?

A: Cotton is known for its absorption features and also for its effectiveness in retaining water. When it comes in contact with water it immediately gets wet, it doesn’t vaporize. That’s why cotton is not suggested as it becomes a barrier to holding in moisture against one’s skin. This leads to irritation of the skin. There are no environments, hot or cold, where that’s desirable. Cotton likes to hold onto water, unlike other fabrics that will tap it out and make it evaporate. No one desires to stay dump in any cloth.


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