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It’s old news that a pair of running shoes will have a tremendous impact on the wearer’s experience during the typical running session. Because of this, people go to great lengths in order to ensure that the footwear they own or plan on purchasing will provide features and advantages that they need in order to ensure their running experience is a pleasant and effective one. However, there are other aspects of a runner’s wardrobe that deserve similar levels of scrutiny.

What is often the case is that casual runners won’t put very much thought into the kind of pants they wear during a running session. They can spend hours poring over reviews like the ones here on Runnerclick in search of the perfect pair of shoes and then just throw on a pair of basketball shorts or sweatpants and hit the pavement. The truth is that a well-made pair of compression pants can make just as much of a difference as a well-made pair of running shoes. Just look at the 2XU Compression Tights as an example; runners wearing these can reduce muscle soreness, improve heat retention, provide valuable support, and increase blood flow throughout the entire lower half of their body. With benefits like these, the difference in a typical running session is like night and day.

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Pros & Cons
  • Numerous health benefits
  • Can improve running performance
  • Durable and breathable construction
  • Versatile size options
  • Cons
    • Unflattering for certain physiques
    • Pricey
    • Key Features
      As previously mentioned, these compression tights from 2XU are meant to be worn in place of regular pants. One aspect of these pants that is different from traditional articles of leg clothing, however, is the fact that they don’t necessarily need to be worn with underwear. Many satisfied customers have mentioned that underwear is not required, although it can still be worn with this 2XU product.

      Aside from the lack of a need for underwear, there are many interesting ways that the wearer can reap benefits from these compression tights. There are many health-related applications for products such as these and many physical therapists or kinesiologists may recommend wearing them for these reasons. One of the benefits this product provides is support for lower body muscles, such as the quads, calves, and glutes. These tights ensure that these muscles stay in their appropriate positions, making it harder for certain injuries to occur as a result. Additionally, the way in which these tights compress the wearer’s legs means that delayed onset muscle soreness after their workout will be greatly diminished.
      For an article of clothing that is designed to stick to the wearer’s body as tightly as possible, it may be surprising to learn that the 2XU Compression Tights offer a decent amount of breathability. The material used in its construction is a textile made from a combination of nylon and Lycra elastane. In addition to guaranteeing a long lifespan, this material allows for air to pass through the material more easily and prevents the inside from overheating.

      To be fair, the fact that these tights cling to the wearer’s lower body does mean that the ventilating properties of their fabrics are inhibited. However, there are some additional features built into the 2XU Compression Tights’ design that compensate for this shortcoming. The first aspect is the moisture wicking technology that prevents sweat from accumulating and leading to discomfort or skin irritation. This means that even if the wearer sweats, which is to be expected if they plan on wearing these while exercising, then they will still feel fresh around their lower body area. The second compensatory design aspect built into these compression tights is an antibacterial coating. This prevents any bacteria from building up on this 2XU product which helps to prevent skin irritation and can even reduce odor.
      The most important thing to understand about any compression apparel is that it should feel tight on the wearer’s body but not so tight that they cut off circulation. In nine out of ten cases, the reason why an individual feels uncomfortable or light-headed while wearing compression apparel is that they picked the wrong size for their body. In order to guarantee the greatest possible comfort for the 2XU Compression Tights, prospective customers should take measurements of their body and consult with the manufacturer’s size chart, which can be found on their website.

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      Another important thing to note about compression apparel is that their approach to comfort is more geared towards avoiding discomfort than simply providing a comfortable experience on their own. Although an increased range of motion and improved circulation provide comfort, most of the benefits derived from this 2XU product are preventative in nature. For starters, the aforementioned breathability, moisture management, and antibacterial properties will provide comfort through the prevention of skin irritation. Additionally, the added support provided by this 2XU product to the wearer’s entire lower body means that sprains, misaligned joints, and inflammation are all avoided, which could also lead to severe pain. However, the most significant way that these tights prevent discomfort is through their ability to lessen or prevent delayed onset muscle soreness, also known as DOMS.
      As was previously mentioned, it is very important that customers pick out the proper size of compression tights for their body. Consulting the size chart provided by 2XU will be very helpful in this step, but here’s a quick rundown of the pertinent information. These compression tights can be purchased in sizes ranging from XS to XXXL, which means that they can accommodate individuals in an estimated weight range of 100 to 300 pounds and an estimated height range of 5’ to 7’. These are estimated ranges because they are pulled from their size chart relating to compression shorts; compression tights will likely vary due to their nearly full-body fit.

      In order to provide the best possible fit for the widest possible range of runners, 2XU Compression Tights can be found in regular or tall sizes. This means that a customer can choose between a standard Small size or a Tall Small size, a standard Medium or a Tall Medium, and so on. The benefit to this is that individuals with legs that are longer than the average can still ensure a comfortable and effective fit without needing to cinch a wider waist or leave their ankles exposed.
      Tights can be hit or miss when it comes to durability. The most important thing is what sort of material they are made from, which is why 2XU’s compression tights used their own proprietary material in their construction. This material is referred to as PWX Flex and is made from a combination of two fundamentally distinct synthetic textiles. The first material, which makes up roughly ¾ of its composition, is nylon. This fabric is commonly used in parachutes due to its impressive durability, so it makes sense that it would be implemented in a product designed to withstand high impact and friction such as these tights.

      However, nylon can be abrasive, uncomfortable, and rigid, which is why 2XU added Lycra-based elastane as the next largest component in its build. This is also commonly known as spandex, which is a common material found in yoga pants and singlets due to its comfort, breathability, and long-lasting stretchiness. All of these design factors are important for a well-made pair of compression tights, so it makes sense that they would be added to this 2XU product. Thanks to this roughly 75-25 formula, just enough flexibility and comfort is added to the material’s composition to counterbalance the rigidity of the nylon without having to sacrifice any durability.
      2XU Compression Tights don’t come with any accessories; all that the customer receives when making a purchase is a pair of tights and nothing else. That being said, this article of clothing does provide some support for additional accessories thanks to a small internal pocket. However, due to the size of this pocket and its location on the wearer’s body, it isn’t really viable for holding much except for a pair of keys. For this reason, wearers may need to procure an additional storage belt, vest, or backpack in order to hold other accessories that they may require during their run or training session.
      There is a major issue that needs to be addressed regarding the stylistic aspect of these compression tights since it applies to compression clothing in general. It has to do with modesty and the fact that wearing a product like this without any other layered garments will leave absolutely nothing to the imagination. Anyone wearing 2XU Compression Tights on their own will run the risk of being subjected to ogling or ridicule, which means that it will take a considerable amount of confidence in order to wear these in public. It’s an unfortunate fact of life that this is the case and many people would prefer that this issue of negative public perception wasn’t a given, but the fact remains.

      With that said, these are reasonably stylish compression tights when compared to others on the market. They boast a minimalist design of mostly black fabric with two X’s placed asymmetrically on the legs. Customers have the option to choose between a design that highlights these accents with silver or white coloring or a more muted palette of all black. The lack of additional colorways may be disappointing to some customers but the few options that are available look appealing and are stylistically sound.
      In general, compression garments will cost a bit more than traditional workout clothes. This is mostly to do with the greater amount of design work that goes into compression clothing and less to do with an increase in materials or production costs. However, even when accounting for the higher price point, 2XU’s compression tights are pretty expensive.

      How does 2XU justify charging nearly $100 for a single pair of tights? The most likely reason for this cost may actually have to do with the material. In order to provide antibacterial or antimicrobial properties, many apparel manufacturers will weave rare earth minerals into their fabrics. The most commonly used metals are copper and silver due to the fact that they have natural properties that counteract the spread of microorganisms. Although 2XU doesn’t mention what kind of material gives these compression tights their antibacterial properties, an educated guess would be that they contain silver due to this being one of the color options for customers to choose from. This alone justifies the higher cost for these compression tights and it explains why tights that don’t offer antimicrobial properties can cost considerably less.
      Key Features

      • Wide range of sizes and alternative heights

      • Combination nylon/Lycra construction material

      • Form-fitting design leaves nothing to the imagination

      • Compression improves blood flow and reduces DOMS

      • Rare-earth metal infused into design for antibacterial properties

      Bottom Line
      There are many reasons to choose 2XU’s compression tights over any other compression tights on the market. One of the most significant ones is the wide size range which can accommodate a plethora of body shapes. It can be difficult to find products like these that accommodate incredibly large or small figures, as well as those that fall outside the average build. For that reason, individuals with unique body shapes will want to strongly consider this product for their compression needs.

      Another significant reason why these tights are appealing has to do with their health benefits. Thanks to their impressive compression capabilities, beginners to serious running and training can reduce the risk of injury and the severity of post-exercise soreness. Runners, in particular, can greatly improve their performance due to the decreased air resistance and improved blood flow, and anyone can take advantage of the odor-reducing properties of this anti-bacterial product.

      However, the aforementioned bacteria resistance is the reason why this 2XU product is so much more expensive than the vast majority of compression clothes on the market. For this reason, individuals who are on a tight budget that don’t mind washing their clothes more frequently may want to look for a pair of tights that don’t include this feature. However, those who are willing to pay the extra cost will find that these tights offer a wealth of benefits besides odor resistance that more than justify the price.
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