361 Degrees Spire 3 Reviewed

A high mileage running shoe that delivers a high energy run that keeps the runner moving. These shoes are made with the utmost quality and engineered for the best comfort around in a running shoe. A running shoe that delivers high performance for long-distance runners, or covers short distances too. A responsive ride that will definitely not disturb the runner, give them blisters or cause any problems for the feet. A strong running shoe or a good walking shoe. It’s a shoe that is stable and durable, all runners need a durable shoe if they are running the long distance. This is one of the most lightweight running shoes for distance runners and is built out to avoid any irritations on the foot. It’s also available in wide width for those that need it or prefers more roomy shoes. The 361 Degrees Spire 3 comes in different colors if you prefer black or you could do color. There are a variety of colors that the shoe is available in.

A very exciting moment for this style is when they won the 2018 ISPO Award in the Health & Fitness category. This is a running products award and this style was the winner. This was a big moment to receive a prestigious award. It’s up to the runner to decide if the shoe deserves such a big award, as everyone has their own preferences. But it’s certainly worth trying the shoe after winning such a strong and recognized award. This is one of the classic styles of the 361 Degrees, but this style has a revamped version for the upper and midsole. It’s a mid-high mileage shoe, so put these shoes on and run the miles.

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Pros & Cons


Durable materials

Great running shoe


Strong stability

Good for Rapid Moves and Changes

Strong Grip

Advanced technology


No Brand Identity

Arch is high to some people

Slightly on the heavier side

Key Features
361 Degrees motto is run farther and faster. It’s more than just about shoes it’s a brand that considers human aspirations and goals. The brand wants its runners to push themselves and see the world from a new perspective. The business is built on running, it’s the core and the passion of the business. Another saying of the brand is that they are dedicated to going one degree beyond, which is why it’s called 361 and not 360. Going that one degree beyond. Everyone on the team is passionate runners, all sorts of levels and abilities but enjoy being active. This is a love that the team shares and hopes to spread that to their athletes and anyone who purchases the shoes or products from the brand.

The brand is so passionate about running that they have teamed up with You Run This Town Foundation in Orange County, California. This organization is a nonprofit and the biggest commitment is to the development of the next generation of leaders. The main partners are the local youth learning center, the workshops are like ‘how to sell yourself’ and ‘what it takes to start a business.’ These workshops assist leaders in growing and learning. Another group is a run group that will compete in their first ever 5K race and the group forms support and leadership to help assist the other runners. The commitment of the group is that they want to share their knowledge with younger runners and to inspire the younger generation to be active and to take up running. The organization also delivers internships, scholarships to encourage the youth to higher education and achievement. 361 Degrees works with this organization because they believe in the same values. Another fun phrase that they use is More Miles, More Smiles. 361 Degrees takes pride in their innovative products and they want everyone to run more and smile more.
The Spire 3 has a full ground contact outsole, it’s a rubber forefront and carbon rubber heel. It’s a running shoe that gives you grip and traction. The rubber is strong to really hold up over the miles. The outsole is designed to withstand the wear and tear of the shoe and mainly for long distance runnings, which can run down the shoe quickly. The outsole has been created to withstand water and to ensure that it will hold up over all sorts of terrain. This Qu!k Flex Forefoot engineering is special engineering on this style that provides for natural and balanced toe off and enhances ground contact for better acceleration. This is a major component for someone that is running competitively. There are also anatomical flex grooves biomechanically designed to promote natural foot motion and the rubber gives a smooth soft ride.
The Spire 3 added a carbon fiber plate to the midsole, which is an upgrade from the Spire 2, it’s called, The Qu!k Spine. This did cause the weight to slightly increase from the Spire 2 to the Spire 3, but the heel drop decreased slightly on the 3. Really it depends on what the runner prefers the most for their own training. The midsole is soft but firm and it’s up to each individual to decide if they like that. This highly engineered shoe also has a Qu!kfoam midsole that is proprietary EVA and rubber blend that provides an amazing combination of cushioning and responsiveness. This advanced engineering allows for maximum comfort on the run. It covers all processes from the contact phase to the gait cycle and the arch bridge for extra support.
A very special Fitz-Rite Midfoot, which is a soft internal webbing to hold the foot secure is inside of this style. This is a very important engineered addition to the product to ensure comfort. One reviewer even said that her lower leg muscles did not cramp anymore and she no longer had any foot pain. This sounds like a winning fit! The fit of the shoe is true to size and the style does come in medium width sizes. There were a few who mentioned it being about a half-size too small, but it’s really up to the individual. The arch height is noted to be a medium, so this should be kept in mind for those with a high foot arch.
One of the most durable running shoes, durability will not be an issue here. The 361 Degree team really put forth an effort on the long-distance running shoe and in order to have a successful long-distance running shoe you need to make sure it’s durable. The focus on the outsole and the strong rubber is what keeps this shoe so durable. Of course, you must take good care of the shoes, but if you do they will last. Durability for a high performance shoe is important because this type of shoe will be put through regular challenges in all types of usage, miles, and terrains.

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It’s important to have a lightweight shoe when doing any running let alone long distance running. A shoe that is easy to move is very important and a lightweight shoe will be much easier to quickly move around or make quick turns. The Spire 3 is slightly heavier than the Spire 2 due to the midsole. But with the specially engineered molding and the special mold for the heel, the slight weight increase weighs itself out in comparison. Overall a slightly higher weight makes up for the added features on the Spire 3 and the overall weight is still not heavy coming in at 10.4oz.
The shoe has been engineered for integrated comfort and cushion for a smooth ride. The idea is for every runner to achieve a high mileage with a strong fit and comfortable ride along the way. The Qu!kfoam is also a major added cushion to the overall shoe and really gives a comfortable fit and feel. The Qu!kfoam material sits underneath the material and gives a springier toe-off at the top of the foot. To increase the efficiency in the shoe, the carbon-fiber plate in the midsole is there to deliver something comfortable but providing something important to the overall quality of the shoe. The heel drop lowered, which can help some with comfort and the enhanced and redesign for the Spire 3 definitely increases comfort. The toe box is slightly wide, which definitely allows room for movement within the shoe itself and allows the foot to breathe. The soft lining helps to avoid any skin irritation or potential blisters which is very important for long distances runners.
The mesh on the shoe upper is made for the top of the line breathability. It’s a stable and durable shoe that is also breathable for those long runs, helps keep circulation going and if the shoe happens to get wet, the advanced technology will ensure to cool off the shoe quickly. A long-distance runner must protect themselves from blisters and with this style, you will be protected.
Many reviewers have noted a style improvement from the Spire 2 to the Spire 3. The overall design looks cleaner and definitely has a better overall aesthetic and look to it. The USA team is working with the overseas designers hand in hand to ensure the new style had a stronger design to suit the market. They also used user feedback to create a better and overall stronger style. The colors can be minimal or vibrant, there are a variety of color options for both male and female. The shoe can be worn for active times, at the gym, trail hiking, running, or it can be worn every day in a casual setting. This shoe is created to enhance performance and ensure a durable, protective and comfortable fit for long runs, the style is not significant importance here but it’s something that the 361 Degree team has been working on. The color combination most applauded was the black and silver, of course, this is a classic color combination so no surprise there.
As we mentioned the outsole has a carbon rubber in the heel and blown rubber in the forefoot, this is major for traction and grip. These added features really help the runner to feel more secure on a slick, damp or wet road. On a long run, you never know when you might get stuck where it’s wet and of course, these shoes will make sure the traction and grip are strong and that it will help get you through those long runs with comfort knowing that you will stand upon the ground. It definitely provides strong traction and support.
Shoe Uppers
The top of this shoe has a specially engineered mesh on the upper, this helps improve the appearance, as the mesh looks sharp and is aesthetically pleasing. Many feel the Spire 3 looks better than the Spire 2. The special mesh is also breathable, allowing this shoe to be a breathable shoe for those long runs. The mesh on top is designed with lightweight materials and resistant to water or any tears or scratches. It’s also a supportive upper, so it holds the foot together, keeps the foot safe. A padded tongue and heel collar ensure the top of the line comfort and a lace-up front offers an easy to adjust fit, for those that like it tight or a little looser, it’s your choice. The tongue on this style is very special and is called a pressure-free tongue, due to the flexibility of the shoe, it provides comfort and helps to avoid irritation on the foot. No extra pressure from the tongue onto the foot. The breathable mesh on the shoe upper also ensures that there is plenty of room for your toes.
This shoe is waterproof, however not for consistent ongoing rain but if the shoe gets wet not with a heavy rain shower, you will be able to withstand it. The shoe will dry quickly due to the technology on the shoe upper. The mesh on top is designed to circulate the air and dry out. The shoe is definitely designed to withstand water and 361 Degrees has made a commitment to ensure that their shoes can withstand water as a runner and even more so a long distance runner never knows when they will reach the water. The shoe also holds up in rough terrain or those moments you hit muddy waters.
The Spire 3 is the priciest model in the 361 brand family at an average price of $150, which is slightly higher than most running shoes. But for a solid running shoe, it’s not overpriced. Value is important for runners, especially long distance runners and competitive runners. They will also consider the price as a point of consideration. The more you invest in a product most likely the longer it will last, the stronger the overall product is and the materials used. No one wants to skimp on quality when it comes to a performance shoe and this one definitely doesn’t skimp on quality. You might pay slightly more but you will be able to perform in a shoe that is comfortable and durable.
Bottom Line
The Spire 3 is the best model to date with all of the enhanced features and style enhancements, this is the style to try from 361 Degrees. Many of the reviewers noticed a huge increase in comfort and felt like the shoe was easy to take a long distance run in. The cushioning and flexibility was very important in a shoe that is used for training. It’s an all-around strong shoe that will deliver results with comfort, durability, and traction. The shoe is a firmer fit and firmer ride, which runners should be aware of when making the purchase. The price is a solid price for a running shoe, but definitely worth making the investment in because it’s a shoe that will last.

The brand gives back to the community with the non-profit they are associated with, this is important for a consumer and shows that the brand cares about the communities around them. The give back component, plus well-designed shoes will be the right combination. It’s really important for a brand to have the right materials, technology and durability to bring the athlete and the runner to the next level. A long-distance running shoe needs to be designed to prevent injuries and to keep the foot balanced. The added internal webbing hugs the midfoot for that secure fit to prevent injury or slipping. If anyone is planning their next long-distance run or their first ever, this is a pair of running shoes that you can feel confident about accomplishing your goals in.
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