Skechers GoRun 5

Skechers has been around the block a time or two and knows how to make a great running shoe. People might think of Skechers as a more casual brand, but you just have to know which shoe is right for your needs. Skechers can give you all the support and comfort a runner wants. The Skechers GoRun 5 is a lightweight trainer or race shoe that weigh's 7.5 ounces (in a men's size 9) and has a 4mm heel to toe drop. This means it promotes the mid-foot strike which is part of good form running and sends your energy forward. The best part is that the shoe fits like a glove and offers a good amount of cushioning for being so lightweight.

I got a chance to run with them many times and loved the feel of the GoRun 5. The main thing about this shoe is the responsiveness. I love the nice bounce that was more firm than cushioned, but definitely not hard. I would use this as a racing shoe or a workhorse since it is light but durable. It is pretty versatile if you have a neutral gait, and don't need crazy amounts of cushioning.

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Where to Buy
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Pros & Cons
  • Lightweight "minimal" without sacrificing cushion
  • Snug fit that hugs the foot
  • Very responsive cushion
  • Natural feel
  • Cons
    • Not much arch support
    • On the narrow side
    • Size is a touch long for a running shoe
    • Not very stable.
    • Key Features
      The outsole is made of a very thin rubber that at first made me think it would be chewed up by the road pretty quickly. I was wrong. It shows very little wear from the mileage. This might be due to the fact that it is almost flush with the midsole foam, which distributes weight evenly throughout the shoe's bottom. I was impressed by the soft yet durable rubber. The "parametric web" of the rubber gives the shoe better traction across multiple surfaces.
      Rarely does a shoe capture the perfect balance of squishy and responsiveness like the Skechers GoRun 5 has done. The initial feeling of the cushion won't impress you until you start running. Then the responsive nature of the midsole kicks in. The midsole is firm enough to last and still gives the initial bounce on every step. I was impressed by how good the midsole felt on the first and last step of every run. I could feel the 5GEN cushioning Skechers puts into their shoes.
      Skechers GoRun 5 have a snug upper that wraps the foot. There is a band around the center which keeps the shoe firmly in place on the foot. Your foot certainly won't move around in the one piece seamless circular knit upper. But don't expect much stretch room either. A few miles in, the front of the upper felt a bit snug for me, and I don't have a wide foot. But it is great to know the upper won't rub or stretch.
      At 7.5 ounces for a men's size 9, the GoRun 5 is a lightweight shoe. It is designed for racing and speed training as well as longer runs for those of us who hate carrying around extra shoe we don't need. I definitely loved the feeling of having very little weight on my feet. Each step was a breeze.
      Two perforated side panels on each shoe are thin enough to vent most excess heat out of the shoe. The knit feature of the GoRun 5 gives the shoe a nice airflow. Don't expect your feet to feel like they are in a wind tunnel, but plenty of heat will be released. You won't overheat in these Skechers. My longest run in these shoes was seven miles in temperatures in the 70's and I had no issues with heat retention.
      The GoRun 5 has a very natural feel. You aren't going to be paying attention to your feet but in a good way. They don't rub anywhere, and certainly won't cause any issues in the arch. The comfort in these Sketchers doesn't come from a memory foam feel or the perfect arch fit, but rather from the feeling that they aren't even there. I'd call these a safe bet. They are comfortable and natural, even if they don't wow you immediately.

      Personally, that natural feel is important to me. The shoe melded perfectly to my foot. I liked that I could feel some arch support when I stepped down, but that it wasn't too intrusive.
      Don't you worry - these shoes have style. The knit look is in, and these hot colors will have people thinking your feet are on fire from running so fast! Seriously though, they look good. None of that metallic shiny 80's spaceman looks most of the running shoes seem to be sporting these days. But still, there's a little function thrown in there too: the details are reflective.
      Surprisingly durable for such a lightweight shoe, the Skechers GoRun 5 hold up for the long runs. When I first saw the thin soft rubber on the bottom, I thought it might wear quickly. It did not. This could have to do with how it is inset on the bottom of the shoe, so the maximum ground contact spreads the weight, and therefore wear, more evenly.

      I was impressed by how well these held up to the mileage I put on them. They still look brand new and the comfort hasn't faded either.
      It's a lightweight trainer/racer and you are going to feel the ground. No armor here. You'll have to rely on your superior reflexes and nimble footwork if you are taking these into battle. That being said they offer great protection for what they are: a minimal shoe. I never felt like I was going to bruise my foot, and was completely comfortable with the amount of protection between me and the road, even for my longer runs.
      This shoe has a great response, which is not overly cushioned like you are running in sand, but not hard like you are wearing clogs. It delivers exactly the energy return you want for a fast shoe. If there is one word that comes to mind when these are on my feet, it is responsive. I felt like I got my energy returned on every step.
      As a neutral lightweight shoe with a 4mm drop, you shouldn't expect much support. And true, you won't be getting any stability from this shoe. The arch support is minimal. But the inside of the shoe is still form fitting to the bottom of your sole, with a present but not intrusive arch. The good thing is you don't have to worry about it messing with your gait, or bothering your arch. On the other hand, if you want that extra support, you are out of luck with this one.
      Keep these on the road. I did take them on some light dirt and grass paths which weren't an issue, but I doubt they would fare too well when roots and rocks come into play. Keep these as your road or track shoe.
      Don't you love when you can get a good solid shoe for a decent price? The Skechers GoRun 5 is $100. That is about the lowest price you will see for a quality running shoe. And it isn't so hard to stomach that price for a shoe like the GoRun 5 which will give you the miles but doesn't feel like a brick.
      The traction on the Skechers GoRun 5 was fine for dry road conditions, but I wouldn't put them to the test in rainy weather or dewy grass. The bottom is a pretty typical rubber and pretty flush between the outsole and midsole. However, the parametric web outsole is specially designed to give traction.

      On pavement, light dirt and grass paths, and even some sand on the pavement, I never had any issues with these slipping or sliding. However, I only took them out in dry conditions though.
      While the minimal aspect of the GoRun 5 does make it pretty flexible, it's not as bendable as other 4mm drop shoes in the same category. This is probably a good thing since the rigid structure of a shoe offers more protection. Think of the GoRun 5 as the perfect minimal shoe for someone that loves the lightweight and low drop, but not a flimsy shoe. While running in these shoes, I never felt like I was restricted from movement.
      Officially, there is no stability in the Skechers GoRun 5. It is a neutral shoe. So if you need major correction from over pronation, you may want to pass it over. But most people, even those who pronate slightly, will probably enjoy this lightweight neutral shoe.
      The heel to toe drop on the Skechers GoRun 5 is 4mm. This low drop puts it in the more minimal category, but far from "barefoot". It promotes the midfoot strike which is part of a good form to move your energy forward, and not send too much shock up through the rest of the body. I land midfoot, and the midfoot strike zone design on these felt very natural to me.
      Key Features of the Skechers GoRun 5
      7.5-ounce lightweight neutral shoe

      4mm offset to promote a midfoot strike

      One piece circular knit upper with the midfoot band for best fit

      Durable, responsive midsole

      GoKnit design for breathable security without compromising comfort

      5Gen cushioning for responsive comfort

      Inner support strap for stability and security of the foot

      Quick fit pull tab for easy removal and application
      Bottom Line
      The first step felt as cushioned and responsive as the last step, even for up to seven miles on pavement. I would definitely recommend this shoe to anyone who wants a lightweight option for training or racing without sacrificing quality, protection and cushioning. It's a safe bet shoe that doesn't rub or hit in any strange spots. It's light and minimal enough to be used for racing but cushioned enough that it could turn into your workhorse shoe.
      If you have a typical arch that doesn't need a crazy amount of support, go here. Love responsive feather-light shoes? Check these out. When you need an all-around affordable racing shoe or lightweight trainer, there really is hardly a better option.
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      By Joe Jarvis
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