Salomon Sonic Pro

The Sonic Pro is a lightweight trainer designed for up-tempo runs, outfitted with solid tech that helps aid the runner during their training. Its uppers’ 3D stretch air mesh is a highly breathable material that offers added flexibility and support and guarantees a comfortable ride. The combination of Salomon’s Endofit and Sensifit technology also provides a comfortable, secure fit that allows runners to wear a pair of Sonic Pros with or without socks.

Its lightweight construction will appeal to runners seeking a lighter trainer, while its breathable upper and flexible forefoot provide a natural feel to each training session. Although best for narrow-footed runners and a bit pricey (as many Salomon shoes are), the Sonic Pro is adaptable to both short and long-distance runs. For experienced runners that are looking for a specific custom fit and performance, the Salomon Sonic Pro is the latest in a long line of Salmon shoes that are known for their high-quality craftsmanship and attention to detail. Runners who have tried the rest may want to try the best—and Salmon is a brand that’s earned that reputation.

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Where to Buy
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Pros & Cons
  • Comfortable sock liner
  • The sides of the shoes automatically adjust to the structure of a runner’s foot
  • Highly breathable upper mesh keeps the foot cool and dry
  • 3D grip outsole provides excellent traction
  • Cons
    • The fit may be a bit too narrow for some runners
    • The heel cup has been reported to be too stiff
    • Expensive.
    • Key Features
      Salomon has employed a “3D ride” concept to the overall construction of the Sonic Pro, starting with the outsole, which features 3D flex,” a design that’s been added to the forefoot for enhanced flexibility and to provide additional grip. The outsole is made of Salomon’s High Abrasion Contragrip technology, which delivers reliable traction on surfaces both slick and dry, while also providing added durability to high abrasion areas.
      The midsole of the Sonic Pro is made of full-length EVA midsole foam, a standard material for midsoles in most running shoes that delivers lightweight, durable cushioning. This material absorbs impact and releases energy to provide a responsive ride. This is combined with the Energy Cell + compound, which is a lightweight foam that absorbs shock and provides solid rebound. Of course, to continue with their “3D” concept for this line, Salomon is featuring the 3D ProFeel Film in the midsole, which provides additional midfoot protection without loss of ground feel.
      The upper of the Sonic Pro continues with the “3D” theme Salomon has affixed to this line by being made of their 3D stretch air mesh. This lightweight material provides breathable coverage and stretches to conform to the shape of the runner’s foot for a natural feel. Combining their Sensofit technology with their Endofit system, the Sonic Pro wraps around the foot of the runner securely for an enhanced fit and feeling of comfort—so much so that runners could wear the Sonic Pro without socks. Its asymmetrical quick lace system is made of highly durable Kevlar fibers, allowing for efficient foot entry. There is also a lace pocket for runners to tuck the laces into, securing the laces throughout a run.
      The Sonic Pro weighs in at 8.5 ounces/241 grams for men and 6.7 ounces/190 grams for women, placing it in the lightweight category. Runners will appreciate this light weight which, when combined with its 3D stretch air mesh upper, gives the Sonic Pro a natural feel after lace-up.
      First and foremost, the uppers’ 3D stretch air mesh provides superior ventilation throughout a run. Combined with anti-sweating technology, the Sonic Pro exceeds expectations by keeping the feet entirely sweat-free, even in extremely humid and warm weather. While the heel of the shoe has adequate energy cell coverage, which increases overall breathability and cushioning, the midfoot and the forefoot feature Energy Cell+ technology that works to increase overall stability, firmness, and rebound. The Mizuno Wave Rider 17 is comparable to the Sonic Pro in this regard—with its breathable upper and similarly well-ventilated and high-performance midsole, the Sonic Pro runs in a similar class of trainer.
      Thanks to the Endofit and Sensifit technology in the upper, the shoe has a snug but comfortable fit. Reviewers have agreed that this shoe is comfortable without taking away from its overall responsiveness. The flexible forefoot allows for natural movement, while its standard full-length EVA midsole is a tried and true midsole material that aids in comfort. The EVA is paired with a layer of Energy Cell+ foam midsole, which absorbs shock and keeps joints cushioned, reducing the chance of injury. Responsive, flexible, and conforming to the natural shape of the foot, the Sonic Pro is a cozy option for runners who enjoy a secure but breathable fit in their trainer.
      When the question is of style and appearance, Solomon has always kept to its signature design, and the Salomon Sonic Pro shoe is no exception. This newly marketed shoe range from Salomon comes in a variety of color options for men, women, and kids. Midnight/Spark, neon green/black, ash/bottle green, and purple/neon yellow are some uncommon color combinations that will stand out on a shoe rack and catch the eye of passerby while out on a run. Black, tomato red, blue, and sea green are some less flashy color options from which to choose. But those familiar with the Salomon style can identify one of their shoes from a mile away, and with its sleek minimalist design that prefers function over form, no-nonsense runners who want performance over flair will appreciate the Sonic Pro. And for those who do like a dash of daring, there’s the purple/neon yellow color combo.

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      The Sensifit construction of the Sonic Pro has been added to increases the overall durability of the outsole and the heel area. No review has been received so far complaining about its damaging. Even after a long trek, the Sonic Pro remained in mint condition. Additional kudos go to Salomon’s High Abrasion Contragrip that covers high abrasion areas of the outsole, which protects the most vulnerable part of the sneaker from wear and tear over time.
      One common compliment the Sonic Pro receives from runners is its dual density midsole, which the company has employed to provide superior responsiveness. While one layer of the midsole is made of the standard EVA material that provides durable cushioning and responsiveness, Salomon has also included Energy Cell + foam to enhance overall responsiveness while out on a run. These materials manage to provide solid cushioning while not taking away from overall responsiveness, and the 3D flex technology placed in the forefoot allows for greater surface control without taking away from responsiveness. The lightweight nature of the Sonic Pro also aids in keeping these shoes responsive during a run, and runners that know their passion understand how weight and cushioning affect responsiveness during a ride.
      Trekkers and hill climbers are reliable sources when it comes to finding out about a shoe’s support, and from reviewers that have taken the Sonic Pro out on difficult terrains, it has been certified as providing excellent support. It provides straightforward support for neutral runners, while the extra tech built into its midsole—particularly the 3D ProFeel Film in the midfoot, which provides great midfoot stability and security—guarantees that neutral runners will be provided with the support they need mile after mile.
      Salomon has built a reputation for their excellent trail shoes, and although the Sonic Pro is their entry in the forum of all-around everyday trainers, the Sonic Pro is a lightweight trainer that can handle a variety of terrains. Whether hills, muddy surfaces, or just the standard asphalt and track surfaces that many runners tread, the Sonic Pro is a shoe that’s not just built to last but built to tackle a variety of terrains along the way.
      Every shoe has some downside, and here’s where the Salomon Sonic Pro may lose a few potential fans: its price point. Salomon is an independent company that has been producing incredibly high-quality shoes for generations, and that kind of quality comes at a price. These are investment shoes, meaning that experienced runners looking for a customized trainer that is attuned to their particular needs will find it with the Sonic Pro. However, even new runners looking for a solid all-around trainer will find the Sonic Pro an excellent shoe—just be prepared to pay for the privilege.
      When mentioning anything about the flexibility of a shoe, the construction of the forefoot comes first. Here is where the Sonic Pro excels; thanks to its “3D Ride Technology”--a three-layer construction of high-quality materials that absorb and minimizes impact—at the foot is kept in place without ever feeling too stiff. The flexibility this technology affords is a key selling point of the Sonic Pro, and one that runners will immediately appreciate while out on a run. Its dual density midsole—comprised of EVA foam and Energy Cell + foam—delivers a responsive, lightweight ride that retains flexibility and great surface control.
      The key to this neutral running shoe’s overall stability comes in the form of the 3D ProFeel Film in the midsole. This new tech provides midfoot protection and enhances overall stability without a loss of ground feel. While neutral runners will find the Sonic Pro a comfortable, well-performing shoe, these are not specifically overpronation running shoes and those that suffer from overpronation may want to look into additional inserts to aid in stability.
      The overall stack height of the Sonic Pro has been increased from previous Salomon trainers, in particular, the S-Lab X shoes, with which it has been compared. The thick part of the stack height provides more comfort while running long distances. The heel to toe drop is 8mm, which shaves off a few millimeters from the standard drop found in most running shoes, providing slightly more stability.
      Key Features
      •Sensifit diagonal overlays

      •‘Endofit internal sleeve

      • Breathable single-layer upper mesh

      •Highly responsive Energy Cell + tech in the forefoot

      • Dual density midsole

      •Bonded Sensifit construction

      •High Abrasion ContraGrip rubber outsole

      •Well-padded heel cup area

      •3D Ride Technology three-layer construction in the midsole
      Bottom Line
      If one is in the market for a running shoe that performs in a variety of conditions and terrains, loaded with tech to enhance the running experience and overall performance, the Salomon Sonic Pro is certainly a solid option. Made from high-quality materials and produced by a company with a stellar reputation, the Sonic Pro is the company’s entry into the everyday trainer market and one that passes the entrance exam with flying colors. While the price point may be above average, this shoe is an investment that will pay off in the long run. To sum up: experienced runners who know how responsiveness, flexibility, and security affect their running game will find the Sonic Pro a cut above the competition. Entry level runners may not have figured out how these elements affect their run, but give them time—after all, everybody has to start somewhere. But it’s where you end up—and in what shoe—that makes all the difference, and the Salomon Sonic Pro is a trainer for runners who know where they’re headed and how (and in what) they’re going to get there.
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      By Brian Price
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