Adidas NMD R1 Fully Reviewed and Compared

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Adidas NMD R1 Fully Reviewed and Compared Review Facts

The shoe was first released in late 2015. The Adidas NMD R1 Stlt Primeknit is an updated version of the original. It’s the same basic construction with a few minor tweaks and a newly revamped aesthetic. What characterizes the NMD? It features an easy to slip-on Primeknit upper and has an ultra-comfortable Boost midsole. The shoe offers a mix of comfort and style. What does NMD stand for, you might wonder? It’s a shortened version of the word ‘Nomad’. Essentially, this shoe is intended for the urban nomad. The person who is on the go, whether running or walking. The person who needs not only comfortable footwear for the journey but the person who wants to stand out stylishly, too. Released just this past month, the updated NMD is available in new colorways but features the same well-loved slip-on design of the first version.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Comfortable
  • Well-cushioned
  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Stylish
  • Great value
  • Versatile
  • Fits big, need to size down
  • Low-cut design caused blisters for some
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  • These must be the best shoes I've ever bought, nothing can compare to these for fit and comfort and they also look great, no matter where you wear these they are acceptable
  • such superb comfort, these shoes are impressive, the style speaks volumes because they look so good and the comfort is just perfect.
  • The Primeknit shoes I got run a bit more larger than the usual regular NMD. I just ordered 1/2 a size down and they still felt comfortable. Can run, play tennis and use for casual where anytime, very comfortable.
  • I got these from Urban Kicks and was somewhat skeptical, and I found these shoes are 100% high quality and comfortable, possibly the best I ever bought. Highly recommend.
  • The modern and stylish design of this NMD_XR1 is very sound, I use them for running and for other light sports but they work well as a stylish casual shoe also.
  • I don’t know why I worried about fit and sizing, I read stuff and it made me think about buy or not. So I got these, the fit is fine and wow this shoe is so incredibly easy on the feet for sports or just walking.
  • I don’t need say much about comfort as these shoes are excellent I do recommend these for the great color styles and that you can use them everywhere.
  • I can tell you guys, this shoe is a fantastic all rounder, sure I jog a lot but there aren't limits with this shoe unless your thinking of muddy trails, generally for easy sports and running its perfect.
  • They should call this shoe the versatile because its perfect for everything in general daily life, even as a work shoe. The price is good and so is the versatility of the shoe.
  • Stroll, run, jump, climb, wear casual, this shoe does all and it looks good at the same time. Get a pair you won’t look back.
  • I use these in the gym, for light hiking, weight training and squats but my wife won’t let me wear them to bed or I would. I highly like these and will get another pair, ultimate comfortably.
  • I like the bounce in the shoe and the comfortable fit, and its so easy to put on or take off, the material is super breath and my feet are so comfortable in these.
  • I ordered a 1/2 size smaller down and yet still feel loser than I like. I feel unlucky because they do look nice.
  • Whats up, these are way to wide for my feet, I feel like a duck when I run. I suggest this shoe works for wider feet people best.
  • We should be told the shoe size runs bigger before we buy because that is very important. I can use these but its awkward.
  • The block in the shoe had problems for me, I kept getting blisters. I tried lots of stuff but no change, I had to give up the shoe.
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The outsole of the Adidas NMD R1 is made of rubber. It's the same design as before. Overall, it's a basic outsole construction that provides the right amount of traction for everyday activities. Reviewers had no issues with the outsole.


The midsole of this Adidas shoe contains the always well-loved Boost cushioning. It's the same midsole as the 2015 version, so the feel of the shoe is mostly the same. The Boost cushioning provides comfort, impact protection, and a responsive feel.

The Adidas NMD R1 also features what appear to be blocks placed around the midsole. These provide support to the shoe's Boost cushioning and add structure and stability where there otherwise isn't any.

Overall, reviewers liked the Boost cushioning and found it very comfortable. Some users, though, found the Boost cushioning in the NMD didn't feel as nice as with other Adidas brand shoes.



The Primeknit's upper has been tweaked slightly, but nothing so significant that the feel of the shoe has changed. A new rib-like design dots the upper and helps provide more support to the wearer. The Primeknit upper is mostly the same, though. The stretchy sock-like upper is easy to slip on and is constructed in one piece for a flawless fit. The laces run down the instep area and the shoe features a standard heel tab at the rear.
This shoe is really lightweight thanks to the airy upper design. The shoe also features a heel reinforcement piece for added stability and support.

Reviewers liked that the upper felt solid (despite its airiness) but some did find the shoe fit big. They also noted that despite the inclusion of laces, they weren't great for tightening or loosening the shoe. Sizing is key with the Primeknit shoe. Reviewers also said that they found the lack of an insole a little strange. Others complained that the shoe is cut too low on the ankle, which caused blisters.


One of the things that reviewers loved about the Adidas NMD R1 was how lightweight it felt. The upper design contributes significantly to this feel. The upper's Primeknit construction is stretchy and sock-like. The ultra-lightweight design is nice and airy and not only breathes well but doesn't really feel like a shoe.

Reviewers also noted that despite the light and airy feel, the upper still felt quite durable. It's an impressive feat to create a shoe that feels like you're wearing almost nothing on your feet without having a shell that breaks down within a few hundred miles.


The NMD's upper is incredibly lightweight. The sock-like feel helps to ensure the fit is snug without reducing breathability. The Primeknit material is stretchy, too, so it moves with the wearer. Air moves in and out to ensure the foot doesn't get too hot inside the shoe. Inside, there's no insole, though, which some users felt like a missing aspect of the shoe. The lack of insole is meant to enhance the sock-feel of the shoe, but it also reduces the shoe's ability to wick moisture.


Thanks to the Adidas NMD's combination of Boost cushioning and incredible airy upper, the shoe feels great whether you decide to walk or run. The lightweight design makes it as if you're wearing no shoe at all. The sock-like fit hugs the foot just right. The one-piece upper design makes slipping on the shoe super quick.

The Boost cushioning isn't just comfortable, which reviewers did say, it's also responsive. A few reviewers did complain about the lack of insole, which made for a weird fit initially. Others felt the sizing was off, noting that they needed to size down considerably because the fit was much too large. Thankfully, with the right fit, the upper is snug but not at all restrictive thanks to its stretchy composition.


While the NMD was first released in 2015, the updated version isn't a big change from the original. Instead, it's mainly a chance for Adidas to introduce new colorways to the mix and man do they deliver. The new designs are fresh, modern, and perfect for training or casually hanging around. The basic style of the shoe stays the same.

The outsole is fairly uniform and flat across the base of the shoe, the slip-on upper has the same sock-like design, and the low-cut shape of the shoe has returned. The colorways introduced add specks of color to otherwise solid tones to introduce a weathered look. For women, the R1 is available in a new speckled pink, in addition to white or black. For men, there's a choice between black or grey.


Expect the Adidas NMD R1 to hold up to wear and tear. Like the original, the shoe features a solid build. The Primeknit upper feels airy and delicate, but it's not flimsy like you might think. The Boost cushioning isn't going to flatten and lose it's bounce easily either.

What else ensures the Adidas shoe holds up for miles? The upper is one piece, so there aren't multiple overlays or seams that might start to fray or unravel. The heel portion of the shoe features a reinforcement piece that acts as structural integrity. The rubber outsole is standard, but not poorly constructed.

And finally, the midsole area features support blocks that also add to the shoe's structural design keeping things together even when you're out pounding out hard tempo runs.


The rubber outsole protects just fine and delivers an average amount of traction. The midsole's Boost cushioning does most of the work to protect users against forces that might cause wear and tear not just on the shoe but on the body. Reviewers found the Boost cushioning comfortable and protective. Users also noted the solid construction of the NMD which helped to ensure a stable platform upon which they could train.


The midsole's Boost cushioning offers plenty of responsiveness and reviewers tended to agree. Users found the Primeknit shoe perfect for a variety of activities from running to walking.


The neutral NMD offers just the right amount of support to runners and walkers who have no issues with pronation. The Primeknit upper, at first glance, seems a bit thin and you might wonder if it delivers any support at all. In fact, the stretchy upper does keep the foot in place despite its lightweight construction. The sock-like fit hugs the foot but offers a bit of stretch to ensure all feet get the right amount of security.

The shoe also features midsole support blocks that keep everything held in place and fused together. At the back of the shoe, the heel cup features a support component that ensures wearers are locked into the shoe. A few users did mention that they had to size down for the right fit, though. Without sizing down, the shoe might feel a bit too big. Size down to eliminate that floaty feel inside the shoe.


We doubt you'd want to get these dirty but just in case you're itching for a run in the mud, let's be clear, these are a road shoe. The outsole is a pretty standard rubber design, nothing special there. On the road, though, the shoe should hold up just fine. The lightweight upper breathes well in all weather conditions, too, so even on a hot summer day when the pavement is sizzling, you'll be comfortable.


The NMD R1 is, unfortunately, a little on pricey when it comes to cost. Reviewers didn't seem to mind, though. Most were happy to shell out the cash required to get their hands on this revamped Adidas NMD R1 style.


This was covered a little earlier with a warning to stick to the roads with the Primeknit. Why? The outsole isn't badly made, it's just not intended for rough terrain. The rubber sole has a few round lugs for traction, but nothing fancy that'll keep you upright when navigating treacherous terrains like slippery river rock or mud.


The Adidas NMD R1 features an all-around flexible construction. The outsole has a little give to it so that each footstep feels natural. The Primeknit upper is nice and stretchy to help ensure a good fit and ultra-breathability. Reviewers particularly liked the upper design saying it was durable but comfortable.


The Adidas NMD R1 is a neutral trainer, not a stability shoe. But, that doesn't mean you'll be rocking side to side feeling like you're not at all secured. The sock-like upper has a few tricks up its sleeve! The close fit hugs the foot in so no slippage occurs (make sure you size down, though, reviewers did find the fit a bit too generous) and there are a few structural components that help keep wearers stable. The heel cup features a reinforcement piece for stability and the midsole features blocks to increase the structural integrity and overall stability of the Primeknit shoe.


We couldn't narrow down the exact drop measurement for this attractive Adidas brand shoe, but from the looks of it, the heel isn't that much more prominent than the forefoot. The outsole and midsole look fairly flat hinting at a drop that's lower than your average shoe.
Key Features

Key Features

- NEW Rib design around the upper for better fit
- NEW Colorways
- Primeknit upper with a sock-like design
- One piece upper
- Boost midsole cushioning
- Ultra lightweight design
- Heel tab
- Supportive heel cup
- Rubber outsole
- Midsole blocks for added stability and support
Bottom Line

Bottom Line

If you decide to go with the NMD R1, you can rest assured that you've picked a solid trainer. The shoe looks and feels great whether you're heading out for a 10-mile long run or a quick tempo workout. The Boost cushioning is comfortable without skimping on protection. The shoe provides a responsive ride, too. The fit may be a bit big for some, but it's nothing a bit of sizing down can't fix.

The durable shoe works for running or walking and features a super breathable, lightweight design. It's obvious why Adidas chose to reintroduce the hot-looking shoe. New colorways bring a fresh face to the Adidas NMD R1 and in keeping with the well-liked construction of the original, Adidas has hit a home run with this revamped sneaker.