Adidas ClimaCool 1

Several years ago, the designers at Adidas sought to fulfill one of the running community's most well known yet oft-neglected desires. Breathability. They were informed that this function of a shoe should be treated as more than just a bonus feature. The ability to provide sufficient airflow should be one of the principle functions around which a shoe, and more specifically a running shoe, is constructed. So in taking heed of these concerns, the designers at Adidas created the original ClimaCool 1.  It has now been over fifteen years since the Adidas ClimaCool 1 originally dropped. They have managed to maintain their cult-like popularity, and so much so, that Adidas recently released the ClimaCool 02.17. The ClimaCool 02.17 while designed with our modern sensibilities in mind, still speaks to and addresses well those familiar concerns. The Adidas ClimaCool 02.17 took many of things that made the ClimaCool 1 successful, and for good reason. The design of this original shoe has a functionality that time could not diminish. With that being said, let’s reexamine what made Adidas’s ClimaCool 1 appealing to those clamoring for more breathability in their footwear.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons
  • Shoe provides a decent amount of ventilation 
  • Wide variety of eye-popping colors 
  • Very Affordable
  • Nice looking silohuette
  • Decent cushioning in midsole of the shoe  
  • Shoe is very lightweight 
  • Cons
    • May be too stiff in the beginning 
    • Responsivity is lacking
    • Key Features
      The Adidas ClimaCool 1 incorporates a decoupled outsole configured from rubber. A raised and omnidirectional tread occupies the outsole, allowing it to maintain a secure grip of the surface below it.
      The shoe’s midsole is made of the oft-used and always appreciated EVA foam. EVA foam grants the midsole a certain buoyancy, aiding in the shoe’s compression, cushioning and shock absorption in a way that other midsole-employed materials can not. The use of EVA in the midsole also aids in perpetuating the general lightweight feel of Adidas shoes, and the ClimaCool 1 is no exception.
      The upper of the shoe is fashioned from a synthetic mesh. It is well ventilated but provides the runner with ample cushioning as well.
      The shoe weighs around 8.7 ounces.
      The Adidas ClimaCool 1 offers the runner a nice amount of breathability. The upper is fashioned from a porous, mesh material that allows the minute wind drag of every stride to be channeled into the shoe, and provide the runner with sufficient air flow. The materials used in both the outsole and midsole of the shoe also do an excellent job of preventing the accumulation of moisture. Not only is this wonderful in so far as it precludes the shoe’s building up a stink, but it allows the runner to enjoy a more hygienic running experience. It also allows them to avoid the strange chafing that can occur when one’s feet are drenched by sweat and locked in a shoe.
      Some have complained about the shoe’s need to be broken in. The midsole provides the runner with ample cushioning so that the impact of their strides are never felt too harshly. This is important because impact energies have the potential to travel up the legs and affect other parts of the body. Many runners, for example, will know that back pain and joint pain are often want to occur when they run in shoes with poor padding. The upper of the shoe maintains a decent amount of rigidity when it needs to but will soften up in accordance to the runner’s movements.
      This shoe sports a somewhat strange design. It features many perforations that serve as ventilation holes, but almost give the shoe a scaly appearance. This is not a knock against its design though. Its unique, and sure to catch the eye of passers-by. It is also available in a wide array of colors. This color palette, too, is different than those made available by other brands with similar products. The Frost Green ClimaCool 1’s, for example, with their odd pistachio hue, are a delight to the eyes. The Red ClimaCool 1’s speak to vibrancy and fun that very few shoes can match. As for the shape of the shoe, its design is concurrent with the trends of the early 2000’s. It features a rounded silhouette and a texture that is almost bubble-like. Some of the more colorful shoes are also fashioned from a material that appears a bit translucent, further solidifying the shoe's 2002 aesthetic.
      The Adidas ClimaCool 1’s are not the most durable shoes on the market. They do not feature any special, or high tech, mechanisms to prevent the shoe from breaking down. In fact, most of the design features, in terms of their ability to endure, are pretty standard. The outsole is constructed of a standard rubber, while the durability of rubber cannot easily be contested, the tread on the bottom of rubber can be subject to more scrutiny. Some runners have complained that as they wore the shoes the tread along the bottom began to wear away. This is disappointing but not too uncommon for outsoles like these. Perhaps, if the designers had decided to incorporate Continental rubber the outsole would fair better. Still, the outsole will wear away no sooner than the typical, low cost, running shoe.

      As stated before the upper of the shoe maintains a certain tenacity that prevents it from feeling too slack. It is constructed in such a way though, as to give a little when the motion of the feet demand it. The shoe’s neoprene fabric is also highly resistant to dirt and debris, and the upper of the shoe does a great job at keeping these other materials from making it into the shoe.
      The shoe features fairly simple midsole and outsole designs. While these provide the runner with adequate cushioning and some degree of ground sensitivity, they can be regarded as lacking in terms of responsivity. They will, for example, absorb some of the stride's impact energies, but do little in terms of pushing the runner forward. They lack the propulsive qualities of some other shoes, and use for an extended period may result in some sore feet.
      The midsole of the sole will provide the runner with decent cushioning. The upper is also well designed, and high reaching so as to prevent dreaded ankle roll. Most runners have found that the shoe provides an adequate amount of support, allowing them to better stack the bones and in the lower part of the body and feel more sturdy when traversing terrain.
      The shoe is best suited for road work. It is not designed to function as well on very slippery roads, or iced over pathways. It is also probably not the best option for use on the trail. It will, however, provide a runner with some much-needed grip on asphalt. It also does well enough to prevent harmful items, such as jagged rocks, from doing too much damage to the sole of the runner’s feet.
      The Adidas ClimaCool 1 maintains a price tag that is well below that of the average running shoe. This is to be expected as it has been fifteen years since the shoe was originally released. The shoe, though, still functions well and is a decent product for the money.
      The shoe features a standard rubber outsole with a semi-aggressive tread pattern. It is designed to function best on roads. A few runners did cite issues with the traction, however. They complained of insufficient grip, and slippage. With this in mind, it is probably best not to run across wet surfaces when wearing these shoes.
      The shoe is devoid of that fresh out the box feel. Many runners have complained that it took them a considerable amount of time to break the shoes in, and rid them of their inherent stiffness. Most runners should be able to overlook this inconvenience because of the other ergonomic benefits of this shoe.
      In terms of stability, the Adidas ClimaCool 1 performs well enough. It features at its rear an abrasive heel counter. The runner is sure to appreciate the added solidity of this measure. The interior housing about the upper also does well to keep the runner feeling stable. The stability measures, though, are nothing to write home about.
      The Adidas ClimaCool 1 employ a drop of 8 millimeters.
      Key Features
      - 360 degrees of ventilation
      - Wide array of colors
      - EVA midsole
      Bottom Line
      The Adidas ClimaCool 1 will provide runners with 360 degrees of ventilation. In that way, it serves its namesake, and if that is all runner is looking for, then they will be pleased. There is also the added benefit of its very stylish and eye-catching color palette. Beyond these two aspects though, the shoe is neither great nor terrible. It is actually quite basic. It is stiff, though, relatively comfortable. It provides cushioning but not much else in terms of responsiveness. One must keep in mind though, that it is a cheaper running shoe option, and for its price, it is of decent quality. If one is pleased to sport these shoes, they are encouraged to give the other shoes in the ClimaCool series a look as well.

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