Adidas Performance Galaxy Elite

The Adidas Performance Galaxy Elite was designed specifically to cater to individuals seeking a shoe that can handle casual running, walking, light exercise, and athletic training. With impressive features such as ADIPRENE Technology, TPU caging, and a streamlined design, this is a highly competent and stylish article of footwear perfect for casuals and professionals alike. Adidas is a household name known for its excellent performance and impeccable design. An Adidas product comes with a guarantee of first-rate quality and reliability and that is exactly what customers receive with this training shoe. The Performance Galaxy Elite upholds the reputation of its manufacturers and the expectations of its fans to provide maximum comfort, longevity, and elegance, at a diminished cost to your wallet.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons
  • Affordable price
  • Multiple color combinations
  • Excellent fit
  • Conveniently removable insoles
  • Midsole ADIPRENE technology provides speed and shock absorption
  • Cons
    • Not recommended for long distances
    • Larger sizing
    • Not ideal for overpronators or underpronators
    • There is a room for improvement in the responsiveness
    • Key Features
      With a non-mark sole, these shoes are perfect for use indoors, such as on a basketball court or gym. The outsole is primarily constructed of ADIWEAR textured rubber which ensures traction both in these indoor environments and in outdoor environments with low to moderate intensity terrain. Long lasting durability is also ensured with this design and construction material, providing runners with confidence in their purchase and the assurance of longevity. What this means is that the outsole of this Adidas running shoe is a rare beast, being both highly versatile and extremely durable.
      The cushioned midsole of the Galaxy Elite Original is constructed from foam utilizing Adidas’ proprietary ADIPRENE technology. This material is standard in many Adidas running shoes and it works to provide both propulsion and speed at the shoe’s forefoot. Additionally, it is designed for greater heel protection with the dual benefits of cushioning and shock absorption. The thicker design of the midsole helps to maintain the shock absorption and durability for a longer period of time. The result of this material alone is the guarantee of a spring in your step for miles and miles.
      The upper portion of the shoe is made from a combination of breathable mesh material and durable synthetic leather. The outer portion was engineered with the implementation of a TPU cage and emblazoned with the signature Adidas triple stripe. This feature offers higher stability and foot protection during your running sessions. The design of the cage and synthetic casing improves upon Adidas’ pre-existing design with improved lateral movement stability and greater efficiency during motion. You can expect a highly competent and versatile upper due to these innovations, which seems to be a common design theme for the Adidas Performance Galaxy Elite.
      One thing that is almost universally panned is a shoe that feels too heavy and pulls runners down during a workout. It can make the simple act of wearing shoes into a chore as the day progresses and takes the joy out of running. While the fact is that extra weight has been added to these shoes with the addition of TPU caging on the side and the synthetic overlay, the Performance Galaxy Elite still weighs in at a modest 10 ounces. It has certainly earned its status as one of the Best Lightweight Running Shoes for this year, especially when considered in conjunction with its SUPERCLOUD cushioning. These design features evoke the feeling of running on air, with a barely noticeable weight only beaten by a minimalist running shoe.
      The upper mesh lining of the Adidas Performance Galaxy Elite is derived from and used in conjunction with fast drying fabric. This ensures that runners experience maximum breathability, ensuring a cool and dry feeling throughout the duration of your running session. The upper of this shoe being welded to the sole eliminates any seams or additional material that might otherwise inhibit ventilation. Whether it’s an outdoors jogging session in the dog days of summer or a PR-smashing workout in the gym, wearing these Adidas shoes will ensure a comfortable and cool environment for your feet throughout the duration of your exercise.
      The upper of these running shoes feature a padded tongue and collar. These provide a lining of breathable material that engulfs both sides of the foot for added comfort. Additional comfort is guaranteed by the Performance Galaxy Elite due to the lack of a seam connecting the upper to its sole, preventing the possibility of chafed feet. While the design of these shoes favors runners with narrower feet, the toe box has an adequate amount of room to avoid blisters or discomfort in general with each stride. Another key comfort-oriented feature in this footwear is the removable insoles. These soles can be removed and replaced, which is convenient for adding additional cushioning or customized orthotic support. If you are a runner that favors a particular running style, or if you suffer from common running injuries such as plantar fasciitis, this small amenity can offer a tremendous benefit.
      Adidas is known first and foremost for their fashion. As a household name rivaled only by Nike, they are leaders and trendsetters in the market for athletic wear. With their recent decision to expand into high fashion, Adidas is beloved by fashionistas to professional athletes to regular Joes alike. The point of this statement is that you really can’t go wrong with an Adidas design; this same statement is true for their Performance Galaxy Elite footwear line. It’s certainly true that function is more important than form for the vast majority of fitness-minded customers, but the sleek design of these Adidas trainers provides both style and substance, free from compromise. The number of color combinations is icing on the cake, cementing this shoe as a textbook example of how to do athleisure correctly.
      Despite having a lower price tag, runners shouldn’t be concerned with the build quality. The Galaxy Elite has a sturdy design, with its ADIWEAR rubber soul being the key feature contributing to the overall longevity of this product. The thicker and more resistant rubber used in its improved formulae ensures a higher level of defense against wear and tear, in addition to other features such as a firmer foot sole mold and a neutral arch. These design choices ensure that the overall structure of these Adidas trainers remains intact and supportive for a long time to come. Customers shouldn’t expect the need to replace these shoes for a year at the very least, provided they maintain them properly and avoid certain environments.
      The predominantly synthetic materials used for the manufacture of the Galaxy Elite make them extremely low maintenance. This protection granted by its build makes them easy to care for in situations where they may be exposed to dirt or mud. An excellent form of protection offered by the Performance Galaxy Elite is this easy cleaning ability, only requiring a brush and some mild soap. In regards to door protection from other aspects of off-road running, these shoes are adequate but not ideal. While they can maintain freshness after a run, with some upkeep, your feet may end up worse for wear due to the lacking support and durability. Just from looking at these Adidas shoes you can tell that they weren’t made for this purpose, but at the very least you can keep them clean in those kinds of environments.
      There are many aspects to the design of these Adidas running shoes that contribute to a feeling of responsiveness. These include the lighter weight, which enables runners to expend less energy with each stride, and an upper that molds to the foot, which ensures a tight fit without the risk of loosening during a run. However, one aspect of the Performance Galaxy Elite that can detract from the responsiveness of a running session is the amenities made for the purpose of comfort. Many runners appreciate the highly cushioned insole and midsole, stating that it feels like running on clouds. However, this discrepancy from the running surfaces can remove an important tactile response and lead to a diminished connection to the ground beneath a runner’s feet. Furthermore, the high heel drop removes the natural striking style in favor of a protective heel, which can alienate runners more accustomed to a naturalistic stride. In a word, the responsiveness of these shoes is passable.
      If a runner has a tendency toward overpronation, that means they tend to roll their feet toward the outside with each step. In the same vein is under pronation, where a runner tends to roll their feet toward the inside. One excellent feature of the Adidas Performance Galaxy Elite is that both of these running styles can be accommodated and corrected thanks to the versatility of its style. This is especially true when the easily removed insoles are replaced with orthotics; this customizable support can be beneficial to all kinds of running styles. As a result, these Adidas shoes provide a comfortable ride for overpronators, under pronator, or natural runners.
      The Performance Galaxy Elite is recommended primarily for use with road running. This is because they work excellently on pavement and asphalt, with traction that handles these environments competently even on an incline. It is also recommended to stick to short to mid-length distances in the range of a 5K or half-marathon. They aren’t ideal for hardcore trail or mountain running, but these Adidas trainers are still great for running, walking on roads, light trails, and in the gym.
      It’s easy to pay top dollar for running shoes but casual runners will prefer the simpler design of the Adidas Performance Galaxy Elite. These shoes are fully capable of fulfilling all your needs without breaking the bank. These shoes are listed for an affordable price when considering its rounded practicality, high build quality, and long-lasting durability.
      Enough traction is provided by the outsoles of these shoes to accommodate running sessions on low-intensity surfaces such as a pavement or track. However, despite having an outsole that resembles a high-intensity trail shoe, other design shortcomings of the Adidas Performance Galaxy Elite make them a bad choice for hardcore trail environments.
      The structure of the flexible back makes putting on and taking off these shoes simple and painless. However, the thickness of the midsole and outsole for these Adidas running shoes limits their flexibility significantly during a standard running session. Design choices made for the sake of comfort and stability, unfortunately, result in a stiffer ride that removes runners from the ground they run on.
      While flexibility may be diminished in these Adidas runners, stability is present in a big way. Thanks to the TPU cage around the upper portion, a sturdy and tight-fitting upper works to maintain a proper grip for these shoes on both your feet and the ground beneath them. This helps greatly to ensure a stable ride, as does a highly grippy outsole and energy efficient midsole.
      The Adidas Performance Galaxy Elite features a heel drop of around 8 mm. This is a bit lower than the standard heel elevation present in running shoes but is still high enough to differentiate them from more neutral-oriented footwear. Because of this, the extra cushion is present in the heel but an element of the natural running sensation is lost. These shoes may take some adjusting to for runners used to minimalist runners or trail runners.
      Key Features

      • Removable insoles allow for customized support

      • ADIWEAR and ADIPRENE technology contribute responsiveness and durability

      • Easy to clean

      • Welded material for a seamless fit

      • Breathable mesh upper

      • Outsole has textures grooves for improved traction

      • Multiple color choices

      • TPU cage ensures high stability

      Bottom Line
      For runners seeking shoes that are dynamic enough to enable them to train in the way they choose, with a design that doesn’t sacrifice style, the Performance Galaxy Elite by Adidas is a terrific pick. The highly advanced technology combines with a neutral build and customizable sole to provide an excellent all-around training shoe that won’t hurt your wallet. A cool and dry running session is guaranteed with its breathable mesh material, and the signature Adidas style ensures you stand out in a good way whether you’re at the gym or on the road.
      Where to Buy
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