Adidas Climacool 02/17

Years ago, Adidas sought to fulfill the public’s need for a shoe that provided its wearer with a degree of ventilation that would only be matched by going completely barefoot. In 2002, they released the ClimaCool 1. The primary function of this shoe was to provide the runner with 360 degrees of ventilation. In terms of popularity, it far surpassed the expectations that many held. To celebrate the anniversary of the ClimaCool’s initial rollout, Adidas has released the ClimaCool 02.17. The shoe maintains the same primary function as its predecessor but has a modernized design to suit the needs of its new audience.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons
  • Cool reimagining of Adidas’s original ClimaCool design
  • Interior of the shoe has a lot of cushioning
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to slip on
  • Cons
    • Expected greater degree of breathability in the upper especially in higher temperatures
    • Shoe runs narrow, may have to purchase half a size up
    • Lateral midfoot shank can dig into foot
    • Key Features
      The outsole of the Adidas Climacool 02.17 is rubber and features tread equipped with raised accents. The outsole also features a hollowed portion in its center, so that the thin screen in front of the insole can be seen.
      The midsole is constructed of an Ethylene-vinyl acetate, or EVA foam. The foam extends into the upper of the shoe. Adidas has chosen to give the midsole a jagged line as well. The midsole gives the runner an added level of comfort. The overall weight of the shoe is lessened thanks to the light midsole.

      The shoe features an upper, made of a mesh-like material, that awards the runner a great deal of breathability. This upper is constructed in the fashion of a bootee. It was designed to be easily slipped on. It also incorporates Adidas’s well-received Climacool textile. The Climacool fabric is intended to wick away moisture so that the runner’s feet can remain dry.

      The shoe has a weight of approximately 6.4 ounces. This makes it one of the more lightweight shoes on the market.
      The Adidas Climacool 02.17 incorporates the very popular Ortholite sockliner. The sock liner is covered by many a micro perforation. These perforations aid in keeping the feet as cool as the name suggests, but they also serve another purpose. They help to stave off the build-up of odor causing bacterias. This allows the runner to maintain a certain hygienic standard. It also means that the runner does not have to leave his or her shoes outside to air out, where they can be stolen or suffer damage from the weather. The Adiprene textiles in the midsole are also water resistant, which further aids in keeping the feet dry. Some runners have complained, though, that the upper does not provide as much ventilation as needed.
      The midsole of the shoe was designed with the intention of keeping the runner comfortable. It grants the runner's foot an almost buoyant feel. The upper of the shoe also allows it to be easily slipped on. This does not mean that material making up the shoe is slack. On the contrary, the shoe provides the wearer with a very snug and secure fit. Some, though, claim that the shoe can only maintain this degree of comfort for a relatively short time. With extended use, though, design flaws that reduce comfort become more evident. The toe box, for example, is a bit too narrow. Some runners claim that while this could be initially overlooked, after a while, their feet began to feel too constricted. Another common complaint is that the translucent plastic that occupies the medial side of the shoe often digs into the foot, and is very uncomfortable.

      The Adidas Climacool 02.17 design can best be described as a clever reimagining of the Climacool 1. That shoe was officially released fifteen years ago, but that doesn’t mean the designers of the 02.17 are bogged down by old ties. They’ve managed, somehow, to stay faithful to the original design while still revamping it to suit our modern tastes. The shoe features a silhouette that is sure to appease fans of the original shoes. When sporting these, a runner is sure to feel at home in athletic arenas, but also social gatherings. Many fans of the shoe have cited the welded three stripe design as a perfect example of a reimagining done right. The shoe sports a minimalist design that eschews gaudiness. The tail end of the laces, for example, are easily and readily concealed, giving the shoe a neater look. The word “Climacool,” can be found on the tongue, but it is in no way attention calling branding. Adidas also offers the shoes in a variety of colors to appease the more fashion-particular runners among us.
      The outsole of the Adidas ClimaCool 02.17 was fashioned from rubber. There are but a few things in the world that successfully destroy the rubber on this shoe, namely oxidation and exposure to oils. Outside of a very narrow range of harmful things, the outsole of this shoe should maintain its high function and integrity when encountering various abrasive agents that line the road. The Adiprene fabric, incorporated into the shoe is also highly-resistant to abrasive elements, oils, and oxidizing agents.
      Its well-designed ankle collar helps to prevent the all too common, and never welcome ankle roll. This helps the runner to maintain a natural range of movement. It also guards the higher joints and musculature against undue stress. The narrow toe box, though, may cause some runners to experience discomfort which can limit the amount of joy culled from their running experience.
      The shoe is devoid of any boost mechanisms. It is, by no means, the most responsive running shoe. Some runners have even accused the designers of creating too stiff a platform for the bottom. This means that more of the impact energies of a runner’s stride will be absorbed by the runner’s feet. This can cause the runner to get less propulsion despite expending a lot of energy.
      The ankle collar of the shoe is higher than that of the typical running shoe. It is constructed of Adidas’s specialized neoprene fabric, dubbed Adiprene. To material was intended to provide the runner’s ankle with adequate, but comfortable, support. Thermoplastic polyurethane, or TPU, plugs adhere to the EVA midsole to grant the runner even greater support.
      The Adidas Climacool 02.17 functions best on roadways. There isn’t as great a need for grip for on surfaces as smooth as the asphalt used on the typical roadway. The shoe has less protective measures than a trail running shoe because these runners are less likely to encounter harmful items on the road.

      The incorporation of Adiprene in the ankle collar grants the runner a greater and more varied range of movement. It is designed to contract and expand in accordance with the runner’s feet movements. The Adiprene textiles are also able to maintain their flexibility and sponginess at varying temperatures.
      The Adidas shoe is priced slightly lower than the average running shoe. The shoe does not feature any groundbreaking design features and, perhaps for that reason alone, those knowing and self-aware men and women in charge decided that it should not break the bank.
      While the Climacool 02.17 does not employ continental rubber, like some of Adidas other shoes, it does perform well, traction wise. Only a few runners have claimed any issues with slippage.
      The shoe sports a drop of about 10 millimeters.
      Thermoplastic polyurethane or TPU plugs grant the shoe greater stability. The outsole of the shoe is best suited for runners with a neutral arch. Those with higher arches or under pronated arches may find that it provides an unstable, and uncomfortable platform on which to stand. The interior of the sneaker incorporates a heel stabilizer. Plastic lateral shanks on the medial sides also help to aid in its stability. It also includes a midfoot stabilizer that provides a more secure fit.
      Key Features
      - Commemorates anniversary of the Climacool 1 release
      - Climacool Textiles
      - Minimal yet stylish design
      - Adiprene textiles
      Bottom Line
      The Adidas Climacool 02.17 is a decent sequel to the Climacool 1, released all those years ago. It is not, despite the name, the most well-ventilated running shoe on the market, but it should suffice as long as one is not running where temperatures are exceptionally high. The most inviting thing about the shoe is its style. As far as running shoes go, it is pretty good looking. The designers of the shoe did a great job of adapting the original design for a new audience. It is evident by its more faithful elements, though, that while they insisted on giving the shoe a new spin, they maintained an appreciation for the original design. The shoe is not exceptionally responsive, nor does it provide the most traction. It does, however, function well enough to appease the average runner, and as an added benefit, is very affordable.
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      By Abbie Copeland
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