Adidas Solar Boost 4

The Adidas Solar Boost 4 is a max-cushioning running shoe built to deliver a snappy and energetic ride for neutral runners.

With a steep 10 mm drop, Boost cushioning in the midsole, and a recycled upper, there is plenty to love about this daily trainer.

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Pros & Cons
LEP system creates snappy toe-offs
Ample 32 mm stack height is ideal for heavier runners
Boost midsole cushioning is plush yet energetic
Very durable and grippy Continental rubber outsole
Comfortable neoprene togue
Some runners feel it fits too tight in the midfoot
Has a slightly narrow toe box
Key Features
Key Features

If you love a high drop and plenty of plush cushioning from your running shoes, strap in for the Adidas Solar Boost 4!

The midsole of this daily trainer is composed of Adidas’ Boost midsole cushioning that delivers an ultra-cushioned energetic ride.

Adidas premiered this plush cushioning in 2013, and it became so popular that they continue to utilize it today in many of their modern running shoes.

What makes Boost so unique is that it provides runners with the best of both worlds. When you slip your feet inside of the shoe, the steep 32 mm stack height and 10 mm drop feels nice and squishy underfoot. However, as you start to pick up the pace, the foam becomes more stiff and rigid which makes your stride bright and energetic.

The LEP system (or Linear Energy Push) acts as an abbreviated carbon plate. Two panels of stiff TPU run down both sides of the midfoot that provide a little bit more energy and springiness to your toe-offs.

While the Boost midsole is quite cushioned, the addition of the LEP system helps to keep your stride fast and responsive.


The outsole of this shoe combines Adidas’ classic Continental rubber with hints of exposed midsole foam to keep your stride light and bright while fusing your feet to the ground. Continental rubber hit the market in the 1980s and continues to lead the pack in advanced outsole performance.

Continental rubber boasts a very grippy and tacky feel to it and keeps your feet steady on the ground even when running on slick rain or oil-soaked sidewalks. Even if the road ahead is slick, there’s no need to slow down your pace with Continental rubber underfoot!

What this rubber outsole performs quite well in a myriad of conditions, it’s also incredibly durable. Runners found that under daily training conditions this shoe is able to hold up quite well up to 400 miles. It’s lightweight, provides hints of exposed foam to boost flexibility, and is built to last.

Overall, Adidas really nailed the design of the Solar Boost 4’s outsole.


Frequently buying new running shoes it’s exactly kind to the environment, but it’s a necessary evil for many dedicated runners that put a lot of miles on their running shoes.

One of the things that I love most about the upper of this shoe is that it is composed of Primegreen materials. This means that 100 percent of the fabrics and materials are used in the construction of this upper are derived from recycled plastics.

In fact, Adidas has ironed out an energy-friendly road map all the way out to 2050 that aims to structure their entire company to be as green as possible. For environmentally-conscious runners, this is a big deal.

Performance-wise, this upper is lightweight, breathable, and packed with features to keep your feet nice and comfortable.

I love that the neoprene tongue contours to the shape of your foot as you turn up the heat, and limits the instance of hot spots. Runners also really appreciate the stretchy lacing system that boosts overall lockdown without feeling too tight and constricting.

This upper gives you a high range of motion for speedy sets and agility work while the vented panels keep your feet nice and dry.


Highly-cushioned running shoes are often reserved for runners with pronation issues, but neutral runners love high-end cushioning too! This neutral daily trainer is designed for runners that want a good deal of cushioning that won’t slow them down.

Ample cushioning often means a slower shoe that is built for long distances, but the Adidas Solar Boost is made for speed. While the midsole provides plenty of support and impact-absorbing materials, the LEP system cultivates snappy toes-offs and speed.

Overall, it’s a great shoe not only for long distances but for speedy tempo runs as well. It’s important to note that the built of the midsole is quite stiff, and it’s geared more towards an even gait cycle rather than side-to-side movements seen in workouts such as CrossFit.

If you are a heavier runner that doesn’t necessarily need a lot of extra stability features, this shoe is one of your best options. It boasts a steep 32 mm stack height that is perfect for heavier runners. The steep midsole won’t break down as quickly, and the super durable outsole holds up quite well over time.


The fit of this shoe isn’t for everyone. One of the biggest complaints runners had with the performance of this shoe is that the midfoot tends to be a little too narrow. Tinkering with the dynamic lacing system helps a bit, but if you have a foot that is slightly wider than normal, you may find the fit of the midfoot to be a little problematic.

Runners also felt that that toe box wasn’t wide enough to allow their toes to naturally splay inside of the shoe. The slightly narrow toe box isn’t a deal-breaker because it doesn’t cause your toes to squish at the end of the shoe.

However, if you like to give your puppies plenty of room to spread out, this toe box will be a little underwhelming.

Due to the slightly narrow fir of this shoe, it will be in your best interest to buy a half size larger than what you would normally wear.

If you have the option, I highly suggest heading down to your local shoe store to give them a little test run before you make your final decision.


The price tag of the Adidas Solar Boost 4 is slightly higher than your average pair of daily trainers. It’s not the most expensive running shoe out there on the market, but it will make a slight dent in your bank account.

Due to the unusual sizing and higher price point, it’s a good idea to give them a test spin to ensure that they work for your running needs.

While this shoe is designed to be approachable by a wide variety of runners, the slightly narrow fit may not be ideal for everyone.

While the price tag is a bit intimidating, these shoes offer a great bang for your buck. If you feel that your burn through running shoes rather quickly, the high stack height and super durable Continental rubber outsole is made to hold up quite well over those brutal training miles.
Comparisons to Previous Versions
As the Solar Boost series moves through its life cycle, it drops many of the stability features that made this shoe a little too stiff and cumbersome for neutral runners.

Previous versions of this shoe snuck in subtle stability features that worked quite well for overpronators but felt a little too restricting for neutral runners. Overall, the Adidas Solar Boost 4 is designed more for neutral runners than previous versions.

The biggest change made to this iteration of the Solar Boost isn’t what Adidas added to the shoe, but rather what they left out. Previous versions of this shoe had something called a Control Rail that surrounded the toe box to keep your gait cycle nice and even.

While this feature works well for overpronators, neutral runners felt that it was a little too stiff and heavy. So, when Adidas rolled out the Solar Boost 4, they dropped this feature entirely.

The upper of the Solar Boost 4 is also more streamlined and modern, as well as more breathable. While it’s not the most breathable upper out there on the market, it’s certainly a step in the right direction!

It’s also important to note that this design has shed quite a bit of weight. By dropping many of the hidden stability features, this shoe also is much lighter than the Solar Boost 3. While the 3 weighed in at 11 ounces (which is quite heavy), the 4 weighs in at just 9.8 ounces.
If you are on the hunt for a great pair of running shoes to wear on your daily runs, whether it be long distances or short tempo runs, the Adidas Solar Boost 4 is worth checking out.

This design provides runners with an ample 32 mm stack height of plush yet energetic cushioning that helps to protect your joints and get you excited to lace up your shoes to go for a ride.

The LEP system provides an extra jolt of energy, and the durable Continental outsole is built to conquer hundreds of miles.

While it’s a little more expensive than your average pair of daily trainers, the advanced features built into this shoe are well worth the investment!
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