Adidas POD S3.1

The Adidas POD S3.1 is a redesigned retro shoe that first made an appearance in the 1990s. This version of the sneaker has been updated with newer technologies for additional comfort and style. The upper is designed to deliver a sock-like fit with stretch and comfort while the segmented midsole provides shock absorbency, rebound, and comfort. The TPU bridge that connects the two parts of the midsole is flexible and supportive and many reviewers rave about the comfort level of these great-looking sneakers.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons
  • BOOST foam at heel is soft and comfortable
  • EVA foam at forefoot is responsive and firm
  • 3M material delivers great reflectivity 
  • POD system provides support and torsional rigidity
  • Breathable loose-knit mesh upper
  • Stylish versatile design
  • Cons
    • Some say the white parts of some of the sneakers gets dirty quickly
    • May not be great for high-intensity exercises
    • Key Features
      These unique-looking sneakers feature a thick and durable rubber outsole. The textured rubber is prevalent on both the forefoot and heel sections of the segmented midsole. There is no lug system, rather, there are oval-shaped depressions lining both sections of the outsole. This rubber is very durable and works with the midsole materials to provide a supportive and responsive running or walking experience. In between the lines of depressions, you will also find flex grooves that will deliver flexibility, which is definitely a plus, especially in the forefoot area. The base of the forefoot is wide which allows for more support during lateral movements.
      The most impressive portion of this sneaker is perhaps the midsole. Not only is it unique in style, but it is unique in engineering. Unlike most midsoles, this sneaker features a segmented design and is separated into two different sections. The forefoot portion of the midsole features EVA foam, which is a typical material found in a large number of running shoes. This material is stiffer than the heel portion but still provides a great underfoot feel. Also, because EVA is stiffer than the BOOST foam found in the heel portion of the sneaker, it delivers an excellent and smooth toe-off. In contrast, the heel midsole section of this sneaker makes use of Adidas’ BOOST foam which is very soft and responsive. BOOST foam is made up of TPU pellets that are compressed and molded into shape. These pellets absorb impact upon heel strike and bounce back into shape, resulting in a springy feel. This responsive material is both comfortable and responsive. There is a third element of the midsole which is called the Point of Deflection bridge, or POD for short. This TPU bridge is firm yet flexible and connects the forefoot EVA material and the heel BOOST system. The POD bridge also allows the shoe to have higher torsional rigidity, which means it protects the shoe, and your foot, from twisting.
      The upper of this sneaker is engineered using a loose-knit flat mesh material that is both breathable and stretchy. The inner lining of the shoe features a soft and lightweight sock liner. Like many of Adidas’ sneakers, there is no additional cushioning within the sneaker in order to create more of a sock-like fit. Underneath the mesh upper, you will find a mesh arrow-shaped 3m fabric panel that may not be visible to the naked eye but acts as a reflector when light is flashed on it. The shoe boasts a standard lacing system with reinforced eyelets and a nylon strap with a pull tab in the middle of the tongue. The laces also have 3M material embedded in them, adding additional reflective properties to the sneaker. The tongue itself is made up of a stiffer mesh material with a suede accent sewn at the top. Both the medial and lateral sides of the sneaker feature Adidas’ well-recognized 3-stripe design. The POD bridge is also visible on the sides of the shoe, in some colorways more than others. The heel of the shoe features another suede accent with the Adidas trefoil logo emblazoned on it. This too features 3M reflective material. The heel collar is not very padded but it is soft and is designed to deliver a sock-like feel.
      While these sneakers may not be as lightweight as other sneakers that are on the market, they are engineered using lightweight materials. However, perhaps due to the TPU Point of Deflection Bridge and thick rubber outsole, they are a little heavier than a sneaker without these features.
      The loose-knit flat mesh that makes up the majority of the upper features a large number of small pores, especially on the forefoot. These pores allow for excellent airflow into and out of the foot chamber. Not only do these small holes aid in the great breathability of these sneakers, but the mesh itself is lightweight and breathable. The soft inner lining of the shoe is also lightweight, and the layer of 3M mesh in between are both very breathable as well. One reviewer stated that these sneakers would be especially great in warmer climates or in the summer months.
      There are a lot of features included in these sneakers that lend them to be very comfortable footwear. The soft BOOST foam at the heel of the shoe is both cushiony and responsive. Several reviewers likened the feeling of this material to walking on pillows, meaning they are very comfortable. Because this BOOST foam is found at the heel of the shoe, each heel strike is comfortable and springy. The EVA foam found at the forefoot of the shoe is stiffer than BOOST material but it has a great underfoot feel that enables a comfortable toe-off. The upper is made up of a lightweight, stretchy, and comfortable mesh material that will allow the sneaker to form to your foot easily. Almost every reviewer of the POD S3.1 said that these shoes are extremely comfortable.
      Turning heads in the Adidas POD S3.1 is almost a definite. These shoes look great in any colorway and their unique design is aesthetically pleasing. The sock-like fit will allow these shoes to fit any foot and many reviewers have said that they are versatile in design. In fact, some consumers said that they can be worn to the gym, out on a walk, or even as part of a business casual outfit.
      The textured rubber outsole is fairly thick and will extend the life of these shoes. It will also help to protect the EVA and BOOST foam midsole materials and keep them from premature wear and tear. The Point of Deflection bridge, or POD, connects the EVA and BOOST materials on the forefoot and heel portions of the sneaker and allow the sneaker to maintain its shape with high torsional rigidity. The upper is made up of mesh, which is not the most durable material, but it does have excellent stretch, so it should be able to withstand a normal amount of wear.
      The thick rubber outsole on these sneakers will definitely protect your feet from underfoot debris and the dual-material midsole will keep you from experiencing much ground feel at all. ADIDAS’ proprietary BOOST foam found at the shoe’s heel portion of the midsole is designed to absorb shock and return large amounts of energy so you will feel like you are walking on pillows whenever your heel hits the ground. The POD found at the midfoot connects the BOOST and EVA foams and also helps the sneaker to maintain a high level of torsional rigidity which means that you shouldn’t feel any twisting or unwanted turning. The EVA forefoot is firmer than the soft BOOST found in the heel and will cushion your foot and protect you from shock. These are great shoes for anyone looking to have a smooth underfoot experience.
      These sneakers are designed to be stylish, comfortable, and responsive. They are not meant to be excellent performance sneakers in terms of running, but they do deliver a great amount of response just for wearing around. The BOOST foam in the heel of the shoe is soft, cushioned, and the pellets used to make up the BOOST are designed to contract and then spring back after pressure is lifted which releases energy for a springy feel. The EVA foam at the forefoot of the sneaker is also shock absorbent and will deliver a response, but more in the way of a smooth heel-to-toe transition. These features combine with the thick rubber outsole to provide an impressive response.
      The bulk of the support comes from the segmented midsole. The BOOST foam located at the heel is soft, comfortable, and responsive. The TPU pellets that form together to make BOOST are engineered to absorb shock, which will protect your feet and joints from impact. Your heels will feel comfortable and supported while your forefoot will feel comfortable and firmly supported as well thanks to the EVA foam in the forward section of the midsole. The flexible loose-knit mesh that makes up the upper moves and flexes with your feet and will support you as you move without feeling constricted.
      These sneakers are built for the concrete jungle, and are highly versatile sneakers and can be used as casual shoes or as part of your exercise attire. The BOOST and EVA foams are shock absorbing and responsive enough to deliver a great exercise experience whether on asphalt, concrete, clay, turf, or a well-groomed trail. These sneakers do not feature an aggressive lug system so they won’t help you much on more technical terrains.
      Originally, these sneakers had a price point of $130 but are currently selling for anywhere between $85 and $100. This is an excellent value considering the great brand name and high-quality design.
      The Adidas POD S3.1 does not have a protruding lug system on the outsole so they do not have an exorbitant amount of traction. However, the thick rubber outsole is equipped with a texture that will help deliver enough traction for everyday wear casually or on dry surfaces. There have not been any complaints from reviewers stating that these shoes lack traction. Most reviewers have commented on how comfortable and stylish they are, so it can be assumed that the traction is fairly decent.
      The segmented outsole and midsole of these sneakers allow the shoes the ability to flex and move with your feet. The Point of Deflection bridge that connects the rear BOOST material and forefoot EVA material is made of TPU, but it is also flexible. This bridge is able to prevent twisting of the shoe without detracting from its comfort. The EVA foam at the front of the shoe is firm yet allows for smooth flex on toe-off. The loose-knit mesh upper is engineered to have a stretch as well which will not only flex to the shape of your foot but will flex as you step. The flex grooves found in the thick rubber outsole also help the sneaker to maintain a decent amount of flexibility.
      The Adidas POD S3.1 is not meant to be a “stability sneaker” but it does have some stabilizing features, mainly thanks to the Point of Deflection bridge that connects the heel and forefoot midsole materials. This bridge prevents twisting and turning and will help to keep your feet aligned. The upper is pretty flexible and will not deliver much in the way of stabilization.
      These sneakers feature a fairly large drop due to a large amount of BOOST foam found in the heel and lower amount of EVA found in the forefoot. The engineering of these sneakers allows for a comfortable and soft heel strike and a smooth toe-off. Accordingly, they may not be the greatest sneakers for seasoned runners but may work well for beginners.
      Key Features
      - Point of Deflection bridge (POD) connecting the heel and forefoot is flexible and supportive
      - BOOST foam found in the heel delivers excellent cushioning and response
      - EVA foam in the forefoot provides cushioning and a high level of rebound and allows for a smooth heel to toe transition
      - Thick rubber outsole with flex grooves allows for durability and flexibility
      - Loose-knit mesh in the upper is lightweight, stretchy, and breathable
      - Reflective 3M material found in the upper, on the laces, and at the rear of the shoe
      Bottom Line
      In the end, the Adidas POD S3.1 is a stylish and eye-catching sneaker that delivers comfort, response, breathability, and support. Although they may not be the best sneakers for high-intensity exercise, they are versatile. These sneakers can be worn casually or to the gym and some reviewers even say they can be worn with a business casual outfit. They come in a great array of colorways that are all aesthetically pleasing. The soft BOOST heel is extremely comfortable and the firmer EVA forefoot provides a comfortable underfoot experience. With a current price tag under $100, these may be a great addition to your sneaker collection.
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      By Abbie Copeland
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