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By utilizing a mix of breathable comfort and their classic athletic design, Adidas has constructed their Swiftrun model to be the ideal casual shoe for both everyday activities and leisurely workouts. Its stretchy, sock-like fit and wide toe front allow for an easeful wear, while the EVA foam midsole cushions all movements and provides excellent shock absorption to keep pedestrians and runners going for miles. Adidas' signature stripes, paired with lines of embroidery on the front and heal, give this shoe a particularly sporty look that will fit a multitude of personal styles. While this design is not meant for heavier forms of exercise, due to its lightweight materials, this proves to be an excellent choice for the average consumer to slip on before running errands or even for those who jog casually.

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Pros & Cons
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable fit
  • Breathable
  • Easy to slip on
  • Comes in a variety of colors
  • Cons
    • Wears down easily
    • Limited support
    • Key Features
      With lightweight comfort and flexibility being the key features of this shoe, the Swiftrun's rubber outsole provides a foundation for them to be fully utilized, as well as ensuring both support and durability. The sole's textured, checkerboard-esque pattern and deep cut ridges that curve along the shape of the shoe provide the right amount of traction and stability for everyday walks and jogs without weighing the whole thing down.
      Adidas's EVA foam midsole is a highly familiar quality to those who have worn any of the brand's more casual shoes. EVA, or ethylene vinyl acetate, has long been used by the brand as a form of cushioning and motion control. This injection-molded lining provides shock-absorption and allows the wearer further comfort and ease of movement, all without adding any additional weight. It's important to note that, due to the lightness of this particular shoe's EVA foam, it may not be as resistant to gradual wear as a firmer material. That, of course, depends entirely on the types of activity this shoe is used for.
      This shoe's Primeknit upper is what truly makes it stand out from many other casual styles. Its knit textile and synthetic material give it an incredibly comfortable and breathable sock-like feel. Unlike most running shoes, its tongue is completely attached at the sides and allows for an easier slip-on. This does mean that it's also not as adjustable and may not be a practical choice for those with narrow feet. As for those with broader feet, or those who prefer to have additional toe-room, the attached tongue and wide toe front would make this design a perfect selection.
      While there is no online record of how much this shoe actually weighs, multiple reviewers have stated that the Swftrun is significantly lighter than any other running shoes that they've ever owned. Thanks to all of its lightweight materials and simple construction, it is an excellent choice for avid walkers who would prefer to not be weighed down by their footwear. And those with a minor foot or leg injuries who find the heavier and typically rigid athletic shoe too restrictive and painful would be wise to consider this as a viable option.
      Many reviewers are calling the Swiftrun their go-to summertime shoe, and for a very good reason. Its breathable Primeknit upper allows for sweat to be wicked away and air to flow through the fabric, keeping the foot dry and the walk even more comfortable. Not only does this help to reduce foot odor, but it can also reduce the likelihood of rashes, blisters, and other infections caused by excessive sweat and chaffing.
      As previously stated, comfort is the Swiftrun's most standout feature. While reviews point out that while they do have a break-in period of around two to three weeks, these shoes soon become so comfortable that socks almost seem unnecessary. Between the flexible outsole, cushiony midsole, and knit sock-like upper, reviewers have stated time and time again that this is the most comfortable shoe they've ever owned and that they happily recommend it to others.
      A brand as iconic as Adidas, which helped define the looks of major cities and popular music genres, has never been one to skimp out on style. Streamlined embroidered designs on the forefoot and upper heel, as well as the brand's signature side stripes, make for an exceptionally sporty look. It also comes in a variety of colors to choose from, whether the buyer prefers traditional black or white or something bolder such as orange or purple.

      It should be noted that multiple reviewers have express that the laces of this model are more of a decorative aspect than a functional one since the attached tongue allows them to slip their foot through and start walking without any need for adjusting.
      An unfortunate downside to this shoe's notable comfort is its lack of durability. According to many online reviews, the non-functional laces wear out easily, the lacing eyelets fray and fall apart easily and holes in the textile upper may develop over time. Additionally, the attached tongue of this shoe has been known to come undone or even fall out after extensive wear. And, while it is quite sturdy when it comes to average movements and exercise, the shoe's rubber sole can wear down significantly when using repeatedly for heavy athletics. It's safe to say that buyers who are looking for a sneaker that can withstand activity such as Crossfit or rock-climbing would be wise to find another option.
      In addition, the Swiftrun provides very limited foot protection for anyone who wears them. While its hard rubber sole is just as robust as it would be on any of Adidas' other models, the same cannot be said for its textile upper. Rain or snow will seep in and completely soak the foot, and its breathability will offer little relief from colder temperatures. Furthermore, should the wearer drop something heavy or accidentally bang their foot, they would feel quite a lot of pain. All of this should make it crystal clear that this shoe was designed more with comfort in mind than stability.
      Unlike many athletic shoes, which focus more on structure and support, the Swiftrun's careful attention to comfort and ease allows for incredible freedom of movement. The EVA foam midsole contributes greatly to this shoe's responsiveness, providing the right amount of energy transfer and absorption to allow the wearer a significant range of motion and the ability to put a further drive into every step taken. That said, it's still important to remember that this shoe was designed more for everyday use and will not be as effective when it comes to excessively vigorous activity.
      It has already been made clear that the Swiftrun is not intended for a marathon-level sporting event. Its support and stability features were created for those with more average activity levels. Still, it does provide enough support to carry the wearer through an extensive walk or run thanks to the extra heel cushioning and shock absorption. Reviewers who have worn these during sightseeing or a mild cardio session have marveled over the lack of discomfort they felt afterward. For those who walk heel-first instead of toe-first, the extra drop support in the back will offer a level of comfort not found in many other casual designs. That said, a common complaint about this model is its lack of ankle support.
      Considering that multiple reviews point out its lack of endurance, it goes without saying that the Swiftrun is not meant for rough terrains. When it comes to flights of stairs, the concrete of city sidewalks and roads, or even the occasional dirt path or gravel pit, this shoe is more than capable of holding its own throughout normal activities. But a few heavy workout sessions or trips along rough hiking trails will be enough to cause minor yet noticeable damage to the shoe's upper. Should this harsh activity be continued over time, even the most minor tears will become irreparable within months.
      On average, the Swiftrun is reasonably priced for a casual running shoe, and even more so for an Adidas brand design. This, of course, depends on which retailer the buyer chooses. These shoes go for around $60 on the brand's website, and stores in most malls sell them for $90, while they run for around $50 on other sites. Though these receive generally positive reviews across all platforms, it is important to double check the responses on each website selling this model to ensure a purchase that truly is worth the price paid. And for extra assurance, it's wise to research how to best care for these shoes and learn when they will not be of use.
      Despite its upper being highly susceptible to damage, and the fact that it simply isn't meant for heavy activities, this shoe's hard rubber outsole has proven to be quite durable over a long period of time. Its deep, checkerboard grooves not only allow for greater ease of movement but also provide a sturdy grip on the ground below during mile-long walks and runs. Some online reviews have pointed out that the sole can become a bit slippery on wet ground, so it's obviously best to put these aside when going out on rainy days.
      Another major selling point for the Swiftrun is its flexibility and ease of movement. And because all of the same features that allow for superior comfort also allow for an extremely pliable wear, it's no surprise that the two biggest advantages of this model go hand-in-hand. The sturdy rubber outsole and EVA foam midsole support the wearer's strides and steps while allowing for full range of motion, and the Primeknit textile upper conforms to the foot without being at all restrictive. This does, however, mean that it's off limits for activities requiring a more stable and structured shoe.
      Because this is more of a casual running shoe, the Swiftrun is a bit limited when it comes to providing stability. As opposed to some other styles of running shoes, the EVA foam midsole in this model is softer and more pliable. This provides excellent shock absorption but also makes the material more prone to wear and tear over time. Those with pronation or tendonitis would be better off finding a shoe with a firmer EVA foam midsole. On the other hand, those with shin splints due to nerve pain or pre-existing joint conditions have stated that they found these useful for alleviating chronic pain.
      Very little online information is given about the Swiftrun's drop. Yet according to photographs, and a few brief descriptions, it's estimated that the drop is slightly lower than it would be on an average running shoe. That said, there is still a significant heel-to-toe drop on this model. As there is a significant emphasis on heel support, which provides a contrast to its otherwise minimalist design, a more dedicated runner would still find this shoe quite useful on their rest days.
      Key Features
      - Flexible rubber outsole
      - EVA foam midsole
      - Breathable upper made of textile
      - Attached tongue for easy foot insertion
      - Comfortable, sock-like fit
      - Can be bought at a reasonable price
      - Limited durability and protection
      - Not suitable for harsh activity
      Bottom Line
      It's easy to see why the Adidas Swiftrun has been rated so highly by both professional critics and the general public. A very simple yet stylish athletic design prioritizing comfort and ease make this an ideal shoe to throw on for running errands, walking the dog, or for light to medium-level jogging sessions. It is hard to deny that its lack of durability and fragile lightweight materials leave something to be desired by those who are more active. Still, what it lacks in fortitude, it makes up for in everyday convenience and efficiency. This, of course, makes it the perfect walking shoe for the everyday pedestrian. So long as they are not used frequently during heavy athletic activity, these shoes can definitely be well worth their price for years to come.
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