Asics Gel Kayano 28

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Editor’s Conclusion
While it is slightly heavy, this shoe utilizes responsible materials that are much more bright and springy. The unique upper also contours to the shape of your foot, making it a shoe that only gets better with time.

Whether you are looking to tackle long distances or want to pick up the pace, this model is made to move. It may come in at a pretty steep price point, but when you break down all of the advanced features thrown into this shoe, it’s an excellent value that is worth a look.

The Asics Gel Kayano 28 is an excellent stability shoe for runners that need a little extra support on their daily runs.

The newest version of this shoe builds upon what has made the Gel Kayano so popular in the past and replaces old shoe tech with newer and more responsive materials in the midsole, outsole, and even the upper.

It’s a shoe that is just constantly improving with each version and isn’t afraid to make key changes as their research improves.

Editor's Pros & Cons

3D Space Construction upper contours to the shape of your foot

Lower TPU heel counter for better flexibility

Responsive FlyteFoam BLast midsole

Trusstic System for added control

Additional support on the medial side of the foot helps with overpronation

AHAR Plus rubber is twice as durable as classic AHAR rubber



Heavier than expected

Key Features

Key Features


What I love most about the midsole is that it walks that perfect line between cushioning and responsiveness. The midsole is composed of Asics’ new FlyteFoam Blast technology that is as cushioned and supportive as previous FlyteFoam but it provides a more nimble and flexible overall ride.

In the hell, it boasts an additional layer of DynamicDuomax, which is a gel-based material designed to absorb the impact when running on hard and unforgiving surfaces. This additional heel cushioning is also perfect for heavy strikers as well.

What makes this midsole great is that while it is a stability shoe designed for overpronators, it doesn’t have any stiff or structured materials like guide rails built into the midsole.

To help guide your foot into a nice and even gait cycle, Asics simply adds additional support on the medial side of the foot. When you overpronate you put more stress on your heels.

By adding a touch of support in the arches, this shoe naturally guides your foot into an even stride that doesn’t feel quite as awkward as full-length guide rails or still TPU plates.


A big trend in modern running shoes is full-length rubber outsoles that boost overall ground contact. This design is often found in neutral trainers, but Asics has included this feature in their modern stability trainer.

The outsole of this shoe is composed of AHAR Plus rubber which is considered to be 50 percent more durable than classic AHAR rubber.

This outsole also has higher concentrations of rubber in high-impact areas such as the heel and forefoot to boost its overall durability as well.

This outsole also boasts Asics’ Trusstic system technology to boost stability. The very middle of the outsole boasts a hard plastic piece that sits right between our arches and the outsole of your foot.

The hard plastic material prevents your foot from twisting or turning at an awkward angle that can lead to injury. Think of this system as a track for your feet that prevents your stride from becoming sloppy and unsupportive.

While this system may seem a little stiff, it really helps runners adopt a nice and easy gait cycle that evenly disperses energy to all points of your feet to take pressure off of your joints and lower back.


The upper of this shoe also has quite a few new features that make this shoe worth checking out. It utilizes something called 3D Space Construction that fits your foot like a glove. While it may fit a little snug at first, as you rack up the miles the upper on this design contours to the shape of your foot for a fully customized fit.

It also has a plush and cushioned heel collar as well as the tongue. While it may feel a little bulky, it helps to lock your foot in place and offers a nice and cushioned ride. The downside to this complex upper is that it isn’t quite as breathable as some runners would have liked, and may cause your feet to sweat a good deal when running on hot days.

What I also love about this redesigned upper is that it has a TPU heel counter that sits a bit lower on the foot. While the plastic heel counter really locks your foot in place for a snug fit, it won’t affect your full range of motion as much.

Overall, the upper of this design gives you just a little bit more mobility and flexibility without sacrificing stability or control. Asics really fine-tuned the upper of the Gel Kayano 28, and it performs quite well!


Overall, I would recommend this shoe for anyone that suffers from overpronation. Runners that overpronate- even slightly - will benefit a good deal from this high-end stability trainer. Some running shoes that help with overpronation feel almost like strapping scaffolding to your feet, but the Gel Kayano 28 keeps things light and bright.

Overpronation occurs when you place more weight on the inside of your foot. By simply placing a little bit of extra support on the medial side of your foot, this shoe helps to even out your gait cycle. This extra support is perfect for those that overpronate a little or a lot.

I would also recommend this shoe for runners that are a little on the heavier side. The high-end and durable outsole is made to take quite a beating.

If you feel that you burn through running shoes a little faster than normal, this shoe is a great option. The AHAR Plus rubber is twice as durable as classic AHAR rubber, and it runs the full length of the shoe.

It’s ideal for heavy strikers, or for runners that like to tackle long distances. Even after 100 miles, the outsole of this shoe shows little signs of overall wear and tear.


There is a lot of research that went into the overall fit of this shoe. Asics studies the average running style of both men and women and uses this research to construct a fine-tuned shoe. The 3D Space Construction on this shoe is incredibly unique, and unlike anything that I have run in before.

While it fits a little snug at first, this is the type of running shoe that only gets better with age. As you run, the upper compresses down where you put the most weight, and what you are left with is an upper that feels as if it was molded to fit the unique shape of your foot.


I would likely grumble and complain about the higher price point of this shoe, but I feel that it is well worth every penny. While it costs more than your average trainer, the blend of new and improved materials and additional features are well worth the cost.

Plus, this is a shoe that is able to take quite a beating. If you have a heavy gait cycle, or you are just hard on your running shoes, the outsole design of the Gel Kayano 28 is built to tackle up to 400 miles (or more), making it an excellent overall value. If you can swing the high price tag, you won’t be disappointed!
Comparisons to Previous Versions

Comparisons to Previous Versions

When you compare the overall construction of the Asics Gel Kayano 28 to the Gel Kayano 27, not much has changed.

However, Asics has swapped out the older materials in the midsole, upper, and outsole and replaced them with new and improved materials. When you purchase the Gel Kayano 28, you are purchasing the very latest in Asics research.

For instance, Asics swapped out their traditional FlyteFoam Propel EVA cushioning and replaced it with their FlyteFoam Blast. This improved version of the classic FlyteFoam is a little more lightweight and breathable and is much more flexible.

Previous versions of Flytefoam had a reputation of being a little stiff. The FlyteFoam Blast is flexible and responsive, yet offers plush cushioning that runners love.

Another big improvement made to this design is the implementation of the 3D Space Construction upper. The 3D Space Construction contours to the unique shape of your foot for improved lockdown and overall support.


If you are in the market for a great stability trainer that can tackle long distances with ease, the Asics Gel Kayano is an excellent choice. What I love most about this shoe is that it is constantly changing and improving.

The Gel Kayano series is one of Asics’ most popular brands, and they never simply rest on their laurels. They are constantly researching new and improved materials and designs to benefit runners, and they have implemented these upgrades into this running shoe.

The 3D Space Construction of the upper provides runners with a comfortable design that contours to the shape of their foot, and the new and improved FlyteFoam Blast offers runners a fine-tuned responsive yet comfortable ride.

Sure, you could save a few bucks and opt for an older version, but you would be missing out on some really amazing and innovative features!