Asics Metaspeed Sky

The Asics MetaSpeed Sky hit the racing circuit with a bang, giving Nike a run for their money. When Sara Hall rocked these shoes in the London Marathon, it left runners scrambling to get their hands on this nimble and responsive running shoe!

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Pros & Cons
Insanely bouncy FLYTEFOAM BLAST TURBO midsole
100 percent recycled upper
Seamfree and breathable upper
Modest padding on the heel
Stiff heel counter for a great locked-down feel
A very roomy toe box allows your toes to naturally splay
Boasts a high 38 mm stack height
Very lightweight - weighs in at just 7.3 ounces
The outsole is not very durable
Not ideal for long-distance daily training
Key Features
Key Features

Asics FLTYEFOAM has always been good, but they turned the dial up to an 11 with the rollout of their FLYTEFOAM BLAST TURBO. This style of foam isn’t made from classic EVA foam, but it instead uses nylon-based foam.

Performance-wise, the nylon-based foam is very similar to running shoes that utilize Pebax. This unique midsole blend provides runners with an insane level of energy feedback.

Another great product we reviewed is the Asics Glideride 2, so make sure to check it out as well.

When you run, it feels as if you are running on tiny trampolines. What makes this midsole ideal for race day is that this high level of energy return stays consistent throughout the entire race.

In addition to a bouncy and responsive midsole material, this shoe also provides runners with a propulsive carbon plate. While the high 38 mm stack height provides runners with more than enough cushioning, the stiff carbon plate provides a bit of firmness to keep your gait cycle even and energetic.

This carbon plate helps to naturally propel you forward while ample cushioning decreases energy output for those long race days.

When you need a strong and consistent midsole that is responsive, durable, and fast, the FLYTEFOAM BLAST TURBO is the way to go!


The outsole of this running shoe not only looks fresh and modern, but it really shines out there on the roadways. The ASICSGRIP rubber formula is one of the stickiest rubbers in many of the modern running shoes out there on the market. Whether your racing conditions are nice and dry or wet and soggy, this outsole grips to the ground like you’re Spiderman.

There is virtually no traction lost on slick pavements in this running shoe, so there is never any need to slow down due to low traction.

What I also love about the design of this outsole is that while it sticks to the ground and offers a high-end ground feel, it doesn’t suffer from stiffness.

The unique honeycomb-style design of this rubber helps to keep the overall weight of this shoe light without sacrificing traction or speed. This outsole is highly flexible, making it a great option for long-distance running as well as quick corners and speedy training sets.

One of the only downsides to this outsole is that it isn’t quite as durable as other daily training shoes out there on the market.

This outsole is built for speed and agility and doesn’t possess thick rubber patches in high-wear areas of the foot such as the heel counter and toe box. After the hundred-mile mark, runners started to notice the outsole began to wear down a bit.


Made from 100 percent recycled materials, there is a lot to love about the upper of this shoe. It is composed of a single layer of polyester mesh that breathes quite nicely.

The lightweight upper design has no seamlines that dig into your foot, and the single-layer design helps hot air move up and away from your foot where it quickly evaporates on the surface. If you hate hot training shoes, the upper of the Metaspeed Sky is the way to go.

While this upper aims for a minimalistic barely-there design, it does contain a few comfort features to keep your feet nice and comfortable.

The tongue provides runners with no padding, which keeps the top of your foot cool and dry and limits the occurrence of hot spots.

I love that it provides runners with just enough padding on the heel collar for a little boost of comfort without hindering your full range of motion.


So, who is this shoe designed for? The obvious answer is for runners that need a great shoe to wear for their next race. When racing, you need a shoe that provides a good deal of energetic foam cushioning, a lightweight design, and a great overall fit. In a nutshell, the Asics Metaspeed Sky checks all of those boxes.

The outsole is super grippy for rainy days and sick sidewalks, and the ample 38 mm stack height offers consistent cushioning that is made to move. In fact, the performance of this shoe is so impressive is may inspire you to move right up to first place!

While this shoe overperforms on race day, it doesn’t necessarily come equipped with high-end durability to be used as your go-to daily trainer.

The midsole holds up incredibly well for long distances, but the outsole isn’t exactly designed for 500+ miles like many of the daily trainers out there on the market. Overall, I would suggest tucking this shoe away as your secret weapon for your next race.

But what about runners that aren’t interested in racing? If you are someone that just likes to go out on quick and easy meditative runs to clear your head at the end of a long day, this shoe provides a really fun and enjoyable ride.

If you are willing to pay a little bit extra to make your nice and easy tempo runs a little bit more enjoyable, this shoe is a great choice. If long distances are your main jam, the outsole of this shoe isn’t quite built to hold up well over time.


Overall, the Asics Metaspeed sky runs true to size. If you are a size 10 in other Asics training shoes, this shoe will fit you just fine. If you are new to Asics, be sure that you take good measurements of your feet and compare those numbers to Asics sizing chart.

What I love about Asics running shoes is that they often stick to an accommodating fit. I’ve purchased Asics off of their website without trying them on first and found that even without a test run they fit my feet perfectly.

I combed through quite a few user reviews and found that there are very few complaints in the fit department. This shoe provides a nice and roomy toe box that allows your toes to naturally splay inside of the shoe.

In fact, some users found that the toe box is a little too wide and roomy, but the great lockdown in the heel counter prevents your feet from swimming around inside of this shoe.

With a sturdy heel counter (with just a flair of cushioning for added comfort) and ample room in the toe box, this shoe receives high marks across the board in its accommodating fit.


Asics really hit a home run with the design of the Metaspeed Sky, and they know it. Asics is one of my favorite brands because they pair modern design features with an approachable price point, but the Metaspeed Sky is anything but affordable.

This shoe is not only one of Asics most expensive running shoes, but it is also one of the more expensive running shoes out there on the market. Sure, the price tag may be high, but this shoe is well worth every penny if you are looking to smash records in style.

Sarah Hall rocked these shoes at the London marathon and finished in second place. With high-end performance features that give Nike racing shoes a run for their money, this shoe is well worth the investment for runners that are gunning for first place.
Overall, the Asics Metaspeed Sky is one of the most impressive race-day shoes currently out there on the market. With a high 38 mm stack height and Asics’ proprietary FLYTEFOAM BLAST TURBO, finishing first is no longer a pipedream.

What makes this shoe so incredibly impressive is the way that Asics blends its responsive midsole cushioning with an overperforming outsole to keep your gait cycle nice and bright.

This outsole provides nice step-in feel when they are first laced up and maintains that springy and energetic ride throughout your entire race. With limited durability on the outsole, I would suggest tucking these shoes away to save for your next big race.

While they are marketed as a race-day shoe, they can also be used as a great daily trainer, as long as running for long distances isn’t the name of the game. Many runners that simply like to log in short tempo miles found that this shoe provides a really enjoyable ride.

It’s a great shoe not only for nice and easy daily runs but also for workouts in the gym as well. The nimble and lightweight frame turns on a dime, and it’s a great choice for CrossFit or WODs.
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