Best Adidas Track Pants Reviewed


When most people plan what to wear while running, their mind immediately jumps to shorts That makes sense, shorts are a good go to in terms of comfort and temperature management. But shorts aren’t always practical. Sometimes you need something that offers a little more protection.

That’s where track pants come in. Offering the adjustable and lightweight wear of shorts but with more cover. It is easy to see how some runners would prefer them. We know runners would only want the highest quality track pants and when it comes to quality track pants few have pulled them off better than Adidas.

Adidas is has built a stellar reputation among the athletics community, becoming one of the titular brands in sports and sports wear. Being in business for more than fifty years, it’s no surprise that they have developed an extensive array of products. From shoes to tops to the pants below, Adidas has your needs covered. 

Last Updated: February 24, 2018
By Mark Smith:

12 choices for you now in early 2018. Adidas are constantly updating their seasonal sports clothing for runners and we regularly update our reviews to match the new choices available for you. Take a look at our up to date reviews for track pants. Fall/Winter 2017/18 and return to visit this page so you can enjoy the updates due out for springtime. Any questions, look for helpful answers in our section for FAQs 7/7/2018 This time around we went through and update our FAQs to make sure the answers are as helpful to you as possible. We also updated our list to include the Adidas Breckenbauer Trackpants, a reintroduction of their original classic that we thought deserved a place on this list.

Tiro 15 Training Pants
  • Tiro 15 Training Pants
  • 4.9 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Functional Knitted Fabric
  • Price: See Here
  • Condivo
  • 4.5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Prevents scrapes and bruises
  • Price: See Here
Core Training (Mens)
  • Core Training (Mens)
  • 4.7 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Enhaced Fabric for Breathability
  • Price: See Here


11 Best Adidas Track Pants


1. Tiro 15

These are a pair of light, breathable polyester track pants. The patented Climacool technology is designed to ventilate heat and moisture, making these pants functional in a wide range of environments.
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These are a pair of light, breathable polyester track pants. The patented Climacool technology is designed to ventilate heat and moisture, making these pants functional in a wide range of environments. However, this means heat is retained poorly, so use these in warmer weather.

Heat Management
Whether cool or hot, wet or dry, these track pants are designed to meet your needs as an athlete or trainer. This is done through their innovative Climacool technology, but it means you will need to layer these in cooler tempuratures.

Color Range
The Tiro 15 comes in a wide range of colors. When ordering online, you have the choice of around 20 different color combinations to ensure you get the pair that looks best with your wardrobe!

The cost of these track pants vary depending on where you purchase them, what size you get, and what color the pants are. Some sizes and color schemes that are less popular will be available for discounted rates, but the average price for a pair of Tiro pants is $45.
  • Breathable fabric
  • Pockets that zip for storage
  • Zippered legs for tightness
  • Variety of available colors
  • Legs are on the long side
  • Made entirely of polyester

2. Condivo

These slim fit track pants offer several features that elevate it above other brands of track pants, such as its ventilating fabric and distinctive style.
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These slim fit track pants offer several features that elevate it above other brands of track pants, such as its ventilating fabric and distinctive style. A slim fit and tight leg cuffs ensure these pants don’t shift or move around during a full-body workout.

Leg Tightness
The Condivo pants feature a slim cut, hugging your legs and providing a great look for men with defined quads and calves. In addition, the zippers on the legs will provide extra tightness so they stay where they’re supposed to on your body.

Although these pants are designed to be worn by men, women can also wear them comfortably. Thanks to the tight-fitting design, wearing a size smaller than your respective women’s pants size will result in a good fit and look!

Due to the limited supply of some sizes and colors, the price for one pair of these track pants can vary widely. On average, one pair comes to about $40, but shrewd customers can find pairs for around $30.
  • Tighter fit
  • Unisex design
  • No shifting or bunching
  • Prevents scrapes and bruises
  • Limited style choices
  • Leg zippers can irritate skin

3. Core Training (Men's)

These track pants are slim-cut and stripped-down, presenting a subtle all-black design and a fabric designed to function in a manner similar to breathing.
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These track pants are slim-cut and stripped-down, presenting a subtle all-black design and a fabric designed to function in a manner similar to breathing. Some customers have said these fit so tightly, they recommend getting a larger size, so keep that in mind if you have broader legs or glutes.

Simplistic Style
The Core training pants come in only one style, and three possible colors. Style was not the main focus of these pants, but they are still fine to wear at a gym or when exercising in public.

Tight Fit
These are some seriously tight track pants. Customer who are comfortable showing more of their legs and glutes will be okay with the extra tightness, but some customers may want to get a larger size.

Fortunately, due to the minimalistic construction of these pants, they start at a much lower price than other Adidas track pants. Prices range from $25 to around $75, with Small sizes being on the cheaper end.
  • Tighter material
  • No garish color choices
  • Impressive ventilation
  • Restrictive tightness
  • Limited color choices available

4. T10

4. T10
These Adidas pants are designed for women, and feature the same level of breathability and performance-level durability as their men’s line of track pants.
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These Adidas pants are designed for women, and feature the same level of breathability and performance-level durability as their men’s line of track pants. In fact, some men may prefer these over the male counterpart, depending on the shape of their legs.

Smaller Sizes
Judging by customer testimonials, these pants can run a bit smaller than their size denotes. Consider purchasing one in a slightly larger size than your actual size, if you’re worried they’ll be too tight.

Weaker Fabric
Although these track pants are designed in a way to provide airflow and temperature management, the polyester material can cause irritation and weaker durability. Cotton-based sweats are better for these situations.

The average cost of these pants is around $40, with some rarer sizes costing closer to $60 online.
  • Form-fitting design
  • Breathable ventilation fabric
  • Made of Lightweight material
  • Limited selection of colors
  • Poorer quality fabric

5. Tapered Training

5. Tapered Training
These are simple men’s training pants, with a tapered fit and elastic waistband.
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These are simple men’s training pants, with a tapered fit and elastic waistband. They are designed for warmth and comfort, but have some limited use outdoors as well. The stripes coming down the sides give them a distinctive look, while retaining a minimalist style.

Looser Waistband
The band on these pants is meant to accommodate a range of waistlines, so slimmer and stouter people with similar leg lengths could wear the same size. If you need to loan a pair of pants to your gym buddy from time to time, these would be ideal.

Shallow Pockets
In order to achieve a more aerodynamic look, the pockets for these training pants are shallow enough that objects stored are likely to fall out with excessive activity. Consider renting a locker at your gym if you use these pants.

Medium pants start at $29 in some colors, with larger sizes costing closer to $40.
  • Tapered fit
  • More accommodating waistband
  • Wide range of available colors
  • Shallow loose-fitting pockets
  • Limited use outdoors

6. Core Training (Women's)

6. Core Training (Women's)
These are Adidas track pants that are similar to their male counterpart, Men’s Core Training Pants, and feature similar color schemes.
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These are Adidas track pants that are similar to their male counterpart, Men’s Core Training Pants, and feature similar color schemes. Due to this, some men may want to wear these, depending on their leg shapes.

Moisture Management
Adidas advertises that the special style of fabric they use is designed to absorb and manage excessive moisture. Women who find themselves sweating excessively may appreciate this feature.

Simple Colors
Again in similar fashion to the core training pants designed for men, these pants come in a scant amount of colors and sizes. This shouldn’t matter much if you’re wearing these around the house, but you may want something more impressive if you exercise in public.

The price range of these track pants, which varies depending on size and color selected, is $26 to $44.
  • Low-waist 'legging' fit
  • Unisex
  • Easy for layering
  • Limited color choices
  • Poor heat retention

7. Essential Tricot Jogger

7. Essential Tricot Jogger
These are joggers: pants designed as a lightweight alternative to sweatpants.
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These are joggers: pants designed as a lightweight alternative to sweatpants. Using non-cotton materials, these are designed for airflow and heat management, over comfort and style. Compare these to similar joggers from other manufacturers, even ones made from cotton.

Lightweight Fabric
The slick, polyester material that forms these track pants may turn off some customers, but it cleans easy and feels lighter on your body. These pants are specialized for a few scenarios, like outdoor jogging or extended cardio.

Color Variety
These pants, while not as comfortable or soft as other joggers, feature a wide array of color choices, making these more fashionable than at first glance. Some of the color schemes available are similar to cargo pants or jeans.

Dependent on size and color, these pants range in price from $16 to $40.
  • Lightweight material
  • Wider range of color choices
  • Great for cardio
  • Not very soft
  • Doesn't store heat effectively

8. Climacore Training

8. Climacore Training
The main appeal to these three stripe pants is its Climacore technology, a patented design that absorbs moisture and ventilates air during intense activity.
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The main appeal to these three stripe pants is its Climacore technology, a patented design that absorbs moisture and ventilates air during intense activity, such as running or biking. It also accessorizes well with other workout gear due to its three stripes.

This Adidas exclusive fabric design is a staple of most track pants they offer for sale. This design takes advantage of lightweight fabric and innovative manufacturing techniques to maximize effectiveness in high-performance situations.

Comfortably Thin
Many customers have remarked that the thin lining of these track pants make them ideal for wearing around the house, or in a warm outdoor setting. It can be hard to find pants as thin as these, so you may want to take advantage!

Starting at $25 and capping at around $50, these pants range in price based on what color and size you wish to get.
  • Thinner construction
  • Advanced fabric technology
  • Three stylish stripes
  • Not very warm
  • May have excessive stripes

9. Adidas Originals Franz Beckenbauer Trackpants

9. Adidas Originals Franz Beckenbauer Trackpants
The Originals Franz Beckenbauer Trackpants are the classic design from Adidas. These pants were the very first athletic clothing design available from Adidas. While it’s easy to see that the company has improved upon on their designs; they wouldn’t be nearly as great as they are now without a solid foundation. The Beckenbauer track pants are about going back to basics with simplicity and reliability in design.
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The Beckenbauer Trackpants are well cut, with many wearers praising their true to fit design. They also contain a drawstring waistband, which is actually pretty great if you are unsure about sizing. A drawstring allows you to adjust your fit to your comfort level so you can have a secure fit as well as full range of motion.

These pants are made with a blend of polyester and cotton. This means you get the best of both worlds in terms of materials.
Polyester’s strength is its ability to manage moisture and wick sweat, where cotton tends to be too absorbent. Cotton has a lot of air flow and is great at keeping a runner cool but absorbs too much sweat. Adidas constructing the Beckenbauer from both means it has the advantages of polyester and cotton while compensating the weaknesses of both.

The price of the Originals Franz Beckenbauer Trackpants is a little steep, but if you appreciate the strengths of Adidas’s designs then we know you will have a lot of appreciation for their roots. The Beckenbauer is as reliable now as they were 50 years ago.
  • Good fit


  • Comfortable


  • Zipped pockets


  • Drawstring waistband


  • Cotton/Polyester blend

  • Outside seam may feel awkward

10. Derby

10. Derby
With a thick elastic waist and zippered ankles, the overall design philosophy of these women’s track pants are smooth, uninterrupted polyester
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With a thick elastic waist and zippered ankles, the overall design philosophy of these women’s track pants are smooth, uninterrupted polyester. Don’t expect to turn any heads when wearing these pants at the gym.

Generous Waistband
The advantage of such a thick waistband is additional restriction on your core, which can be great for increasing your abdominal workout while doing cardio. It can also cover up extra flab on your stomach, almost like a waist trainer.

Additional Ventilation
The primary function of the ankle zips on these track pants is to allow you to adjust the level of ventilation offered by the legs of the pants. Whether it’s a tighter fit or more breathability you’re looking for, these pants can accomplish that.

Although these prices vary depending on what size or color you wish to get, the majority of these pants available online will run you $26. Expect to see prices up to $50 on specialized models however!
  • Modifiable levels of ventilation
  • Thicker waistband
  • More flattering to a natural figure
  • Cheaper fabric material
  • Not very warm

11. Adidas Originals Women's 3-Stripes Leggings

11.  Adidas Originals Women's 3-Stripes Leggings
These ladies running leggings are instantly recognized as the traditional Adidas styling with the three classy stripes.

Classic track pants for ladies giving a lean outline with close fitting stretch comfort and a secure holding waistband. The style of these are flattering, comfortable, allow for flexibility and offer top performance.

A very comfortable material, 7% elastane for flexibility and 93% cotton for assured comfort.

Read on and see why these will work for you.
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Nice stretch waist for good hold and FIt, these leggings hug the body comfortably without being restrictive, you get stylish Adidas three stripes, on the leg the classy Trefoil logo, comfort is featured through 93% cotton and flexibility is given through 7% elastane.

The leggings are machine washable, can be ironed and look great in black with white stripes.


Secure FIT from the comfortable elasticated waist, fit for the legs is close, comfortable with flexibility.


Offered at a really affordable price, very good addition to a lady runners running kit.

When it comes to Adidas track pants, there are some consistent similarities and some major differences to look out for. Almost every pair of pants on this list is designed for ventilation over heat absorption, so these are really best used in warmer conditions. Also, the material used is cheaper and more abrasive than many other sweats, joggers, and training pants available, so don’t expect similar levels of comfort or warmth here.

That being said, these pants are fantastic for athletes, professional or casual, that perform high-intensity workouts and need pants that can keep up. The extra ventilation makes it easy to maintain high levels of activity without discomfort, as does the extra-tight fit some of these track pants offer. If you run cross country, track and field, or simply want a solid pair of workout pants around the home, Adidas has some of the best track pants available for your purposes.


The Criteria used When Selecting The Best Adidas Track Pants:


But First, An Ode To The Adidas Track Pant

The Adidas Track Pant, through generations and generations of athletes and “athleisure-ists” alike, have stood up to the test of time. The iconic look finds itself in as many Instagram and Facebook posts as it did back in the days with old-timey grainy colored photos of our parent’s favorite Olympiad. But how? The beauty is the organic simplicity of its popularity across the world. Adidas never once pushed a marketing campaign to promote the track pant in movies, music, or popular culture. Yet, the Adidas Track Pant has had more movie, music video, and television cameos than any other US and UK brand combined.

There was no calculated effort put forth by a brain trust of fashion elites in Paris to make the iconic look what athletes and celebrities wear on their days off when they aren’t getting paid to wear brands; it just happened. The Adidas Track Pant continues to blur the line between fashion and sport in an almost unapologetic way.

Just put on a pair, and immediately, you somehow look more put together, ready for a run or for a trip to the local coffee shop. While our buying guide is focused on performance and user feedback, it is simply impossible to start mentioning important factors such as fit and breathability without getting the most obvious topic out of the way first. With that being said, let’s dive into the qualities that we looked for when selecting the best Adidas Track Pants.

Separating The Casual From The Athletic

One of the first things we did was to make sure that we made a clear distinction between what track pants were better suited for performance and which were not. While all the track pants that made it in our guide have the iconic style and look, none of them are “just for looks”. We researched through countless user reviews and real-world recommendations to find the key features that runners are looking for in their track pants. Whether it be zippered ankles, strong elasticity in the waist, or powerful ventilation, we made sure that we offered our readers a selection of the very best.

 Taking Stock Of Materials

It’s important to know which materials the track pants are made from and what they mean for runners. Fabrics can offer a combination of sweat-wicking technology, increased breathability, and protection from wind depending on their composition and blend. We listened to user feedback in regards to the materials’ ability to retain heat, provide ventilation, and its overall comfort. Giving us the greatest amount of insight into what to expect from the different options. This ensures that the materials’ properties are one less thing for you to have to worry about when making your selection.

Achieving The Proper Fit

According to feedback from runners and athletes from all walks of life with varying training regimens, getting a track pant with a proper fit can be tricky at best. Track pants should feel properly contoured, like a comfortable layer of protection from the elements. When they are too big, they feel cumbersome and move around, which can lead to a loss of focus on the run. When they are too tight they look and feel uncomfortable, not giving the wearer the freedom of motion they need.

We made sure to look at how these track pants fit with a large range of different users, not just when they’re standing still, but when they are in full motion. Because the last thing you want is an uncomfortable article of clothing with a poor fit when you’re in the middle of a workout.

 Different Thickness Levels For Different Environments

We know that our readers enjoy having options when it comes to the thickness of their running apparel. In fact, we found that it’s one of the top preferences that runners look for when they are selecting any type of running gear. According to recommendations, we have listed the differences in thickness levels for every option in order to help our readers make a great selection with peace of mind. We wanted to make sure that we provided an appropriate Adidas track pant for different environments and workout regimens.

Quality Of Features

Nothing is better than nice little bonus features to bring the added utility of running apparel to the foreground. Sometimes, when choosing between two almost identical selections, it’s the little things like a zippered pocket, which acts as the tiebreaker. This is why highlighted which options come with welcomed added features such as zippered legs, additional storage, and thicker waistbands. These little bonuses may just be enough to help you make your selection.



Other Important Things to Consider When Selecting Your Adidas Track Pants.

We know that quality and performance, as well as style, are all important factors to consider when purchasing running apparel.  We know the above factors will help narrow down your research.  We want to make sure you choose the right running gear for yourself and that there is no need to sacrifice function or style.  We have put together some additional factors to consider before heading to the store.

 Think About How Much Warmth You Will Need

While they may all look like they are nice and toasty, they are not. Some of these track pants are meant to keep you very ventilated and cool, so they are built with dispersing heat in mind.  If you live and will be running in cold weather, make sure the track pants you choose offers warmth via heat retention or a liner.  On the other hand, if you live in a more hot or humid climate, make sure the pants you choose are made of a lightweight, highly breathable fabric as to not overheat.


A thicker waistband is really more for looks and style than for fit. There is a theory that a thicker waistband will compliment your natural figure and add to the overall look of the pant. If this is something that you are looking for in track pants, by all means, check our pros and cons to select an appropriate pair. Furthermore, if you tend to fluctuate in weight (everyone on around the holidays), look for the options with a more accommodating waistband that will grow and contract with you. It is, after all, one of the bonuses of wearing a tracksuit. Take advantage of the custom fit.

Which Activities Will They Be Used For

The above selection of Adidas track pants has received an excellent review from a variety of trusted sources and everyday runners.  However, make sure to choose the right pair of pants for the right activity.  Some of the track pants work better for cross-training and gym workouts while others are better for daily running.  The fit varies from pants to pants.  Some may provide a better range of motion than others.  Even the fabric should be considered depending on the activity it will be used for.  We’ve made sure to not in each one what they are best for, so make sure to consider what activities you will use your Adidas track pants for before making your final decision.

How Fast Will You Be Running

Pockets and loose fit around the ankles are both convenient and comfortable, however, if running is your main concern when looking for your next pair of track pants, be aware that you may want to be a little more “Spartan” about your selection. Having things, such as a cellphone, moving back and forth in your pockets when you are running at high speeds is not a good idea. Neither is having a loose fitting pant. Keep your running speed in mind when making your selection to make sure that you have the best option for you.




The following are questions that are commonly asked by runners regarding track pants.  The following will also help you narrow down your choices even further and choose the best track pants for you!


Q: What are the care instructions for Adidas track pants?

A:Since your track pants can vary greatly in material composition and construction, it is best to read the specific care instructions for the athletic wear in question. With clothing, care instructions are usually located on the tag. Following the washing and maintenance instructions will help keep your clothes clean as well as extend their life by preventing excessive wear.

There are also specialized soaps that can be used to eliminate odor and bacteria from frequently worn running clothes which might be good for general care, depending on if the clothing is machine safe.

Q: What is the Adidas Climacore? What does it do?

A: Climacore is a specialized material Adidas utilizes in its athletic wear to maximize breathability and temperature control. It is lauded for being extremely comfortable and great for people who are running in warmer environments or weather.

Q: Whats the best way to layer for running in cold weather?

A: Both in terms of track pants and in terms of other cold weather running clothing you’ll want to go thin. Thinner layers will allow you to wear something under and over, if needed, and allow you to adjust on the fly. Thinner layers will also preserve range of motion leading to minimal impact on your run times and distances.

Q: Do Adidas track pants have good linings and why should I choose pants with a lining?

A: Linings are designed to replace underwear since an extra layer of fabric adds to the heat and friction being generated. A liner provides all of the support with none of the possible irritation. Much of the feedback about Adidas’s linings are praised for their comfort. If you have the option, we highly recommend choosing a pair of Adidas track pants with a liner.




We are confident that, regardless of selection you make from our list, you will come away with a product that will not only serve your needs but also own something that you can feel confident was a worthwhile investment. Adidas is the brand to trust when you need track pants that you can rely on in a pinch. You won’t have to worry about style or comfort when you throw on a pair of these pants before a run.


Here are some sources we used while conducting our research

The following are sources we utilized while researching for the following guide.  It is important to us that the information we provide to our audience is accurate and up to date.  We only use trusted sources when choosing the above top 10 lists.  Here are the following sources:


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