10 Best Biotin Supplements Reviewed & Fully Compared


Biotin is a water-soluble B vitamin that is necessary for life.  Biotin serves to turn the carbohydrates and fats from your diet into energy ready for your body’s use.  Biotin occurs naturally in many foods you may already be eating. Meat and fish, some veggies, soybeans, egg yolks, yeast, mushrooms, and a bunch of other food options all contain viable sources of naturally occurring biotin that you can consume.  The reality is that this vitamin comes up so many times in our food choices that you may find it strange that anyone would have a deficiency in it. However, there are life events that cause our diets to be so off-kilter that supplementation is necessary.  Recovering from surgery, or having a prolonged illness that affects how you eat are just two examples.

  • Nutricost
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Easy to Swallow
  • Price: See Here
Pure Encapsulations
  • Pure Encapsulations
  • 4.5 out of 5
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  • Non-GMO & Vegetarian
  • Price: See Here
Eu Natural
  • Eu Natural
  • 4 out of 5
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  • Not Tested on Animals
  • Price: See Here

For those people that are in need of supplementation, here is a review of the 10 best biotin supplements on the market. Potency, formulation, effectiveness, and ease of use were metrics used in reviewing the supplements below.


10 Best Biotin Supplements


1. Nutricost

Grow your fullest and longest hair with Nutricost biotin. If you have tried other supplements and have not seen the benefit you were looking for with biotin, this one is the one to try. It will help your hair grow back and build up your nail strength so they too, can grow in the most healthful way. If you need to regrow hair, or help your hairs’ current texture, if you are looking to get length do yourself a favor and give Nutricost biotin a try.
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If you are on medications that cause you to lose hair rapidly or if you have naturally thinning hair, try this strong form of biotin supplementation to help support your goals. With consistent use thicker, longer hair is within your reach. Even those who have loss at such a rapid pace that you have irregular baldness, you could benefit from using this supplement in your daily routine.


You may have to play around with the amount of the supplement will work for you, or you can talk with your doctor as to how much you’d need. Either way, the likely reality is that in order for it to have a solid chance at working, you will have to be consistent in using it. Some people see fairly quick results while others it takes months to see improvements, so give it a realistic shot. That being said, getting a strong supplement that is affordable and will come with the most capsules so that you aren’t always needing to run to the store for more, or just plain being inconsistent with intake by skipping days because you are out. You get the most capsules in a strong formulation with Nutricost versus other brands on the market at the same strength.

Cost and Value

This is a pill you can trust that has the strength to work. You get a bargain with the number of capsules included, so your supply will be plentiful to carry you through daily use. With time, it will do its job and provide you with improvements in your hair and nails.

Comes in a strength that is most effective for shedding hair

One of the few brands that has 10,000 mcg strength

Twice the amount for a terrific price

Perfect for strength, resiliency, length and texture improvements

Easy to swallow capsules


Biotin supplementation can cause some skin symptoms including acne

Capsules are large

2. Pure Encapsulations

Pure Encapsulations offers you a biotin supplement that is hypoallergenic and easier to digest and take in for most people. You can use this supplement without any concerns over it’s formulation and take advantage of improved nerve and metabolic help as well as strong hair and nails that is associated with biotin.
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Taking supplements can sometimes be problematic for people if the supplements formulation have ingredients that they are allergic or sensitive to. You don’t have to worry about that with this brand because they are hypoallergenic with natural and authentic ingredients. That doesn’t just help those who have sensitivities but it also provides for more reliable results.

Quality Assurance

Pure Encapsulations takes seriously the ingredients that they use in their formulations and they do extensive research to keep up with technological advances in nutrition science. The raw ingredients are wholly sourced from the most respected suppliers and the ingredients when received are tested for their potency and purity levels.

Cost and Value

The ingredients are raw and verified, and the supplement itself is made without any of the icky extras like artificial sweeteners, or junk like trans fats and hydrogenated oils. Their streamlined research and quality assurance process ensure that their supplements are the highest in quality and the most predictable in their strength, results and with your expectations when you open a bottle.



No wheat, gluten, egg, or peanuts

No artificial colors or sweeteners

Manufactured in the USA, Massachusetts


Might not offer the highest strengths per capsule

Some of the brands supplements look like each other so if buying more than one organization is important

3. Eu Natural

Very philanthropic company that puts out a quality supplement and uses the success of their product to help kids in need. The capsule is of the highest value in the nature of the ingredients and as a vegetarian capsule no animal testing is done in the process. These are fresh supplements, you will open the bottle and literally smell the freshness of a supplement that truly delivers results.
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Pure vegetarian

You are getting a serious confirmation of purity in this supplement with a 99.8% assurance. So when you are looking for a supplement that has more natural components and want to have to confidence to trust in it, there is nothing better than a declaration of only being only .02% not pure. Here’s another number for you to chew on, 100% vegetarian so between the two, those conscious of the formulation purity, ingredients and those who prefer vegan or vegetarian supplements have almost airtight guarantees that you will get all of these things in this supplement.


There is nothing wrong with 100% money back guarantee on any produce any day of the week in my book. You have the confidence of a 90-day guarantee, so you are really not going to lose anything in giving this one a try. If you literally use it for two months straight and aren’t happy, you can recoup any money put in and move on to the next one.

Cost and Value

Easy to swallow vegetarian capsules with high assurances made by the company should put you at ease from the start. There obviously is no gluten, wheat, dairy, fillers or any other artificial rubbish. Complimented with a money-back guarantee and that's a ton of reliability and confidence in this company and their products.

Never tested on animals

Philanthropic company - Vitamin Angels program means each bottle purchased provides a child with needed vitamins for a year

Excellent customer service

Capsules measure 18mm long and 5 mm in diameter

Offer a great leg workout while still allowing for easy use for hours

Restores shine and fullness


More strength per capsule preferable

Dermatology problems including a little acne

4. Natrol

4.  Natrol
If you are having hair loss for any reason you will see a noticeably reduced amount of it after you take take Natrol biotin supplementation. This formulation is also really effective at regrowing nails. The neat thing about these pills is that they are dissolvables so they will melt in your mouth.
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Fast dissolve tablets

For all of you out there who have a hard time swallowing pills or capsules, here is your salvation. These pills dissolve in your mouth. How much does that change your world? Probably a lot if the thought of having to swallow any pill throws you in to choke mode and causes your body to unnaturally heave with the dreaded “pill burps.” Hallelujah, here you go!

Customer focus

This company takes seriously the health and beauty needs of their customers so they work to make the best hair, nail and skin health products on the market. They work to ensure the products they have, include the essential nutrients needed to keep you healthy and beautiful inside and out.

Cost and Value

You don't’ have to swallow these pills because they dissolve, and worry not about the taste, if you even taste it. The taste is pleasant but benign. It is a pill that will certainly provide support to hair, nail, skin, but especially for the growth and strength of nails. Ladies who like a good paint choice on a nicely shaped nail will really appreciate how this supplement helps them grow smoother stronger nails faster.

10,000 mcg strength

Dissolve easily with a pleasant flavor

Great for nail strength and growth

Does Not cause drowsiness

Reduces nail breakage


No gelatin

Causes some itching in some people

5. Sports Research

5.  Sports Research
Sports Research offers you the only Non-GMO Project VErified softgel on the market. That means that this product directly supports agriculture through decreasing contamination and safeguarding non-GMO seed. You are getting 120 highly potent softgels that are made with coconut oil.
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Good ingredients

This easy to swallow softgel is mixed with organic virgin coconut oil. You are basically getting an assortment of benefits from the biotin itself, of course, stronger and fuller hair and tougher nails. While also getting a touch of that coconut oil in the pill which is excellent for your digestive health.

Easy on your system

For those of you who have a hard time swallowing pills, this softgel won’t leave you struggling to meet your biotin needs. It is super easy to take, the outer material is very smooth and the pill overall is not large. Even better, is that your body won’t be suffering from the digestion sometimes felt with supplementation.

Cost and Value

Sports Research has a really great product here with their biotin supplement. The quality of ingredients allows it to be certified so you know what you are putting in your system. It is a robust supplement that really works to not only keep your hair healthier but help it grow longer and stronger. Many people have enjoyed taking this pill because it is so easy to wash down and it provides a substantial return for your hair, skin, and nails.

5000 mcg bottles

Gluten free

100% Pure vegetarian

Supports new hair growth

Promotes softer, fuller hair


May see gray strands

May cause acne breakouts, common with biotin supplementation-take with zinc and increase your pure water intake

6. Amazing Nutrition

6.  Amazing Nutrition
Amazing Nutrition provides you with a potent capsule of 10,000 mcg, and you get a value in a big bottle containing 200. This company is constantly testing their products for purity and strength assurances. Their suppliers are top tier, and they make their products in the USA in a GMP facility.
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Company values

This company strives to formulate and manufacture the very best nutritional products because they value your health and well being. You can be confident in the products you buy from this company, they don’t utilize any artificial garbage and are very healthy-lifestyle focused.


The quality and performance of your supplementation should match the claims. The only way to ensure that this happens is testing, testing, and more testing. That is what Amazing Nutrition does, they make sure that there is thorough examination and verification for to ensure the products meet their quality, potency and purity standards.

Cost and Value

You get amazing supplements from this company with top standards. For those of you who need higher doses to deal with severe conditions, this little capsule will pack the punch you need all the while it is small enough to swallow easily. It rates high in helping paper thin nails and thinning hair.

Physician approved

Excellent for improving nail strength

Doctor approved

Health focused company

Nicely priced


Can take a couple months to see results, depends on the person

You may notice a slight aftertaste

7. BariMELTS

7.  BariMELTS
Specifically designed for those who have had weight loss surgery and need to stick to a tough nutritional regimen afterward. These are really easy to take as they quickly dissolve in your mouth with a pleasant flavor. They are manufactured in a cGMP certified facility here in the USA.
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Mixed with other vitamins

Of important note, these supplements are formulated with other vitamins and minerals specifically to support those people who are recovering from their weight loss surgery. It is a great all-in-one for most patients to give them the boost their bodies need for rebuilding and healing.


Not only do they easily dissolve in your mouth, but they have a nice little hint of flavor. Not too intense or an overly sugary in taste, these little pills will give you a satisfying little hint of sweetness that makes the overall experience taking these pills that much easier to do and easier to stick to taking consistently.

Cost and Value

A terrific bit of sweetness in a fast dissolving pill that you can easily swallow if you’d prefer. The pill is formulated with a signature mix to support the needs of individuals recovering from weight loss surgery, so they aren’t for everyone. Getting better after a big surgery is hard enough, having a one-stop supplement that is easy to take every day makes at least one aspect easier.

Fast dissolving

Specifically formulated for those who are recovering from weight loss surgery

Full refund if you aren’t happy

Sugar free

GMO free

5000 mcg


Mix of vitamins and minerals can cause nausea in some patients, talk to your doctor

Can come across a little chalky

8. EZ Melts

8.  EZ Melts
Another option that makes it easy to take your biotin, EZ Melts will do just that, melt away in no time flat. The bottle provides you with 90 flavored tablets. These too, are made in the USA and do not contain sugar, gluten, or anything fake, so you can be sure that the flavoring won’t be tasting too artificial.
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These will definitely grow your hair out nicely. Expect to see a huge difference in every aspect of your hair, the shine, the thickness and the strength. If you have put your hair through a beating with a lot of chemical treatments and rough styling you too can benefit from biotin by EZ Melts.


Don’t be put off by supplements that have a flavor. Specifically, when supplements with a flavor are made without any artificial sweeteners or flavorings they generally won’t have extra sugar and aren’t overwhelming. These pills are actually quite palatable. The reality is, even if you aren’t crazy about the taste, they literally are on your tongue for 30 seconds to 1 minute, so it’s not like the flavor is going to linger in your mouth.

Cost and Value

You're going to be recommending this pill to anyone interested in biotin supplementation. It really works and comes with a nice taste. They quickly dissolve and they won’t leave a bad aftertaste in your mouth when they are done.

Can help grow eyelashes

Well priced

Really great for hair

Melt quickly in your mouth

Great potency



All hair on body grew longer, so women get ready to pluck your eyebrows more frequently

Not the best on the market for nails

9. Bronson

9.  Bronson
You cannot go wrong with Bronson, they are a well established and highly respected industry leader in the nutritional supplements. With over 50 years of service to the community in providing families and individuals with high-quality vitamins and health support you can trust this industry leader for your health and wellness needs.

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Money back guarantee

You cannot get feel any more confident in the ability of a supplement to do what it says it is going to do if you can buy it with a money back guarantee. There is no excuse not to try this supplement because it works, it will help promote the growth and strength in your hair, nails, and skin and remember, if there is anything you don’t like about it, it is not to worry because you can get a full refund.

Regarded company

This is one of the highest recommended and selling biotin supplements for those who specifically want to use biotin directly for hair, skin and nail support. It is well tested and trusted, manufactured in the USA at a cGMP facility. Most importantly this company is highly respected and regarded for providing products that are recommended by expert nutritional scientists such as Dr. Linus Pauling. Let’s just say, you can trust what he is selling, he is a Nobel Prize Winner.

Cost and Value

This is a doctor recommended brand so the medical community is behind it. You can try it without risk because of the money back guarantee. Adding to that, the fact that it does work and is also highly rated it does cost a little more than other biotin supplements in its market. For an ultra-potent pill that is well known for being top quality, you lose nothing trying it.

10,000 mcg

Risk free

Doctor recommended, even by a Nobel Peace Prize Winner

Small capsule, easy to swallow

Gelatin free


Contains magnesium stearate

Some people reported migraines

10. Country Life

10.  Country Life
Country Life provides a biotin supplement with an effective amount of milligrams of the vitamin to ensure the utmost performance. Your nails will grow nice and strong and not split or peel using this brand. You can also expect consistent hair growth. Country Life is a principled company with quality products.
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Steady hair growth

Many times when people are seeing the effects of biotin, specifically with their hair they find that their hair actually grows in cycles. It takes a bit of time to have the supplement set in and get to work as well. However, many people see reliable and steady hair growth through the use of this supplement. The milligram strength of biotin matters, and with the milligram dose you get with each of these pills are on point.

Pill size

Some people have a really difficult time swallowing pills, which is why many times, there are liquid, dissolvable, and gummy options for just that. However, this pill is approximately ½ in length and 1/16” in diameter. It is very tiny and so you should have no problem swallowing this pill with ease.

Cost and Value

This is a solid, ethical company that utilizes the best ingredients in their production of supplements. These are vegetable capsules, not gelatin which is more appealing to most people and they will do the job and work. The biotin amount to which these are formulated is right on the money as far as being effective.

120 vegan capsules

5 mg of biotin

No milk

No Wheat

No gluten

No artificial colors


Acne issues for some, a common complaint about biotin users

High dosage, check with your doctor before beginning to avoid unwanted side effects or symptoms

Choosing the right biotin supplement for you really depends on your own personal needs.  You can find biotin in a variety of forms, dissolvables, liquid, gummies, soft gels, capsules, or pills and it can be a standalone vitamin or be formulated as part of a vitamin B complex.  If you are using supplements to help care for an illness or health-related problem, you are likely to need a higher dose of the pure supplement itself over a formulation mix. For other purposes, not health or illness related, the benefit bests come through the formulation with a B complex.  If you are unsure of what specifically will benefit you the most, talk to your health care provider and ask questions. They are going to be your best bet for accurate and personalized information to help you make the best choice possible. The good news is because biotin is water soluble, so it is very difficult, if at all possible to overdose or has any side effects from toxicity through getting too much.  If there is excess it is simply excreted through your urine.

Criteria Used in Choosing the Best Biotin Supplements



The reality is, the for most healthy adults you don’t need too much biotin.  It is readily available in so many of the foods we eat that most of us to meet our needs on a daily basis, naturally.  The National Academy of Medicine, however, advises that 30 mcg per day is needed for the average adult while breastfeeding women can use up to 35 mcg.  Biotin isn’t readily absorbed through the skin so oral supplementation is the way to up your levels should you need to. People have mostly found that pills formulated with either 5 mg or 10,000 mcg are the most potent and provide the most profound results.  

It is important for the companies and manufacturers of supplements to take testing and quality assurance seriously and spend the right amount of time ensuring that their products are correctly measured and advertised.  You want to be confident in what you put into your body, so if you take a supplement based of a specific potency, knowing that what is on the label is what you are getting in the pill matters. The companies of the supplements we provided above have put a high level of testing and assurances into all the products they provide to the public.


Quality ingredients that aren’t bogged down artificial ingredients and junk additives are most appealing. Most people are looking for the standalone vitamin, and they don’t want any other ingredients in their pills.  However, there are some pills that will have a couple extras, for instance, pills with a taste that dissolve may have some natural flavoring to add that feature. Sports Research formulates their softgel with organic virgin coconut oil.  Sometimes biotin is the main ingredient in a specifically formulated mix of vitamins and minerals because it is a component of a larger multivitamin aimed at supporting a specific health need. BariMELTS is an example of this. It is specifically formulated with biotin being the main ingredient for those who are recovering from weight loss surgery.


Straight to the point, if a supplement says it is going to do something and it doesn’t work it’s not worth spending the money on or taking.  Every product we reviewed had a high rating in being effective. Some worked well all around, and others showed more prominent effectiveness in one or two specific treatments.  While the science is still pending regarding a direct connection between healthy hair, skin, and nails, the supplements provided in this review have high ratings because the people that used them saw improvements with the use of the supplement.  So, personal accounts show that they do in fact, have effectiveness for hair, skin, and nails.

Biotin is a necessary vitamin to support normal body functioning.  It may have some science behind helping diabetics control their glucose and it could be used by some pregnant women should they have a deficiency.  It is always recommended, though, that to improve overall health eating a balanced diet with more natural foods and full of fruits and veggies along with consistent daily exercise is the best way to ensure that you are the healthiest you can be.

Ease of use

As with any supplement, people will only be consistent with medications vitamins if they are easy to take.  Some people have no problem swallowing tons of pills at once or large pills easily go down the hatch. Others can barely swallow much.  Many of the products we reviewed above were more than easy to take in. Some were quickly dissolved on the tongue, others were very small pills, and there were softgels that could be smoothly taken down.

Other Important Factors to Consider

There are some people who have specific health conditions that must take the time to read carefully the labels of the supplements they take before they take them.  Diabetics, for instance, are going to want to make sure they aren’t adding extra sugars to their diets, and since some pills can be formulated with sugar it is important for these people to know ahead of time.  Other products could have wheat or dairy and for those people allergic to these foods, this is important to know. Vegetarians and vegans can benefit from finding pills that are formulated as vegan or vegetarian, they are out there and if you read the label you can be sure to find one that doesn’t have any ingredients related to animals at all.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What are some symptoms of biotin deficiency?

If you have dermatitis, have increased fatigue, suffer from depression, have tingling or numb feelings in your arms and legs or if you suffer from massive hair loss, you may have a need for additional biotin in your diet.  Go to your doctor and have them check you out because self-diagnosis is difficult to do. The symptoms that B7 deficiency may easily be related to a separate health issue which needs professional diagnosis and treatment.

Q:  Can biotin really help with my hair growth?

When it comes to ensuring your skin is healthy and supple biotin has been found to promote growth.  Don’t waste your money on shampoos containing biotin or lotions because it is not easily absorbed by the skin and hair and put to use.  It basically has no effect taken this way. It is best used by supplementing orally. While biotin is not the only element that is needed for faster and thicker hair growth, it certainly is one of the factors promoting healthier hair.

Q:  Can biotin help nails?

There have been studies that showed biotin, also known as vitamin H, can affect the thickness of finger and toenails. It is generally believed that vitamin H plays a strong role in keeping nails and hair healthy.   That being said, there are a whole host of reasons why you may have brittle nails including exceptional dryness or exposure to various nail polishes.

Q:  What causes hair loss?

There are a whole host of reasons why you may be experiencing hair loss.  Everyone loses hair each day, but at a rate that is natural, when it becomes intense you have a problem.  An underactive thyroid shows up in one of the first symptoms being hair loss. An underactive thyroid means your metabolism becomes lethargic and while that happens your loss of hair rapidly speeds up.


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