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Skin Care
antibacterial soap Buying Guide
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Our Favorite Antibacterial Soap Reviewed
In a world where we are more connected than ever, germs are lurking everywhere. All the surfaces you touch have germs. The keyboard on your computer, your phone is a hotbed of filth, door knobs, even your steering wheel in your car is full of nasty grime. The best defense against bacteria, disease...
moisturizing body wash Buying Guide
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Our Favorite Moisturizing Body Wash
Engaging in a regular moisturizing routine on a daily basis is very important for the health and radiance of your skin. If you aren't doing it currently, it is wise to start. Moisturized skin can have a more youthful and supple appearance and it helps with skin elasticity. Not only does this make yo...
waterproof foundation Buying Guide
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Our Favorite Waterproof Foundation Reviewed
It happens in the summertime and is a constant issue for those who live in hot, humid weather. Sweat is a common factor that can cause much concern for our skin as it does our makeup adherence and longevity. Noone wants their makeup to melt off their skin and end up looking like a muddled mess of co...
Best Underwear For Running Buying Guide
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Best Underwear For Running
Comfortable underwear that offers key functionalities such as movement, moisture management, secure fit, and comfortable waistbands make these garments essential for any runner or avid athlete and active person. When you are engaged in a sport or activity the last thing you want is to have to feel t...
shampoo Buying Guide
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Best Shampoos for Dry Scalp Reviewed and Rated 2020
When your scalp loses its natural moisture the skin becomes dry, flaky, and itchy. In some cases, it can be a side effect of other underlying skin conditions or physiological conditions within the body. Environmental factors can also lead to dry scalps such as dirt, pollution, infection, cold weath...
best handsoap Buying Guide
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Best Handsoap Reviewed and Compared
Keeping your hands clean is essential if you want to stay healthy—especially now that we have officially entered the flu season! So, if you want to keep your hands clean and feeling great you have to check out our reviews of the best hand soap. As you may very well know, there are a ton of hand s...
10 Best Soap Brands for Dry Skin Buying Guide
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10 Best Soap Brands for Dry Skin
If you’re on the hunt for the best soap brands for dry skin, then you’ve come to the right place. Here we’ll go over the best options available—so if you’re tired of dealing with dry skin and the pesky symptoms that come with it, you need to check out our top picks. Those of you who deal with dry...
Argan oil Buying Guide
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10 Best Argan Oil Reviewed and Compared
Finding pure original Argan Oil may be difficult because of the difficulties experienced in its production process. It takes a great amount of time to produce this particular oil. Nevertheless, it is important to keep in mind that not all the Argan Oils that you would find being sold on the market to...
Gel Polish Buying Guide
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Best Gel Nail Polish That You Should Try
With all the selections out there, finding the best gel nail polish can be a difficult feat. Not only are there tons of options, but with all of the lower quality brands, you may be wary of choosing just one. Luck for you, we have taken the time to research and review the best gel nail polish out...
Face toner Buying Guide
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Best Skin Toners for Combination Skin
Skin toners can be an excellent addition to your skincare routine. Not only are they versatile, but they also offer tons of benefits that will bring your skin care routine to another level. While skin toners can clean, tighten, moisturize, and even balance out your skin’s pH levels, it’s importan...
The Green Tidings is an all-natural, the top-rated and best-selling natural deodorant known to last the whole day. Buying Guide
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Top 10 Best Natural Deodorants Fully Reviewed
Deodorant can be tricky with all the chemicals and uses. A lot of people are finding more natural alternatives but sometimes natural leaves the natural smell as well. The 10 Best Natural Deodorants offer long term anti-odor and sweat delay without blocking pores. This line up offers natural optio...
olive oil Buying Guide
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10 Best Olive Oil Brands Reviewed
Living a healthy lifestyle means having your nutrition down to the oil that you use to cook and season your food. The best olive oil brands featured on our list of reviews below are a perfect addition to your cooking routine because they’re the best brands currently available to choose from. …And...
10 Best Long-lasting Lipsticks Buying Guide
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10 Best Long-lasting Lipsticks
Enhancing your looks has been an important aspect of beauty for many centuries, and one beauty product that has remained popular throughout time is the lipstick. Just because you go out for a run doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the way you look. Nowadays, there are lipsticks that are designed to l...
10 Best Deodorants for Women Buying Guide
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10 Best Deodorants for Women
Good hygiene is a prerequisite for a healthy body and a boost to the sense of self-confidence in the midst of others. The body naturally generates sweat as a way of removing toxins. The body sweat glands are the natural avenue for expelling toxins leaving a cooling effect when the body temperature in...
Waterproof mascara Buying Guide
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Best Waterproof Mascaras
Whether you need one of the best waterproof mascaras for everyday wear, or you just want something that won’t run when you on your run or hit the gym after work, you have come to the perfect place. Here we go over the best waterproof mascaras that you currently have to choose from—and we have mad...
Best Anti Inflammation Creams Fully Reviewed Buying Guide
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Best Anti Inflammation Creams Fully Reviewed
Presently, you would find different types of anti-inflammatory creams available on the market and every brand is unique in its own way. Once you use the different varieties you would understand the advantages that some of these creams have over other oral medications meant for pain relief. These crea...
10 Best Body Wipes Reviewed and Compared Buying Guide
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10 Best Body Wipes Reviewed and Compared
There are times when you may wish to freshen up though you may not have the time to head to shower or in some other cases there may be no shower available in your location. For those who love engaging in daily workouts or those who love to travel in search of adventure finding shower in the areas the...
10 Best Face Scrubs Fully Reviewed Buying Guide
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10 Best Face Scrubs Fully Reviewed
They say the skin can tell a lot about your physical and psychological health. If you are stressed or have poor health, it is likely to show on your skin. This is perhaps why many people take their time on the skin to look good and feel confident. It can be very challenging to walk around with dry, p...
10 Best Matcha Powders Buying Guide
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10 Best Matcha Powders
The matcha is the outcome of high-quality green tea leaves harvested, processed, and packaged in finely ground powder with natural properties intact. It is essentially processed from leafy luxuriant and chlorophyll-laden leaves stone ground and excellently sifted. It is also a staple ingredient upon ...
10 Best Exfoliators Reviewed Buying Guide
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10 Best Exfoliators Reviewed
It is that soft feel your skin has, that extra brightness, that deep down clean that you feel and see when we exfoliate our skin.  A regular routine of skincare that involves exfoliation can address many of our skin woes. Acne is a major one of those ailments.  Of course, dull, uneven skin tones can ...
An in-depth review of the best essential oils in 2018. Buying Guide
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Best Essential Oils Reviewed & Rated for Quality
There are countless uses of essential oils: clearing blocks airways, relieving stress, relaxing the body and mind, massage, and more. This has been made possible because of the several different blends that contain different ingredients that work in conjunction with one another to achieve overall wel...
our list of the 10 best biotin supplements fully reivewed Buying Guide
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10 Best Biotin Supplements Reviewed & Fully Compared
Biotin is a water-soluble B vitamin that is necessary for life.  Biotin turns the carbohydrates and fats from your diet into energy ready for your body’s use.  Biotin occurs naturally in many foods: meat and fish, some veggies, soybeans, egg yolks, yeast, mushrooms, and a host of other foods all cont...
an in-depth review of the best bug sprays of 2018. Buying Guide
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Best Bug Sprays Reviewed & Rated for Quality
Sporting a few bug bites when you come back from a run during the summer is all a part of the summer experience, or at least it used to be. The days of hating to wear bug spray because of the way it feels on your skin or not worrying about a "few bug bites," are way behind you, as more and more evide...
The best moisturizers for dry skin hydrate the skin all day like Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel. Buying Guide
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10 Best Moisturizers For Dry Skin Tested & Compared
Running and other workouts have positive effects on the skin by carrying oxygen and nutrients to the skin. However, it sometimes isn’t the best for dry skin, especially in the cold and windy weather. It's important to apply a good moisturizer before braving the outdoor elements in order to make sure ...
our list of the 10 best lip balms fully reviewed Buying Guide
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Best Lip Balms Tested & Fully Reviewed
Dry air, cold winds and indoor heaters that are common during the winter months create the perfect storm for developing chapped lips. For runners and outdoor enthusiasts in particular, finding good lip protection and restoration is essential when constantly exposing your face to the elements. When li...
Here is our list of the 10 best deodorants for men Buying Guide
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10 Best Men's Deodorants Tested and Reviewed
One of the most common issues any athlete has to deal with is body smell. Sweating is mostly unavoidable for the hard-working runner, but the resulting stench can be controlled. You don’t have to smell like you just walked out of a gym even if that is the case, but of course, almost everyone knows ab...
An in depth review of the best aloe vera creams and gels Buying Guide
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10 Best Aloe Vera Creams and Gels Reviewed
Runners have to deal with a lot of skin problems. Between moisture, exposure to the sun, and irritation caused by heat and motion, there are no shortage of problems that a runner would be forced to deal with when it comes to skin care. The aloe vera plant is a well known medicinal aid. It can be u...
An in depth review of the best cooling towels Buying Guide
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10 Best Cooling Towels Reviewed
Cooling towels are becoming an increasingly popular running accessory. They’re convenient, compact, lightweight, and depending on which brand you choose, they can really keep you cool for hours at a time. These products have caught on in a big way with many top athletes, who use them during competiti...
An in depth review of the best athletes foot creams Buying Guide
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Best Antifungal Cream for Athlete's Foot Reviewed in 2020
It’s hard to run with feet that are burning, itchy, and painful to the touch. Runners know that athlete’s foot is no joke, and treating it quickly is necessary for keeping up with your running routine. Anytime that you’re dealing with something that’s irritating your feet, it can be a serious issue. ...
A list of the Best Anti Chafing Creams & Sticks Buying Guide
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10 Best Anti-Chafing Creams & Sticks Tested
Chafing is a type of skin irritation caused by skin rubbing against skin or rubbing against clothing and shoes that are either too loose or too tight.  The friction is exasperated by sweat. It is prevalent among long-distance athletes such as competitive cyclists or marathon runners. Wherever pain...
The best sunscreen for use while running Buying Guide
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Best Sunscreen For Runners Compared in 2020
As the scorching summer months set in, runners need to consider a number of precautions. While many of these relate to hydration, taking care of your skin is equally important. Sunburn can happen in as little as 10 minutes in high exposure to a UV index of 10 or higher. In a worst case scenario, you ...
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