10 Best Brooks Running Shoes Reviewed


Even if you’ve only just begun your research of running shoes, you’ve probably already discovered that there’s a lot more to them than a thick rubber sole and a decent fit. If you’re a long-term runner, you know this, and you also know that some of the smallest tweaks in a shoe’s design and construction, as well as weight, can drastically improve your gait, endurance, and overall effectiveness and most importantly enjoyment of the whole running experience.

Brooks has created or filled an interesting running shoe niche in the running shoe global market. They do ongoing research on the many different types of running conditions/environment and then design shoes which are specific to that running environment/situation. Through this approach they are able to develop the shoe performance to be very specific towards the needs of runners, this approach has become popular among a lot of runners.

It makes no difference whether you’re on the trails, the road, or turning that belt on the treadmill. there are quite a few different models to get runners of different strides interest, and perhaps you might find a model here that looks like it might work for you.

Last Updated: June 11, 2018
By Richard Haberkost:

We regularly check for any shoes which are updated by Brooks. This current popular selections of shoes are good till at least later in 2018. For those who prefer this brand, here are the best choices based on comfort, performance quality and specific types of running. In our section for criteria, we present our methodology criteria. For any runner related questions, the FAQs section offers helpful advice in response to questions.

Launch 5
  • Launch 5
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Redesigned upper
  • Price: See Here
Adrenaline GTS 18
  • Adrenaline GTS 18
  • 4.7 out of 5
    Our rating
  • BioMoGo DNA midsole
  • Price: See Here
Beast 16
  • Beast 16
  • 4 out of 5
    Our rating
  • No-sew overlays
  • Price: See Here

10 Best Brooks Running Shoes



1. Brooks Launch 5

The successive updated version for this shoe models speaks positive volumes.

The shoe stays ahead of most of the other competitive brands. We now move from Launch 4 up to Launch 5.

Stride through the miles with a light and very responsive running shoe read through our review for updates on this updated shoe.

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Comfort / Stability

Newly designed upper mesh that molds to the foot shape to ensure stabilizing FIT,  an internal bootie provides a comfortable snug sock style fit and enables comfortable long-term wear.

Both collar and tongue are padded to enhance secure comfortable FIT and more support comes from a securing of the foot's middle section through the innovative lace-up system.

The sock liner is BioMoGo and provides enhanced FIT combined with cushioning.  A fast and smooth transition in the midfoot zone, BioMoGo ensures very comfortable cushion for all neutral runners and is built into the shoe from toe to heel. This gives a responsive and dynamic movement which has a natural feel and allows an effective experience while running.

The Outsole remains the same as the Launch 4, constructed from durable blown rubber for the outsole unit and softer blown rubber for the forefoot zone, this means extra flexibility, good responsiveness, and high performing durability. For both toe and heel note the abrasion resistive rubber which gives very good durability for running on roads. The outsole retains the reliable tested flex grooves plus treads and allows for very good traction.

A superbly engineered upper mesh gives top breathability combined with stabilizing comfort to ensure feet remain dry and cool for both long and short runs.

Quality / Durability

The updated Brooks Launch 5 stays true to the qualities found in the Launch 4 with upgraded improvements for even more enhanced durability, quality, comfort, protection, performance and good value.


The price reflects a long-term investment in a durable high performing shoe.


Extremely good  breathable

High performing responsive cushioning

Fast, comfortable and lightweight

Internal bootie gives daylong comfort

Affordable price

Durability and quality.


Attention for traction while running on wet slippery surfaces

2. Brooks Adrenaline GTS 18

Brooks updated their famous Adrenaline line with updates that listened to what runners had to say about the previous model. The updated v-groove outsole is incredibly soft, testers commented that it was unlike anything they’ve experienced before. Dramatic changes were also observed on the progressive diagonal roll bar that can lead your foot back to a normal motion path, even at higher speeds. This makes Brooks’ newest offering a sure bet for runners of all skill levels. If you’re looking for an extremely comfortable running shoe, look no further, the all new Adrenaline GTS 18 is what you’ve been waiting for.
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Comfort / Stability

This is a solid design that provides a secure, comfortable fit. The overall cushioning, stability and control are each points that Brooks gets right with consistency. Some of the updates that have gone into this version include the new BioMoGo DNA material which delivers just enough additional cushioning underfoot, as well as a midsole saddle that can be customized to each individual runner, giving the wearer a much more reliable fit. Additionally, Brooks introduced introduced a new Progressive Diagonal Rollbar throughout the shoe which offers more stability and control.

Quality / Durability

These seem to hold up really well. Generally, they have pretty pretty good customer reviews with regards to their durability.


These run a little higher priced. They can often be found on Amazon for a good deal though.
  • Adjustable saddle design for fit-to-foot support
  • Extended Caterpillar Crash Pad for awesome heel-to-toe flow
  • HPR Plus for super long-lasting durability on high-wear parts of the sole (think trail-running)
  • Flex Grooves for that natural running feel
  • Midfoot support to counter pronation issues
  • Flexible
  • Runs A Little Small For Some Testers

3. Brooks Beast 16

The Beast 16 have a lot of bite! If you are looking for all the bells and whistles that Brooks has to offer and the absolute cutting edge in shoe tech, you can’t beat the Beast 16. These are their top rated and highest selling running shoes. Take a look around at your next marathon, chances are you will see a ton of Beast 16. There’s great reason why year after year, runners wait with great expectations for the newest release in the Beast line and are never disappointed!
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Comfort / Stability

Brooks’ Beast 16 has a good amount of cushioning throughout, but the real focus is in the heel and forefoot of the shoe. The run in these shoes is surprisingly soft, removing any fear of injury from the runner’s mind. They do fit slightly smaller, so it is recommended to get a half size larger than what you would normally wear. When it comes to stability and support, these rate pretty hight with that as well.

Quality / Durability

The Beast 16 tends to be a reliable running shoe that will likely not let you down in the middle of your run. The materials used in the build seem to be of pretty good quality overall, so these shoes should get you through quite a few miles.


They are a bit expensive. Although, if you are looking for a shoe that has good technology backing up its design, then this is probably worth it.
  • Element Mesh and Lining for water-repellant coverage as well as dry and cool feet
  • Internal Support Saddle for snug fit and foot support
  • DNA Cushioning Gel Tuned Density Midsole, and BioMoGo to adapt to your unique foot shape and weight distribution
  • Progressive Diagonal Rollbar and DRB Accel mean increased stability
  • Durable outsole provides reliable traction over various terrain
  • Higher Priced Model

4. Brooks Addiction 13

Do you stand on your feet for long periods of time through out you day? Are you searching for the highest rated walking shoes out there? The Brooks Addiction 13 is the newest addition to their trusted line in ultimate comfort and support. We looked at feedback from a range of users that stand all day, from healthcare workers to postal employees. All of them rave about the Addiction 13 and how they make their day painless and comfortable.
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Comfort / Stability

Support and stability are two things that Brooks seems to consistently do well with pretty much their entire line. The Addiction is no exception. The comfort offered by these shoes makes them a suitable choice for walking and jogging. However, as the upper is of solid construction, with no mesh material, these are a lot less breathable than most of the other option on this list.

Quality / Durability

These are solid shoes that are well put together. Where they lack in breathability, due to no mesh in the upper, they make up for in sturdiness.


These are a little on the expensive side compared to other basically styled shoes. But, they are quality built and offer great comfortability.
  • DNA tech for great cushion and fit to your foot
  • Extended Progressive Diagonal Rollbar for pronation moderation and heel-to-toe ease of movement
  • Great choice for wider feet
  • BioMoGo midsole and Crash Pad for shock absorption
  • Built for moderate to severe over pronator
  • A bit pricey

5. Brooks Glycerin 15

Unsurprisingly, increasingly great reviews are often in line with increasingly great technology. The Brooks Glycerin 15 are no exception to this rule, and they’re some of the best Brooks running shoes because of this. Check out all of these amazing features:
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Comfort / Stability

The Glycerin offers a lot of cushioning, and for some, too much cushioning. Some runners feel that they waste energy during their run with the extra cushioning. Although if plenty of cushion is what you want or even need, then these shoes may be an ideal choice for you. The fit of the shoe tends to hug the feet pretty well, which of course helps with the stability of the shoe.

Quality / Durability

These seem to have some issues with durability, according to many customer reviews. There are some who state that they come apart on the sides when used for repeated running.


These run on the expensive side. They can found on Amazon for a slightly lower price.
  • Great for neutral or mild pronators hoping to go minimalist but still comfortable
  • Full-length Super DNA midsole mimics foot shape for comfort and energy return
  • Adjustable saddle for snug fit
  • 3D Fit Print overlay provides structural support while keeping shoe lightweight
  • Profile Sock Liner and Element Linings mean contoured support and dry and cool foot
  • Caterpillar Crash Pad for support and smooth transitions
  • Great design and color options
  • Slightly Less Breathable

6. Brooks PureFlow 7

An updated Brooks Pureflow 7 for the lady runner. This shoe gives flexibility and freedom to move naturally while shock impacts are directed away from the body resulting in a very comfortable feel underfoot.

The close to ground feel is retained and changes involve FIT and the shoe appearance, the aesthetic indents are gone from the midsole sides, the upper is updated and this gives a lighter running shoe with a weight reduction of 2oz, now the shoe offers a comfortable internal bootie and an exterior which is stretch woven. The new updated styling ensures less restriction for FIT and a sleek appearance.
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Comfort / Stability
The review remains the same apart from the updated changes:
A lighter shoe
Updated upper
Aesthetic indents removed

BioMoGo DNA LT midsole which is an adaptive type of cushioning that will provide lightweight comfort, customized to your foot. The rounded heel provides good stability and better alignment. The blown rubber outsole provides a solid base underfoot and excellent traction on roads for a stable ride.

Quality / Durability
The shoe remains similar to the PureFlow 6 apart from updating for:
aesthetic indents are gone from the midsole sides
Updated Upper

The adaptive midsole was able to provide excellent comfort for the long haul. Reviewers were happy with how the shoe held up overall with few reports of premature wear.


Very much a buyer friendly investment

Updated upper

A lighter shoe 

aesthetic indents removed

Breathable Air mesh upper

Synthetic overlays for snugness and support

Minimalist Design Still Crams In A Ton Of Features



If you have broad feet pay attention to shoe size

7. Brooks Ravenna 9

Here we have the updated Brooks Ravenna 9.
The updated uppers are very impressive with the new high quality and top performing mesh system which now equals the quality offered by the likes of Skechers and Nike, the more you run the more the shoe upper shapes, molds and holds for stable and comfortable FIT.
 This shoe offers serious durability and if you have a standard gait you can put in 400 miles comfortably, this shoe is great for neutral runners with a gentle leaning towards a guidance or stability shoe, a diagonal rollbar contributes towards a fast heel over to toe transition. The shoe has dropped 0.7oz in weight further giving more lightweight qualities and the DNA cushion system provides noticeable response and a fast ride.
Read on and see that the tried and tested features have been retained while adding performance enhancing shoe tech.
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Comfort / Stability

The Brooks Ravenna 8, perfect or the mild pronators, has an adjustable saddle which allows a more appropriate fit for different feet. Brooks’ Omega Flex Grooves allow more natural movement and fluidity in the forefoot, which helps to give the runner a stable, more confident run. The decent amount of breathability offered by the lightweight but durable mesh upper also aids in the overall comfort of this shoe.

Quality / Durability
Features are constant apart from an updated high quality mesh

Aside from the normal wear and tear that occurs from continuous use on the road, the Ravenna doesn’t really have any major quality issues. In fact, these are quite durable for an avid runner.


The price tag isn’t at all painful to look at with this shoe. You can find good prices on Amazon.

Updated to a high-quality mesh system

Omega Flex Grooves, and Segmented Crash Pad for breathability, flexibility, and smooth heel-to-toe transition

Ideal for mild pronator

Adjustable saddle pulls for secure fit

More lightweight than other models

  • The fit is a little narrow
  • Not a cheap option

8. Brooks Transcend 5

Try out the updated Transcend 5.

The shoe is now upgraded with a newly engineered upper mesh and a taller guide rail system ensuring holistic style support through foot guidance resulting in a reduction in shin and heel rotation which ensures a balanced knee motion.

A stabilizing platform through IDEAL strategic pressure zones which dispell the shock of impacts away from the body resulting in minimized stress for joints and nice smooth transitions. Excess heel rotation is reduced through the built-in innovative lightweight and strong heel counter which embraces the heel and ensures stability. You get improved alignment through the designed rounded heel and better alignment means the joints have minimal stress.

For a perfect FIT, we see less evidence of sewn overlays, the 3D print design applies structural stretch strategically while dynamic cushion is provided through the built-in Super-DNA midsole, a midsole drop at 8mm, flat to medium arch and a shoe weight at 9.1oz.
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Comfort / Stability
The shoe profile stays constant while factoring in the updates.

Breathable mesh upper, soft lining and DNA cushioning midsole give this shoes its superb initial comfort. Additionally, the upper of the Transcend have built-in guide rails which keep your medial and lateral sides in line. In general, there are no major complaints with regards to the overall comfort of this shoe in use.

Quality / Durability

The quality and durability of the Brooks Transcend 5 seem to rate very well with customers who have put them to the test on the road and track.


The Transcend doesn’t cost as much as some of the other offerings from Brooks. For what this shoe has to offer, it seems that you’ll get pretty good bang for your buck.

Updated upper mesh

Updated fuide rail system

Element Lining and Super DNA sock liner for comfort

Molds to natural foot shape all around

Durable outsole

  • Standard Sizes, unlike other Brooks that come in Narrow and Wide Options

9. Brooks Ghost 10

The all new Ghost 10 is a really well-rounded shoe in that it provides a lot of cushioning but, according to many runners, remains flexible. Like the Cascadia, it also has the Full-Length Segmented Crash Pad for smooth heel-to-toe movement and support. It’s one of Brooks’ Flagships for good reason.
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Comfort / Stability

These tend to remain well fitting and comfortable quite a few miles. The Ghost 10 is a great running shoe for those who don’t deal with any foot issues. Also, these are probably not an ideal choice if you happen to have wide feet. However, in all, the Ghost 10 by Brooks provides a good amount of comfort for your runs. It is important to note that these do run a bit small.

Quality / Durability

The overall quality and durability of these seems to be pretty good. Brooks as a brand tends to make some quality products that many runners can rely on.


The Ghost 10 goes for a higher price than the Cascadia, but they seem to provide even more comfort, stability and all around quality.
  • Very supportive and well cushioned
  • Omega Flex Grooves for flex and natural running feel
  • Enhanced mesh upper keeps foot cool and dry
  • Available in many color combos for the style-conscious runner
  • Somewhat Expensive

11. Brooks Levitate

11.  Brooks Levitate
This shoe is in the top league for giving energy return through Levitate's (DNA AMP) technology designed into the midsole.

You get a comfortable ride with good bounce for every step due to the high response capability built into the Levitate, a cushion system fitted with a polyurethane midsole and a TPU skin which provides consistent energy return.  An excellent upper constructed as a 3D knitted circular mesh for flexibility and stability which gives stabilizing accommodation for an expanding foot. Pressure and energy are directed up at the forefoot from a midfoot transition zone built into a durable rubber sole.

A very good high-performance shoe for neutral runners, read on and see if this is the next shoe for you.
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Comfort / Stability

SUPPORT STYLE is built for the neutral runner, the midsole drop is set at 8mm, the shoe weight is a balanced 11.20z, foot arch is set to medium/high. Designed into the outsole we note an innovative flexing arrow point patterning which assists movement from heel to toe faster and no loss of energy.

Quality / Durability

Synthetic Textiling
Durable rubber sole
Smooth  responsive running shoe
FitKnit upper constructed with 3D stabilizing circular knit mesh for targetted flexibility
Secure lace-up system
Light cushioned footbed
DNA AMP cushioning system with a durable polyurethane midsole and TPU skin giving a long-lasting consistent energy return

A neutrally balanced price for a top neutral shoe



Energy return

Comfortable synthetic textiles

Neutral shoe

FitKnit upper

DNA AMP cushioning system

Cushioned footbed

Innovative shoe technology



A few runners commented that more toe box room could be considered

The Brooks brand is known for top-notch technology that makes running more comfortable based on features that literally mold, bend, and adjust to your unique foot makeup. All of Brooks shoes are made with mesh and synthetic uppers that prove to be so breathable hot and wet feet become a thing of the past. The shoes that make the best Brooks running shoes of 2016 are a great pick because make great running shoes for minimalists as well as those who want more mass in their shoes. These can easily transfer from the trail to a track as well as road running.

Although the best Brooks running shoes can be a pinch expensive, if you’re dealing with pronation problems or a lack of support or comfort, they’re worth a little splurging. Most runners report that Brooks running shoes are also very durable and can last you a long time – the investment’s worth it.

The Criteria Used When Choosing The Best Brooks Running Shoes:

Cushion Levels

Our goal was to provide our readers with a comprehensive selection of footwear that possessed varying levels of cushioning. In order to take full advantage of all the great models that Brooks has to offer, it’s crucial to start with the amount of cushion. Different runners need different amounts of cushioning. Those with low-to-mid level arches will want to search for shoes that have both support and cushioning. Runners with high arches may like a plush midsole with arch support.  We tried to include an option for every type of runner.

Terrain Focused Selections

Brooks provides running shoes for all terrains, and with such a wide selection to pick from, there’s no need to settle. For rugged trail runners, we have included options with durable outsoles and water-resistant or water-proofing features. For city and treadmill runners, we have sleek and streamlined options that come with the highest runner ratings and proven performance. Whatever your terrain, Brooks has it covered with great options.



The breathability of running shoes isn’t just an important factor for runners in hotter climates. It’s crucial for all runners in terms of comfort and moisture control. Nothing will take the wind out of your sails faster than a wet, sweaty running shoe during the last mile of your run. We listened to what testers had to say about the ability of the footwear to wick away moisture and control temperatures to eliminate hotspots. Runners agree that a light and breezy running shoe can make all the difference in the world.

 Prices To Fit Any Budget

Every runner should experience the difference of running in a pair of Brooks. There’s a good reason as to why it’s one of the most popular brands for marathons and global competitions. They are known as the “running shoe designed by runners” because of the amount of research and development that they pour into each new iteration of their models. Brooks offers a diverse range of price points and we looked at all their pros and cons to give our readers the absolute best sections for every budget. Be careful of review sites that simply offer a “most expensive” list without taking other important factors into consideration.

 Features, Explained

We know that it’s easy for today’s runners to get a little confused with the amount of buzz words and marketing trademarks being thrown around. Furthermore, as shoe tech continues to grow by leaps and bounds, so do the amount of bells and whistles being crammed into running shoes. We made sure to break down each feature and explain exactly what it means for your runs. Brooks running shoes come with great high-end features that runners of all skill levels can benefit from, it was our job to listen to what testers had to say about how these features worked for them and how you can best match them to your regimen.


 Styles And Options

Running shoes are one of the major ways that a runner can express his or her style.  It’s truly refreshing to see that a major footwear manufacture actually spends a significant amount of time testing different looks and colors on focus groups and style experts. You will find that out buying guide has an option for everyone. Whether you enjoy standing out in a crowd of runners or blending in with understated style, you are sure to find the right look for you.


More Important Things to Consider

Brooks is a trusted running shoe manufacturer that has been trusted by local marathon runners and world-class athletes alike for decades. No matter which model you choose, you will get a quality running shoe which is why Brooks is so trusted.

 Will You Be Trail Running Or Road Running?

Don’t make the mistake of selecting one pair of running shoes and expect it to meet the needs of every terrain. Roadrunners and trail runners have very different features to help you run properly and prevent injury. Be sure to get the proper type of shoes- even if it means buying more than one pair- for the terrain on which you will be running.


Know When To Replace You Running Shoes

Any pair of running shoes should be replaced after 300-500 miles of wear. At this point, the outsole and midsole begin to experience serious integrity issues, which can lead to traction and support problems and potential injury for you.

Take Advantage Of Brooks’ Sizing Options

Not many running shoe manufacturers provide so many options in terms of sizes. If you have a narrow or wide foot, these might be just what you have been looking for. When reviewing our buying guide, make sure that you look out for the options that come in several sizing selections and find the right fit for you. Remember that all feet tend to swell somewhat towards the end of the day or after a strenuous workout. Make sure you size your feet after you’ve done a significant amount of activity. This will help you make the right sizing selection for you.

Take A Look At The Wear Patterns Of Your Old Shoes

Time to play detective! Take a look at the bottom of your old running shoes and study the wear patterns. If you notice higher wear along the inside edge, you might be an overpronator. This is quite common and comes from an exaggerated inward rolling of the foot. Look for runners that offer the most motion control. There are some great options that actually re-align your foot as you stride. If you notice wear along the outer edges and you feel harder impacts when landing, then you may be under-pronating. While less common, it’s easily fixed. Just select from the options with the highest amounts of cushioning and flexibility. Taking a moment to look at your sear patterns is a good way to get a better understanding of how you run.


Below are some frequently asked questions that we felt will help you in your search for your next pair of Brooks running shoes.

Q: What is Brooks’ DNA midsole material?

A: Brooks’ patented DNA material is unlike any other gel, foam, or composite on the market today. Runner feedback confirms that it’s much more than a marketing ploy. In fact, they report increased cushioning with less feedback loss and energy return. This is why most runners that try Brooks running shoes, typically stay with the brand when they’re ready to select their next pair of running shoes.

Q: How do I select a running shoe that will allow me to run more effectively?

A: First, know this: There is no “right way to run”. There is only “your way to run”. Just keep in mind what you need to make your runs efficient because if you’re running, it’s already effective. You are already gaining health benefits, therapeutic bonuses, and cardiovascular exercise. Increasing your efficiency just means selecting the right amount of cushioning, support, and flexibility for you. Remember that even seasoned runners are constantly tweaking their workouts and training regimens. You’re always evolving.

Q: How do I know if I need more stable footwear?

A: Do you have balance issues? If you aren’t sure, stand on one foot. If you move around a lot or are unable to keep your balance, a shoe that offers high stability is a good choice for you. This will help improve your running form and gait.

Q: I’m planning on going out on a non-technical trail; what should I look for in my running shoes?

A: Even though the trail is not considered technical, you still want to wear a running shoe that offers plenty of grip and protection. Trails are covered in debris, and you can be more prone to injury from slips and falls, or from debris that hits your foot.

Q: What kind of guarantee does Brooks offer with their running shoes?

A: Brooks is well known for their pressure-free “True Blue” guarantee. No matter where you purchase your Brooks from, you have 90 days to put them through their paces. If you aren’t 100% satisfied simply contact them with your purchase information and they will help you return them for free, including shipping. A quick internet search will confirm how Brooks stands by their products and how they pride themselves on quality construction and design.


This was our approach when selecting the right pair of Brooks running shoes. Remember that selecting the right pair of running shoes is an investment and making a selection that is based on personal use and needs is crucial. We hope this guide provided you with all the information you need when making you the choice between form and function. Thanks for following along with us. Now make the perfect selection for you and keep running!


Here are some sources we used during our research

It’s important to use a wide variety of sources to ensure quality information. We like to utilize trusted running enthusiasts and manufactures when providing our readers with the most up-to-date statistics found in all our buying guides. We are also very interested in taking what everyday users have to say about specific products, and we perform our due diligence to make sure that quality research goes into every guide. Here are some sources which helped us with this guide:


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