Best Gloves for Spartan Races Reviewed & Rated for Quality


Of all the races that you could think of or know about, it is understood that the Spartan race is one of the toughest competitions ever in the entire universe. Often these kinds of contests are conducted cross-country. In such events, participants are usually required to surpass different tough obstacles in order to win the competition by reaching the finish line. It is not always easy to take part in such types of competitions. Subsequently, other than having good shoes for the competitions, you would also be required to secure yourself a good pair of quality gear. A good pair would help make the obstacles easy to overcome. This review highlights some of the top best Spartan race gloves that would aid you to complete such a competition with ease even with the obstacles involved.

  • RIMSports
  • 4.8 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Comfortable for workouts
  • Price: See Here
Fit Active Sports
  • Fit Active Sports
  • 4.7 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Traction-improving silicone
  • Price: See Here
Contraband Pink Label 5137
  • Contraband Pink Label 5137
  • 4.5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Affordable & high-quality
  • Price: See Here

If you plan to take part in a Spartan race any time soon, you should know that one thing that you would use to go through most of the obstacles in the contest would be your hands. However, with the right kind of pair, you would not worry much about the difficulties involved in completing the challenge. Traversing rigs, climbing ropes would not be much of a problem if you have comfortable gear with a good grip. This gear would also keep your hands warm during a cold day. This gear would also be a paramount requirement when you engage in your practice sessions. If possible, make sure that you pair yourself two pairs of gloves including the fingerless design that you would use during the hot times of the year as well as the heavy-duty design that would come in handy during times of extremely cold temperatures. Participating in competitions that involve going through blockages would definitely chew your hands. Regardless of how much you train, you would not be able to prevent your hands from getting blisters or cuts other than by using them during Spartan races. Even if your friends may be opposed to you using a pair of gloves in the contest just ensure that you have them with you, at all times. This is because you would need them for your success in the competitions. You could tuck them away and only use them when necessary or under the conditions that would call for the use of a protective glove. The best pair would fit well on the hands to prevent sliding or filling with water, offer a solid grip in wet and dry conditions and provide the much-needed level of protection throughout the challenge.


10 Best Gloves for Spartan Races


1. RIMSports

This ideal product can be used for a variety of purposes. The lightweight material used in designing this brand makes them comfortable to use during workouts. This glove can also be used for lifting weights at the gym. This gloves can be used for biking, rowing, for training grips, cross training, as support, and all other types of activities that would require you to protect your hands from harm or a good grip for that matter.
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Non-slip Design

The non-slip design on the palm area provides the consumer with a firm hold of elements in the surrounding more so slippery surfaces you would encounter during a race.


This merchandise is made with a breathable fabric material that helps eliminate moisture from your hands to enable you to work effectively. It is made of pure leather and spandex material to guarantee its durability and its material is washable.

Cost and Value

This is amongst the best hand accessories money can buy. The accessory would help protect your hands, and it would strengthen your body. In addition, this brand is very durable and it is well cushioned on the palm area for a good grip and improved comfort. It has very secure straps and it is lightweight for better performance during the competitions.

It is quite affordable

Secure on the hands

It offers a good grip

They have a breathable design

It is made of a durable material

It is multifunctional to be used for various training events


Good quality though small in size for some consumers

2. Fit Active Sports

If you desire the additional tight grip then you need not look further. The silicone design on the palms helps improve traction. With this product, you would be able to improve your efficiency during workouts and in the competitions while reducing the likelihood of your hands being bruised or cut.
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Built-in Wrist Wraps

The wrist wraps would help improve your level of experience with this type of gear. The wraps help secure the pair on the hands to help improve your confidence for an improved performance during the competitions.

Full Palm Protection

You no longer have to worry about your hands being bruised or developing calluses. This item covers the entire palm as well as the thumb of the hand. The silicone used in designing this merchandise makes it resistance against water, heat, aging and dangerous chemicals. It is less prone to tear and wear making it just the right equipment to have with you during the training sessions and in the competitions.

Cost and Value

It is made of an elastic Velcro material that tightens and loosens based on the size of the consumer's hand. This feature allows consumers to adjust the invention to what they would desire or what would be comfortable. The open design on the hands also helps enhance comfort allowing the hands the much-needed breathability even during intense activities of the day. The enhanced ventilation on the glove minimizes sweat and the bad smell that may emerge from a saturated glove with no good exposure to air. This is a risk-free good to buy since after you buy it you are allowed to return the item for full money refund if by any chance you find it less desirable.

Risk-free since you are allowed to return it for a refund in case you are not pleased with the item

The wrist wraps can be tightened or loosened when necessary for a proper fit

The palms have a rough texture that helps improve grip

The wrist wraps help secure the pair on the hands

It covers the entire palm for providing full protection


The palm area is not padded making them uncomfortable

3. Contraband Pink Label 5137

This variety is fitted with finger tabs that are easy to remove. The tabs are found on the ring finger and on the middle finger. This feature helps the consumer to easily remove the gloves once he or she completes the workout routine or when the task they were used for is completed. You no longer have to worry about the tussle to find a good place on the gear where you could get a good holding to make it easy to take off all thanks to the finger tabs found on this hand-gear.
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Vented Mesh

The mesh found at the top part of the glove is breathable. Therefore, the mesh design would help prevent heat from building up within the gloves during rigorous activities and in hot days of the year thus allowing the consumer to use this gear for a prolonged duration without tiring or feeling uncomfortable. Your hardest workouts would now be bearable with this accessory.

Grip-lock Padding

The silicone rubber beading on the palms improves the gripping capability of this product to help you hold slippery surfaces more securely without losing your grip. Compared to the brands that are made of a leather material on the palm area, this design provides better traction for better performance.

Cost and Value

This item is very affordable even with its exceptional quality. It has a very comfortable soft interior design that would allow you to use it for an extended period. The material used in designing this brand is able to absorb sweat to prevent the hands from slipping out of the gear. You are guaranteed a firm gear throughout your workout period and competitions. Once you buy this make, you are assured a 30-day free return period in which case you would be given back your money in full if you are not pleased with this merchandise. After the 30 days elapse, the good has a one-year warranty that allows the consumer to get a replacement for the commodity in case of any manufacturing flaw.

30-day money back assurance if you are not pleased with the item for any reason

1-year warranty period

It has a comfortable soft interior

The silicone rubber beading on the palms improve traction

The vented mesh enhance breathability

Finger tabs make the pair easy to remove


It is not well stitched and would rip apart after a few uses

It is a bit too expensive for its quality but it works

The Velcro straps that come into contact with the wrists are very uncomfortable because they do not have a soft padding

4. MAVA Sports

4. MAVA Sports
The palm area provides enhanced comfort and it has a structure that would improve your grip during a work out routine. The silicone layer provides you with the extra grip for an improved performance.
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Integrated Wrist Wraps

The wrist wraps would provide you with the best training experience ever. The wrist wraps help secure the pair on the hands so that your training sessions and competition activities go uninterrupted.

Extra Leather and Silicone Padding

The structure of this product would help protect your hands from calluses, cuts, and bruises. The glove is made from neoprene material. It is reinforced with a silicone layer and a small segment of leather material to provide the best protection for your hands.

Cost and Value

For its price, this is a very comfortable good to buy. The Velcro straps on the wrist of this racing accessory make it easy to tighten and loosen when necessary for a proper fit. It is designed with a material that adequately absorbs sweat to leave you dry and comfortable for a strong grip. It can be used for a number of activities including bodybuilding, pull-ups, chin-ups, and rope climbing among several other handy activities.

It provides the perfect grip


It has adjustable Velcro straps that make it a comfortable wear

It has an extra silicone and leather padding to protect the consumer from calluses and bruises.

It has a breathable design that prevents overheating


The material is not durable and would tear off after a few uses

5. Trideer

5. Trideer
The brand can be used for any given activity, be it weightlifting, exercise, pull ups, general workouts, gym training, and other fitness tasks. The gear offers the consumer a full palm protection. Further, this hand protective gear would provide you with a strong grip in no time. Most importantly, the material of the glove would protect your hands from an injury.
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High-quality Dual Straps

The straps on the wrist area can easily be adjusted to provide you with a good fit and help protect your hands better.

Comfortable and Easy Workout

This brand is made with a comfortable microfiber material that makes it comfortable to use during a workout and would dry very fast when soaked in water. The breathable mesh design on the back of the pair improves the ventilation of this gear to keep your hands dry at all times for better performance. The finger tabs make this make easy to remove from the hands.

Cost and Value

This pair of hand gear is acquired at a very affordable price rate and the manufacturers allow you a 30 day period within which you would be able to return the item for a full refund in case you may not be satisfied with the quality of the commodity. The manufacturers also offer consumers a 12-month warranty period within which you could get a replacement for this merchandise in case of flaws in its manufacturing design. This is a risk-free purchase that you should buy and try out.

12-month warranty and a 30-day return period in case you are pleased with the item so that you could get your full money back

It is comfortable and easy to use

It has a breathable design that would help keep your hands dry and comfortable

The wrist straps are adjustable for a comfortable fit

Offers a strong grip with a full palm protection


Its size can run very small for some consumers

6. ProFitness

6. ProFitness
This product can be used for a variety of tasks and occasions. For instance, you can use them during your powerlifting workouts, during the standard cross-training sessions, rope climbing, in the gym, amongst several other indoor and outdoor activities you love doing to pass time or improve your body fitness. Save money by buying this multipurpose accessory to use on diverse occasions depending on your preferences.
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Enhanced Grip

This invention has well reinforced silicone-padded palms that would help enhance your strength and grip in any given situation. You would have adequate control over the things you hold lift during the race.

Stability Wraps

The wraps on the wrists can easily be adjusted to minimize the tension you may experience on the hands while improving comfort in any kind of exercise you would take part in.

Cost and Value

Compared to countless other brands that are available on the market today, this particular design is very affordable. The material used to design this merchandise would help protect you from injuries. Its breathable design help keep your hands dry for improved performance even when the consumer perspires uncontrollably. Most of all, this gear would help protect your hands from developing blisters or calluses. This accessory guarantees you, as a consumer, the greatest satisfaction. It is designed for maximum comfort, for great functionality and to be easy on the hands during use. Consumers are offered a 60-day period within which they would be allowed to return the commodity in case they are not satisfied with its attributes.

Protects the hands from bruises and calluses

It has a 60-day return period in case you are not satisfied with its attributes for a full refund

The palm area has a non-slip design for an improved grip

It is sweat resistant

The wrist wraps can easily be adjusted for an improved comfort


The interior does not absorb sweat as advertised and this would leave you with slippery hands during extreme activities

7. Under Armour

7. Under Armour
This make has perforations on the palm area to help increase the breathability of the product. A glove with such a quality would allow you to use it for the prolonged duration without feeling the need to remove it for whatever reason. You would only take off your gear once you complete your work out for the day.
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Insulated and Moisture Absorbent Fabric

The fabric material used to design this particular brand absorbs moisture at a very tremendous rate to leave your hands dry and it does not allow heat to reach your hands thus enabling you to stay cool throughout the rigorous activities of the day.

Silicone Structure on the Palm

The silicone formation on the palm of this hand gear would provide you with the extra grip and durability no matter how many times you use this accessory.

Cost and Value

In as much as this invention may be considered slightly overpriced, its value is directly proportional to its price. Therefore, you would get value for what you buy. This merchandise is breathable, a comfortable wear, it offers a good grip and it is designed with a material that would help protect your hands from harm.

It offers the perfect grip and ventilation

It is a perfect fit

It is lightweight thus comfortable on the hands

It is durable

It keeps the hands warm


It is costlier as compared to other brands

8. The F4X Spartan

8. The F4X Spartan
This particular design is made of microfiber. This only means that the glove would dry fast when it gets wet to leave you dry and comfortable to continue with the race. It is designed with a wrist wrap to enhance how secure the gear would be on the hands. This gear has a rough textured palm surface that improves your grip.
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This perfect fit gear has an open and breathable design that minimizes the amount of moisture that would accumulate in the gloves when you sweat. You no longer have to wrap or tape your gear for them to fit because this glove has a compression element on the wrist area.

Additional Accessory

This item is acquired with an extra wristband that the consumer can use during workouts for an improved performance.

Cost and Value

At its price, this is a considerably priced product. It is made from high-quality materials such as silicone, lycra, and Cabretta leather. Additionally, it is reinforced with an elastic poly material that improves how well it fits in the hands. The palm of the gear is designed with high-quality silicone material that improves grip during use.

It has an open design that enhances its breathability

It is made of pure leather, which guarantees its durability

It is a good protective gear for the hands

It is well padded on the palm area to increase the comfort of use


Some consumers complain that it comes in a small size that does not fit well on the hand

9. Spartan OCR

9. Spartan OCR
This glove is very convenient since it can be worn together with a fitness band or watch, depending on what you would want to have with you during your training sessions and in competitions. This is suitable gear for use during the Spartan race competitions and in training for such kinds of competitions. So if you do engage in such kinds of competitions do not hesitate to buy a pair of these gloves.
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Patent Pending Slit in the Wrist Wrap

This feature on the glove enables the consumer to wear a comfortable wristband if desired or a watch wear necessary. This helps in improving the visibility of some of the elements that you would add as part of your gear.

Provides Extra Grip

This is the best gear you could ever buy when participating in the events that would require you to go about obstacles to win. It would help protect your wrists and at the same time provide you with the much-required grip to go through both wet and dry surfaces with much ease.

Cost and Value

This is one of the best quality brands available on the market. It is reasonably priced and it has an open design that enables it to dry fast when it gets wet. If you want quality then this is the type of product to buy.

It is lightweight and convenient to use

It helps retain your body temperature

It is designed with advanced technology to make it last longer and give you the comfort you desire

Dries out quick

It is easy to slip on and off


It is costly

10. Cobra Grips PRO

10. Cobra Grips PRO
This is everything you would need for your Spartan race competitions and training sessions. This product has every quality you would yearn for in a protective gear for your hands. You would only learn of this item’s value when you buy one to use.
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Adjustable Wrist Straps

The wrist straps make this glove easy to wear and take off and it can fit people with different hand sizes due to its adjustability. This enhances comfort and convenience for the consumer.

Non-slip Design

The brand offers a tight grip and it is very comfortable with a good padding.

Cost and Value

This brand guarantees the consumer actual comfort and a good fit. It is designed to issue maximum protection to your wrists and palms at any given point in time. The price at which this merchandise is available on the market makes it worth buying.

It offers a good grip for an improved performance

It has an adjustable wrist strap that secures it to the hands and makes it a proper fit

It has a non-slip design to improve your performance in the racing competition and any other productive activity that requires the use of a glove

It is a comfortable fit


It is a very expensive brand

Criteria Used in Choosing the Best Gloves for Spartan Races

Almost every brand of this product would be a suitable choice for you because the numerous varieties of this item available on the market make it difficult for consumers to choose what they think is the best alternative for them. Nevertheless, the lists of items exemplified above are a few suitable options you could evaluate to find an option that is best for you. After looking at a few examples of Spartan race gloves that are sold on the market, it is important that you look at a few techniques you could adopt or features you could consider in selecting the best consumable for you. In as much as some people may not consider some of the features highlighted below as significant, the truth is that the guiding principles below would help make all the difference. This is in determining the consumer who would end up with a purchase that would give them value for their money and one who would end up with a less valuable item in the name of cutting cost. Outlined below are some of the features that you would be required to consider when making any purchase for this particular good:


Although the different brands of this product are not exceedingly expensive, buying a durable type would be of great significance to you, as it would help make life much cheaper for you. The best pair is the ones designed with high-quality materials that you know about. The best quality designs would last for years even with the strenuous conditions they are subjected to over the years.


The type of product you choose should not be too tight or too loose when you have them on. Buying a comfortable fit would make it easy for you to go through the obstacles you would encounter as part of the race. A proper fit would not only help you participate actively in the competitions but it would also help you get value for your money. Before you purchase this item, ensure that you evaluate the dimensions of the good to ensure that it is a proper fit. In situations whereby you may have access to the glove, do not hesitate to try them on to see if they fit and are comfortable on your hands.


In this type of race, the grip is usually considered a very important factor. This is because most of the obstacles that individuals are usually required to overcome have very slippery surfaces, which are some of the factors that make this type of contest very difficult to complete. A glove with a good grip surface would enable you to avoid serious injuries that may result from a fall. Moreover, a glove that has the perfect grip would enable the athlete to clear out the obstacles encountered in due time and if you may end up finishing the competition first. If you want great efficiency then you need to evaluate the grip quality of the pair you buy from the stores or online.


An effective glove for you if you plan to compete in the Spartan race is one with a good ventilation design. A good ventilation system on the pair would help you deal with the ordeal or excessively sweating on the hands during the competitions. Ventilated ones would help relieve your hands of moisture to leave you active and dry. Although the outside grip of this product is important since it would keep you going, you have to consider the ease with which your gear would relieve you of excess moisture when you sweat. If sweat accumulates in the hands, you would become very uncomfortable wearing them. On the same note, the gloves might slip from your hands during training or actual competitions exposing you to the risks of hurting yourself. A defective glove is bound to derail your progress in the games. A well-ventilated glove would improve your grip in the sense that sweat would not affect your level of comfort and movement in the game.

Quick Drying

You would find water everywhere when taking part in these types of races. Subsequently, if you do not have the right gear for such occasions, your progress in the competitions would be impaired. On the downside, you would end up losing your grip at different stages of the competition. The best quality pair for such occasions is made of microfibers or Neoprene materials. Gloves made from such materials would dry very fast to leave you comfortable and confident for the rest of the contest. A quick drying pair would be an added advantage to you in driving you closer to victory. Some of these features may seem trivial. However, when you have a glove with such qualities, you would realize that the tasks you would be required to accomplish would have become simpler and attainable. Do not worry about the price at which some of these items are sold on the market today. What is most important in any given situation is ensuring that we achieve our goals in life and succeed in the tasks we put our minds to in life.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does the abbreviation OCR stand for?

A: OCR is the short form for Obstacle Course Racing. This type of race could also be referred to as Spartan racing. In such a game, participants would be required to work their way around different types of barriers before they reach the finish line. However, in order to succeed in such a competition, you have to be equipped with the right gear for the contest.

Q: Do I have to wear the gloves for the Spartan race?

A: They are a mandatory requirement if you wish to complete these types of contests on time and free from injury. This is because the entire purpose of the competition is to see how well the participants would be able to go beyond the obstacles created on their path towards the finishing line. Most obstructions are usually designed with slippery surfaces that make the competitions even more exciting. Therefore, if you do not have the right kind of gear for such occasions, you would not be able to finish the competition. A quality glove with a good grip would be sufficient to see you through the entire contest. So yes, you would need them for the Spartan race if you hope to succeed. In fact, it is a mandatory requirement for all participants.

Q: What factors do I need to think about when choosing the best Spartan race gloves?

A: Outlined below are some of the factors that you would be required to think about when selecting the best quality pair:

  • You should ensure that the pair you choose has a tacky and grippy surface that would aid you to go through the slippery surfaces successfully.
  • They should be flexible enough to provide you with the kind of mobility you would require to grasp your hands around different obstacles in the game.
  • The material you choose should be able to provide you with the warmth you would desire during cold times of the year.

Q: Are they a sure way to protect my hands during an intense workout?

A: Yes, the material of this gear should be tough enough not to be penetrated by anything that may harm your hands during the competition.


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