Best Ice Cleats Reviewed & Rated for Quality


People usually find it problematic to walk on snow and ice surfaces. However, you no longer have to miss on your most favorite sporting activity or leisure activity carried out on a snow or ice surface all thanks to the advent of the ice cleats. Nevertheless, in order to acquire the best type of ice cleat, you should be willing to spend a good proportion of your money to acquire one from the market. These gadgets would provide you with an exceptional grip of the slippery surfaces. These elements would also help to shield the sole of your shoes from wearing off at a tremendous rate. In order to acquire the best quality designs, you have to be willing to go the extra mile. Highlighted below are a few examples of exceptional types that would best serve your needs when footing on icy or snowy surfaces.

  • STABILicers
  • 4.8 out of 5
    Our rating
  • High quality materials
  • Price: See Here
  • Kahtoola
  • 4.7 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Adaptable microspikes
  • Price: See Here
  • 4.5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Environmentally friendly materials
  • Price: See Here

Although the footing cleats serve more or else the same purpose, they would be different from one model to another depending on the type that you would like for yourself. A majority of consumers would find the designs that do not have long spikes to be more suitable to wear in as much as these designs are often considered less appropriate in extreme cases whereby the surface becomes beyond slippery. If you plan on engaging in simple exercises that may include taking a stroll on ice or snow, then the models that are designed with chains would be the most suitable choice for you.


10 Best Ice Cleats


1. STABILicers

If you have never used these types of products then you might perceive such a type of footwear to be of little value. Nonetheless, this product has much to offer you as a consumer. For example, this gear will allow you to get a good grasp of slippery surfaces when walking on icy or snowy surfaces.
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The type of material used in designing this brand is of the highest quality. It is designed in such a manner that it would fit perfectly in any kind of shoes or boots making it a perfect addition to the shoe’s design.

Velcro strap

This feature plays an important role in making this component to fit securely on your boot or shoes. It is perfectly reinforced with a strong stainless steel material that would not be corroded in any way when exposed to adverse climatic conditions thus allowing you to enjoy the benefits of this projection for years down the line.

Cost and Value

Compared to numerous other brands that are currently being sold on the market, this is probably the most cost-effective and high-quality design. They are reliable, flexible, and very simple to use in helping you out of different devastating situations. Once you have them on you, it would be difficult to take them off regardless of the type of environment you would walk through.

These extensions cover the entire foot surface

They are made of strong and durable materials

They would provide you with a good grip of slippery surfaces

Lightweight and easy to wear

It has multidirectional steel spikes that improve traction

The soles are highly flexible thus encouraging good movement


The structural design of the heel segment makes them a less comfortable

2. Kahtoola

This make was made to suit the needs of people who engaged in outdoor activities that were conducted on ice on a more routine basis. This is because the product would grant you that extra grip when you would need it the most.
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The minor spikes on this particular design make this item very adaptable when used on different surfaces. This item would be very handy for any person who loves participating in ice and snow sporting activities. It has a small and lightweight design that makes it easily portable and it requires minimal room for storage.

Perfect fit

Once you have this gadget on your shoes, it would be difficult for them to slip off during movement thus giving you the confidence to concentrate on the things you were doing instead of worrying about this footwear slipping off or moving to create discomfort or result in a fall.

Cost and Value

This would be a very reasonable and considerably priced product to have with you. This is in case you plan to go hiking or mountain climbing during winter or in places whereby you are bound to run into snow or ice and at times wet rocks that would expose you to the danger of falling. This product is acquired in different shapes and sizes to suit the divergent tastes and preferences of consumers. Almost every consumer adores this high-quality item.

It provides a great hold of the surface and solidity for easy movement

It is made of strong, durable materials.

It has an elastic restraint that guarantees a secure fit on different shoe types

It is easy to install

Will fit multiple shoe sizes


The steel material is not as sturdy as other models

3. ICETrekkers

ICETrekkers has a chain like design that is made of strong solid steel. It is safe to wear, sturdy and free from the adverse effects of corrosion making them very durable.
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Great Grip

These protrusions would not only help to guard your shoes against unexpected wear and tear, especially the soles, it would also aid in improving your footing while on ice or snow.

Adaptable Elastic Sling

The point used in fastening this product to the shoes is chained to a flexible elastic sling. The elastic sling makes it easy to fit this item on any type of shoes despite its size. This level of flexibility makes this a very convenient merchandise to buy from the market.

Cost and Value

At its considerable price, this product would enable you to fearlessly walk on the ice surface you have often been scared of walking through due to its slippery nature in cases whereby you may not be equipped with the right kind of gear. Its structure is made of a solid steel material that is attached to an elastic sling element that makes it easy to fit your shoes in. Other than being a perfect fit, this item is designed in such a way that it would easily get rid of the ice lumps that may accumulate around the shoes when you move thus enhancing how easy it would be to travel through snow and ice surfaces. You could easily keep up the pace in any task you may be undertaking making this product worth investing your money on.

It offers a good grip when moving on ice or snow

It is affordable

Stainless steel chains reassure you of sturdiness

It is fitted to an elastic sling that enables it to fit well with different kinds of shoes

The sling is adaptable to extreme changes in temperature such that when subjected to a temperature below zero degrees the gadget would still hold tight to your shoes. So you do not have to worry about the product slipping off when you least expect it to happen.

It has a self-cleaning design that would enable you to get rid of the snow and ice that may develop around the shoe when you walk

It is easy to install and remove


They work well primarily with footwear that has a pointed design as opposed to the Pac boots

The rubber sling is not made with a durable material and would snap if not used in the correct manner, especially when it is abused.

4. Hillsound

4. Hillsound
The Hillsound is amongst the best categories of ice cleats that are currently being sold on the market. This extension would provide you with a good grip of the slippery surface that you would walk on. It is designed with carbon spike plates as opposed to individual spikes that are present in other designs in order to provide you with good movement when walking on slippery grounds.
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Comfortable Outfit

This product would fit flawlessly on your shoes and it would be easy to move once you have them on. You do not have to worry about these additions to your shoes becoming excessively heavy on your feet thus negatively affecting your usual walking style.

Velcro Straps

These additions to the gadget’s design ensure that the extension becomes a part of your shoes when you move without them moving about to create discomfort.

Cost and Value

Other than being designed with high-quality materials, these elements fit well on the shoes such that you would never have to worry about them tumbling from your shoes at any given point in time. For its price, this would be a good investment choice for any consumer. These extensions would improve your performance when undertaking different activities such as mountain climbing in areas characterized by ice and snow.

The straps enhance how well the protrusion fit on your shoes

They are made of exceptional quality materials to guarantee their durability

They are very flexible and can fit in a majority of shoes and boots

They offer an outstanding grip when moving on ice or snow


It is expensive


These renowned designs fetch for a very good price. They are a perfect tool to use when walking or hiking on snow or ice and at times grass. Their design makes them a suitable option to have when taking part in winter sports.
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Easy to Install

They are easy to put on or take off. This product would perform well even in extremely cold temperatures.

Environmentally Friendly

This item is made with environmentally friendly materials such as the TPE rubber material, high-quality steel studs and folds that are of a reduced weight and can easily fit into your pockets and they would not interfere negatively with the environment in any manner.

Cost and Value

At its affordable price, this would be a very reasonable item to buy to use during the winter season. It is portable and can fit perfectly in a variety of shoes and boots.

Fits on different shoe sizes and designs

It can be used for different activities such as walking, winter sports, and hiking.

It is affordable

It can fold to consume very little storage room


It does not stay firm on the boot

6. Limm Pro

6. Limm Pro
The phrase pro used to name this product may be a bit misleading to the final consumer. This is because by judging by its price it does not seem like a professional model in the least. This having been said, it is important to note that this particular product performs spectacularly due to its rubber frame and steel spikes. They may not be good for walking on rocky surfaces but would be of great value when used on ice or slippery surfaces.
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Metal Studs

Ten metal studs found at the bottom end of this particular product would enable the consumer good stability and traction. This enhances the ease of movement when on slippery surfaces.

Easy Storage

It is made of a rubber material that makes it easy to fold them for a trouble-free storage. This makes the items very simple to move around with depending on the occasion you intend to use them.

Cost and Value

This design is very affordable and there is nothing to complain about when it comes to their traction because they offer a good grip to the surface for an effortless movement on slippery grounds. If they were used in the correct manner, these products would serve you for the longest time.

It is easy to install

It is affordable

It is designed with a soft and elastic material that makes it easy to fit on the shoes and fold during storage.

Strong and sturdy


Its quality is decent but not that great as one would expect

The steel studs wear off after a few uses

7. Uelfbaby Crampon

7. Uelfbaby Crampon
The Uelfbaby has a simple design structure with an upper segment that is made of rubber material. It has chains, which hold the spikes in position and make up the lower part of these elements. Both the chains and spikes on this gadget are made of stainless steel material that promises the durability of this product.
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Elastic Rubber Upper Part

This product is made of an elastic material on its upper segment. This design decision is what makes the Uelfbaby crampons fit so easily on different sizes and designs of running footwear.


The spikes on this component are designed in such a manner that it is easy to walk with the shoes on ice or snow. The spikes would provide you with a good footing even when you walk on slimy surfaces.

Cost and Value

This product comes at a very affordable price even with it being able to serve your needs for the longest period of time, especially given the high-quality materials it has been designed with. This may come as a surprise but rest assured, it isn't too good to be true.

Stainless steel spikes that assure durability

They are affordable

Fits on all manner of shoes

They are easy to install


In as much as this product is advertised to provide a good grip when you walk on ice or snow, the truth is that they do not provide such a good grip more so when you walk moist soil or rocks.

Not appropriate for hiking on rocky settings

8. Unigear

8. Unigear
These designs are considered the best inventions ever because of their long lasting soles that are fitted with spikes made of stainless steel material that would enable you to enjoy their services for the longest duration. The spikes on this product would effectively bite into the slimy surface thus enhancing traction during movement. Ice or snow would no longer hamper your adventures during the winter.
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Lighter and Tougher

The design structure of this product would provide the consumer with a good hold of the icy winter trails. The body of the ice cleat is constructed with an elastic material that would offer flexibility; prevent the element from tearing or developing scratches during use. This make is a quick and secure fit in the majority of footwear. It has a prolonged lifetime.

Balance Enhanced

Each side has 18 spikes such that 12 spikes are situated at the front segment of the foot and the remaining six spikes allocated at the heel. The spikes are well distributed to protect the consumer from slipping when walking on icy surfaces. The stainless steel material used in designing the spikes promises the durability of this product since the steel if anti rusting.

Cost and Value

For those who may not be pleased with the quality of this specific product, they have the option of returning the product to the manufacturers within the first sixty days after making a purchase to get a full refund. The extension covers the entire foot and it offers good traction when walking on slippery grounds making it everything any consumer would yearn for.

Satisfaction is guaranteed because of the sixty-day money back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with this product.

It has secure and adjustable straps that make them easy to put on and take off

Offers a good grip

It is designed to provide a good balance

It is made of a heavy-duty stainless steel material

It is highly flexible and anti-tear


The chains come off the rubber webbing after a few uses thus making it not as durable as advertised

9. Yaktrax

9. Yaktrax
This brand would be a suitable choice for anyone who would be on the hunt for a multipurpose and ultra-lightweight ice cleat design. They are spike-less and have a loop like design that would make the process of walking on ice or snow feel like treading the normal dry surface you are already used to during the sunny times of the year.
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Sturdy Design

The loops are made of a very strong material that would hold up for the longest duration in spite of how frequently you would use this type of gear. If you want efficiency and durability then this is the kind of product to buy.

Elastic Strap

This element helps in ensuring that extension fits securely on your shoes to provide you with the greatest level of comfort when moving through ice or snowy weather. Slippery surfaces would no longer discourage you from enjoying a good time out in the wild more so during the winter season.

Cost and Value

Despite the price at which you would acquire this product from the market, the manufacturers of Yaktrax products have been known to come up with the best quality designed snow cleats universally. Therefore, buying such a product would definitely give you value for your money. The structure of the Yaktrax design provides the consumer with a good footing throughout the journey on snow or ice.

It has an outstanding lightweight design that makes them comfortable to use

They are affordable

It has an extra sling that would provide the consumer with a secure fit

Strong and sturdy for maximum support


They do not fit perfectly on all shoe types

10. Petzl

10. Petzl
Petzl's design is made using a rubber sole with six carbon steel points built in to improve traction on slippery surfaces. This feature makes this particular design very suitable when used for short walks around the neighborhood or to the workplace.
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This item fits very well with a variety of shoe varieties and sizes. As a result, Petzl has designed a versatile product and an expedient addition to any article of footwear.

Anti-slip sole

The soles of the extension are designed in such a manner that you would not easily slip and fall when striding on slimy grounds. This means that melting ice or rainy paths are no match for these reinforced ice cleats.

Cost and Value

This product is made with high quality and durable materials such as nylon, rubber, and carbide steel. In addition to ensuring excellent durability, these materials also offer flexibility during use. However, this does mean that this product can cost a bit higher than the average pair of ice cleats.

Anti-slip soles

Compatible with a wide ranged of footwear

The rubber sole can easily bend for easy storage of the gear

It is reasonably priced


To some consumers, this may be a higher priced product to buy

However, before you make your final choice in selecting these kinds of products, it is important that you adequately review the different options available to you first by perhaps inquiring with the people who have used some of these products to assist you in making the best pick. Ideally, not all the models listed in this review would perform excellently when they are used for climbing or hiking. Some of these designs are created for mere walks through icy surfaces. Therefore, before you make your purchase for the most suitable type, ensure that you find out what the cleat you intend to buy is used for. Fortunately, the list above highlights some of the astounding makes that can be used in a variety of conditions and situations. Presently, the market is flooded with countless traction designs. However, depending on your tastes and preferences you would find certain models better than other models.

If you opt to use this invention for regular walks then it would be preferable to go for the ones designed with coils around the rubber straps. With this design, you would no longer have to worry about snow sticking around your shoes with a prolonged distance covered on ice. If you love hiking or climbing then the models that have spikes or chains would be the most suitable choice for you. Nonetheless, you need to be informed of the truth that the chain and spike models often break easily if misused.

Criteria Used in Choosing the Best Ice Cleats

In order to arrive at the best type of ice cleat, it is important that the consumer factor in the conditions in which the gadget is to be used. Your selection for this kind of product would also depend on your particular needs as a consumer. The best type of this merchandise would also be arrived at by considering factors such as the place the product is to be used and how frequent it would be used. If the equipment were to be used on a more frequent basis, it would be imperative to consider the durability of this item as well as its sturdiness. Considering some of these factors would enable you to spend your money considerately and end up with a gear that would help boost your performance in any activity that you plan to engage in anywhere, anytime. How the gadget would be integrated as part of the shoes and how often it would be used would help you to determine whether you would buy the lighter version or the tougher version.

Winter season is fast approaching. Therefore, it is important that you buy yourself a device that would help improve your footing when walking on slippery surfaces. The sooner you buy yourself this particular gear the better for you. It would not only be a great convenience but it might also help you save on a good proportion of your money and time since product prices vary over time. Outlined below are some of the factors that you would be required to consider when buying yourself the best quality ice cleat.


Before making your selection, it is important that you evaluate the level of traction that you would need based on the type of activity that you intend to take part in. As such, some people would only require the item that would provide them with just a little bit of traction to enable them to move around in the neighborhood or perhaps walk from home to the workplace and back home after work. In which case, it would not seem wise for these groups of people to invest their money in a pair of heavy-duty brands that are time and again used for hiking or mountain climbing. However, for the athletes who love taking part in regular runs regardless of the climate of the day as well as individuals who love engaging in hiking activities during winter it would be important to look for high-quality ice cleats for your shoes at any given point in time. The best quality brand is one that you would be able to wear on different types of shoes and boots and still stay comfortable. The upper structure of your favorite design should be made of an elastic material that would make it easy to fit the protrusion on the shoes and one that would help secure the gadget on the shoes. The elasticity of the structure would make it easy for you to adjust the equipment on the shoe when necessary to make everything work well for you. A good pair would have well-designed spikes that would enable you to tread level grounds and inclined surfaces effortless. An ice cleat designed with numerous metal spikes would provide you with a proper grip of the slippery surface to improve movement.


Any brand that you select from the stores or shopping sites should be made of quality materials that would enable you to use it for years before you could think of something else as a replacement. A single pair of this item should be able to take you through the entire winter period and possibly several winter seasons to come despite the frequency at which you would be using them on ice or snowy weather. If you like to buy these elements for hiking make sure you check for the durability of the trail spikes. Ensure that the spikes on the device you would select are made of stainless steel material. The ones made of stainless steel material are more enduring and would last you through the harshest weather conditions. The fact that the spikes would dig into the slippery surfaces to provide you with the best traction is sufficient reason for you to acquire a pair designed with the strongest and most durable materials. You would be cautious to acquire a pair that would secure perfectly on your shoes so that you would not have to worry about the extension shifting during movement. The merchandise should have a strap up that would be simple to loosen or tighten when necessary if you wish for an appropriate fit.


One important factor to consider that most people often neglect is the portability of the device that you wish to buy. The best quality designs are the ones that would be undemanding to put on and take off when suitable. The pair should also be able to fold effortless to allow you to store them in your backpack or gear bag. Make sure that the brand that you would buy from the stores or through other platforms is acquired with an additional storage bag that would make them trouble-free to carry around. The extra carrying backpack would save you the trouble of ending up with damaged things in your backpack caused by the spikes that stick out on these kinds of inventions.

Having considered all factors outlined above, you are now in a better condition to make a good judgment of the ice cleats that would be viable to serve your distinctive needs in different situations. Nevertheless, if you are the type of consumer who would like to take part in more than just the usual trail running or hiking then you may have to consider other options such as the specialized trail spikes as well as trail crampons. These optional designs would help you tread through slippery surfaces that would be difficult to walk through without the risk of falling and hurting yourself. You may regard other criteria to be important when making your choice but always make certain that you considered the three paramount factors as outlined above including durability, portability, and traction beforehand. You do not want to end up with a product that would only serve your needs for the shortest duration or one that would be very uncomfortable for you. Comfort and efficiency are key when it comes to these kinds of products.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why should I buy an ice cleat? Wouldn’t doing so would be a waste of money and time?

A: Regardless of what you have been made to believe, they are a mandatory requirement for you more so when you often walk on snowy or icy grounds. If you are an outgoing person who loves spending time on the icy mountains engaging in activities such as climbing and hiking, it is imperative that you acquire yourself a pair of traction cleats for your own personal safety and convenience. These items are designed in such a way that they could be used on top of a pair of shoes. Moreover, due to the elastic feature on some of these products they would fit perfectly with different types of shoes because of the elastic strap. The majority would be acquired with spikes that enhance the item’s grip on the surface to avert accidents and slipping. Most of all, these products can be acquired in a variety of designs and at a very affordable cost. Therefore, there is every reason for you to buy yourself a pair more so if your environment often develops a lot of ice or snow.

Q: Should I go for the option with longer spikes or would be appropriate if I buy the option that has short spikes?

A: Deciding on the two available options would be solely dependent on the individual’s tastes and preferences as well as the conditions in which you hope to use these devices. The option designed with long sturdy spikes would be most suitable for the consumer who loves hiking or ice climbing, as they would guarantee a good grip of the slippery surfaces to prevent one from falling and sustaining injuries. However, the alternative designed with short spikes and in other cases, studs would be most suitable when used for less intensive activities such as taking a stroll around the neighborhood.

Q: Can the designs that have protruding spikes be used to climb on trees?

A: At no time should you ever try using these gadgets to climb trees. This is because other than the fact that you would risk hurting yourself in the process of trying to do so, it is undoubted that the tree bark may interfere with the stability of the ice cleat on your foot thus exposing you to the risk of twisting your heel.


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