13 Best Nike Running Hats Reviewed


RunnerClick takes a look at the best Nike Running Hats.

Running hats have a score of uses for the active runner. Hats can keep a runner both warm, in the form of a beanies and cool in the form of a caps. Regardless of the style, all hats are intended to keep a runner dry. No matter which sort of hat you are looking for, Nike has a reliable version of that product.

One thing that all of the Nike hats have is their FIT design. A special aspect of their build that allows for proper absorption, and this is essential for both a cap and a beanie. Beanies are important for keeping yourself warm when running in chilly winter winds but absorbency is still important since without it you would have to deal with an excess of sweat and dampness.

Most running gear comes in a variety of brands and styles. Brand names can be a use way to measure a quality of a product, since they tend to be consistent with there strengths and weaknesses. Runnerclick is proud to provide reviews for gear that is brand specific as well broad like our breakdown of the best running shorts or are comprehensive reviews for shoes, a runners most important piece of equipment, with our assessment of the best shoes for trail running and the best speed running shoes. Whether you are looking at the type of gear or at a specific brand, Runnerclick wants to help you find the equipment that will help you perform the best.

Take a look at our review for excellent headgear from Nike.

Last Updated: February 23, 2018
By Brian Price:

Enjoy our current 2018 choice of high performing, comfortable and stylish Nike hats. This page is regularly updated we know these are a great selection for these cooler winter months. Keep coming back as we will be adding a nice selection of springtime hats for you. Read our review criteria to find what to look for when choosing a running hat. For answers to questions, enjoy our FAQs.

Tour Legacy
  • Tour Legacy
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Stretch Fit + Flexible Headband
  • Price: See Here
Dri-Fit Swoosh Perforated
  • Dri-Fit Swoosh Perforated
  • 4.7 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Excellent moisture control
  • Price: See Here
Legacy 91
  • Legacy 91
  • 4.5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Classic fit, yet tech materials
  • Price: See Here

13 Best Nike Running Hats


1. Nike Tour Legacy Mesh

Another hat in the Legacy range, this one has mesh panels for extra coolness and breathability. Once again, the moisture wicking technology will keep sweat away from your eyes and keep you dry. The soft, flexible design will keep you snug and comfortable.
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This has good stretch, a nice fit and very good breathability. The sweat wicking technology is nice and effective and will keep you dry. The sizes sometimes run a little small, so if you have a large head, you may want to look elsewhere. Otherwise, this will work great for you. It’s designed for golf rather than running, but it has everything a runner will need.

It looks good with a nice smart design, mesh panels and logos. There are loads of designs to choose from!

This is a little pricey, but it looks good and it comes from a trusted brand.
  • Looks good
  • Great breathability
  • Stops you from getting too hot and too sweaty
  • Lots of designs to choose from
  • Made for golfers rather than runners, though that shouldn’t really matter
  • A little pricey
  • Not a great fit for people with larger heads

2. Nike Dri-Fit Swoosh Perforated

This is another good option for runners with its moisture-wicking technology which pulls sweat away from the body and has the ability to stay cool even when you get hot.
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The polyester material give a light and comfortable fit, though some users have reported that they don’t like the feel and design of it. The droopy lightweight structure makes this one quite unique, which you’ll love if you value a light, flexible fit. It may feel strange at first if you’re not used to something like this. Overall it’s a really comfy hat and great for keeping you cool and dry.

There aren’t a huge selection of colors to choose from, but if you just want something simple, there are ample options. The design looks great with its unique appearance.

For a good cap which offers a good run, this runs at a pretty decent price. A nice option if you don’t want to spend too much.
  • Good sweat-wicking technology and sweat absorption
  • The design keeps you cool
  • Very loose and lightweight fit
  • Good price point
  • The look and fit of this are unusual, but offer a cooler running experience
  • There aren’t loads of designs to choose from

3. Nike Legacy 91

Although it’s called a golf cap, this one offers everything you need for a comfortable, productive and enjoyable run. The design of the cap wicks away sweat and increases speed of evaporation. The stretch fabric offers a comfortable and snug fit, while the material is very lightweight and breathable.
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Many users are happy with the snug, comfortable and lightweight fit of this one. The fit is particularly good, and it’s very easy to adjust the cap. Even though it doesn’t have mesh panels, it shouldn’t make your head hot. The sweat-wicking technology will prevent the annoyance of any irritating sweat drips and trickles. The lightweight build means that the structure of the hat is not too sturdy, so the slightly baggy design may not suit some users.

This has a nice design, both in terms of feel and aesthetics. It comes in a nice range of color options, from pretty and plain to big and bold. The six-panel design with the embroidered logo looks good.

The prices here vary quite widely based upon sizes and colors, some of which run cheap while others run quite expensive. It’s worth checking your price before you buy.
  • Nice design
  • Wicks away sweat
  • Snug fit
  • Nice and lightweight and won’t make you hot
  • Some versions of this run a little expensive
  • Some buyers may not like the slight baggy design

4. Nike Feather Light

This looks like a pretty basic cap, but it does everything well. It offers breathability, moisture wicking technology, great absorption, a lightweight fit and four Dri-Fit panels for maximum ventilation.
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Most users find this to be a very comfy. Some users feel that the fit is a little too large. Otherwise, the breathability and ventilation are great, and go a long way to preventing sweat and avoiding saturation. The lightweight fit is great and the absorption is fantastic. If you’re seeking a sweat-free run with a cap, this will do it.

There aren’t many colours with this, but if you don’t need anything flashy then it should do the job. The material looks good and the design is sleek and smart, with a nice embroidered logo.

This is very pricey for a cap, but the good features and the trusted name justify this, at least partially.
  • If you’re a heavy sweater, this is fantastic – great absorption and excellent ventilation.
  • Very lightweight
  • Decent subtle design
  • Some people don’t like the fit of this.
  • It is particularly pricey.

5. Nike Pro Combat Skull Cap

This skull cap has a tight design to keep you warm while still absorbing sweat. The Dri-Fit technology will prevent you from getting too sweaty, and the tight fit allows for greater flexibility and dynamism, which also makes the hat very versatile. The high-visibility color will also keep you visible in dark conditions, which is great if you like to run at night.
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The breathability of this is great and the flat construction of the hat promises to keep you comfy while you run. It is of note that many people find this to be too small and tight. Because of the design, it may be too snug for too people, which may be the case for those who often find that things fit small on their head. That said, if you like a tight-fitting hat, this would be perfect for you, so it depends mainly on personal preference.

Although it’s not technically reversible, many buyers use it in this way, so it is pretty versatile. The design is smart and tidy, but a small amount of users do not like to design of the logo and the label on the rear.

For a niche piece of equipment, this is actually a pretty reasonable price, so it scores well here.
  • Good breathability.
  • Nice snug fit.
  • Will keep you warm without making you too sweaty.
  • High-viz for running at night.
  • Gives good flexibility and versatility.
  • Decent price point.
  • Too tight and small for some.
  • A small amount of users don’t like the aesthetics of the design.

6. Nike Unisex Running Beanie

This is a great running beanie and excellent in cold weather conditions. It’s reversible, constructed from fleece and has heat transfer material. All of this adds up to a nice warm run which won’t get you too sweaty or uncomfortable. It’s reversible and has a nice design.
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It’s very soft, very warm and has a lovely fit, meaning that it’s pretty much perfect as far as it goes for comfy hats!

It does look like exercise equipment rather than an everyday hat, which is by no means a bad thing. Its reversible design means that you almost get two hats for the price of one!

This is a decent price – it’s certainly not cheap, but it’s not an expensive piece of gear.
  • Will keep you nice and warm.
  • Great insulating technology.
  • Nice reversible design.
  • A very good fit.
  • Nothing in particular here, though this hat is not as popular as some others on this list!

7. Nike Ribbed Cuffed Beanie

This one is a pretty basic affair, but if you’re looking for something casual to keep you warm while you run, this will do the job. It has an attractive design with a ribbed texture, a fold up base and a small logo tag. It gives a snug fit, is versatile and will keep you warm.
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This is nothing special, but it will keep you sufficiently comfortable and warm while you run.

It’s an attractive hat with an attractive design, and it looks nice and stylish.

For a standard and basic hat, this is a little pricey, but with Nike, you get a good name and a trusted brand, which comes with a guarantee of quality.
  • Nice aesthetic design.
  • Snug fit.
  • Will keep you warm and comfy.
  • It's nothing special, but it’ll do a job if you want something basic and no-frills to keep you warm!

8. Nike Mens Run Hazard Beeanie

Keep the chill away from your head, it's a fact we lose a huge amount of our body heat through our heads.

When your out running in cold weather you don't want the cold air wicking away important body heat and playing havoc with your overall body temperature.

Nike has a long tradition of providing the right running gear for the right weather conditions and winter weather is a challenge which Nike has conquered on behalf of all runners.

Check out this comfortable, stylish and functional running hat.
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For appearance, if your taking a ride in low light this hat has reflective tech engineered into it.

A very stylish design featuring a military green effect with an embossed hazard print topped off with the well-liked Nike logo.

The hat looks good, is highly functional, protective and will retain body heat while ensuring those chilling winds are kept out.

The styling and appearance of the hats are very functional and can be worn for running and casual wear. It's reversible, Army green one side and patterned green and black on the other.


Tons of comfort, the hat molds to the head, can cover the ears to give serious protection, constructed from very reliable DRY-FIT fabric so you know you will stay dry.

The hat takes on strong aerodynamic features when it is worn so no wind tugging at straps or flaps, great comfort combined with performance.


Very average price for a high-quality winter running hat.





Two choices-reversible

Stylish can wear running or as casual


Two color choices

9. Nike Lab Gyakusou Sphere Running Knit Hat

More winter running hat innovative tech from Nike.

When you wear this hat you're going to stay warm, comfortable, dry and protected.

When your retaining needed body heat which can be lost through the head, the rest of your body temperature stays more balanced.

Try this aerodynamic hat and enjoy top performance.
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The hat looks stylish and looks aerodynamic, no flaps, no seams, no straps, a clever design which you pull on over your head and the hat sits securely in place.

For aesthetics, this hat looks solid and fashionable, offered in bottle green, with an overlay white grid pattern and the ever popular Nike logo in white.


Your comfort is certain through the 3D fabric tech used to make the hat.

This fabric captures and keeps warm air so that you remain comfortable warm but though it retains air warmth this does not mean heat build up as the fabric allows excess heat to disperse.

The hat sits and holds really well ensuring a reliable FIT.

Run in cold chilly winds and this hat will ensure a constant level of comfort and protection.


The price will surprise you, really affordable.


3D Fabric

Retains warmth

Good level of protection

Secure FIT


Limited color choice.


10. Nike Pro Hypercool Vapor Skull Cap

For running and all outdoor activities, this hat works just great, excellent FIT, innovative ventilation through clever built-in tech.

We want warmth and you get it with this hat and you also get breath-ability through the outstanding tried and tested DRI-FIT fabric which lets the hat stretch and FIT for the shape of your head.

Enjoy running, stay protected, comfortable and warm. You also get bags of style because the hat looks great, not just for running but for casual wearing during cold weather.
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This hat has a nice style, the appearance is solid and functional.

At the front of the hat is a durable mesh system to ensure top performing breath-ability.

The hat takes on appealing aerodynamic contours when it is worn. The front of the hat sports the Nike logo and the bottom of the hat shows a sewn band for a more around secure hold. Offered in a solid black.

Very functional as running gear or just wear it around town casually when the weather is chilly and cold.


the comfort results from the good FIT and the fabric which is protective has a designed in mesh system, gives top performing breath-ability.

You get a weaved fabric consisting of flexible rubber at 11%, 80% durable and protective polyester, for stretch factor creating secure FIT a weaved in spandex at 9%

The hat is constructed with flat seam tech so you do not feel the structure points on your skin, the hat feels and fits as one protective comfortable unit.


Just a few dollars higher than average and good investment


Flat Seam construction

Good FIT

DRY-FIT Fabric

Protective and warm


Limited color choice

11. Nike 6 Panel Tailwind

The Nike 6 Panel Tailwind is an excellent choice for a running hat. This a quality piece of running equipment is perfectly designed for a cool dry run, not just in shading you from the sunlight, as all hats do, but also with its mesh paneled and absorbent construction.
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The 6 Panel Tailwind is made from quality materials and is constructed well. This high standard of product means that the 6 Panel Tailwind is comfortable and wears well. Additionally it comes equipped with a slide band, making for a snug and sure fit that isn’t likely to slip.


This Nike hat is lined with mesh panels along the outside, giving it the look that suits it as serious training equipment. Additionally the 6 Panel Tailwind comes equipped with a reflective band, making the runner visible in more difficult conditions.


This is a high cost item, but rest assured that the wearers of this hat confirm that you get what you pay for in terms of quality.
  • Good materials
  • Quality construction
  • Dri-FIT makes sure to keep the wearer dry
  • Mesh build for breathability
  • Glare reductive
  • Reflective
  • Pricey

12. Nike Mesh Daybreak

The Nike Mesh Daybreak would be a solid selection from this list for any runner. A well designed hat that keeps out the light and the heat with almost no drawbacks to speak of. On top of all that, it washes well, so all that sweat it wicks away from the wearer doesn’t stay in the fabric.
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The Daybreak is very comfortable and lightweight. It is made to be soft and flexible, which is good for not only wearing but transport as well. If you planning on wearing a hat for a marathon you need one that will tuck away easily. The hat also doesn’t retain heat, its mesh construction making sure to allow it to breath as well as the Dri-FIT technology makes sure you stay sweat free.


The Nike Mesh Daybreak looks comfortable as it feels, the soft stretchy mesh look having a certain athletic appeal to it. The hat also has a reflective band to make sure you are visible at night or in poor weather.


The Mesh Daybreak is one of the more expensive hats made available from Nike, but you will receive a quality product that will last with every wash and run and remain as comfortable and effective as ever.
  • Washes well
  • Breathable 
  • Sweatproof 
  • Reflective
  • Soft and flexable 
  • Doesn't retain heat
  • Comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • Keeps light out well
  • Pricey

13. Nike Classic 99 Swoosh

The Nike Classic 99 Swoosh is just what it says it is, a classically designed cap. A solid and reliable traditional hat that will keep your head cool and the sun out of your eyes, what more could a runner ask for from their hat.
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This hat is designed to wear comfortably with a stretchable fit. Also crafted with embroidered eyelets to allow for better airflow as well as being fitted with a special band to control the wearers exposure to sweat.


Nike made the Classic 99 Swoosh to embody the classic feel of their older gear, and they certainly captured that with the Classic 99’s simple design.


The Nike Classic 99 Swoosh is one of the more affordable hats on this list, but still comes with the same quality of product and brand innovations as other higher cost options on this list.
  • Good fit
  • Great quality
  • Comfortable 
  • -----

So there we have the best Nike running hats. With Nike, you can of course expect good quality, good material and good performance. Whether you want something for hot weather or cold, there are plenty of options to cater to your needs. Some of these are basic, while others offer excellent technology. Snap one up, snap one on and add another excellent piece of equipment to your running arsenal!


The Criteria Used When Choosing The Best Nike Running Hats


The Benefits Of Running Hats

As mentioned at the top of our buying guide, Nike’s running hats come with a ton of features and are made from new age materials. There’s no reason to keep wearing that free, ill-fitting, bulky cotton baseball cap that you received from your local car wash on your fifth visit. Seasoned runners know that a trusty running hat can offer a lot more benefits than just keeping the sun out of your eyes. From sweat wicking properties to temperature control, a solid running hat can actually make your running experience better, thereby increasing distance. So let’s take a look at some of the components that we looked for when selecting the best Nike running hats, and what they can do for your run.

Use Of Materials

We started our research by looking at the materials that the running hats were made from and what they can mean for your run. It’s important that fabrics offer a solid combination of breathability, sun protection, and sweat-wicking properties. Even protection from high winds can be achieved if the running hat is composed of the right materials. We also listened to what real-world users had to say about their satisfaction with the materials themselves after they have put them through their paces. Nike spends quite a bit of resource on utilizing the optimum materials, but it’s important to hear what testers had to say as well.

The Right Fit

According to feedback from novice and seasoned runners alike, a running hat simply has to fit “just right”. This can be a tricky thing to get right because of the variation of user’s dimensions. Get a hat that is too loose, and you will find yourself fumbling around with it or it flying off of your head when a strong gust of wind comes your way. Get a hat that is too tight and your run will be uncomfortable and you will have that skin crease on your forehead long after your run is over. We made sure our buying guide contains the running hats with the best fit across the highest number of users to ensure that you get the best fit possible. The last thing you want to focus on when you’re on the last mile of your run is an ill-fitting running hat.

Grade And Thickness Levels

Since our readers run in a large variety of environments, from harsh winters to steaming summers, the thickness of your headwear will make a great difference. So we provided something for everyone in our buying guide. A nice grade of fleece will always keep you warmer than a lower grade option, with Nike there is no compromise so you can count on your headwear to get you through the environment.

Proper Weight

We have heard from testers from all walks of life, and they enjoy to run with as much freedom as possible. We hear you, and we made sure that our buying guide reflects that as well. This is why you will not find any heavy or unnecessarily bulky hats on our list. Fabric typically dictates the weight of all running apparel; so we examined how these factors translate to the final product. The idea is to forget that you have the hat on your head, so we made sure to look out for this elusive feature for our readers.

Features That Count, Not Sell Hats

We don’t like gimmicks here at Runnerclick. It’s all too common today that manufacturers add features to their products for the sake of adding another feature. We stay focused on what matters and appreciate solid features that add value to the functionality of the running gear, and we applaud it when it’s properly executed. This is why you will find that our buying guide has great selections with real features that work for the runner such as sweat-wicking properties, insulating technology, and reversible designs to name just a few.




Other Important Things to Consider When Selecting Your Nike Running Hats.

To help you make an even more personalized selection, take into consideration the elements below:

Consider The Season Of Your Running

Before you make your selections and add items to your cart, remember to keep in mind what season you are buying these running hats for. According to feedback from tons of real world users, it’s much better to have different running hats for year-round use, instead of just one. For fall and winter, you’re going to want a running hat made from fleece or a similar fabric for warmth and comfort. For spring, make a selection that is lightweight and breezy, featuring sweat wicking and moisture control. Having the right running gear means being covered year round.

Try Them Indoors

We ran across feedback from countless users that rely on running hats for indoor treadmill running and gym workouts. Take a moment and think about which of your workouts can benefit from a solid running hat, and think beyond strictly outdoor endeavors. Take a look at some of the options that have moisture control to help reduce sweat from bothering you when you’re on your next high endurance gym workout, it may make the difference that you’ve been looking for.

Find What Works Best For You

Although we’ve selected the best Nike running hats that have received top reviews from several different trusted sources, it’s important to keep trying options until you find something that works best for you. Remember that winter and summer wear can be a very personal preference that depends on how cold or hot you get. Just make sure that you look for quality in your selections, this is why we’ve compiled a Nike list. We know it’s possible to find cheap running hats, but we wouldn’t recommend anything that we wouldn’t run with ourselves.

Make Sure You Stay Warm

Beyond comfort, when a cold temperature is involved, it’s crucial to stay warm. This means a solid running hat that will regulate your temperature. Seasoned runners know that when it gets cold outside your body starts to send excess blood to your extremities for warmth, taking away vital energy from your legs, heart, and lungs. In order to have a successful run, you’re going to need your temperature to stay as even as possible. So if you run in the cold and don’t use a running cap or beanie, give it a try and take stock of your running experience. We’re sure that you will find a positive change.




Many runners have questions about purchasing a running hat. We have compiled the most commonly asked questions below to further aid you in your search.

Q: Will the drag from my hat negatively affect my run times?

A:You would have to be running at an excess of 12mph in order for a hat to cause drag, and even then it generates far too little drag to have any effect. The benefits of wearing a hat while running far outweigh the negligible drawbacks.

Q: I plan on running a lot more this winter; what type of benefits can I expect from a running hat?

A: The benefit of wearing a hat while running in the cold is the incredible temperature control that a simple article of clothing can have. Regulating your overall temperature so that your body isn’t wasting any energy trying to do it on its own. The energy is better directed helping you with your run.

Q: Should I wear my hat for the entirety of the marathon?

A: Most runners do not wear their hats for the whole of lengthy race or marathon. Wear it when you need it, don’t when you don’t. Figuring out what is comfortable is something you can sort out while doing your training. Do what feels right and keep and mind what worked, and what doesn’t, for next time.

Q: What are some of the materials that I should look for if I happen to sweat a lot?

A: Look for an option with Nike’s Dri-Fit technology that can prevent you from getting too sweaty while still remaining flexible and comfortable. We have also included some options that also has high visibility reflective material for bonus safety in low lighting conditions.



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